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What happened...this isn't right Ivy was never supposed to die! I stumbled back, staring at her. Her eyes turned down, as if afraid of my judgment, did all vampires act like this after there first death? I opened and closed my mouth trying to find some words that would actually leave my mouth but I came up blank.

Ivy looked back up at me again, she smiled sadly "I'm sorry Rachel..." She looked away again, but her eyes seemed clouded "This was not how I wanted it to end". Her voice broke. Causing me to panic.

"w...what do you mean?" I stepped closer kneeling down in front of her, so she couldn't look away.

Her face was looking away from me again. I hesitantly reached out to hold her face with my hands, she felt colder then what I remembered, but that didn't matter to me. "Ivy, what do you mean end?" Silently hoping that her soul had been saved, that she was still my Ivy.

Her eyes hardened "I'm dead Rachel! Don't you get it?" Before I realized what happened she was standing, causing me to reel backwards out of shock. "I'm soulless undead, gone!"

I quickly stood up. This was going wrong, she couldn't be soulless right, she wouldn't be angry like this, she wouldn't be showing such strong emotions. Newt still was standing there staring at us. "Let's go back to the church okay?" I said. "We can talk there, and figure this out, things will work out, they always do".

Ivy just shook her head, "it doesn't always work". Her voice was no longer raised, and she sounded so heartbroken.

"Newt, can you send us back?" I asked.

Newt nodded "Don't forget Rachel you owe me two favours now" I just nodded. Without out warning I could feel myself being pulled into the line, I reached out for Ivy. I was not loosing her again.

We landed in the cemetery; I turned to look at Ivy right away. Her shoulders were slumped and her head hung forward causing her hair to cover her face. I reached for her, bringing her closer to me, I rested my head on her shoulder. Ivy was still silent, but her arms slowly wrapped around me.

We stood there for a while before I pulled back so I could look right at her. "Ivy...I love you." her eyes widened before she pulled back.

"Don't say things like that!" She cried out. "You don't get to say that." She said just as loudly.

"I mean it though, I love you so much. And I can't stand to loose you." I said

"Why now...Why not before this happened" She said quietly.

"Ivy, it doesn't have to end this way. I can find a way to fix this." I said with a smile.

I opened my mouth to continue reassuring her, but I heard someone calling my name. The sun had set and the chilly air rushed passed us. But there was no one here. I was going to say something again when I heard my name called, but the person sounded frantic...what is going on.

I turned back to Ivy. "Do you hear that?"

She gave me a confused look "hear what?"

"Some one is calling my name...where are they..." I let go of Ivy spinning around, I walked around the graveyard looking behind tomb stones, but I didn't find anyone. "Are you sure you don't hear them?" I asked again.

"Rachel, are you okay?" Ivy stepped closer holding on to my shoulders.

"Yeah I'm fine." my vision went fuzzy as I felt my legs give out.


"Rachel! answer me what happened. Please wake up" Someone called.

My eyes opened, every thing was blurring together, but I could make out a ceiling, and someone holding me...Wait where am I. Where's Ivy! I sat bolt upright making me wince as my head started to pound.

"Rachel, are you okay? You were just standing there and you passed out...I knew you should have never gone to the everafter. That stupid demon did something to you. I'm going to kill him" Ivy cried in anger.

"What...?" I was so confused..."Ivy are you okay? I'm sorry I'll fix this...I love you, okay?" I said sleepily.

"I don't care I'm still going to ki-" she stopped talking mid sentence. "Why do you mean?" She asked

"I mean I'm going to fix it." I said.I looked around, the kitchen looked the exact same as it did ever day...I quickly stood up looking around causing my already horrible headache to worsen. "Why are we in the kitchen?" I said looking at Ivy who had also stood up.

She looked at me with concern "Because you just got back from the everafter, and you walked in the kitchen and passed out." She stepped closer. "And what did you mean...when you said "I love you...?" She asked.

My eyes opened wider in shock, this can't happen it had to have been real. But looking at Ivy told me otherwise. She was not dead, and staring at me like I was crazy. "You aren't dead...a-and it wasn't real...?" I said staring at her. "Ivy...did I ever get in a car accident? Or did you go to the everafter.?

She shook her head "No Rachel...What are you talking about?"

I flung my arms around her, as tears streaked down my face. "It wasn't real. None of it was, just a stupid Hallucination." I cried pulling Ivy closer to me. She tentatively rapped her arms back around me.

"...what are you talking about?" She a asked

"Nothing, I'll tell you another time..." I said pulling back to look at her, she was giving me a confused look, but at the moment all I cared about was that she was alive, I would never let her go again. Never ever.

"Rachel I don't understand..."

I wrapped my arms around her neck "I love you." I leaned toward her and kissed her. I pulled back "Do you understand now?" I said smiling through tears of happiness. I leaned in again, and this time she responded by kissing me back. I pulled away, "I love you so much, and I'm never going to let you go, no matter what. I've been so stupid by not realizing it sooner, but you are my life, and you are all I need...I love you Ivy Tamwood" I said with a huge grin on my face.

She smiled back, and for the first time, it was full of joy. "I love you too."

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