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High vampires- Wear black- this is seen as the richest colour in the vampire society and no one has the honour of wearing this colour other than the high vampires themselves. There are only a few high vampires in each country, they control big industries and the way the society works.

Red vampires- Wear red – They are not as high in power as high vampires but they are certainly powerful. They also control big industries; however they do not make final decisions on society and are mostly suck ups to the high vampires so they can become even more powerful than they already are. They are also the social circle of first class, so higher vampires do socialize with them a lot. Only the higher and red vampires can possess a buck as it is seen as an accessory for their high status.

Normal vampires- Wear any colour they want (Except black and red and white) - Mainly middle class, tend to be social climbers and all dream to become a red vampires and be successful. Wear usual coloured clothes; they want to stay away from the colour white, as it is seen as the 'human' colour. There are normal vampires detached from society and live in the wild (animal drinkers ;)) but there are very few.

Human slaves- Wear white- They wear what the vampires call the 'poor' colour, they are the slaves to the vampire society. They can be servants in a vampires house hold, waiters in vampire restaurants and other working class jobs. Humans start in the human factory's until they are full grown and can work. Humans can live in human districts which are watched over closely by vampires. However those who are lucky live more comfortably with their vampire employers, as they are assured food and shelter if they work well.Although they have absolutely no power, if a vampire were to kill them without a real reason, the vampire would be charged and would have to pay money to the society for wasting one of their workers.

Bucks- wear baby pink (for a girl) and baby blue (for a boy) – they are treated like pets, and can have only one mistress and master. They are not expected to work; they are meant for their master/mistresses pleasure, and blood. Bucks are handpicked for their appearance, smell and obedience. They are companions for their masters/mistresses and often are expected to be present at social gatherings. Even though they sound like they have a better life than the human slaves, if they were killed by a vampire for no real reason the vampires would not have to pay a charge to the society. This is because a buck is not a worker. They may have to pay the owner of the buck but it's a much smaller price to pay.

Okay so that explains the workings of the society, hope it can be helpful.

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Chapter 3

Heat… warmth… I lean my head back embracing the shining sun that warms my skin. There's a slight breeze, it causes the long grass to brush against my legs. I look around me, all I see is beauty. The sky is cloudless; I see tall mountains in the distance all around me. I'm surrounded in soft green grass; I lie down and roll around in it laughing. I get up and run around, galloping over it. I see trees, with juicy apples just ready for me to reach up and pick them. I knew where I was, I had come here so many times in my head. The sanctuary, the way I know it will look like.

I hear laughing around me, I see people, people I recognised from the factory. They're all so happy, as they start to eat the apples. I look for mum, she would be here too. I struggle to find her as more and more apple trees appear around me. I can just catch a glimpse of her behind one of the apple trees furthest away from me.

"Mum!" I shout, trying to get her attention, I duck under branches and swerve around the people as I make my way over to her "mum!"

I'm only a few feet away when she spots me; she has a half-eaten apple in her hand. She grins at me and beckons me over to her with her fingers before turning on her heel and running in the opposite direction. My smile slips, where is she going?

"Wait!" I scream and run faster to chase her, I find myself in more of a maze of apple trees and people. I start to feel unsure about this now. The blue sky starts to cloud over, and darkens the apple tree forest. I see the apples suddenly all turn colour and start to mould. I can still see mum running away giggling as she went until she hid behind another tree.

I'm nearly out of breath as I come to a stop beside the tree, "mum?" I look around the tree, she's not there. The air turns icy and sends shivers down my spine, "mum?" I question again quieter this time. A twig snaps behind me and a whip round only to see a branch of mouldy apples tremble as if it had been pushed. I gulp as sounds continue to swarm around me, and I don't think its mum any more.

I suddenly feel a pair of cold arms around me and even colder teeth at my neck. I scream.

All of a sudden I'm awake again; I blink against the sudden light that shines in my eyes. The feeling of the nightmare hadn't left me; I still trembled all over, waiting to feel the teeth bite down into my skin although it never came. I outstretched my arms expecting to feel the rough material of sheets and then the softness of my mother's arms to embrace me like she did when I had nightmares, but that feeling never came either. As my eyes adjusted to the light I noticed I was in rather different surroundings than I was before. The memories of the other night started come back and I sat up in alarm. I wasn't in the factory anymore, neither was I in the car I last remembered. I was lying down on white sheets, soft against my skin. I could see I was higher up from the stone floor but not as high as my pen once was. I didn't realise it was a bed till I got off it a looked at it.

I nearly gasped at the sight of it. All those years of lying on hay and old brown sheets that used to scratch my skin were all forgotten. I had actually lain in a real bed! You would have to be a pretty lucky human to be able to be given this privilege! Forgetting my nightmare for the moment, I jumped back on the bed and dived under the sheets, wrapping my legs in a tangle around them. They were so soft! I sighed as I got ready to fall asleep in them once again but a small cough disturbed me. I stiffened and then struggled to find my way out of the sheets I had wrapped around me. Finally my head managed to escape, and I slowly peeked over the sheets to see who was in the room with me. To my absolute relief it wasn't my master, or any other vampire. It was a human woman, she stood with her arms crossed and looked at my with one eye brow raised. She was pretty despite her age; I could see clear wrinkles around her small brown eyes. She had thin lips and her hair was long and brown like her eyes but her roots were turning grey. We stared at each other for a long while. I didn't know what to say, she didn't look like she wanted to say anything. I decided to untangle myself from the sheets, which was easier said than done, and I reluctantly got up off the bed again. The woman sighed,

"Well, I suppose I should get you something to eat, seeing as your awake now" she said rather dryly, before turning away and heading towards the door of the room "Come one then!" she snapped over her shoulder and I immediately scuttled after her. I was a bit concerned to where exactly I was. Was Edward not to be my master then? Had I somehow dreamed the whole thing up? But then how did I get here?

I remained silent as I walked closely behind the human woman, she was quick in her step and her white dress flowed nicely above her feet. I looked down to see I was wearing the same white clothes I had always worn at the factory. They almost looked grey to how white her dress was. I picked at the sleeve of my white top as I walked along, a few other people in white walked past us and I didn't want to meet their gazes. I started to hear water spraying and the floor we walked on became wet. I looked up to see an open door way with showers and bath tubs being used. The woman grabbed my arm as she sensed me hesitate and pulled me along into the room.

It was a much bigger room than I thought it would be a lot bigger than our wash room in the factory. Showers travelled all the way down the walls and huge round bath tubs where scattered around all corners. There were a lot of women sharing the baths, chatting and laughing as the washed their bodies. Some each shared a shower too, taking turns to duck their heads under it to wash soap out of their hair. As we walked further into the room, more and more people noticed our presence and stops talking to stare at me. I shrank into myself and wanted to start picking at my sleeve again to have something to do.

"This her then Angela" A woman asked who was in one of the baths closest to her. I glance up to her face; she glared as she saw me staring. I gulped and looked away, but anyone I's catch glances in would stare daggers at me.

"This is her" Angela sighed "did you all get the bath ready?"

Most women looked away with disgust written all over their faces, a few others pointed to the furthest bath in the room, furthest away from the rest of the baths and showers. It was filled with still, steaming water. Angela grabbed my arm again and pulled me across the room towards it, conversations started to start up again, although by the hushed sounds of voices I could tell they were all about me.

When we reached the bath, Angela reached for the hem of my top and tried to pull it upwards. I flinched back, smacking her hands away. It wasn't out of privacy; all the women were naked in here anyway. But I didn't realise I wasn't ready to part with my clothes yet. It sounded silly, they were old and tattered but they were all I had left of the factory, the memory of my mother and brother and sister. Angela gave me a deadly scowl and shook her head at me.

"Take your clothes off!" She snarled I stared wide eyed at her; people around us started to notice and wondered what the commotion was about. I swallowed and wrapped my fingers tightly at the hem and shook my head. I knew this wasn't a good idea to defy this woman. Although at the same time I told myself it wasn't like I could be really that punished for it, I wasn't defying a vampire or anything.

Angela's eyes widened with shock, I don't think many people defy her usually. A few giggles filled the air but they were quickly hushed by others. Angela's hand's clenched into fists, as she took a step closer to stand over me "Take your clothes off now, or I will have Master punish you!" she shrieked, hurting my ears. Master? So I hadn't dreamed it all then! Edward was my master, but then if he was why wasn't he here?

"Where is he?" I whispered, speaking for the first time, Angela, becoming more and more frustrated started to try and forcefully remove my clothes. I screamed and struggled against her, keeping a death grip on them.

"Take them off!" She yelled. I looked up at her in fright; my eyes darted around the room to see other women look at me through narrowed eyes. I looked down at my old clothes and with trembling hands I started to take them off to Angela's relief. As she snatched them away from me tears started to stream down my face and I burst out crying, sobbing like a very young child. Angela not really knowing what to do at this point grabbed me up by the arms and dumped me in the tub of warm water. I accidently breathed some through my nose as my head went under the surface; I coughed and spluttered, clinging to the side of the tub as I tried to catch my breath.

I continued to cry as I felt Angela's hands start to rub soap on my back; they were gentler than before though. She did a good job of cleaning me up. She washed my back, arms, legs and hair. I hadn't realised how dirty my body was until I looked to see the once clear water had turned into a muddy brown. When I thought about it I couldn't remember the last time I had a wash. Had the vampires not thought about my hygiene when they were playing for me? My sobs quieted and a just snuffled for the rest of my bath time.

The women in the room had been talking over my crying, I think they were trying to ignore me at that point. In way I was glad, it wasn't nice to publically have a crying fit, and I didn't want that kind of attention from them anyway. Once Angela was satisfied that I was completely washed, she reached for a white towel that had been hanging on a hook next to the bath. I obediently walked into the towel she stretched out for me and folded it around my trembling form. I clutch the material tightly in my fists and wipe the left over drops of water from my eyes.

Angela pushed me forward to walk; I kept my eyes trained to the ground as I walked out of the room, feeling embarrassed more than anything else. I kept my eyes on my feet as we walked through the corridor as well, feeling the eyes of other humans on me as we crossed paths. Angela remained close by me the whole time, not making me walk any faster than I was. I wanted to ask her if I could have my clothes back, but I didn't think now would be the right time. My stomach started twisting painfully and not long after a low growl alerted me that I needed feeding. I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized we were back in the room I had woken up in, even if Angela was still here. In a way I was still glad she was there, I had never been left on my own before ever, and I would worry how much longer I would be kept in the big room alone. It probably wouldn't be so terrible; I tried to comfort myself there was a bed in the room after all.

Angela sat me down on the bed and went over to a closet at the corner of the room. I wondered if this was really my room, a bed and a closet and I could now see a long mirror in the corner. That was a bit too much now, surely. As she open the closet door I could see there was a lot of white material stacked up on each shelf, I frowned. I knew I was being ungrateful but I didn't care, I wanted my own clothes not new ones.

But Angela didn't pick out any of the whites; instead she reached up on her tiptoes to the very top shelf and brought down something square and pink. I looked confusedly at the box as she set it down on the bed. I looked up at her to see her giving me a cold stare as she lifted the lid from the box. She pulled out a light pink dress and held it in front of her, the dress was beautiful, it had thin straps and a was decorated with pink lace at the neck line and hem.

I saw that she was in a direct line of sight to the mirror; she ran her hand over the dress as she held it in front of her body. I saw her lips curl at the corners slightly but her eye's turning sad and she sighed quietly.

She quickly snapped herself out of her daze and her eyes darted to me catching me staring. Her eye's narrowed and she pressed her lips into a hard line. She motioned for me to stand up, and she reached out to snatch my towel from my naked body. Rolling up the pink material she put it over my head and forced my arms in to the straps. The material falls just passed my knees and is just as soft on my skin as the sheets on the bed, if not softer.

I looked into the mirror and could hardly believe my eyes. It wasn't just because this was the first time I had ever seen myself in a dress before, some women who had just arrived in the factory, heavy with child often wore white dresses. But my dress was pink! A real colour was wrapped around my body; it was like I had suddenly grown two feet taller. I couldn't describe how beautiful I felt in that moment, the colour made me beautiful.

Angela coughed quietly from behind me; I whipped around and realized I had been caught up in an even deeper daze than she had been. I felt myself blush slightly and I turned my fall body around to face her respectfully. She looked at me impassively for a moment before motioning me to follow her as she began walking towards the door. I followed her silently feeling a little disappointed we were leaving the room and a bit more nervous about having to face the rest of the slaves who so obviously didn't like me in the least.

I was happy to see we weren't going in the same direction as to where the bath room had been. Though I was a bit sceptical to where this new direction would lead us to.

It wasn't as long a journey this way, as we reached the end of the only corridor we came up to two large dark wooden doors, stood on either side were two tall human men with their strong arms crossed. Their faces had been set in a stone until they looked to see it was Angela who was approaching them, and then their faces softened and they both grinned at her in greeting. However when they saw me peeping at them from behind her, their faces quickly went back to the way they were. The one on the right moved from his position to pull on one of the steel handles of the door, as the door opened I looked like a completely different world to the one we were standing in. As we walked in the first thing I looked at was the magnificent looking stair case. It was wide and laced its way up and around the far apart walls going around at least four times to reach the highest floor. The ceiling was so high up I could barely see the design painted onto it, it was even high than the ceiling in the factory. I could see the glow of the light that came through the large windows, everything exaggerated 'bigger' in this part of the house.

My bare feet felt cold against the marble floor that spread vastly across the room. I stared in wonder at the different colours of the room blending together. The walls were white, making it look even more open, though I could see tall paintings hung on the walls, each either portraits or landscapes painted to the finest detail.

The carpet that waved over the stairs was blood red and the stairs themselves were made from a strong looking dark wood, much like the doors we had just walked through. I could see only a few slaves dotted around the room, dusting the already spotless room. I could only imagine what the other rooms would look like.

Angela coughed again, letting me know that I was taking too long to absorb my new surroundings. She walked down the room and turning a corner through another corridor. This corridor being a lot larger than the one I had guessed was in the slaves department. This time the walls were a fainter red and the floor was led by a black roll out carpet.

There were many doors on either side of us and I had lost count of how many we had passed until we had come to a stop at the end of it. Another wooden door, Angela knocked carefully with three knocks. There was no response.

We waited for a while, I peeked up at Angela and she didn't seem at all fazed by the wait.

"Should we try again?" I whispered. Angela glanced down at me and rolled her eyes. Apparently not.

Fortunately we didn't have to wait any longer. The door opened and I hadn't braced myself for the person who had opened it. Not person, vampire. A high vampire.

Master Edward stood in a black suit with his hand holding a phone to his ear. I felt anxious as I saw irritation written all over his face, though his eyes weren't looking directly at me. He held the door open for us to walk through, I waited for Angela to go first but she gave me a little nudge in the back to go first. As I was officially inside the room, Master closed the door on Angela and I suddenly left the same unease I had when I had first been alone with Master Edward.

"I don't expect to be given these kinds of problems to deal with, that's your job" He said into the phone, his voice was calm but quiet, quiet seemed more threatening than him raising his voice. Though I was sure I didn't want to experience hearing his voice reaching that kind of volume. He turned his back to me looking out the window to the vast green lawns I could see followed by a forest of tall green trees. I was sunny outside; it had been a long time since I had seen a sunny day like this one. It would have been back in the factory, outside in the play pen. With my brother and sister, playing hide and seek… I shake of the memory. I didn't want to dwell on the past, even though it wasn't that long ago, I had to except that part of my life was over for the time being.

I couldn't help thinking about the nightmare I had. It was a silly dream, but I still couldn't forget I had lost my mum. As I was unable to see her now it made the nightmare seen more real.

As he was in a profound conversation, I got a chance to study this room. I wasn't surprised how amazing it looked. This was the same sort of room where we had first met in, I could tell by the grand desk in the middle of the room and the extensive Black leather chair sat behind it. The walls were covered with red patterned wallpaper, and had simpler painting hung on each wall. The light above our heads was made with dozens and dozens of crystals, reflecting the sun light from outside.

The floor I now stood on was polished wooden floor boards, I was a bit worried about me having bare feet. I hadn't been given any shoes, but if I was supposed to I didn't know if he wouldn't blame me for it anyway.

"I don't understand what's so complicated about it, you've all had months to prepare and put this in order" He continued, his shoulders tensing up, I swallow loudly and take a few steps away from him in case he wanted something to take his anger out on.

"You will sort this out, you know what will happen if you don't" he said simply before slapping the phone shut. He breathe out a heavy breathe and finally turned around to face me. All the irritation seemed to have vanished from his face, though in his eyes I could see he was not completely relaxed.

"Good morning Isabella, I trust you slept well?" He enquired; I stared at him for a long moment, confused at his casual tone. I was about to nod my head, knowing I couldn't talk, but I didn't completely know how you address the high vampires.

"You may speak, Isabella, just remember how to address me" he says, walking over to his desk and overlooking some paper work there. Did he ever not have paper work?

I cleared my throat "I slept very well, thank you… master" I added quickly.

I was thanking him for the bed secretly, I know he probably allowed all his slaves to have their own rooms and beds, but I was still grateful all the same.

"Well, I'm glad; unfortunately you will not be permitted to stay in the slave ward again. It's not proper… to mix bucks with slaves, you understand?" He says still casual, I know I'm not meant to answer that question, and I see him smile softly, like I had passed some kind of test.

"Come here" he orders pointing to the front of the desk as he moves to sit in the leather chair. At the front of the desk are two chairs both had red cushions sown to the seat of them. I don't dare sit down on one of them; I just stand closely behind them.

"Now," he begins "You understand why you're here; you are here to be a buck, my personal buck. Your job is quiet simple really; you are here to be a pet, a well taken care of pet at that. You will get to experience a life that most humans can only dream of. If you please me, you will be rewarded. If there anything you need I can get it for you, I trust you don't doubt my line of power, and there are no limits to what I can have. You understand so far?"

I nodded my hair slowly; I already knew what he was explaining to me so far.

"Good, then you will also understand that there are some things I require of you. I can give you a real life, you'll never have to work, you will never go hungry, and I'll make sure you stay in perfect health, you'll need or nothing, you'll want for nothing, unless you misbehave. I am not a patient man, Isabella. If you defy me or try and embarrass me in front of my people or workers I'm not one to give second chances. I have no problem with replacing you with another; there are plenty of other humans who would jump at this chance. I am giving you one chance; if you lose that chance I will not have you in this house hold any longer. Don't bother trying to act like you're just a stupid human whose nature is to make mistakes. I know all about your nature, I've been around for a long time to witness it. Stupid you may be, but I know you understand me. It's the same with any of my workers, if you don't follow the rules you'll be thrown out. And trust me the vampire world won't be a friendly place to hopeless girls like you"

I gulp, as he goes on I can feel my legs getting weaker and weaker. I wonder if maybe the life of a slave would have been better after all.

Hmmm… maybe a buck is the wrong career choice. What do you think?

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