The Balamb and Galbadia Gardens have always maintained a freindly rivalry, but the competition turned violent yesterday when Galbadia Garden, under control of the G-Army, tried to occupy Balamb Garden. The battle, which took place near Centra's Cape of Good Hope, lasted approx. three hours and ended in a dubious Balamb victory.

"Man, they busted our Garden up," says Balamb student Zell Dincht. "I don't know when we'll get the Quad reparied. Some people actually fell off the edge, too."

"Don't ask me, I was just driving," says Nida, another student. "They did ram us an awful lot, though."

"I must carry out Ultimecia's decree," says Galbadian commander Seifer Almasy, pushing his way past the interveiwer.

"We were incredibly lucky," former Garden instructor Quistis Trepe says as she surveyed Balamb Garden. "But we had a very good leader. Squall was great out there."

Balamb commander Squall Leonhart could not be reached for comment.