This first drabble is for Paulathecat, whose birthday is today (so I've been told :). She wanted some family humor around seasons 1-3. Hope this works… Happy birthday(:

No spoilers. 100 words. Challenge word: Clear.

"You were snoring again."

Sam looked up from where he had been eyeing the map of Wyoming, which was balanced in his lap. "Excuse me?" he asked.

Dean shrugged. "I'm just saying," he grinned a little. "You're getting a little noisy there, squirt."

Sam let out a humorless laugh. "Yeah, alright," he focused ahead and cleared his throat. "And I suppose you want me to take offense to that?"

"I just want you to shut up at night. I need a good night's sleep if I'm going to find Dad."

"I'm working with you, remember? You kidnapped me."

"Whatever, Sam."

This next one is for Tribble Master, whose birthday is also today! She wanted international boys, so here they are! Happy birthday(:

No spoilers. Set anytime you picture, (seasons 1-7, whichever works) 100 words. Challenge word: clear.

Dean looked down as the scaled creature sunk down, back into the clear ocean water, to rest forever. He glanced at Sam to see that his brother was okay. Sam was holding the salt and gun with special Bronze bullets, smiling slightly.

Sam grinned. "Hey man, we did it, didn't we?"

Dean looked down at himself in disgust. "Yeah, after I got covered in monster slime."

"No one said the job would be clean."

"Someone should've packed towels."

Sam signaled for the shocked driver to start heading towards the shore.

Dean shuddered. "Remind me to never come to Sweden again."