Oneshot – Are you sure about it?

Castle tv show - ship: Caskett

N/A: I was watching a video about Caskett and I just thought about writing an oneshot in english. I started to write it and it just come out easily.

I don't have any beta yet, but I hope you enjoy it.

"Castle, leave me alone!" Kate said before she went out of the precint.

"Kate!" he screamed, but she was already gone. And he was standing there, like so many times before.

She had been so many demons inside her head that she could not handle it. She can not let Castle go inside either. It was like he was always too much for her, like an inocent child, and she was the bad one. She doesn't believe in faith, or magic, or destiny. She doesn't have her mom, she fights with ghosts. She had no one, she has no one standing there for her. Castle has his family. Castle is so much more than she would be. It was she was thinking while she tooks the elevator.

"Shit! I hate it! I hate this whole situation." She kicked the elevator's wall. "What the hell is happening to me?" tears fell down from her beautiful eyes.

She looked into elevator's mirror, she wasn't beautiful. She was a mess, and no one could handle her. Even Castle. She need to end this partnership. He needs something more beautiful and happy in his life, no something so empty and screwd up like her. She cames out of the elevator thinking about that, sured that it was the right thing to do about it.

"Kate! Wait!" she heared that voice... No... It's impossible. She turned out to see Castle's face looking to her, while he ran up into her.

"How did you do it? I mean, what the hell are you doing? I said LEAVE ME ALONE!" she yealled in the last part. But Castle seemed not to listened.

"No! Listen to me, Beckett. I'll not leave you alone. You're not a monster, you're not a mess, you're not alone. I can't let you go away in this way." He looked into her hurted eyes. He looked to her with his heart beating fast.

"Why, Rick? Just tell me a single fucking reason, why you can't leave me alone?" she dares him. She was falling apart, she wanted to run again, but something inside her said to wait for an answer, so she did.

"Because I love you, Kate. That's why I can't let you go. I can not be the best for you, I can not understand you or your actions sometimes, I can not even be the right person to stand around with a cop, but I love you and I'll do everything to protect you and to be at your side. Even if it means to die for you."

She almost stopped from breathing.

"Are you really sure about it, Rick? Handle me is like being around ghosts, monsters, feelings, a lot of things that can hurt you. Even to mentionate my job, whose could kill you. Are you sure about your choice?"

He looked at her, smiled and whispered.