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Chapter One


Annabeth licked her lips, as she looked over the balcony of the ship, and saw Camp Jupiter up ahead. So far, it was beautiful. She had been suprised that it was more grand than Camp Half Blood. The architecture was simply wonderful and detailed. She scanned oved all of the buildings, and structures. They had a grand, main building with a big dome. There had to be a grand mural inside of the dome. She loved the way buildings looked witht that accessory.

Gold fragments covered the marble stones, and there were sculptures of all the Roman Gods and Goddesses. She saw Athena- or Minerva- in her usual battle helmet and war gear. But she looked different. Her face was more stern and serious. Her eyes had wisdom into them, but also another thing. Power. Annabeth knew that the Roman Gods were like that, though. She was rather excited for this experience to work with the Romans.

But, of course she was only thinking about this stuff to get her mind off of Percy. She was actually terrified of rejection or him not remembering her. Of course, this was only to bring the Greeks and Romans together. Even Jason was remembering his past, very well. Maybe Hera would not be cruel and give Percy back everything. Then again, Hera was not too fond of Annabeth. And that was an understatement.

But, she was not going to think about that. She was acually pretty worried about this quest. This could very well be the end of lives. She recited the prophecy in her head:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,

To storm or fire, the world must fall,

An oath to keep with a final breath,

And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death

We still did not know who the other three people would be. Obviously, Percy, Jason, Leo, and Piper. At least two would have to be Roman. And 'to storm of fire, the world must end' is probably Jason and Leo. Annabeth sighed, with frustration. She had thought about this every night, trying to break in down. She would think of one possibility, but then something would come up to make her change her mind.

"Land ahoy!" Leo shouted from the top of the ship. Annabeth forced herself up, taking all of her valuable idems with her, including her dagger, in her jean pockets, and stuffing her Yankee's cap into her back pocket. Annabeth ran up the staires, to the illumination of top deck. She was going to be glad to be away from oil lamps, and the timber wood of the ship. She felt like she was trapped for some reason.

"Make sure the truce flag is up for them to see," Jason said. Leo let go of the wheel, and raised the white flag.

"Leo! There is a big-" clunk "- boulder there," Piper yelled, holding onto a pole for her life. Annabeth fell on the ground from the effect of the crash. Jason did the same, but Leo stayed standing by gripping onto the wheel.

"Sorry, guys!" Leo said. Annabeth stood up, and looked to the side of the boat. They were in shallow water, but there was a giant hole in the front right of the ship, with a big boulder in the front of it.

"How long will it take to fix this?" Annabeth asked. Leo took a look beside her.

"Man, Leo. Er, it's okay. We'll fix it, right?" Jason asked, being neutral, as usual.

"I don't know. Assuming water is flooding into it, as we speak, it may take a while," Leo said, scratching his head. "Well, on a different matter, thank you for riding on the Argo II, exit to the right and watch your step."

Leo pushed on a button, and a slot to the right opened. A slope unfolded, and it was a walk way onto the sand. Jason shrugged, and was the first to walk down. Piper followed him, with Annabeth behind her.

"You nervous?" She asked Annabeth. Annabeth shook her head.

"No," She said. Piper looked at her, as if she was looking right through Annabeth. "Yes," Annabeth re-answered.

Annabeth knew Piper had to be nervous, too. Annabeth knew she could not act like she did not hear Jason talking about a Reyna in his sleep. Annabeth never got nervous, so she was not exactly use to this feeling.

"Well, this is a warm welcome," Jason said. There were some Roman campers coming up to them, but they were in full, bronze armor and togas. It was quite different than the silver armor that Leo, Annabeth, Piper and Jason had on. They had weapons. Annabeth's hand slid to her jean pocket for her dagger. Piper did the same.

"They have to wear dresses?" Leo asked, with a whisper. Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"Togas," She corrected.

"Oh," Leo said back, thoughtfully.

"Piper, speak to them. Jason, you as well. See if they remember you," Annabeth said, as she and Leo stepped of of the boat slope.

"Pipes, let me talk. I know they remember me," Jason said. Piper nodded.

"Jason?" A voice asked, before Jason had time to think about speaking. A girl with a regal purple cloak, that covered her armor stepped up. Her chest was decorated with medals. She had piercing dark eyes, and long dark hair. She was decently pretty. Her dagger was in her hand, tightly. On her arm was a tatoo, much like Jason's.

Jason stopped and went rigid as he saw the strikingly familiar girl with dark hair. She was standing tall and was seemingly confident, it was clear that she was one of the leaders, and she was staring wistfully back at Jason. And then Annabeth noticed him, the one she's been searching day and night for. He somehow looked different, he seems more confident, more proud even, but he was still handsome as ever. She took one quick glance at his arm, no mistaking it, there was a tattoo in his arm similar to Jason's and that other girl, except his has a trident instead and only one line under it. For a while, everything was quiet, the Romans were still on their guard. The Greeks side, not. With that way of thinking, there's no way we'll ever get along, we have to accept that the Romans are on our side as well. But still, everyone was quiet, to put it bluntly, it was way too awkward. Finally, someone broke that awkward silence in probably the most casual way ever.

"Hey Annabeth, nice to see you again." And for that, Annabeth wanted to smack Percy in his head.

She looked at his face, as if she would never see it again. His green eyes were tired, but never the less happy. His black hair was shaggier than before. He wore a white toga with a purple cloak over top, just like the girl did. He had no armor on, though. His face was a bit red, and she guessed it was due to the outfit.

"You remembered me?" Annabeth asked. She didn't mean to, but it came out. That was the first thing she could think of saying. Annabeth stepped forward, and Percy did the same.

"Well, duh. How could anyone ever get the words 'seaweed brain' or 'your an idiot' out of their heads." Percy joked, with a big smile.

"Your an idiot," Annabeth muttered, rolling her eyes. She still did go and hug him anyways. She noticed that most Romans put their guards down.

"So, Percy, these are your Greek friends?" The girl in purple asked. Percy nodded, breaking away from Annabeth.

"Yes. This is Annabeth, daughter of Minerva." Percy started. "Er, Piper? Yes Piper, daughter of . . ." Percy needed help, not knowing Leo or Piper.

"Aphrodite, or Venus?" Piper stated, unsure of Aphrodite's Roman name. The girl nodded, side eyeing her.

"Leo Valdez, the captin of the Argo II. Kid of Vulcan. But, you can call me anything you want" Leo said, smiling. His eyes jumped, just as they did every time he meets a pretty girl. The girl rolled her eyes, obviously not interested in Leo.

"I am Reyna, praetor of the twelfth legion. Daughter of Bellona." The girl in purple said. Annabeth didn't know if she liked her. "Octivian, why don't we get our guests some shelter, and food,"

"But-" He started, but Reyna gave him a sharp look. Octivian was a gangly man. He had blonde hair. He grumbled his way out of the crowd.

"We are to have a meeting in the principia in an hour. You are dismissed," Reyna said. People left the area, obviously having a deep respect for Reyna. She seemed to be confident, yet poised. Annabeth still did not know what to make of her.

"Gods, I've missed you." I said. He leaned down to whisper in her ear, he's really grown tall.

"I've missed you too Annabeth. And you know what, you were the only person I could remember, even when my nearly all of my memory was wiped out. But don't tell anyone, especially Grover." He said.

We both laughed, but we weren't the only ones. Percy grabbed my hand and started walking as fast he could to a certain direction. I could see that he was uncomfortable and had to keep tugging on his toga up from falling. I was stifling a laugh and he just groaned.

"I got to change into some regular clothes then I'll give you a tour of the city. Knowing you, you'll love it." He was grinning and I trust his words on that. But before we could go any further, two people walked up to us, a boy and a girl. The boy was really tall and really buff with a military buzz cut, but the only thing that stopped me from saying he was a son of Ares was his face, it was baby-faced. The girl was dark skinned and had curly hair, she was definitely shorter than him and couldn't have been more than 13.

"Hello," The girl said, "You must be Annabeth. Percy wouldn't shut up about you. I'm Hazel,"

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