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Our Days

Lelouch: Innocent Days

It happened when we were at Kururugi's Shrine. We, Nunnally and I, who had just been sent to this foreign country, Japan, as diplomatic tools, met with the Prime Minister's son. Our first impressions of each other were not exactly romantic. I, at that time, who hated everyone else except Nunnally, did not give exception to Kururugi Suzaku. Suzaku, whose private space was invaded, was not very hostile to us either. However, after he learnt that my sister was an invalid and I was being bullied by the locals because I was a foreigner, he slowly warmed up to us and even helped us out.

Those days, they weren't precisely peaceful but they were days I would treasure for life.


"Lelouch! Nunnally! Let's go out! It is such a nice day!" A hyped up Suzaku came bursting through our little hut's door. We had been living here for a little more than two weeks but I felt like years had passed. Indeed, the boy that first despised us became so closed to us, it felt like we were friends from years ago.

"Ah, welcome, Suzaku-san! It does feels like a nice day! I can feel the warm breeze surrounding you," my sister said as she held the brown haired boy's hand. She turned to me, unseeingly, but sensing where I was.

"Can we go out?" she asked me sweetly. I, of course, said 'yes' to my dear sister. I could not, would not, keep her from anything that would make her happy, ever since so much was robbed from the both of us, even more for her.

"Come! I'll bring you to a nice spot I found the other day!" Suzaku exclaimed, bouncing energetically, I brought out Nunnally's wheelchair and he helped me to carry her onto it. Lately, he had always been doing that after I started accepting him, being the stronger one of the two of us. I was grateful to him, though envy would sometimes fill me. I wished to have his strength as well. Then, I'll be able to properly protect my sister without relying on others.

I followed silently as he wheeled my invalid sister out and brought us to the spot on his mind, all the while chattering away with Nunnally, telling her stories of Japan. I was just glad that she was well.

"Here we are!" We stopped on top of a small hill, looking down on a field of sunflowers.

"Wah! I can feel the wind and smell flowers from below. Are we on top of a hill?" my sister guessed. The soft wind blowing at our faces was tugging playfully on her light brown hair.

"Eh… We are looking down at a sea of sunflowers. They are so yellow and there are so many of them…" I blew out in awe. Beside me, Suzaku stood, smiling smugly.

"Really? Too bad I can't see them but I'm sure it's magnificent!" Nunnally answered softly. At this, Suzaku's expression turned somber.

"I'm sorry, Nunnally…" he whispered, biting his lips when he realized the mistake he made.

"No, Suzaku-san. I'm very happy to be here even if I can't see them with my eyes. I can sort of imagine them and the wind feels good. And I wanted onii-sama to see it too." My sister replied cheerfully, squeezing both our hands. Suzaku's green eyes caught mine before they closed for a good five seconds, our little sign language for 'I'm sorry'. We had been making up this language where we silently converse when we can't talk in front of Nunnally and for fun.

"Nunnally, wait her for a while." Suzaku suddenly perked up, ran down the hill like a bullet and disappeared into the field of tall flowers. I watched as the flowers rustled and one of the big, black heads sunk. Then, Suzaku emerged again, running back to us with a stalk of flower in his hand. He placed the flower carefully across my sister's lap.

"Here." He guided her hands onto the flower. She gingerly touched the flower, caressing its many petals and fingers brushing the large fury middle, before giggling.

"Suzaku-san! You shouldn't! What if someone sees you?" She half scolding, half laughingly told my friend. As if on cue, a loud 'Oi!' and a farmer in straw hat came running.

"Run!" I shouted, pushing my sister's wheelchair. He quickly took over my place when I started to pant after the short distance and I could barely keep up with his speed even when he had to help my sister while I was just running along. We escaped quite a distance before coming to another clearing, laughing victoriously.

"See!" Nunnally put on a serious face, reprimanding both of us for a few seconds before her lips curled upwards and she started laughing again. When we all calmed down sufficiently, we looked around.

"Where are we?" My sister asked. I was again too stunned for words by the beauty of nature.

"We are at another hill." Suzaku told my sister. I only paid half attention to what he was describing to my sister as I stared at the scenery we could see from this place. We were looking down at gentle slopes of green fields. Far away, I could see houses and a shallow stream. Then, without realizing, my leg moved forward as if they were being pulled by strings.

"No, Lelouch!" Suzaku's warning came a second too late as I slipped and fell down the slope that was slippery with dew. Suzaku immediately launched after me, catching me in a tight embrace as we rolled down together, him cushioning me. Soon, we stopped.

"Onii-sama? Suzaku-san?" My sister shouted for us from above. I could not see her but she did not sounded far. But apart from that, I could hear Suzaku's breathing and heart thumping so near me for he was on top of me. His face was so close to mine that I felt like I was being pulled in by his large emerald eyes.

I could not reply my sister because his lips were on mine.

He jumped apart almost immediately when he realized what was happening. He was blushing tomato red, I assumed I was too for I felt the heat rushing to my face. We sat in silence before I could clear my mind enough to answer my worried sister.

"We're fine." I yelled just loud enough to reach her ears as I sat up. Suzaku was still in a daze and I had to admit, I was too. The soft tingling sensation left on my lips was all I could feel. He closed up suddenly, shocking me further.

"Can I kiss you again?" he asked. I was too surprised to answer verbally so I dipped my head a little. Our lips touched lightly with each others then we pulled apart.

"They are softer than I thought…" Suzaku whispered quietly, probably didn't mean to voice it out at all but did not notice that his thoughts were escaping from his mouth. He got up and held a hand to help me up. We walked up, hand in hand, but his face was as usual, that idiotic smile on his face like nothing happened, while I was still feeling my heated up cheeks.

"Are you alright, onii-sama, Suzaku-san?" my sister asked, concerned.

"Yeah, we're fine. It wasn't a very steep slope. Just slippery if you're not careful." Suzaku told my sister. We headed back to our little home after our little adventure, Suzaku acting like nothing happened while it took me a while to get back to normal. Occasionally, I wondered what he was thinking when he asked to kiss me again. I guess it was just his little curiosity.


Those were our innocent days.


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