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Chapter Five


Piper walked to the tree, about twenty yards from the Senate House. By the tree, was a bench. The bench was pretty, with silver carvings of Roman animals. There was wood for the legs, and arms of the bench. Piper knew this was the one Jason was talking about. Jason should have been here ten minutes ago, though.

Piper sighed, and sat on the bench, crossing her ankles. She re-tied her hair into it's braid, and looked out into the open. Piper was ready to leave for this trip, whenever. She didn't have any clue over what would happen. She and Annabeth would talk about the prophecy a lot. They would get an idea, then it would get lost by some other idea rolling over it.

They had a few goals to overcome on this trip; Close the Doors of Death, find Nico, defeat Gaea, and survive. Piper didn't know where to start on finding the Doors of Death. She guessed that's why they were going to Rome. Finding Nico would be hard. They had no clue where he was at. Defeating Gaea would be hard. She is the Mother of the God's. And surviving. That will be the hardest to overcome. Piper sighed. This would be a difficult quest. Almost impossible. But, she felt that if anyone could do it, the seven chosen could.

Piper remembered how she felt when she first came to Camp Half Blood. Coming to this camp kind of felt the same. Kind of like a re-start. Shed knew no one, and knew nothing of the Romans or Latin. It was confusing, and some of the things they did, did not make sense. She wondered how Percy and Jason did it. Re starting, making new friends, and overcoming it. That reminded Piper that she was waiting for Jason.

Piper was starting to get impatient. Jason should have been here fifteen minuets ago. Piper was about to get up and look for him, but that was when she started to hear a horn. it was coming from the Senate House. Piper turned, and saw Romans running to the equipment house, full speed coming out with weapons. Piper got out her dagger, and ran out and into the croud. She heard Reyna's voice yelling in Latin. Piper ran over to her.

"Reyna! Reyna!" Piper yelled, trying to fight through all of the people. Piper was getting pushed, and shoved in different directions. "Reyna!" She yelled again. Piper fit through all of the people, and saw Reyna in full battle gear, with her purple cloak over top. Her pin- straight dark hair was pulled back into a tight bun, good enough to put a helmet over.

"Perge! Perge! Festina ad bestias!" (Go! Go! Hurry to the beasts!) Reyna yelled. Piper had no clue what she was yelling, but she was sure it wasn't 'Go pick the flowers'.

"Reyna! What is going on!" Piper said, in frustration. Reyna looked at her, oddly.

"A flock of Stymphalians came into camp. They are Greek birds, that eat men. They can launch feathers at you. They have come by Gaea's command, and are trying to invade camp." Reyna said, clearly not interested in Piper. Reyna started to walk away, but Piper ran after her.

"What can I do?" Piper asked, boldly. Piper would do anything to help.

"Most daughters of Venus go to the safe house." Reyna said, shrugging Piper off. Now, that really made Piper mad. Pipper scolded, and decided to take actions into her own hands. Piper went to the equipment house, and got some armour. It would take too long to go to her room, and get all of hers. In the distance, she heard yells, and saw about ten birds in flight. They had metal beaks, that looked as if they could cause some serious damage. They had sharp feathers that shot out, and could puncture you. Piper didn't think her dagger would come usefull for a fight against these flying creatures, so she decided to take action at defense.

Piper spotted some Apollo kids shooting with their arrows. The birds were fast. The Apollo kids did not stand a chance, especially since the feathers of death were being shot at them.

"Piper!" Piper turned and Jason was running after her, with his armour on. Piper looked at him, thinking he was trying to talk to her, but then his eyes got wide. "Look out!"

Piper turned around, and one of the feathers was thrown at her. She ducked as it landed right in front of her, sticking up from the ground. Piper's eyes got wide. Jason ran to her, getting his bronze shield out, covering himself. Piper followed his example.

"Sorry I didn't meet you at the spot. The problem came, and I didn't know what to do," He said, dodging the feather, that came out of no where.

"It's okay. How are we going to get rid of these. . . things?" Piper asked, forgetting the name of the birds. Piper wondered if her charmspeak would work. She had been working on it a lot, lately. "Would my charmspeak work?"

"I don't know, but it's worth a try." Jason said, shrugging.

"Should I start out mean, or nice?" Piper asked.

"Well, it dosn't seem as if they came for a nice conversation," Jason said, ducking as feather hit his shield. Piper shrugged, and stood from her crouched position.

"Hey, Stymphalians, look here!" Piper yelled. Instantly, all eyes were on here. Jason looked at Piper and Piper shrugged.

"The young Greek girl trys to speak with us. What to do?" One of the Stymphalians muttered, talking to itself.

"I order you to go back where you came from, and never come back," Piper said, confidently. All of the birds were looking at her, as were the campers.

"Do we listen to the young Greek? Or not?" Mutters of the birds went around. Piper swallowed.

"Please," Piper said, in a small voice. Piper cleared her throat, and tried not to sound scared. "Turn around, go to where you came from, and never come back," Piper said, smoothly, and hard. She looked around, and people like Hazel, Frank, and Percy were shocked, because they did not know of her power.

Piper was very supprised of what happend next. The birds just turned around, and left. They just flew off, and into nothing. They said nothing, along the way. Piper started to smile to herself, feeling very proud.

"Go, Pipes!" Jason yelled. He scooped her into a big hug. Piper felt like she was in Heaven. Everyone started to cheer and clap. Piper saw Reyna staring at her. Probably sizing her up. Reyna must have chosen what she thought about Piper, because she crossed her arms, and walked to the front of everyone.

"Praetor meeting in five minuets. Don't be late. Take the wounded to the medical house, and hope we don't have any dead. All of the Greeks are to come to the meeting. Plus Hazel and Frank, for we are talking about the journey. You are dismsissed." Reyna said, taking charge. Piper didn't know if people heard her or not, but Piper didn't care, because she felt really good. And she didn't know why, because she has done bigger, and better things on her, Leo and Jason's quest. It just felt as if she proved herself, thats she was not just a pretty daughter of Venus. Especially to Reyna.

"Hey, you did great. How did you do that?" Percy asked, walking up to Piper, confused.

"I have the ability of charmspeak. For example, Percy, hit yourself," Piper said, using the example that she does to Leo. Percy punched himself in the stomach.

"Ow! I hit hard," He muttered, rubbing his stomach. "You need to teach me that, for the next time a monster trys to kill me," Percy joked. Piper smiled. This was the first time she talked to Percy. To be truthful, Piper didn't know if she liked him at first, but he seemed like a nice guy.

"Want to head to the Praetor's meeting?" Jason asked Piper. Piper nodded, smiling.

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