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This is set in the Ashford Academy, Nunnally is a normal girl, means she's not disabled, and Euphemia is a student alongside with Lelouch and the gang, not blood related with Lelouch. Nunnally is still Lelouch's baby sister. Rolo is a boy in Nunnally's class, not related in any way with Lelouch.

Our Days

Lelouch: Jealousy Days

No, don't believe that title above because today's definitely a 'weird day'. Usually on this day, I would be awaken with a fanfare of trumpets followed by the popping of those annoying crackers that shoots out ribbons and confetti all over me. There would be so much of those stupid ribbons hanging on me; I would probably look like a seaweed monster if someone ever takes a picture of me then. Finally, Milly would make her grand entrance by bursting through the door yelling at the top of her lungs but the only words I've always managed to hear through the noise are 'Ee' and 'Day'.

Today, when I opened my eyes, there were no such occurrences which conclude that today is a weird day. Looking at the calendar on my study table, I confirmed that today was the dreaded nightmare day. I had tolerated her nonsensical attitude since her family gave Nunnally and me a place to live. Nevertheless, I was feeling extremely well rested and thankful for the peace.

The weird day continued as I went to the living and dining room to find not a single person, not even Nunnally or Sayaka. There was no note on the table or pinned to the refrigerator. If they were going out, they would usually leave a message at these places. Feeling puzzled and somehow lonely without anyone around, I drank some milk and went to the clubhouse meeting room.

"Ah, Lelouch!" Finally, the person who usually makes a big deal out of today was to be found. Milly was sitting at the tip of the oval table, very studiously reading a pile of documents I've compiled for her a week ago. That itself was totally out when I usually have to beg her, trick her, coax her, tempt her, all possible ways to get her to do her job as the president and usually I would only succeed after a month. And today, after she acknowledged me, her eyesight fell back to the papers.

By her side, Suzaku was playing with Arthur on the floor and he stood up when I entered, got stunned by the sudden change in character of the president. Suzaku herded me out of the room when Milly waved her hand as if dismissing us. I saw my best friend shooting her a smile before closing the door behind us.

"What is she planning?" I pried the brown haired boy suspiciously.

"Hmm? Planning what?" Suzaku feigned innocence.

"I know you guys are up to something. Spill it." I persisted.

"I really don't know, Lelouch. I was playing with Arthur when the President came in with that stack of papers and was reading them until you came." My best friend replied me gently. He smiled innocently and I felt my heart skipped a little. I lately discovered that this happens quite frequently when he smiled at me like that. I could not help but smile in return.

"Would you like to go out for lunch later?" I looked at my watch which read a little pass nine. I blinked.

"Sure. Where?" I was confused by today's slow pace that I lowered my guard down, agreeing without thinking too much.

"You know that new café near the fountain square? Let's meet at 1. Don't leave until I reach there even if I'm a little late!" I nodded and then he took his leave, saying that he had something to do, leaving me staring at his figure vanishing further and further, my head still in a sluggish mode, slowly thinking where Nunnally and Sayaka went. A little part of my mind was thinking at his weird request.


I was not too early to arrive at our promised location, ten minutes before the said time. Sitting by the fountain, I watched happy couples pass by, elderly with their grandchildren in prams, busy office workers rushing, as I waited. It was a peaceful day without anyone to disturb me.

But just when I hoped nothing weirder would happen, I saw a familiar bubblegum pink hair far at the end of the row of shops and cafes. And when I got up to get a clearer look, I saw her arms looped around a well-toned one, a boy with chocolate brown hair and green eyes. Suzaku. My chest felt slightly uncomfortable, like the all the air inside was pushed out in one go.

He was smiling as the girl tugged his from shop to shop, looking into the glass displays. Finally, they went into an accessories shop. I could not help but went nearer, looking in through the glass window. They were choosing rings from a tray. After that, they went on looking at earrings. When Euphemia finally decided on a pair, he put them on for her. Both of them smiling and touching each other made my heart constricted tighter than before. I never felt this before and made a mental note to visit the doctor sometime soon in the future. I left the shop, dragging my feet back to where Suzaku and I were supposed to meet and plopped down ungracefully by the fountain again.

When Suzaku finally came and he was completely out of breath, I felt a turmoil of emotions, a twist going inside my body. I was happy he apologized fervently, relieved that he was finally here, upset that he did not come on time and a prickly feeling I never experienced before when I saw Suzaku's right hand's ring finger adorned with a silver band. He was an hour late from our promised time but since he said he would be late, I forgave him, acted like it was nothing, smiled and said I was hungry though, actually, somehow, I no longer felt the hunger I felt earlier.


After our late lunch, we walked together for a distance, talking about no particular topic. I was feeling slightly lighter compared to when we sat down, when I felt the air was thick and hard to breath in. We laughed together, fool around, and hang out like the old times. It was easier to smile then.

"Shall we go for a movie? Isn't that something you would like to watch?" Suzaku pointed at a nearby poster. But what caught my eyes was not that poster but the couple walking past us, giggling and holding hands. I instinctively grabbed the girl's shoulder.

"Onii-sama! What are you doing here?" Nunnally asked in surprise. I gritted my teeth, forcing myself to smile at the boy beside my dear sister. If I'm not mistaken, that guy beside her is a boy from her class, Rolo.

"I could ask you the same thing. You didn't even tell me you were going out today and didn't even leave a note." I tried to calmly utter to my sister, all the while smiling at the boy who was looking at me, smiling kindly in return. I was pissed that my sister was out dating with a guy without telling me, and what's more on today when she usually spend it with me.

"But I did tell you, a week ago, when you were on the computer in the hall, remember?" I squinted my brow, trying to recall such memory. I vaguely remember muttering a bunch of 'mmhmm's and 'uhnn's to Nunnally as I was typing away on the report for Milly but did not fully register the questions and things she said.

"Really?" I replied my sister's accusing stare meekly. We then bid them farewell and we went on our way, me feeling defeated and lonely now my baby sister was all grown up and flown the coop. Really, today, everything is just going out of norm.


"Haa… I'm exhausted." I exhaled as I flopped down on the sofa. Suzaku poured me a cup of tea, moving around my house so naturally as if he was the owner. Then, he sat next to me, a little too close for comfort, as my heart pace increased. I must be contracting some weird disease on this weird day. Maybe it will go tomorrow when this weird day end. I was feeling down most of the day and it was certainly not my best day so far. I sighed.

"Are you worried of Nunnally?" Suzaku asked, reading my mind. I did not reply but sat grumpily sipping my tea.

"It's alright. She's a big girl now and that guy is not bad. I've heard of him being kind and helpful to everyone and have a good sense of justice." He tried to persuade me out of my gloominess.

"Can I sleep over tonight?" Suzaku suddenly changed the topic but I was getting too tired. This weird day was sapping away all of my energy. I dipped my head a little. He scooted nearer, taking off the tea cup from my hand and placing it on the table, and blew gently into my ear.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" I felt heat rising rapidly to my face as he whispered those words in my ear, using a seductively low tone. I froze. Before I could register what happen, he scooped me up and carried me to my room, placing me to seat by the edge, holding my face in his large hand. I suddenly knew what was coming next and pushed him away roughly.

"What are you saying? We are not kids anymore. Aren't you going out with Euphemia?" I turned away. My eyes began to blur, an itchy feeling made me want to rub them but I held myself.

"What are you saying? Perhaps… Perhaps you saw us?" He asked ever so gently. Why must he be so sweet to everyone? I did not answer.

"I knew it. I told her not to go so near where we were going to meet. I don't want you to misunderstand." He held my hands and said those in a soft, sincere tone but my heart just thumped even more painfully.

"It's alright. Even though we sort of liked each other, it was in the past. It's alright if you want to go after her." I muttered. His hand gripping mine was warm but the metal on his ring finger was cold.

"From just now, what are you saying?" He dug around in his pocket and brought out a small box.

"This is for you." He pressed the velvet box into my hand. The curvy name of the shop they went in earlier was carved on the box. Suzaku guided my hand to open it. Laid inside was a single ring, silver, the same one as Suzaku's ring finger.

"Will you go out with me?"

"I-I…" I stuttered in surprised, completely fluttered and messed up. He took the moment to remove the ring from the box and slide it on my ring finger. It was a perfect fit.

"You can't say no now." He smiled mischievously. When his warm hands caressed my face, I began to calm down.

"I love you, Lelouch. Happy birthday. It's so great you're in this world." He held me in his arms as I felt that this weird day was not as bad as it was. Everything seemed to be brighter and lighter all of a sudden.

"…Uhn." I replied his previous question. I don't dare to open my mouth and my face was probably like a tomato, red and round. He smiled softly and kissed me.

It was not a weird day after all.


"Lelouch, were you jealous when you saw Euphie and me?" He pressed his lips lightly on my forehead.

"No." 'But you were so intimate with her, helping to put on her earring and all.'

"I just bought her a thank you present since she helped me choose the rings and she knew what size was your ring finger," he answered my inner thoughts. Another peck landed on my cheek

"It was her idea of going to somewhere you might see us and I'm grateful. Thanks to that, I was able to see your jealous side for the first time." Suzaku said happily. Another kiss on the earlobe.

"I was NOT jealous!" I denied strongly but I could feel my words losing their power over his smile.

"Yes, you were. And you were jealous of Rolo when he took your beloved sister out on your birthday. I'd say you were also actually feeling a little lonely because everyone seems to have a partner except you."

Oh, why did he have to be all-so-knowing about me?!

"It's alright, I'm here with you now. I love you." A full kiss on the lips which melted my anger and pain immediately.

Alright, alright! I'll admit. Those were my jealousy days.


And what happened to Milly that day, you asked? Suzaku just offered to do her work there and after for 3 months and told her about his plans so she decided to be a good girl and not interfere. Somehow, the president seemed a little scared when Suzaku was near, especially when I'm around. I wonder what in the world did he do to her…


That's all! I made Suzaku a little darkish at the end and slightly perverted. Influenced by Cain Heel a.k.a Tsuruga Ren from Skip Beat. Hahaha… I've been reading it again and again, laughing like hell at the puppy dog face. And somehow, Lelouch is a bit slow on love and emotions here. Hahaha…

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