Name: Escape to the enemy - Love knows no side

Summary: HPLV what happens when Voldemort breaks in at the Dursleys to find out that Harry is ready to die by his wand and sees the horrible situation he is in?

Warnings: slash, OOC-ness, Dumbledore!bashing, Harry!Dark

Spoilers: with you don't know the books from HP, go read them!

Pairing: HP/LV

Adopted from: Elfinmyth

Beta: Charmedbaby21894 (being betayed)

Rated: T (at least for now)


"Boy! There's someone for you! Probably one of those freaks of your kind, considering how he looks!" he sneered.


When he stood in the doorway of the living room, his eyes met a crimson gaze.


"You've come to kill me then?"


"What did you think? That I was living a spoiled and luxurious life here?"


"Hell, maybe it tickles. Would be a diversion at least."


"Are you mocking me Potter?"


He was broken off when their mouths crashed together at sudden.

A/N: this is only a preview, the first chapter is being betayed

this is just a few sentences of the first chapter