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Heartless Chapter 8: It's NOT a Date

The next day, Dante waited for Laura outside of class, he waited until there was only 5 minutes left for class.

'Dammit, where is she?' He growled mentally and his face formed into a scowl.

"Hey!" He heard a girl's voice and immediately straightened up.

"I got great news!" Nikki grinned.

She dragged Dante out of earshot and turned to face him.

"Guess who Modeus's new girlfriend is?" She beamed.

"Uhh…you…" He deadpanned.

"Duh, he's so awesome; I hope everything goes well for Laura and you." She said and ran back to class.

He raced back into class and saw that Laura had arrived also and sat in her seat.

He sat down quietly next to her and stole a glance at her face, she was smiling! It was small but she was definitely smiling!

"Look…about yesterday, I'm sorry, it was stupid of me…" He began and a lump in his throat formed.

"It's ok; I know we both didn't mean it." She smiled and gave his hand a squeeze and then let go as soon as the teacher arrived.

He smiled brightly and glanced over at Kenny who had an evil glint in his eyes. He smirked and sank back in his seat. 'Life is GOOD.'

School was over soon and Dante gave Laura directions to his dorm room and said that she could call him and he'd pick her up if she wanted.

She insisted that she was capable of finding the place and she'd see him at seven.

'Wow, what should I wear?' She thought as she looked in her closet.

She took out a plain white sun dress and a denim jacket that fit just above her navel, and a black boots.

She then made her way to Dante's dormitory room after informing Rena.

"A date I see…" Rena's last words as she stepped outside were.

'It's NOT a date!' She huffed in her head.

'I have to admit…I kinda…like him that way now…'

She sighed, he'd always been there for her, their first day and the rest of the week, he'd made Vance not want to even touch her again, he carried her and was intent on seeing her ankle heal fast….he…was special.

She smiled to herself and admitted.

'I think I…'

Dante groaned, Modeus was getting ready for his first date with Nikki and he'd been asking for his opinion the whole evening, he was gonna crash everything he'd planned for the evening.

Modeus was soon dressed in a formal white shirt and black tie which was loosened at the collar, a black skinny jeans and normal shoes.

"Awesomeness, good luck, now get out of here!" Dante smirked and pushed Modeus out of here.

"Haha ok, good luck with Laura also." Modeus grinned.

"I don't know what you mean?" Dante grinned and saluted his friend out of there. "Aah, little Modeus is growing up."

He examined himself in the mirror; he wore a black and grey striped cardigan with a black skater t shirt underneath, he wore a normal jeans and black vans.

He looked nice and casual, he thought.

He prepared the pizza and made the place look neat, he closed his room door and smiled, that's one place she won't be tonight.

'Tonight's gonna be clean and fun.' He grinned to himself and sat on the couch with a coke and eyed his textbooks and stationary.

'Man, why do we have to do so much work, I'd rather get to know her a lot, even if it is just ten questions.'

His thoughts were interrupted when a knock on his door was heard.

He straightened up and ran to answer the door. He opened it to find Laura standing there with an army load of books.

"Hey, here let me help you with that." He smiled and took her textbooks for her.

"Hey, wow…nice place." She marveled at the hotel like room. "Makes mine look like an old age home."

"Nah, it's not that cool, oh yeah I got pizza, hope you don't mind, I'm starving, you?" He said as he set the textbooks down next to his own stationary.

"Yeah, thanks…so what's first?" She asked enthusiastically.

"Haha, well math obviously then we eat, and then we carry on with that questionnaire thing." He said and turned to meet her.

"Ok, let's get started then!" She beamed. "You look great by the way."

He blushed at her sudden comment. "Thanks…you too."

They sat together going over algebra and the trigonometry test they did last week. Their hands couldn't help but brush against each others as they transferred the pen back and forth, soon the tutoring time was over and Laura understood Algebra very well, they took a break and had some pizza.

"Haha…you got some on your chin." He pointed out.

"Humph so what!" She snapped and wanted to wipe it off but was cut off by Dante's arm.

"Relax, let me do it." He said and sat closer to her side.

He leaned in and wiped it off with his thumb, he accidently looked into her eyes and she could not help but blush a little. He snapped out of it and leaned away.

"There, all done." He smiled.

He sat back in his place and smiled at her, he then grabbed the empty pizza box and threw it in the bin and took out a pencil.

"Ok, let's start with the questions now, what's your favorite dessert?" He asked with a grin, al ready knowing the answer.

"Strawberry sundae." She chuckled.

"Ok, great, what's your favorite color?"

"It's a tie between red and black."

"AWESOME, what's your favorite music?"

"Rock and roll!" she beamed.

"No way, mine too!" He grinned. "Your favorite movie is?"

She got up and walked to the balcony they had and looked out at the stars.

"I don't really have one." She smiled as the stars shone brightly above her.

He joined her out on the balcony but kept a distance and just looked at her.

"How many friends do you have?"

"About 5 to 6 close friends."

"Amount of boyfriends you had?" He asked with a grin.

"Hey, that's personal!" She scolded, still looking up.

He chuckled lightly. "Ok, out of ten, how would you rate the stars?"

"I'd give it a perfect ten."

He dropped the book and pen immediately and walked over to her.

"How would you rate it if I told you I love you, here?"

She wanted to turn around and meet him but he'd wrapped his arms around her already.

"I love you." He whispered.

She said nothing but turned to meet him. He planted a kiss on her lips and she immediately closed her eyes. The kiss was quick but at least he knew that she'd kissed him back.

His eyes accidentally caught hers and he smiled.

"…I have to go!" She said instantly and she got out of his grip and rushed out the door.

"Wait!" he called after her but she was out the door already.

"…" 'Guess she didn't wanna hear it…agh I told her too soon!'