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Thoughts transmission

Chapter VII

Dumbles talk–

He stood in front of the door leading to the headmasters' office. He felt nervous, despite his conversation with Tom the day before. They had tried to come up with a believable story by thinking about what questions Dumbledore could possibly ask. He hoped everything would work out as fine as Tom thought. He wasn't too sure himself. The old coot seemed to have something up his sleeve he had not foreseen almost every time Harry had spoken to him. He leaned his head at the door, and heard voices.

So he's got company then eh? I guess he can wait for me then a little while so I can mentally prepare myself.

He thought about Ron. He was sure Ginny would already have told him everything, but he had seen neither of them at breakfast, and his lessons would start in the afternoon. He woke up from his thoughts when the door before him swayed open. A grumpy Snape stalked out of the office, freezing when he saw Harry. He inclined his head a bit and whispered:

"Don't drink the tea he will give you. I just saw him putting something in there resembling Veritaserum. And the bowl with Sherbet Lemons probably isn't safe too."

Harry was startled. He had become friendlier with the Death Eater, but he still had been a bit wary about his loyalties. Now the last bit of indecision had been washed away. He smiled and whispered back:

"Thanks for warning me Severus. I won't drink anything. Oh, and he wanted to have a word with you for something. You'd best meet him before Wednesday."

He watched as Snape nodded and hurried down the stairs. He sighted. So Dumbledore didn't believe his previous story at all. Why? Okay, it had been a bit unbelievable. But not so bad that someone would want to force the truth out of you with Veritaserum. Did the headmaster have more information than Harry knew? Maybe there were more spies among Death Eaters than known.

'But who? No Death Eater would be that stupid. If they are caught, they are killed.'

He was so busy with finding an answer that he hadn't noticed Dumbledore, who was suddenly standing in front of him.

"Harry? Aren't you going to come in? I have tea for you. And maybe you want a Sherbet lemon? They're absolutely delicious!"

'As if I would fall for that. Damnit, why is that coot always so cheerful when I'm not in the mood for it?'

Because he's Dumbledore. There is no other explanation for that.

Oh, hey Tom.

I think you need to go sit down Harry. Dumbles is watching you.

Oh, now I'm soooo frightened.

Bastard, just behave, okay?

Yes mum.

Harry… Tom growled.

Ok, ok, sorry. I'm just in a bad mood today.

Humph. As if I hadn't noticed that.

"Hello professor. What can I help you with?"

"Well, I'm sure you are surprised that I asked you to come here."

'Surprised, my ass.'

"But I was busy with… stuff… and I couldn't ask you to come here earlier. You are here for two reasons. First, about your summer. Could you tell me precisely what happened after Voldemort came to your house? You didn't quite give much information in your letter."


Harry tried to act as if he hadn't been prepared for this at all, while he quickly emptied his teacup with a flick of his hand

"I was at my room, reading a bit, when I heard the doorbell ring. I didn't really pay much attention to it, until I heard aunt Petunia scream. I wanted to go to the hallway to see what made her scream, when I…"

He made tears appear in his eyes, just like he had been practicing, and wiped them away with his hand. He saw Dumbledore looking at him with concern, some of his suspicion fading.

'HA! Take that you old goat!'

"I..I then heard someone scream crucio, over and over again, and I was sure it was Voldemort, coming for me. I thought I couldn't help my family anymore, so I quickly packed my most important things, and flew away on my broom. When I heard they were dead, I just felt so guilty. I should have done something… anything." He trailed of, seemingly consumed by his guilt.

"Now, now, Harry, don't be too harsh for yourself. I don't think you could have taken on Voldemort then, to be honest. Not so unprepared. Don't blame yourself for their deaths. The blame lies on the one who killed them."

Snigger. So I am to blame. At least partially for Vernon.

Hey, I did all the work; don't give yourself too much credit for it.

"Thank you sir. I feel a lot better now. The whole time, I have had a burden on my shoulders, because I thought I would have been able to prevent their deaths. Well, I'm sure you want to know what I did after that?" he said while he straightened his shoulders.


"Well, I didn't know if he was trailing me, so I couldn't go to Headquarters, in case he was. At first, I wanted to lead him astray, by flying to the Pyrenees, with the plan to fly back after that. I just happened to come across a little wizard village there. The residents were hiding for the war, and had set up wards to be invisible. I just happened to fly right through them, making the village visible to me. A few people there were sick, an there wasn't a medical in there, so I helped them to take care of some things, like gathering ingredients with my broom on places they couldn't reach. They didn't have anything but some improvised houses. Some of them didn't even have wands! Anyway, in exchange, they let me stay at their village. Hiding me away for the war. Some of them knew pretty advanced magic, some of which I'd never seen before. They taught me a lot too.

Strangely enough, I ran in to Draco Malfoy there. He appeared to have a summerhouse near that place. Firstly, I was afraid his dad would hand me over to Voldemort, but apparently, he and Narcissa became traitors to the Dark. Narcissa never forgave them for Sirius' death. He was close to her when they were younger. I also met some other Slytherin kids, like Blaise and… Pansy. They didn't want to become Death Eaters. That's how I became friends with them. I stayed there for weeks, until everyone at the village was healthy again. It was then, that I recalled that you might be worried about me, so I sent a letter to you. I had had so much on my mind that I hadn't thought about it before. I'm really sorry about it. How come you knew about Voldemort anyway?"

"I had sent some Order members to your house when I received notice of Dark spells that had been casted at your house. They came face-to-face with Voldemort, apparently. I don't know why he didn't attack them. He might have thought that he would find you in the summer. But what you told me is highly fascinating. I wasn't aware of a magical village in the Pyrenees. If you would tell me where it is, we could help them."

"I'm not sure. Maybe if I was there again, that I would recognize it, but I never saw it on a map or something."

"No problem, my dear boy, I'll gladly bring you there again."

Ughh.. I hadn't seen this coming. Told you he would have something we hadn't foreseen.

If it makes you feel better, I could set up a village somewhere. I have more than enough people. They would love to have a little holiday.

Yeah… especially because I said some didn't have wands.

I'll make something up love, no worries.

Sometimes, I forget how much influence you have when you're angry at them. Don't torture them too much, ok?

I'll try…

"I would love that, professor. I've made a quite a few friends there and it would be great to see them again. By the way, after I left there I travelled around Europe with my Firebolt. There are interesting magical places, if you know where to look. Stone circles and old haunted castles, you know. I really learned a lot during summer."

"And who would have thought the Malfoys would ever become traitors to the Dark side? They would be the last I would name to switch sides."

Oh, I'm sure they wouldn't be the last.

Shut up Tom.

What? It's true! The coot would never think you would switch sides. And he still thinks Severus is on his side. He's really leading the Light to its downfall because of his trust in people and second chances, right? What would his next step be? Introducing the Malfoys in the Order?

He would. Be sure of that. That man's mind is unbelievable. The Light is really fucked up to have him as leader, don't you think?


"And when did you change your appearance?"

Harry ran a hand through his long black strands. It had become a bit of a habit of his lately.

"I thought, since Voldemort has spies everywhere, that it would be nice if they didn't recognize me from one mile away. I rather liked it, so I kept it up. Before you ask though, I have no idea how they hid my scar. I thought there was no way to do that, but there was a guy who was specialized in hiding and concealing magic."

"That was also the one who set up the invisibility wards?"

"Quite so."

"Very well. And what about that snake of yours? Not to be rude, but I overheard your conversation when you got her. Something about a boyfriend?"

Dumbledore watched amused while Harry reddened.

"Yes, I met someone there. Not in the Pyrenees, but on my later travels. He heard me speak Parseltongue once, and decided Pale would make a nice present. Pale is still pissed at him by the way. He forgot to make some air holes. The poor thing still isn't over it."

Yes yes Harry, I understand the hint. Shut up about it.

Sorry love. She said I should keep bugging you about it.

That annoying little…

Snicker. I don't want to hear what you're going to do to her, so please spare me the details, okay?

"Well, I think that was everything Harry. And I also know by now what Mr. Weasley meant."


"Oh, Ronald came to me yesterday. He spurted into my office, shouting you were dark or something. He was gone before I could get a chance to calm him down and ask him properly what was going on. Did you tell him you spent your summer partly with the Malfoys?"

"Yes. He didn't seem to like it, but I didn't think he would come to unjustified conclusions. I can assure you, I haven't become dark because of my stay at the Malfoys, as I told you before."

Damn. Harry, I don't think he agrees with your choice of sides.

Shit. I hope he didn't hurt Ginny. That explains why he wasn't at breakfast. Maybe I should have a little chat with him later.

You mean you're going to scare the hell out of him? Good, I didn't like him.

"Well, now everything about that is cleared up, we can get to the second point, but, as I see it's nearly lunch time already, we may save that for another time. You see, I wanted to continue your lessons from previous year about Voldemort, including trying to find out the location of his other horcruxes. It's a pity that the locket was a fake, but hey, look on the bright side. It didn't get me killed!"

The bright side he calls that. What is the bad side of it then?


Yes, yes, I'll shut up. Oh, Severus is here. I might as well welcome him in the chat.

Please do that. Maybe you can tell him my story of the summer so he can pass it on to Lucius.

Good idea Harry. It would be very unfavorable if the stories didn't match. Especially since he will have to get a summerhouse in the Pyrenees somewhere.

Oops. Ah whatever, he has money enough. And house-elves. Double oops, I shouldn't think like that since I'm a member of Hermione's SPEW…

He heard Tom chuckle. He had told him everything about the horrible SPEW and how Hermione tried to recruit everyone for it.

"Now, Harry. I'm afraid you have to leave my boy. We will continue this conversation later."

Harry shouted his goodbye while running down the stairs.

So… you think I passed his test?

Fairly well, if I may say so. You even acted like the Veritaserum had worked for a moment right?

Of course. I'm not that stupid. Even he will see that cup is empty. Severus is really a live saver.

True. And you're saying that because I have to reward him for that, right? You're way too soft at some times Harry. But well, I will.

Thanks. How's home?

Uhmm, Harry, I told you about that yesterday.

No, you only talked about Bella being crazy, which I could have guessed on my own, and then dragged me to the bench.

Mm, I suppose. There isn't really much more to say, Nagini is grumpy because you aren't there anymore, -she just loved it to gossip about me with you, didn't she?-, and the house-elves aren't listening to anyone as a protest. You've made quite some friends among them too. And of course, the Death Eaters are more scared than ever that I might flip out, because I don't get to see you. I haven't told them about our connection. Firstly, I want to earn some of my lost respect back. You really get on my soft side way too much.

Ooooh, so you have one after all? Good to know.

His conversation was broken off when he turned around another corner. He froze. Ron was holding Ginny against the wall by her throat and throwing threats at her. Harry grabbed his wand and blew him off her. He quickly walked over to her. She had sunk on the floor, quietly sobbing. He glared at Ron and said in an icy voice,

"And just what are you doing to her?"

"Traitor!" Ron spat.

"I'm s-so s-sorry Harry! I made him take an Unbreakable Vow, but clearly didn't cover everything!"

"What did you make him agree too?"

"To not tell anyone anything about you and Voldemort, Tom or Death Eaters involved when someone who didn't already know about it could hear it. I also said he had to stick to your version of the story about your summer, and lastly, to not say anything about the Slytherins and you, or the Slytherins and the Dark Order."

"Damn. It covers most, but not everything. He can tell everyone I'm dark, as long as he doesn't mention Tom or other Death Eaters. He ran off to Dumbledore, who, luckily, didn't believe him. How much did you tell?"

Suddenly he caught sight of Ron, who tried to escape, but Harry was quicker.

"Petrificus Totalus!"

Ron fell down, his face to the floor. Ginny continue talking.

"He appeared to take it well, so I pretty much told him everything you told me. It was only after I had finished that he became angry at me and hit me, calling me a traitor as well for backing you up. I didn't think too much of it, for I thought the Unbreakable Vow would keep him from telling anything. For example, he can't tell Dumbledore you're a Death Eater or something."

"Which I am not, technically."

"You're not? Why not? I thought you were with Voldemort now. You said you were his second."

"I am, but I'm not marked, and so, not an official Death Eater. And because I am not, he can't command me around either. Not that he wants to. I he does, I run off to Nagini. She has a lot of blackmail on him she'll gladly borrow to me when I need it."

"Nagini? Voldemort's creepy snake that attacked dad?"

"Uhmm, yes. If you get to know her –and are able to talk to her- she is really nice. She just does whatever she can to help Tom. Or me. I think she prefers me over Tom. She has blackmail on me too, but she never wanted to hand it over to him." He grinned.

"So, any news on Pansy?"

"No, sadly enough. Dead trails everywhere. Nothing leading to any hints. We are to investigate that rose she was holding next. It was a rather rare species, so maybe we'll find out something."

"What are you going to do with Ron?"

"I could obliviate him, but if he ever suspects me again of working with Tom, and he says something about it, he'll die because of the Vow."

"He'll be killed anyway. If not now, later, because he knows too much about you. Might as well take a chance."

"Gin? Are you alright? I thought you were Light and liked your family."

"I've been thinking. Without you, the Light is fucked anyway. By the way, Ron never treated me nice. Actually, he was either rude, annoying, or violent to me, as proven today. I decided to switch sides. You're one of the only ones who've been really nice to me. I don't know about the rest of my family. Can't you do something about it? Maybe it's childish of me, but can't you try and talk him into not hurting my family if I join you?"

Harry sighted.

"I can ask. I don't know if he will do it, but I can always try at the very least. Are you sure?"

"Yes. That was what Ron was going on about today actually. He found out somehow. Maybe he was spying on me. Is Herm with your side?"

"Actually, she's somewhere in between. But, seeing how she was talking to Tom at the end of the day, she might consider switching sides. I won't ask her. She'll come to me if she wants to, and if she doesn't, that's fine by me too. Now, I don't know when or how you can join us, but I can think of something. And you clearly need to be introduced to some other persons. But first: Finite incantatum, Obliviate!" he shouted at Ron

They left him in the corridor and walked to lunch.


Again, weeks passed. Ginny had been introduced to Tom properly, who went along with her surprisingly well, although Ginny was wary of him first. Harry also introduced her to the centaurs, Luna, Hermione and the rest of the known shadows, which had been expanded to a group of seventeen people already. They had come to Harry, either at school, and one time, when he had snuck out to Hogsmead to meet Tom. He had entrusted him with the secret of the Marauders map and the passageway in Honeydukes. There were a lot of people in the 'shadows' he didn't know, students and older witches and wizards. The greatest shocks were Tonks, Fred and George, and Neville.

Harry and Draco had finally figured out why everyone was chosen. They had either just a lot of knowledge, like Hermione, or they had a special ability, Like Tonks with her Metamorphagus-ability, or they were specialized in something, like Fred and George in everything that had to do with inventing stuff and creating spells.

Ginny had been delighted when she had seen who all were in the 'shadows'. She was disappointed when she found out she couldn't become a part of it. Instead, she concentrated on her Death Eater training she received from Harry in the Room of Requirements. She had joked about it, saying she had a private DA now, as in Death Army. Harry had immediately Diffindo'd the name in the wall, which made Ginny choke with laughter. She had suggested he should train the shadows who wanted too. He had brought it up in one of the now regular meetings, and some indeed wanted to be trained. Luna had been right they would follow Harry everywhere. They accepted his new side the moment he said it, without muttering or horrified looks. He now used the newly created Death-Army-Chamber-version of the Room of Requirements to train about half of the shadows, Ginny, Draco and Blaise.

Pansy had been buried on the ground of her manor. All her friends had been there, including Harry, who was swearing revenge from under his breath. Ron wasn't a problem anymore and Dumbledore hadn't asked him anything about his outburst, seeing him and Harry act friendly again together. Everything was going just fine as it was.


Harry was sitting in the library, when he suddenly felt someone grab him from behind, immediately covering his mouth with a hand. He spun around and gasped.

"Tom! What the hell are you doing here?"


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