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"Hmm…"-tailed beast or summoning talking
'Hmm…'-tailed beast or summoning thinking


1 month

That's how long since Naruto had left on his training trip with the 'famous' Jiraiya the Sannin. So far he hadn't learn anything useful from Jiraiya. Naruto had been expecting to learn a lot from him, but so far he had been disappointed. Though, it did give him a lot to think about his current self. Was he strong enough? Was he on his way to become the best ninja that he could be? Or was he just simply wasting his time?

These were the thoughts that were crossing Naruto's mind as he and Jiraiya entered another village. "Alright brat, work on your chakra control tonight while I check this city out," said Jiraiya while thinking, 'Time to get more material for my next novel!'

"But that's all I've been doing this entire month!" protested Naruto. "Isn't there anything else we can do?" he asked. "I'm your master and your my student. Students are suppose to listen to their masters," countered Jiraiya. 'They're also suppose to teach stuff,' thought Naruto. "Bu-," "No Buts! Now go find a training place until I return." With that, Jiraiya walked away, leaving Naruto all by himself.

'Stupid pervert! How did he even become so strong?' thought Naruto as he walked on. 'At this rate, I'll never improve!'

Finally, he found a place in the forest to be appropriate. So he started to meditate, something he learned to do while having nothing to do.

Soon he found himself in a familiar sewer with a familiar cage.

"So, what is it that you want this time whelp?" asked the Kyuubi.

"Nothing, I just started to meditate and I came here. Why?" asked Naruto.

"It's simple. Right now your feeling negative emotions, and I'm made up of negative emotions, so your subconscious brought you here," answered the Kyuubi. Then Naruto remembered his problem and started to get angry again. When the kyuubi saw this, he laughed.

"What's the matter whelp? I've never seen you this angry before," said the kyuubi. "It's that pervert thats suppose to be teaching me," began Naruto,"but all he does is peep on women for that stupid book of his."

"I see..."

"At this rate I'll never become Hokage!"

With that statement, Kyuubi began to roar with laughter. After a while, Naruto started to get angry. "What the hell are you laughing at, you stupid fox?"

"I find it amusing how you want to protect those little insignificant humans who caused you nothing but suffering," answered Kyuubi. Now Naruto was confused. "What do you mean?"

"Don't tell you have already forgotten your childhood."

NOW Naruto understood. "Who cares about that? Eventually they'll acknowledge me and accept me."

"HAHAHAHA! You truly are stupid! Humans will never accept something they can't comprehend or control. It's in your nature." "Bu-" "Just accept it already and stop wasting your time! Because that's exactly what you're doing right now. You could be using this time to make yourself stronger, but instead you're just simply playing ninja with that 'pervert' as you called him."

Naruto knew he was right. As much as he hated to admit, he knew that Kyuubi was right.

"Then what am I going to do? I have no one else to teach me nor do I have anywhere else to go."

"You really are stupid. Are you forgetting that you have me. As much as I don't like you and would rather tear you apart, I'm stuck inside of you which means that because of your stupidity you might die, which in turn I die as well." But Kyuubi paused to think about that. He wouldn't die of course. His chakra would simply just split itself into parts and then come back together at a different location. But that was just simply annoying for the great bijuu. He would be weak, something that he detested. It wouldn't be for some time that he would regain his full strength, and that would leave him vulnerable. But the brat didn't need to know all of that. Coming out of his thoughts, the bijuu continued.

"I also have a great wealth of information that will benefit you as well techniques. And as for living, we'll live off the land. Life is simply much less complicated that way."

To Naruto, all of this sounded to good to be true. "How can I trust you?" he asked.

"Finally, you're using your brain, huh? You don't know if you can trust me or not, but as I said earlier, you die, I die. Besides, would you rather waste 3 years of your life simply doing nothing, or would you rather have a chance to become as strong as you can be and show those idiotic fools what they lost because of their feeble minds?" retorted Kyuubi with a dark sinister grin on his face.

Naruto thought it over. What did he have to lose? He was simply wasting his time like Kyuubi said. Jiraiya had no interest in teaching him. All the pervert cared about was that novels of his, while leaving Naruto with nothing. And that was not what he had agreed to when he came on this training trip. As for Kyuubi, the seal held him back, Naruto realized that. So as long as he didn't do something as stupid as to brake the seal, he would be fine. So in the end, it was a good deal to the young blond knucklehead ninja.

"Fine. I'm in," answered Naruto after awhile.

Kyuubi merely nodded, before giving him instructions as to how to ditch Jiraiya undetected.

But Naruto was thinking of the good things that would come with this. Finally he would have a real teacher. A chance to become strong. If only he knew what would happen as a result of his decision.


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