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Chapter 10

"FAKIRRRRRRRR-!" a soundless voice wailed into the darkness. A single blue-green light shone in all of the darkness of the world. Fakir turns around, trying to find the original direction that she had screamed from, but her voice echoed and rebounded all around him.

Her voice faded and the ticking of a clock filled his mind. The face of a clock appeared, surrounded by millions of gears. Yellow light fell over Fakir like a stage light. He looked around as a voice trickled.

"Your mind is a strange place, my boy," the familiar voice began as Drosselmeyer came into view. One of his eyes rolled around in its respective socket as if it had no particular direction or control.

"It seems death removes what was in someone's mind at the time from existence," the scientist continued, brushing his cloak out of the way. He was wearing an odd combination of a jester and a nobleman's stage costume.

"Quite the jest, if I say so myself," he chuckled. Fakir glared.

"Who said you were allowed to bother me here!" he snapped angrily, red coloring his cheeks. Drosselmeyer ignored this without a moment's consideration.

"...Though, I guess if you were to leave this world for where the gesdin originated, maybe you could get her memories back?" he hypothesized carefully. Then he gazed at Fakir with a mad smile. Fakir barely blinked, his disbelief was impossible to control as it froze him in place.

"But that would be impossible, because without transportation... how could you even consider the idea?" Drosselmeyer replied, disappearing into the darkness that was originally part of Fakir's true dreams... his nightmares.


A young girl with hair that was the color of sunshine laid in a field of grass, humming softly to herself.

"1, 2, 3, 4. Soldiers line up, everything comes out to play," she sang mischievously. Her eyes were the color of the darkest night. She smiled to herself.

"My friends want to come say hi, Miss," she said, sitting up and turning to a shadowy figure of a girl with long, pink hair, "Do you miss him?" The girl's eyes narrowed slightly as she snorted at the figure.

"It isn't good to call to his idle mind, you disturb him."


Ahiru sat up in bed quickly, clutching her heart tightly. She felt as if her soul had just left her. Beads of sweat clung to her forehead. She stared out at the night sky, her blue eyes wide with a sort of fear.

What was it that kept her from sleeping? And why did she feel like something in her was gone?

Slowly, she brought herself to her feet, and she dressed in a yellow dress and pulled on some shoes. Ahiru left her room, walking out onto the sidewalk outside of the school gates. She felt a bit lost and confused. Maybe she'd forgotten something when she'd been hit by the car... but there wasn't a scratch on her! And there was that boy. Ahiru couldn't seem to recall a single memory of him. It felt like she'd never talked to him before, but he didn't look like the type to randomly run up to strangers like that, and he knew her name... Ahiru frowned deeply, trying to figure out the answer that was impossible for her to reach.


A white knight stood upon a stage lit by a spotlight that looked much like moonlight. His hand was held out to a partner that was not there. He smirked to himself.

"This shall be fun," he said to himself because despite how oblivious he acted in front of others, he knew much more. Rue was jealous of the girl in the lower class. She wanted to remove her from the picture, but it seemed her plan had failed. His amber eyes searched the wood floors as if they held the meaning of life.

Nothing escapes the seer.

Mytho closed his eyes and saw a girl with red, orange and golden hair. She looked at him and smiled.

Try and find me, seer. She mouthed to him. A shadowed figure sat next to her. Mytho stared at it, recognizing whom the shadow seemed to represent. It must have been the embodiment of someone's lost memories.


Rue clutched her phone in a single hand, wishing she could just break the thing with her bare hands. Her father wasn't answering her phone calls. She couldn't even begin to understand why he would ignore them! He never did. Rue wasn't quite in the mood to go search out her boyfriend at the moment. She didn't really feel bad about what she had done. She only felt sad that the entire plan had failed.

The ballet was in a week, and she couldn't stop it from happening.

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