Working and living on my own was nothing I had never expected I would like very much, but I love it now.

I own my own little apartment in the middle of London, close to Diagon Alley, which is also where my own little library lies.

Right now it is just Ginny and me in the store. It's a rainy day in April and business is slow. Ginny is on top of a ladder restocking the shelves with books.

I was sitting behind the counter, beside the radio when I heard a name come across I never thought I would hear again.

'News Flash, prior Death Eater, Lucius Malfoy has been murdered. That is all the information known. No known killer has been found.'

I looked over at the radio. Malfoy.

That family had kept quiet for many years, I had seen Draco once or twice around Diagon Alley. Still had that bleached blonde hair-so he was very easy to spot in a crowd.

I sighed, and returned my attention to The Quibbler that I was reading. But when the radio started to name loads of other names I had never heard of or names I never thought I would hear about again. I started placing the puzzle pieces together.

They were all Death Eaters at some point.

I cleared my throat and looked out the window at the rain rushing down the window. That was when Ginny came walking up to me with empty boxes and handed them over the counter to me.

I grabbed them and put the under the desk.

"Uhh- I am so tired of this rain." Ginny said while leaning against the counter.

I closed my magazine and sat it down, "Yeah me too. It's almost as if it is none stop."

The radio was still going and the reporter said a few more names.

"Hey, what's going on?" Ginny asked, looking at the radio and squinty her eyes.

"Someone is going around and killing prior Death Eaters." I explained to her.

She glanced quickly over at me, "Hear anything about Malfoy?"

I looked at her, "Which one?"

"The one we went to school with."

"I heard nothing of him, but his father was one." I explain.

She sighed, "His father didn't deserve that. But I can say I'm a little relieved to hear it wasn't Malfoy."

"Why do you care if it were?" I asked, becoming very questionable.

She shrugged, "I ran into him a few days ago. He bumped into me and made me drop the stuff I had in my hands. He picked it all up for me and said he was sorry. I don't know he just seemed very different."

I shrugged. Since school was over I hadn't really spoken to Draco. Yes I had seen him in the streets. Once I saw him look into my store window, but he kept walking.

"Well maybe he has changed." I say before getting up and walking up to the door.

It was almost closing time anyway.

When the sun went down I offered to walk with Ginny to her house. Her and Harry had gotten married last spring and have been very happy with each other ever since. Bur Ronald and I on the other hand hadn't made it very far. But we were still great friends and could trust each other with anything.

But when Ginny walked into her house and I followed I was a bit surprised to see half of the Order there.

They were all gathered around the fireplace and Harry was in the center speaking with everyone.

"We can just let them rot." Ronald said.

"Ron, you know we cant. We can help the ones we know who have changed." Harry said.

"I agree with Harry. The ones who we're not sure about wont have protection, but ones we know have changed we can help." Mrs. Weasley said.

"Like who mum?" George asked.

"Well…like Nichelle Kerens, Igor Karkaroff, Narcissa Malfoy-even though she wasn't one she is still in danger-and of course Draco. He's changed."

Ginny walked into the room and everyone looked at us and returned their attention back to the matter at hand.

From the sound of it, it sounded as if they were considering taking the known Death Eaters that had changed and put them into hiding.

I joined the conversation and after many hours of planning of what would be done and how we would contact them was sorted out, we decided on who would be responsible for who. George was paired up with a girl, and Harry agreed to take Narcissa- because he owed it to her-and Ron agreed to take Igor-because he thought he would get Krum's autograph from him-and everyone else decided to take someone until Draco's name came up, and no one stood to take him.

"I would-but I already have Emmy." Ginny said and she looked around at everyone.

I stood up from the couch-volunteering myself.

"I'll take him." I say.

"Very well, onto to Tony Elkwood." Mrs. Weasley said, and I sat down.

We had decided we would take them all separately to a cottage in the mountains and away from any danger around here.

We also decided that we would go weeks apart from each other so it wouldn't be obvious that we were the ones taking them. And we also thought that they would be tracked if they apparated so we would have to use other means to get there-and probably magic free. But once we got there I'm sure they could use magic again.

The next thing we decided was how to contact them. They seemed to already be in hiding but not very well.

"Draco. He works with me on some occasions, I know how to get a hold of him." Neville spoke up.