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Start of Something New

In the middle of a large commercial city known as Tokyo to most people in the world, a large skyscraper stood out amongst all the others present. The building possessed over fifty stories. The building also stood right in the center of the city in its downtown area, making it of much importance; which it was.

The tall building belonged to none other than 'Uzumaki Inc.' as it was illustrated by the giant 'U' hanging right in the middle of the building, mainly around its twenty fifth floor, give or take a few floors. Uzumaki Inc. was one of the most famous corporations in Japan, hell in the world. It specialized in businesses, but it also contained side branches in other areas such as sports, cosmetics for both men and women alike, as well as a small industry in both clothing manufacturing and military products production.

And right at the highest floor of the massive skyscraper, one man stood, or well sat, behind a large dark wooden desk in his office that took up the entire floor. Okay, so it wasn't just an office. An entertainment center accompanied by a small bar took up about half of the floor, with the other being the 'true' office. As the man had put it when he had had it built, he liked to put business together with pleasure.

The man, who also happened to be the chairman of the corporation in his twenties, was wearing black cargo pants with a long sleeved navy blue dress shirt with the top buttons unbuttoned and with the sleeves rolled up as well as black dress shoes.

The man ran a hand through his spiky-ish silver hair as he looked at all the paperwork in his desk. Really, this was the bane of his existence. It had been so for many years now. Oh, how he would love to just burn every single paper in front of him so that he could finally be free from it.

But as his official wife had put it, 'it wasn't gentleman like.'

Really, why she would even think that he would care if it was gentleman like or not was beyond him. But sacrifices had to be made when running a large corporation, he supposed. Besides, he had a method to get away from doing paperwork so that he could enjoy his entertainment center. That was the whole reason that he had built it next to his office, after all. Everyone would think that he was working when in fact he was not. Well, he was, but not at the same time. It wasn't really complicated once he did his method, but he couldn't very well do that at the moment.

And the reason being an attractive redheaded woman walking right through the doorway like as if she owned the place which wasn't far off from the truth.

The female redhead was wearing a two piece silver suit with a skirt, accompanied by a jacket over the dress shirt. The woman did leave some of her top exposed, however, giving an outsider a small visible shot of her cleavage. Not that the woman cared at any rate. The redhead also wore a diamond necklace that hung around her neck as well as high heels. All in all, she had the image of an attractive businesswoman which she was. Well, as far as the world was concerned at least.

The redhead had a smirk on her face as she walked towards the desk where the man was sitting.

"Having fun, are we?"

The silver haired man shot her an annoyed look. "If you're here to just tease me about all of this damn paperwork, then you're just wasting your time. Also if that's the case, then you should leave because I have a lot of work to do, Kushina."

Kushina shook her head as she hopped on top of the wooden desk, leaning forward to get closer to the man's face and knowing full well that she was giving him a good view of her cleavage.

"Please. I already know that you use shadow clones to sneak out of doing your work, Naruto-kun. So don't even try to lie to me about that. I can smell a lie a mile away."

Naruto sighed as he leaned back on his leather chair. "All right, you got me. So? Why are you here then?"

Kushina pouted. "What? Aren't you glad to see me?"

An image of another raven haired woman entered Naruto's mind before he dismissed it. "It's not like that. But knowing you, I'm pretty sure that you're not here to help me get away from doing this paperwork. Well, you might be, but not in the 'good way.'"

Kushina rolled her eyes. "Yes, yes, I know. You have a fetish for office sex."

Naruto pointed an accusing finger at her. "It's not a fetish! And besides, it's not like you don't enjoy it!"

Kushina waved a hand in dismissal. "Putting that aside, yes, there's a reason that I'm here today."

Naruto sighed again before placing a hand on his silver colored hair. "So? Is there a problem?"

Kushina also let out a sigh. "I don't know if it's a problem or not, but apparently Anko has run into some difficulties…."

Naruto turned serious at hearing this. Anko was the head of the CIA, an international agency dealing mainly with espionage as well being one of the most important information sources for a major world power in the world today-the United States of America. How Anko got into that position was still sketchy to Naruto and the others, not that it didn't come in handy at times.

When they had asked her, Anko had simply let out a smirk and responded with, 'It's better for whatever sanity that you still have left that you don't know.'

They had dropped the subject immediately.

"What kind of problem is it?"

Kushina let out another sigh before she brought out a photograph from one of her pockets, placing it right on the desk in front of Naruto so that he could see it.

Recognizing the person in the photograph immediately, Naruto's blood ran cold.

He spun his chair around, turning to look out towards the city laying down below him through his windows.

"Where was this taken?"

"In the Middle East. Specifically in Saudi Arabia."

Naruto's hands turned into fists. 'What are you doing here now, you old man?'

The person in the photograph was none other than the old man that the Rikudo Sennin had told him about when he had appeared to Naruto for the final time. Mainly, the same old man that had given the Sennin the rinnegan. Or well, it was technically Naruto as well. All of his memories from his past life had returned as well, so he knew that the old man in the photograph was the same as the one that had appeared those thousands of years ago. Kushina, along with the others, already knew of his existence because Naruto had told them. They had had so much free time to spare, after all. And Kushina had wanted to know everything immediately.

Kushina looked at Naruto who was still looking out the window. "What will you do?"

Naruto chuckled humorlessly. "Do you want to know something? That's the one thing that I still don't know. Just who that old man is. I have a feeling that not even the Rikudo Sennin knew. And since he won't show himself to me anymore, I can't really ask him."

That was something else that had bothered Naruto for years. After the Rikudo Sennin had explained to him about how the Juubi came to be free that night in Uzu, he had never again showed himself. Naruto had even asked the Shinigami whom Naruto still possessed a contract with. But the Shinigami had simply said to not worry about it which had the opposite effect.

Kushina frowned. "But isn't the Rikudo Sennin who you were in your past life? Then doesn't it make sense that-"

"I don't know," interrupted Naruto, already knowing what Kushina was going to say. "I really don't know. I really don't get how he was able to show himself to me despite the fact that I am he. But I've long since gave up trying to figure some things out. Especially with all the time that has gone by…."

Naruto, along with Kushina and the others, were now by the lack of a better word, immortal. Well, they could still be killed if they were beheaded or something of the sort. But they didn't age, none of them. They were now also immune to any diseases. And just how was this possible? A lot of things came into factor in this. But mainly two. And those were the Juubi's chakra and the contract that Naruto had with the Shinigami.

Naruto was now basically the new Juubi. He was on the godly level now. Thanks to his now possessing the Juubi's power as his own, he couldn't age. So, he basically passed some of this power on to the others. Of course, by normal means, the others would have died since the Juubi's chakra was extremely toxic, save for perhaps Kushina and Fuka. But with the Shinigami's help, they had all adapted to having less than a fraction of the Juubi's power in them which kept them alive for so long. The Shinigami hadn't taken it too well. After all, he was the god of death. He wasn't suppose to be saving lives. He was suppose to be taking them. But after giving him some other souls in return, the Shinigami had calmed down.

Kushina picked up the photograph, observing it intently. "We can't just let this go. Not even the Shinigami will tell you who this guy is. And the last time that he was here, he gave you the rinnegan. And look how that turned out. What do you think he's going to do now?"

Naruto frowned as he stood up from his chair and walked towards the nearest window. "I don't know….I really don't know what his motives are. Is it peace? Because I really doubt that…."

The current world was proof of that. After the shinobi world had collapsed, it had only taken a few years before humanity started to battle against itself once more. The shinobi world was gone, but Naruto highly doubted that this one was any better.

Kushina placed the photograph down again. "One thing is for sure, though. And that is that whoever this man is, he's certainly not Kami."

Naruto closed his eyes at hearing that. That was what he had believed at first. Hell, he was sure that even the Rikudo Sennin had believed that. But Naruto was now sure that the true Kami had just taken advantage of the actions of this…..man. Kami had not given the Rikudo Sennin the rinnegan. And Naruto was sure that Kami did exist. But what exactly did Kami do? Naruto wasn't sure of that.

But it seemed that not even the Shinigami wanted to get involve in this this time. And that came as a great surprise to Naruto.

Naruto turned to look at Kushina who was now also his official wife. "Contact Anko and Fuka. We're going to get to the bottom of this."

Kushina smirked as she hopped off the table. "Now that's what I like to hear. But are you sure that Fuka will appreciate our taking her away from her modeling tour?"

Unlike the rest, Fuka had taken to a less…hectic lifestyle in a sense. And that was modeling. Fuka was now the number one female model in….well, everything! Swimsuits, normal attire, cosmetics, you name it. She was at the top of them all.

Naruto shrugged. "She's going to have to deal with it."

Kushina merely continued to smirk as she walked up to him, giving him a small kiss on the lips before walking out.

"I'll get to it then." She sent him a wink as she walked out of his office, closing the door behind her.

Naruto turned back to look out the window, already sensing the presence of a new arrival. "I see that you're here too, Zetsu…."

Zetsu appeared above him in the ceiling of his office. "Your skills haven't diminished, even after all these years. But it seems that you're going to need our assistance once more…."

White Zetsu grinned. "After all those years….it's taking me back…"

Naruto hmph'ed as he closed his eyes, his mind remembering all the others that had sacrificed themselves. "Yeah….."

It seemed that things were going to get interesting again.


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