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Our Days

Suzaku: Awkward Days

I woke in an extreme awkward moment on the day I turned 18. What woke me? Well, it was the soft breath at the crook of my neck and a somehow reassuring weight on my chest. I did not open my eyes immediately but tried my best to not gasp in shock as more registered in my just awaken brain. Smooth, warm skin was in contact with my own exposed torso. Finally, I dragged the courage deep within to open my eyes.

Ebony black hair greeted me. That gentle smell from the mess of hair wafted towards my nose, unmistakably the scent of my best friend. I was stunned beyond words. My best friend was also my longest unrequited crush; did I forget to mention that? And now, he is lying on top of me, entirely naked and sleeping peacefully like a baby.

I inhaled sharply when his thigh fell and brushed against my inner thighs. Before I could react further, he stirred. I decided it was best he was aware of the situation because if this were to be dragged on, it wasn't going to be pretty.

"Lelouch?" I tried but all that came out was a squeak. His eyelids fluttered but did not open. I ran my hand over my hair and inhaled deeply.

"Lelouch, wake up," I tried again, louder and clearer. I moved cautiously to pat his shoulder, glad that he responded with a soft 'mmm'. I steeled myself for his outburst as he opened his eyes but I couldn't help being mesmerized by those amethyst pools that stared back at me.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" He sprang away from me like he had just touched hot metal. I could help blushing as his privates brushed against my leg and saw that he was reddening rapidly too. He grabbed the blanket and cover himself but managed to only tug half as my reflex caught the other end before I was exposed as well.

"What's all this?!" He demanded in his royal tone. I could only shake my head in confusion, though I was rather grateful for whoever who set this up. It was probably a once in a lifetime thing. Lelouch frowned, trying to remember the events of the night before. His face lightened up for a second and then darkened into fury as he tore the sheets from the bed, wrapped it around himself and stormed out of the room.

I was left alone in my little memory of sweet bitterness. All I could remember the night before was a huge party with lots of alcohol involved and a blur sea of people. And the last glass handed to me was by no other than the president Milly.


After savoring the remains of the morning's event, I got up and went to the clubhouse. As expected, I walked into a screaming fit from Lelouch to Milly.

"But I didn't do anything!" Milly denied, feigning innocence but from the small smile in her eyes, I could tell that she was one of the accomplices if not the head. Lelouch was of course, too blinded by rage to notice anything before he leaped towards Milly, hands aiming for the throat. I sighed before moving in between the two of them. Lelouch crashed into my embrace before pushing away from me, blushing pink before moving away from the both of us, muttering strings of curses under his breath.

"I didn't do anything! Nunnally was the one who gave you the drink," Milly insisted. Ah, so her accomplice was Nunnally. Of course Lelouch would drink it without suspecting anything. I was beginning to feel a little sorry for Lelouch for being dragged into this.

"And of course Nunnally would have known where to get spiked drinks!" Lelouch screeched sarcastically. Knowing that he could not win against Milly, he turned and head for the door to escape but the door opened before he could reach for the knob and was pushed in by Sayaka. The ninja girl held on to her master before he could exit.

"Now what?!" Lelouch spat. Milly grinned.

"I need you to run an errand for me. To the Ashford main residence," the president stated simply as she filed her nails.

"No. Go yourself." Lelouch's reply was firm. Milly looked up from her fingers, staring into those deep, mysterious amethyst. Her expression was serious for a moment before breaking into a smile.

"I can't." Lelouch said nothing, catching the seriousness in Milly's voice but nevertheless, his face still fell into an expression that was in the middle of a glare and a worried look.

"Lelouch-sama, here." Sayaka handed him a violet gown and a black, long haired wig. Lelouch swore before snatching it from the attendant, stomping off to the attached dressing room. I was about to turn to leave, finally realizing that I had been listening for too long to things I shouldn't have but Sayaka stopped me. I turned to Milly, giving her a questioning look.

"Escort him, will you?" Milly gave me no chance to reply before Sayaka retrieve another set of clothing, fortunately, a guy's formal attire, and shoved it into my face. I sighed again. I heard someone said before that sighing makes you lose happiness. My happiness was definitely evaporating rapidly as I trudged dejectedly into the dressing room Lelouch was in.

Lelouch was standing there halfway in the dress, pale back exposed to my sight as he fought with the zipper. I cleared my throat as my heart throbbed a little. He looked around, blushed momentarily and threw me a dirty look.

"Help me." He finally gave in and muttered. I quietly closed in the distance between us and drew the zipper up then stepped backwards.

"What did she asked you to do?" He grumbled as he fixed his wig while I put on my suit, of course, facing the wall.

"To escort you." He grunted in reply before taking a matching violet sunhat hanging conveniently by the mirror and placed it on his head. He floated out of the dressing room, convincingly lady-like, leaving me to fix my tie before following his trail.

"You will have to take the train. I need Rivalz for something else." Sayaka handed grumpy Lelouch a purple purse while Milly smiled victoriously.

"Come on, Suzaku." Lelouch barked at me to follow him which I did as always. Once we exited the main entrance, I offered my arm to him, smiling shyly. He scowled at me before looping his own arm around it. Secretly, I was overjoyed at his acceptance.

Riding the train was surely another evil plan of Milly. It was extremely crowded, forcing us to be pushed against a door with him trapped under my body. He turned around to face the window, unknowingly brushing against the sensitive spot on my thigh. I inhaled sharply as I directed my mind towards something else instead of the building sensation between my legs. Lelouch must have felt it for his ears turned to a soft pink shade.

"Sorry." He whispered.

"No, it's alright." I replied awkwardly, unable to tear my eyes away from his thin and pale, exposed neck. Thankfully the train emptied a reasonably amount at the next station for us to loosen up and stand with a distance between us, though it was slightly just more than 2 inches away.

We arrived safely at the Ashford residence without any more weird situations. However, it was a rather shocking event to me when Lelouch told the butler that received us at the door that I was his boyfriend. I smiled meekly at the butler as he led me to a room, served me tea while Lelouch went somewhere else in the mansion, presumably meeting Milly's grandfather. I sat awkwardly in the room for an hour or so, all the while, the butler looking at me with a smile, asking if I would like more tea.

Finally, Lelouch returned with a thunderstorm aura hanging behind him and said we were going home. Thanking the butler, we returned to the school without a word exchange. However, just as we were stepping in to the clubhouse entrance, he stopped me.

"Thanks for accompanying me today." Lelouch mumbled. I blinked in confusion.

"You're welcome but I did nothing…" I returned with a soft smile. He sighed.

"Your presence makes a difference." Lelouch breathed out silently. I stood there stoned when he stood on tip toes and brushed his lips across my cheek.

"Come, let's go in." He exclaimed as if nothing happened the entire day, dragging me along, returning to his selfish ways while I was near to exploding with joy internally.

"Welcome back, onii-sama, Suzaku-san." We were greeted by sweet Nunnally at the entrance holding two mugs of steaming hot chocolate. She handed one each to the both of us. I drank mine without hesitation while Lelouch stared at his suspiciously.

"I'm sorry about yesterday, onii-sama." Nunnally apologized sincerely, looking at her brother's face for that resigned forgiveness. Lelouch gave in as usual; he never won against his sister. He resignedly drank from the mug.

After that, I had no recollection at all of what happened as he fell backwards into my arms, myself losing consciousness as well.


I woke in the awkward position again the following morning. This time, Lelouch was awake, staring back at me with a blank look. I smiled apologetically, expecting him to spring away like the day before but he remained unmoving.

"Lelouch? Are you alright? I'm sorry…" I caressed his head as he buried his face in my chest, ears reddening to a deep crimson. His leg twitched as I felt something wet dripped down on my thigh. My eyes rounded in fear as I realized the awkward situation.

"I am so sorry!" I couldn't think of any other things to say. Hesitantly, I shifted out from below him and laid him gently beside me under the cover.

"It's alright…" He muttered into the pillow. I was still stunned beyond belief when he peeked at me, embarrassed.

"We should clean up." I finally blurted, wrapping him up in the sheets and carried him like a princess to the bathroom, setting him tenderly in the bathtub. As I was pulling the curtains to cover the tub and extended my hand inside for the sheets, he caught my hand.

"Come in with me…" His voice trembled but was ringing clearly, bouncing of the bathroom's wall. I was still thinking that whether that little possibility was possible when he pulled me in through the curtains, his lips meeting mine.

Just when we were drying off in the room, I heard a soft giggle across the door and two pair of feet shadow.

"He won't be able to jump at me this time…" A smug voice whispered. This is going to be extremely awkward when we go out of the room but what do I care?

Lelouch was in my arms, my bed, cuddling against me, sleeping peacefully after an awkward kiss.


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