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Harry Potter: The Ancestors' Call

Chapter One

Harry was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He had been at the Dursleys for nearly a month and it was a living Hell. His aunt had decided he would have to help her with the chores, which meant she would give him a list of things-to-do and watch him over the day.

Dudley was still on his diet and the amount of food Harry was given, which had never been big, had decreased, too. The only thing which had prevented him from starving had been his friends. They had sent him some food after having received his call for help.

Moreover, the nurse from Dudley's school, having noticed that Dudley wasn't losing a pound had ordered the Dursleys to make him practice some sport during the holidays. After several shouting matches, it had been decided that Dudley would start learning martial arts. The thought of Dudley doing martial arts was enough to make Harry burst into fits of laughter.

In fact these martial arts lessons had been one of the only positive points of this month, if not the only. You see, the Dursleys had decided that Harry would go to these lessons, too, probably hoping he would spend it getting beaten the hell out of him. The only drawback to this was that Harry quickly discovered he was skilled for martial arts. His medium- height gave him great agility. Seeing that, the Dursleys had made him quit these lessons but Harry had got interested in it, so he continued to train himself early in the mornings when no one would see him or later at night when everyone was asleep.

Thanks to this and jogging in the mornings, he had become more muscular, even if he remained quite small and skinny. His hair was as wild as ever and his eyes were a deep green. The change was that they lacked the happiness (which you had been able to see in them before) which had disappeared since the Third task.

Nightmares plagued him. Every night he would dream of Cedric, Voldemort, murders and tortures. He didn't know what was going on in the magical world, and his friends didn't tell him anything about Voldemort.

Harry sighed. He knew that this year would be tough. Voldemort was after him, and wouldn't stop before seeing Harry dead. Since his scar had hurt him several times during the month, he knew Voldemort had again started to gain the power he had had before his first encounter with Harry.

This encounter had given Harry the lightning scar on his forehead. It had also made him famous in the wizarding world: when he was a year old, Voldemort, thanks to the betrayal of Wormtail, had found the Potters and killed them. Then he had tried to kill Harry. But to the astonishment of everyone, the curse had bounced off Harry and hit Voldemort, making him a shadow without any power. Harry knew now, that it was his mother's sacrifice, which had protected him.

After that, he had been sent to the Dursleys. He had only discovered the wizarding world when he had received his Hogwarts letter. During the past four years, he had encountered Voldemort three times. He had also found out about his godfather, Sirius, who had been accused of the Potter's betrayal. Sirius had been put in Azkaban from where he had escaped in Harry's third year. And last year, Voldemort had recovered his full powers and Cedric had died in front of Harry's eyes and he still blamed himself for it. He shook his head. Dwelling on it wouldn't help Cedric. However, he couldn't stop himself from thinking about it and it was eating him from the inside.

He sighed again. Today was his birthday. As usual, the Dursleys had forgotten about it. Harry didn't mind; he was used to this treatment by now. But the fact that he hadn't received anything from his friends yet was worrying him.

As though his thoughts had been heard, six owls flew through the window. Harry immediately recognized Pig and Hedwig. The owls dropped their packages. Harry took them and opened Ron's first.

Hi Harry!

Happy Birthday!

How are you? Are the Muggles treating you well? Threaten them with Sirius if they don't! Hope you'll like your present. Here it's quite calm. The twins have stayed in their bedroom for most of the month, sending and receiving owls every day. Sometimes we hear some loud noises but they won't say what they're up to!

We've asked Dumbledore if you could come but he hasn't answered us yet.

See you soon!


Harry opened the package. Ron had got him a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and a Training Snitch! Harry looked at it with bright eyes. He was sure that it was quite expensive, but the twins might have helped Ron buying it.

He opened Hermione's present.

Happy Birthday Harry!

I hope you're fine. I spent two weeks in Bulgaria with Viktor. It was amazing! This country has such an interesting history! It's so interesting... and guess what! I've been made a prefect! Isn't it great?

Do you like Mercury? He's my new owl. My parents bought him when they learned about me being a prefect.

Anyway, things are becoming darker and darker in the wizarding world. Fudge still doesn't believe in Voldemort's return, despite the few attack, which have taken place in the country. He says they're terrorists impersonating Death Eaters to spread panic in England. But he's loosing support.

Enough with that. I hope the Dursleys treat you well.



Hermione had given him books, as usual: 'Curses, Hexes, how to defend yourself against them' and 'Legends of Quidditch'. He was thankful for them as they might be of help this year and promised himself to read them.

Hagrid's letter was the next.

Happy birthday Harry!

How are you doing? Hope you're fine with these Muggles of yours. I'm now on a mission with Olympe. She says Happy birthday, too. I hope you like your present!


Hagrid had sent him one of his rock cakes and a little box.

The box contained a powder that could stop any kind of poison. At least that was what the note accompanying it said. It might be useful.

Then Harry turned to open the three remaining letters.

One of them was from Sirius. The man was asking how he was. He also said he was currently on a mission for Dumbledore and told Harry that Peter had been spotted during an attack so he might be cleared. He had given Harry a small pocket mirror that could show the holder where a person was, wherever they were if they weren't protected by a spell, of course.

The second letter was from the twins. They thanked him for the money, telling him that they were progressing with their shop. They gave him a few of their inventions "to test them on your family" as they said.

The last one was from Hogwarts.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I'm glad to announce that you have been made a prefect along with Miss Granger. Congratulations! Enclosed, you'll find the list of the material needed this year and your prefect badge. You'll have to wear it all times, except for Quidditch.


Minerva McGonagall

Harry was delighted by this. He was a prefect! Then he realized that Ron hadn't been made one, and started to dread his reaction. Last year, Ron had been extremely jealous of Harry and hadn't spoken to him for a few months. Harry sighed and looked at the list. It was the usual list but for one thing which caught his attention directly. The students were asked to buy dueling robes and books. Harry just hoped that if they were to learn how to duel, the teacher would be better than Lockhart had been.

He quickly wrote thank-you notes to his friends. Then he noticed that it was nearly midnight. Suddenly he felt something burning in his hand. He looked at it and jumped in surprise. His right hand was glowing brightly. It was surrounded by a blinding light blue glow. The burning feeling got stronger and he tried to get a closer look at it. When the glow started to fade, he discovered that something had appeared in his palm. It seemed like the beginning of a rune, but he wasn't sure of that. He touched it and winced. It hurt. Slightly confused, he decided to wait for Hedwig's return and to write to Dumbledore about it. The headmaster would know what to do. Having made up his mind, he tried to sleep, but his thoughts always came back to what had just happened. Finally he managed to fall asleep, only to be woken up a few hours later by his aunt's shouts

The following days passed uneventfully. Harry had almost forgotten about the rune in his palm. Sure, he sometimes thought about it, but it wasn't hurting him anymore. He was still waiting for Hedwig to come back. But he knew it would take a while as he had sent her to Sirius. As he was still into hiding he could be anywhere, even in a very far away place.

A week had passed since his birthday, the Dursleys were their usual selves, and every evening Harry fell exhausted onto his bed. He was probably one of the only students to want to come back to school. Suddenly he experienced this strange feeling in his hand again, except it was more painful. He looked at his hand and saw it glowing but this time it had an amber glow.

It lasted for a few minutes. And afterwards he immediately noticed a new part of the rune, which had appeared. He looked at it, confused, then angry. Apparently, the pain, the fame, knowing the fact he was responsible for Cedric's death and Voldemort's return, and being the Boy Who Lived, Voldemort's foremost enemy wasn't enough! Something else had to happen to him! Why couldn't he spend a normal year like everyone else, a year without troubles following him, death threats, a year without anything strange happening to him! Was it too much to ask?

He looked at his palm, angrily. He didn't understand the meaning of the rune. He wanted to rip it from his hand, but knew he couldn't do anything except wait for Hedwig to return.

He was lying on his bed, thinking for a while before falling asleep.

The next morning he woke up and immediately looked at his hand, trying to find out if it had been a dream. It hadn't. Then he didn't have time to think about it anymore since Aunt Petunia was shouting for him to get up and come down to prepare Dudley's breakfast.

He hadn't received any news from Ron or Hermione and it worried him a bit. Another week passed. Harry grew more and more nervous as it came to an end, fearing that it would happen again.

It happened again, exactly two weeks after his birthday. But this time, the glow was red. Like the other time, another part of the rune appeared on his palm. It was really painful.

He waited anxiously for Hedwig. But she didn't return.

One week passed again before her return. Harry had experienced once again the burning and the glow, which had been gold this time. He let escape a cry of joy. The situation was driving him mad. What did this rune mean? Was it dark?

Apparently, Hedwig was exhausted. She dropped a letter, then flew to her cage.

Harry took it and read it after having taken care of Hedwig. Sirius was telling him not to worry, that he was fine. He asked him how he was. 'Fine, just fine,' thought Harry sarcastically, 'I've just this weird thing appearing in my hand which hurts like crazy when it becomes visible.' He also told Harry to tell Dumbledore everything strange, which happened to him. 'And this thing definitively is strange,' thought Harry.

He quickly wrote a letter to Dumbledore.


I hope you're fine. I'm sorry to disturb you, but something strange is happening. On my birthday, my right hand was surrounded by a blue glow and a part of a rune appeared on the palm. Since this day, every week, another part is appearing. Each time it is a different colour. I don't understand what is happening. When it appeared I felt my hand burning.

I don't know more than that. Enclosed is a drawing of the rune as it is now.

Sincerely, Harry

He re-read it and put it on his desk. He would send it when Hedwig had recovered. Two days later, Hedwig left with the letter to Dumbledore. Harry prepared himself for the pain again. This time the glow was green and the rune seemed to have been completed. But Harry felt that it lacked something, even if he couldn't explain it. After he had recovered from the pain, he fell asleep. The next morning he woke up early and went running. Something he hadn't been able to do for quite a long time, even if he had continued his night training.

When he came back, he started to prepare Dudley's breakfast. Despite the orders of the nurse, it was quite huge, as Aunt Petunia said, her Dudleykins needed food to do sport. During breakfast, everybody was silent. Uncle Vernon was reading his newspaper, and Aunt Petunia was watching Dudley with pride in her eyes, seeing her handsome son eating. Dudley was simply eating.

Harry decided to ask his uncle. "Uncle Vernon?"

A grunt was his only answer. Harry took it as a yes.

"Could you take me to Kings Cross station in two days? Otherwise I'll just ask my godfather."

Uncle Vernon looked at him.

"Alright, I have to go to London anyway, but be ready, I won't wait for you."

Harry nodded, and then went to his room. He had asked Hermione to buy his school supplies as Dumbledore had told him not to leave the house except in life threatening situations. He would pay her back as soon as he could.

He prepared himself for school. His homework had been done early in the summer, as he was bored to death. When she saw him without anything to do, Aunt Petunia started to give him lists of things-to-do and

Then he studied his palm once again, but the rune remained a mystery to him. When Aunt Petunia came with the day-list, Harry sighed, but at least it kept him busy.

Two days later, his uncle dropped him at the station, and left him, not bothering to make sure he reached his train. Harry headed to Platform 9 and 3/4 . He walked carefully through the wall between Platform 9 and 10 and landed on Platform 9 and 3/4. Immediately, he heard someone calling him.


He swiftly turned around and saw Ron, one of his best friends.

"Ron! How are you?"

"Fine, and you? Sorry I haven't written for the past month but Dumbledore told everyone not to owl you, something about your protection. How was your summer?"

"I'm fine, my summer wasn't really great, but what else could you expect from the Dursleys? But something weird happened, you'll have to wait for Hermione, I'll tell you both."

Before Ron could protest, they heard a loud "Harry! Ron!" and were hugged tightly by Hermione.

"Hermione!" exclaimed Harry. "Good to see you! I missed you!"

"I missed you too, guys!"

"Good," choked Ron "but we need air!"

Hermione quickly released them and apologized.

"Come on." said Harry, "We need to find a compartment."

They managed to find an empty one and talked a bit about their summers. Harry remained silent. As the train left the station, Ron remembered what Harry had said before Hermione's arrival.

"Hey! Harry what did you want to tell us?" asked the red-head

"What?" asked Hermione, turning to look at Harry.

"Well, you see, it started on my birthday " He then told them about what had happened.

After he was finished, he looked at his friends. Ron looked shocked at this, but Hermione seemed deep in thought.

"Could I see it?" she asked

Harry showed her his palm.

She studied it closely and sighed exasperatedly.

"I don't know this rune, it isn't in one of our books. Have you written to Dumbledore about it?"

"Yes, but he hasn't answered yet. He must have been busy."

"Hmmm" Hermione looked thoughtful. Ron finally spoke.

"Apparently you're not going to have a calm year." he stated.

"Right, I wished I could have a normal year for a change." said Harry bitterly.

"I'm sorry Harry," said Hermione. "Was one of you made prefect?" she asked, trying to change the subject.

Ron shook his head.

"No, and I didn't look forward to it."

"I am," said Harry, waiting anxiously for their reactions, in particular Ron's.

"Marvelous, Harry!" said Hermione happily.

Ron looked at him.

"My deepest condolences, Harry" he said with mock sadness.

Harry was relieved to see that his friend wasn't angry at him.

"Ron will you try out for Keeper?" asked Harry.

"I don't know yet."

They started a debate about their favorite sport.

Hermione muttered something about "boys" and "Quidditch" and started to read a book.

The ride was uneventful, except for the few explosions, which could be heard, probably thanks to the twins, and the usual visit Malfoy paid them. He came and started to taunt and insult them.

Even as Harry had finally decided that Malfoy wasn't worth getting detention, in particular on the first day, Ron stood up, and if Harry and Hermione hadn't held him back, he would have jumped Malfoy. Finally, Hermione, using a banishing charm, pushed him out of their compartment and locked the door.

As they arrived at Hogwarts, they changed into their robes. They left the train and took a carriage.

They arrived at Hogwarts, sat at their usual spot at the Gryffindor table and waited for the first years to be sorted.

Still puzzled and slightly bothered by the rune, Harry didn't pay any attention to the Song.

The Sorting was quite long, and at its end, Harry's stomach was rumbling.

Finally Dumbledore stood up.

"Welcome to another year to Hogwarts! I have a few announcements to make before starting the feast. First, the access to the Forbidden Forest is strictly forbidden." The headmaster looked to the twins in particular who were grinning like maniacs.

"Second, due to the return of Voldemort," nearly everybody flinched at the name, "Hogsmeade weekends have been cancelled." Groans echoed in the Great Hall. Dumbledore raised his hands.

"Quidditch practices will have to be under the supervision of a teacher. Finally, Mr. Filch, our caretaker, reminds you that wandering in the corridor is forbidden and that any student caught destroying school material will be punished. A list of prohibited objects is available in his office; twenty new additions have been made to it. And now, all I have to say is Bon App├ętit!"

Everyone clapped loudly, before eating.

Harry, Ron and Hermione talked a lot. Then Hermione and Harry gathered the first years.

"Alright, follow us." said Hermione.

They guided them through the school, giving them tips about the teachers and classes until they arrived at the Fat Lady's portrait.

"Password?" asked the Fat Lady.

"Everyone! The password is Phoenix's rising" said Harry.

The portrait moved, revealing the entrance to the Gryffindor common room.

"Boy's dorm on the right, girl's on the left," explained Hermione.

"If one of you get lost, ask a prefect or an other student. Now, everyone go to bed!" said Harry.

The first years climbed the staircases.

"So I'm going to bed, I'm really tired. Good night, Hermione."

"Good night, Harry"

Harry went straight to bed and instantly fell in a dreamless sleep.

The first day of school was uneventful, Snape was his usual self and the professors gave them tons of homework to prepare them for their O.W.L.S. The only thing Harry found strange was that he had very little difficulties in all his classes, even in Potions.

It seemed to come naturally. Knowing that any changes in his behavior or skills would only result to points being deducted, he decided to keep a low profile.

After Transfiguration, McGonagall asked him to stay after the class.

She told him the headmaster wanted to see him after the end of classes and gave him the password. After Charms, which was his last lesson, he told his friends that he would be gone for a while and headed to Dumbledore's office.

Arriving in front of the gargoyle, he said the password "Carambar", wondering how in the world Dumbledore knew what a Carambar was.

He knocked on the door and entered. Dumbledore was sitting at his desk.

"Harry! Come in!"

Harry sat in a chair.

"You must know why I called you."

"It's about my letter," said Harry.

"Yes, could you show me your hand?"

Harry showed it to him. Dumbledore studied it closely, following the pattern of the rune with his forefinger.

"Strange, really strange, does it hurt?" he asked with concern in his voice.

"Not anymore." answered Harry.

"This rune is strange, I haven't seen it before. I can't explain it. All I can say is that it isn't dark."

This reassured Harry.

"Well, I'll do some research and ask some specialists about it. I'll tell you when they find something."

"Thank you, Professor."

At this moment Fawkes flew through the window and landed on his perch.

"Hello, Fawkes," said Harry, before getting up and petting it.

The phoenix sang its beautiful song. Harry smiled and petted him a last time before returning to his chair.

"Harry, all I can say is to ask you to be really careful with this," said Dumbledore.

"Alright Professor."

"Then you may go"

"Thank you."

As Harry raised his right hand to say goodbye to Fawkes, he had the feeling that the phoenix looked sharply at the rune, but he shook his head. He was starting to imagine things.

He headed to the Great Hall where dinner had started a few minutes ago. He sat quietly next to Hermione who had saved him a seat. His friends didn't ask anything, but by their looks, Harry knew they wouldn't leave him in peace until he gave them some explanations.

They quickly ate dinner and went to the common room. There, Harry told them everything that had happened except his feeling about Fawkes. He didn't want them to think he was becoming paranoid.

"Well, I think you should follow Dumbledore's advice and be careful with this," said Hermione finally.

Ron nodded in agreement.

"I will."

"Good, have you read the books I've given you?"

"Yeah, they were really interesting, especially the one about the curses."

"I thought that too."

They started a conversation about the book and its content, which was only interrupted by Ron, who was bored and proposed a game of chess. They agreed, even as they knew they couldn't beat him at this game. To Harry's surprise he didn't lose as bad as usual. In fact it was a very close game.

"Woah! Harry, you have really improved!" said Ron, surprised too, since Harry hadn't been a great payer before. Harry shrugged.

"I was lucky that's all, you're still the chess king of Hogwarts." He said, jokingly.

Ron laughed.

Then, after a few other games they went to bed.

Three more days passed in the same routine: breakfast, classes, lunch, classes, doing homework, dinner, homework again or reading or talking. The second day, at dinner, the Quidditch captains were announced.

"Finally for Gryffindor: Angelina Johnson!"

Harry clapped loudly. He was happy for Angelina, and knew she would make a great captain. A feast in honour of Angelina started in the common room, quickly ended by McGonagall. Angelina announced that the try-outs would take place in five days, before everyone went to bed.

The third day, Harry realized it had been exactly a week since his last "glowing-night" as he had started to call them. He grew more and more anxious as the day passed.

After dinner he sat in the couch in front of the fire. Hermione and Ron, knowing what was bothering him didn't try to cheer him up, knowing it was useless. They finally went to bed after Harry had reassured them he would go to sleep soon.

He was soon the only one left in the common room. As midnight rang, he tensed, waiting for the familiar pain. As nothing came, he relaxed. It was finished.

Suddenly his right hand glowed but instead of being one color, the glow had all the last colors: blue, amber, red, gold and green. It became silver, then white. The pain was great and Harry clenched his teeth not to scream. He felt like something was ripping his hand into small pieces. The pain slowly decreased.

He looked at the rune and saw a star in its center. As he looked more closely at it, the star started to pulse, and Harry discovered he had lost all control over his body. He was a sort of puppet, manipulated by an invisible force. He felt himself get up and then conjured four parchments, a quill and some ink and wrote letters. The first one was to Dumbledore.


Don't worry. I'm going to train myself. Where? I can't say. It's in relation to the rune. All I can tell you is that I'll be as safe as I am at Hogwarts. When I finish the training, I'll return there. But I think it'll take me at least a year to complete it. Everything will be explained when I return to Hogwarts. Please, try to keep my disappearance a secret, it's very important.

I hope everything will be all right for you and Hogwarts. Sirius, Ron and Hermione will receive letters, too.

Hope you'll be fine, don't give up.


He wrote similar letters to Sirius, Ron and Hermione. Then he felt himself being dragged to the owlery where he sent the letters. After that he was dragged through the castle. He wasn't able to do anything to stop himself from walking. Apparently, the force, who was manipulating him, knew where to go, because he stopped in front of a wall.

The same, strange rune was carved in it. He felt himself raising his hand. The rune on the wall glowed as he neared his hand. He put his right hand on it and the whole wall disappeared, revealing the entrance to a huge room. He entered and sensed that the wall reappeared, blocking the entrance.

Suddenly he found he could control his body again. Apparently, the thing that had dragged him here had fulfilled its duty. He looked around him, really confused. The room was big, with little decoration. A few portraits were hanging on the walls. He recognized the portrait of the four founders. On the floor, a big star, like the one on his palm, was carved. At each peak of the star he noticed a part of the rune, he had.

More and more confused, he started to walk trough the room, trying to find a way to get out. Seeing nothing, he approached the star, and walked onto it. As nothing happened, he continued.

As soon as he reached the center, he felt himself going dizzy. He shook his head to get rid of this feeling and steady himself but it persisted.

He tried to step back but found he couldn't move anymore. The dizzy feeling became stronger and stronger. Soon the room started to spin. His vision blurred. Panicked, he tried to get out of the star.

But suddenly he was flooded by memories, pictures, words, sounds, names. It began to twirl in his head. He tried to resist but failed. It started to twirl faster and faster. He fell to the ground, his head in his hands, screaming, begging to make it stop. Then everything went black as he fainted.

As Harry slowly regained consciousness, he noticed he wasn't at Hogwarts anymore. The odors weren't the same and he could feel the wind which wasn't possible in the castle. Not opening his eyes, he replayed what had happened in his head but it didn't give him any clue about where he was now. Slowly, expecting the worst, like finding himself in a cell, surrounded by Death Eaters, he opened his eyes and looked around him.

He was lying on a blanket on the floor and was apparently in a tent. He could sense that there was a fire outside. In the tent he saw some pelts, along with a bow and a spear. Puzzled by this sight he sat on the blanket, trying to order his thoughts. The move made him dizzy again, but he quickly steadied himself. Absorbed in the study of his surroundings, he didn't notice two people who silently entered and looked closely at him.

They studied this boy. He seemed young, about fifteen. He wasn't very tall and rather skinny. He had wild black hair and deep piercing green eyes. His eyes were interesting and showed a lot about him.

These two people had learned to judge a person by his or her eyes. The boy's showed that he had already been through a lot and had seen and experienced things that not a lot of people had. This made him older than he appeared to be. The scar puzzled them though; they hadn't seen a scar like that before. They felt sorry for this boy.

They knew why he was here, as they were, in a way, the cause of what had just happened. They sighed. This sound made the boy turn and face them. His eyes widened.

A man and a woman stood in front of him. The man had deep piercing blue eyes and long blond hair pulled in a low ponytail. He was tall and muscular. The woman was shorter, but muscular as well; she had red hair and gray eyes. They were wearing leather clothes, from head to toes. Moreover an aura of power seemed to radiate from them. Recovering from his surprise of seeing two people who reminded him of historical films, he spoke.

"Who are you? Where am I? And what happened?" he looked closely at them, waiting for answers.

The man sighed again and glanced at the woman.

"Well I'm..."