Hello there readers! My name is Minatu-chan~! This story only uses the characters from Princess Tutu, which I do not own~! I hope you enjoy~!


They were not born that way. I, the man scientist, called Drosselmeyer made them that way. They cannot escape their fate. I gave them these powers for a reason, which started as a simple accident. Now I know I cannot let the four of them escape it all. The four have genetically enhanced abilities that they thought were not even possible. The four test subjects are all extremely different: Rue, Muto, Fakir and Ahiru. All of them are different because of my experiment.

One of which has simply tried to fit in from day one, but I'll never allow her to now. She has a certain trait that'll make it impossible for her. The other two thrive on attention and the fourth is simply a loner. Four very different characters that will be brought together by one thing. Their new ability.

It is a part of them now and they'll be unable to escape it. They grew up with it, and now on their sixteenth birthdays, the power will awaken. It will no longer be dormant. I cannot wait to see how the four handle this sudden change in their lives. They'll be ruined. It shall be the most interesting and humorous thing I have seen in many years. They cannot be happy with me if they were ever to find out that I had done it to them. They'd try to get me to remove their powers, but their life force is attached to it. How ironic!

This is most exciting. It will be the biggest scientific break through I've had in years! I've waited so long for this day! This glorious day! I cannot help but thank the fates for sending me that asteroid all those years ago. I took the four as newborns and inserted the scraps of DNA from it. They will be most surprised. I cannot be more excited about how their bodies will react to the awakening of the DNA. They will be most surprised, but even more so scared on how they should handle it.

What will happen to our four heroes?

Well that's my Prologue!

Ahiru: What the heck did you do to us?

Me: Well, I...

Fakir: You made us weird didn't you?

Me: Well, that's a wrap! See you guys next time... before the rest of them can start protesting... -.-"