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Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles were sitting at a booth in the Dirty Robber, bemoaning their recent dating failures.

"My god," Jane began, "you need to stop diagnosing your dates Maura. What was it this time? Jerky-knee-inflexibility?"

"That's not a real disease," Maura pointed out, before taking a sip of her wine.

Jane gave her friend an annoyed look. "I know, now just answer the question."

Maura sighed, and Jane took a sip of her beer, as she answered. "I'd rather not."

Jane grinned. "That horrible huh."

Maura shook her head. "I wish men could be more like...more like Harry."

The detective almost chocked on the beer. "Whoa, slow down. Whose Harry?"

"Harry Potter," Maura said with a grin. "You'd call him my high school sweetheart."

"You had a high school sweetheart?" Jane said shocked. "I thought you went to an all girls school?"

"I did, but my last year there, we spent the year visiting another boarding school in Scotland. It was for an inter-school competition," Maura said before Jane could ask. "Harry attended that school."

"So what was so great about him that you now wish every guy was like him, and why aren't you married to him now if he was so great?" Jane asked smugly.

Maura glared dignantly at Jane before answering. "Harry was my friend first. Shortly after I arrived at the school I met him. He was kind, and hated attention. Which was ironic considering he was somewhat of a celebrity." She smiled in memory. "I admit that I developed a crush on him early on. Around Christmas, there was a formal dance. Harry asked me to go with him. Despite being three years younger than me, I told him yes."

Maura smiled as she remembered the night. "I wore the best dress I had, it was black. And he wore his tuxedo. We danced all night, and then he walked me back to the rooms my school was staying in. That first kiss was...magical," Maura smirked for a moment. "We were together for the rest of the school year, though we never went any further than kissing, he set the bar incredibly high for all future boyfriends. But at the end of the year, we both agreed that, as much as we liked each other, it would be too hard to maintain a long-distance relationship."

Maura looked over at Jane and smirked. "Last I heard, He's married with three kids."

Jane snorted. "Bummer. I was thinking about looking him up if you weren't going too. Though it is kinda sad."

"Oh, what's sad?"

"He's three years younger than you, and already married with three kids." Jane gave Maura a pointed glare. "If we ever discuss previous boyfriends when Ma's around, never mention that. She'll start harping on me to get married and provide her with grand-kids."

Maura smirked. "Doesn't she do that already?"

"Shut up!" Jane said playfully.

Both women smiled as they drank their wine and beer, respectively.


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