equius is 200 percent nigga and nepeta is asian so its extra hawt

so one fine kawaii day karkat goes 2 work

he is like "nepeta clean da house while i am i love u have a good day"

i love u2 karkat BYE 3333
so it starts like this one day nepeta is chilling in her house (wearing a sexy outfit cuz its a porno) and the doorbell rings ooh so she gets off the couch and walks to the door. it is the plumber man, mr. zahhak.
"i have cum 2 plumb ur toilets"
"oooh mr zahhak ooh"
so he then plumbs her toilet while she is watching in the doorway twisting her hair around her finger,
and she says "mr zahhak u r such a reliable plumber"
and he takes her in his dirty plumbing arms remember hes black btw and whispers "i kno..."
some kawaii sparkles appear on the screen (thanks 2 sony vegas)
and he is like i kno ur boyfriend karkat neglects you...he does not please you at all..."
and nepeta is like "oh mr zahhak i cannot cheat on my karkat i LUV him"
and equius is all "who has to KNO"
and then he throws her onto the bathtub and fucks her senseless and when he comes theres an earthquake and karkat feels it from the office so he drives home to see if nepeta is okay and there is just jizz everywhere and the toilet still isnt fixed the end