A/N: Story title might change. Wasn't sure what genres to add for this, so suggestions are welcome. For now, it's just 'general'.

This story is one that I've been planning for a while, but never really had the whole plot figured out. I just had little snippets and ideas, but I'm merging them all into one story. I seriously hope I can finish it!

The time line for this, is the year before Jimmy comes to Bullworth, because Cody is 16 when he comes to Bullworth.

Cody is a very important OC to me, because when I created her, I was going through a pretty bad time. She is not and never has been a self insert, I am 100% nothing like Cody.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bully in any shape or form, just my OCs Cody Pepper & her mother.

Chapter 1

The Anonymous Scholarship

For as far back as I can remember, I've always had the same dream. I'm stood in a bedroom, that isn't mine. It's filled with items so expensive, that one item probably costs more than the whole neighbourhood I do live in. Something gold catches in the corner of my eye, so I look in the mirror, and I don't see me. I see a very beautiful girl, with eyes as blue as forget-me-nots, and long hair that look like strings of gold, and I'm wearing a ballgown of a glistening lavender - something I'd never wear. Then, I hear a voice calling me, only it's not my name.

"Angelina!" they call.

"I'm coming!" I reply.

Only, it's not my voice. It sounds sweeter, and more sophisticated. I leave the room, so gracefully, it feels more like I'm dancing rather than walking. Then I find myself in a long dark corridor, but all the doors are closed, but the voice is still calling for Angelina. I check each door, but it's locked. No matter what door I check, it's locked. After running and checking doors for what feels like miles, I finally find a door that's open. It feels like I've stepped into a ballroom in one of those mansions on TV, and there is a woman with golden curls.

"Mum?" I say to the woman.

That's when the woman starts to turn around, but just before I see her face, she says, "Cody! Get up!" in my Mum's voice.

"Mmmnn.." I groaned, as I woke up in a grumpy mood.

I looked over at the clock; 11:42 am. Woah, I ain't woken up before noon in years. Not since Mum got dumped by some dumbass, and I tried to sleep in, so I didn't have to listen to her morning binge drinking, and frickin' crying. I said numerous swear words, as I climbed out of bed and stubbed my toe on a book. I didn't even know I had a book, let alone how I managed to frickin' stub my toe on one.

"Cody! Get up!" Mum shouted, sounding more annoyed.

"I'm frickin' awake!" I shouted back.

That shut her up, and probably set her on her way to having a liquid breakfast. My mum's an alcoholic, and she's pretty open about it. I know me and her ain't on the best of speaking terms, but I gotta respect that, I suppose. Not like I could frickin' trade her in or anything, then again, I probably wouldn't because I wouldn't have anyone to argue with. I stumbled out of my closet like room - but it's pretty big as far as trailer bedrooms go. Born and raised in a trailer, I'll probably frickin' die in a trailer one day. I looked at my reflection in the cracked bathroom mirror, I looked a frickin' mess.

So, time to beauty up, I suppose. Black roots - showing. Red dyed hair - good to go for another week. Hair length - just past my shoulders, time to trim it up. T-shirt - doesn't stink, good to wear for today. I grabbed a pair of scissors, and started attacking my hair with them. It end up messy and choppy, but rested just above my chin, with long bangs that are it's former length. I showered with cold water, if I ever got warm water, I wouldn't frickin' know what to do. I returned to my room, to get dressed.

I'm that flat chested, I don't have to bother with a bra or anything. It sucks, but good when smashing windows up at Old Bullworth Vale, because when I put a loose hoodie on, I can easily mistaken for a boy. I couldn't find a skirt or some pants to put on.

"Mum!" I shouted. There was no response. "Mum!" I shouted, even louder.

"What?" Mum shouted back.

"Where are my leggings?" I shouted.

"I haven't done the washing yet, borrow a pair of mine!" Mum shouted back.

I groaned, because she'd skipped doing the laundry for 5 frickin' days already. Borrowing your mum's clothes might sound frickin' weird, but in Blue Skies Industrial Park, everyone knows how difficult it is. We all go to look out for each other. I had to take a pair of Mum's black leggings, that went to just below my knees. They looked good under my short red plaid skirt. I was finally ready to face the crappy frickin' world full of dumbasses and just plain losers. I strolled into the living room/kitchen, looking for a pair of shoes. My mouth fell open in shock, when I saw mum not only out of her arm chair - not a single damn beer can in sight, but she was actually making breakfast!

"What do you want for breakfast? Pop tarts, or cereal?" Mum asked, while checking the fridge. "I'm not sure if we have milk... and if we do, I think it might be passed it's sell by date."

"Surprise me," I replied. I looked under the table. "Mum, you seen my shoes anywhere?"

"Pop tarts it is," Mum said, upon realising we didn't have any milk. "I think you left them near the door."

I looked over by the door, and there were my black slip on sneakers. Just as I opened the front door, to see if anyone was outside waiting, the mailman threw our mail at me. Frickin' dumbass, he's always late delivering it, and he always throws it at me. One day, I might just kick his frickin' ass, complete asshole loser. I picked it up, to check the address, surprised to see that it was for me.

"Is that the mail?" Mum asked, as I shut the door.

"Yeah, it's for me," I replied, as I sat down at the table.

It was a good frickin' job I was sat down, when I read that letter. The letter was an acceptance letter for Bullworth Academy. I didn't even remember applying, because we couldn't afford it, even if I wanted to. But, according to the letter, I'd received an anonymous scholarship, and start on the 1st of September.

"What is it about?" Mum asked.

"I got into Bullworth Academy," I told her.

"Let me see that!" Mum said, with disbelief. She snatched the letter, and read it. "Well then," Mum said, as she put the letter in her pocket. "I'll have to dip into the Christmas money."

"But, you've been saving that all year," I told her.

"I know that, but you're going to need notebooks, and pens, and one of those fancy uniforms," Mum said, with an air of proudness leaking into her voice. "We don't want those kids picking on you, now do we?" As she slipped the pop tart into the toaster, Mum said, "My girl, going to Bullworth Academy!"

Since I was a little kid, Mum's been talking about Bullworth Academy. Her parents could never afford to send her there, but she'd seen inside it once, and has gone on about it, like the place was made of frickin' gold or something. I'd always accepted, that it was for those stuck up rich dumbasses in Old Bullworth Vale. I never thought for one second that I'd ever go.