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With eyes downcast towards his bruised knees, Kuroto stood on one side of the opened door. The small boy didn't lift his head, his hand clenching the blue strap of his bag tightly. He had to stop a hiss that threatened behind his lips that formed a straight line across his face that was littered with faded bruises that were a sickly yellowish color now. Black hair hid the view of his face completely though, not wanting anyone to see the evidence of the things that made him feel only weak.

On the opposing side of the door, the older boy stood completely still for another reason. Senshirou's eyes were open wide, mouth agape when he looked over the child in front of him. He had been told another was coming to live with them due to home issues but he hadn't expected this. His glasses nearly fell off of his nose but he didn't even realize such a fact, all of his attention on each cut and bruise and especially the sling that held the other's right arm up.

'Who could have done such a thing?' Senshirou thought to himself, almost angry that anyone would dare to lay a hand on this child that looked so badly hurt. His brown eyes held a flash of fury before they softened. He reached out, gently taking the pale hand that was considerably smaller than his own and much colder to the touch.

When his good hand was taken, Kuroto instantly stiffened and almost fell back as he flinched. Before he knew it though, he was pulled forward and into warm arms. It surprised both boys at how close they were and both forgot to breathe for that moment. Unfortunately though Senshirou's clumsiness decided now was the perfect time to kick in, sending them backwards with the momentum the older had used.

On the ground now lay a mess of limbs twisted together, not a sound being made other than a groan that wasn't one of pain from Kuroto, but one of embarrassment from Senshirou as he sat up and rubbed his head. Chocolate eyes looked down to make sure the raven haired child was alright, well alright as he could be in his state. When seeing no further had come to the injured child, Senshirou laughed softly at himself.

"I'm Senshirou. Nic to meet you" he introduced himself politely, smiling kindly to the younger who now stared at him. Nothing was said and Kuroto stood up and brushed the dirt from his clothes that fit much too loosely despite their already small size. It made the brunette wonder just how fragile the other boy really was.

"I don't have time to play with idiots, who live in some peaceful world" Kuroto said in cold tone, looking over his shoulder as he headed down the hall of the entryway. He wasn't sure exactly where he was going but he wanted to get away from the older boy. Somebody else would notice him and tell him where to go after all.

Again his mouth was agape as Senshirou watched the smaller boy go. He stayed sitting, wondering what he had done wrong. His head hung for a moment but seconds later a smile returned to his face and he got up to his feet, staring down the hallway. It seemed like an impossible task from what he had witnessed, but for some reason He wanted to make the child smile, or at least get a laugh or shine into his eyes that held onto little life at all.

With that thought of his goal in mind, the brunette followed in Kuroto's footsteps down the hall after closing the door. He was smiling brightly as he thought of how a smile might look on the pale face that would be free of bruises and instead shining with happiness. It was a nice image, one that he would make real someday.