The Caretaker Becomes the Caretakey

Story by Roxas-Chan ((AKA A.R.C. Fangirl 0w0v))

Disclaimers: Hetalia - Hidekaz Himaruya

Chapter 1

"Where did I go wrong with America..?" England said while sighing. He and China had had spare time and were sharing a cup of tea together after the Allies meeting, "I mean, how'd he become so... Well you know... The way he is now...?" England asked China, pinching the roof of his nose. China couldn't help but chuckle a bit while England thought about how young America was such a cute young boy who used to love his cooking.

"I know how you feel..." China was think back to the time when all his siblings were so very young. Now, Japan was somewhat distant after his attack, Taiwan was well, a growing girl and was very attached to Japan, Hong Kong wasn't exactly the same since he came back from England and turned into a teen videogamer, finally, Korea... well China always wonder what went wrong right from the beginning with Korea. "They show no respect for their care takers anymore aru..."

"Exactly!" England shouted a bit, "I've never heard a 'Thanks for looking after me' from him! Or even Canada at that!" China could see steam coming from England as he (England) grumbled to himself. "America turned so self-centered and I barely see Canada anymore! And Hong Ko-" England paused and turned to head facing China, noticing he was glaring at him a bit. That's still a touchy topic... He thought while fake coughing and blushing a bit.

"Yeah…." China said, still glaring at England. England gulped hard and was sweating a bit. "I wanna see them tiny and cute again aru…" China added pouting, a little bit pissed. He rested with his cheek on his hand, his elbow on the table and sighed. Then an idea popped into England's head. China looked up and noticed England with a happy/goofy face. "What….?" China knew that England's goofy face meant a good (or crazy) idea.

"Give me a sec!" England replied happily, getting up and storming off, leaving China alone at their table. Okay then aru…


20 minutes is not a second, England… China thought to himself, fumed. He decided to look for England. Why'd I even wait aru…? China thought, mentally face-palming himself. "CHINA!" China stiffened a bit when he heard someone call his country name. "Hey, Yao!" It was England. England put his hand on China's shoulder, startling the country. The next thing England knew was that he was kicked hard and far and now on the floor.

"Aiyah! Don't sneak up on me aru!" China complained, still a bit startled and running towards England. He didn't know that it was England who was calling his name. He held his hand out, helping up the country that was lying on his back on the ground. Once England got up, he stretched a bit then rubbed the part of his body that China had kicked, which happened to be his chest.

"What the bloody hell was that for? Ow…" England angrily yelled then rubbed his chest again. China just thought about how he had kicked England: he had jumped-spun and kicked England, sending him flying across the hall. Suddenly, England's eyes shot opening and he was franticly looking around while China was snickering a bit. "W-where's the potion?" He yelled looking at China. China stopped snickering and replied with a shrug, not even knowing what England was talking about.

"Is it that thing over there aru?" China pointed to a clear spray bottle with a strange purple liquid that also seemed carbonated ((A/N: it's just bubbly, not soda!)) that was behind England. England's head quickly turned to where China was pointing and his face lit up with relief. He ran over to the bottle with China following behind. "Um… What's that aru…?" China asked nervously, knowing that it was most likely made from England's black magic. Sadly, China was correct because England replied with an answer.

"This, my Asian friend, is a potion that'll turn anyone back into their young selves again!" England said cheerfully. China just stared at England with a blank look. If he made this from what I said earlier, then… Aiyah, I wasn't even that serious earlier aru! "Well!" England asked China eagerly and happily.

"Uh…" China could not think of really anything to say without hurting his friend's feeling. "It's… uh…" AIYAH! WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO SAY ARU! China started panicking inside. "H-how long would that were to last if it were to be sprayed on someone aru..?" China couldn't help but be nervous about the outcomes of any of England's dark magic usage. England stared at the bottle with a questionable look, then finally said,

"Mostly likely depends on how much is sprayed but I'm not really sure exactly…" England started to laugh nervously as China face-palmed, "Hey, at least I did something!" China just sighed.

"Okay, okay aru…" England and China's conversation was then suddenly cut-off once they heard a familiar American voice yelling "CUZ I'M THE HERO!" then a snobby laugh right after. Aiyah... China thought. That bloody idiot…England thought. Suddenly there was a loud screech and loud, running footsteps. Someone was headed over to where England and China were.

"Kumajiro! S-slow down!" another voice said.

"A HERO LIKE ME CAN EASILY CATCH HIM FOR YA, MATTY!" the voice from before said, then laughed again.

"What the bloody hell…" England said, giving off a confused look. China did the same. Out of nowhere, Canada's small polar bear, Kumajiro, was running towards them, suddenly knocking over England and China. "GAAAHHH!" they both screamed. The bottle was knocked out of England's hand and broke open. Suddenly POOF! A large cloud surrounded England and China.

"What the…" America said. America and Canada had just reached were England and China were. Canada picked up Kumajiro as the cloud started to fade away. Right in the middle of the faded cloud sat Chibi England and Chibi China staring up at America and Canada with an empty broken bottle rolling towards their feet.

~()*()*()*()~End of Chapter 1~()*()*()*()~


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