Minutes to Midnight

Chapter 9: Continuation

"CURSE THIS STUPID BALL!" A voice said, the high pitched annoyed tone echoing across the crowded area as a number of heads turned to look at the owner of the voice. "CURSE THIS STUPID PLANET AND IT'S DUMD EARTH-STINK GAME!"

"Zim" Gaz said calmly as she hit her golf ball lightly with her black putter, sending the equally black ball rolling smoothly into the hole near a weird looking hippo statue. "Don't you think your being a bit melodramatic?" She asked as Tak chuckled behind her.

"I AM NOT BEING MELO-" Zim started to yell, only to glare at her and give a loud 'Hmpf' of indignation before stalking off in shame as he went to retrieve the bright green golf ball that he had sent flying across the course into one of the bushes that lined it's boundaries.

Dib simply smirked at the 'Russian boy' and his dismay of the colorful game of putt-putt before taking his own shot. The white ball sailed across the course and landed in the white hole perfectly, just as he had calculated. Tak went next and did just fine, sinking it in with a slightly less graceful hit.

Zim simply followed them to the next hall, not even caring that he should technically have taken another shot. With the score against him, by a staggering eighteen hits more then the rest of the party, he really didn't care anymore about winning.

"This stupid game is second class, only fools would play such a thing" He muttered darkly as Gaz took an easy swing, sending the black ball obediently into the hole, putting her at a perfect score of nine.

"Your just angry because you can't deny how much you suck at this game Zim" Tak said with a smirk matching Dib's while her boyfriend took his own shot, scoring as well, putting him right next to Gaz for the lead.

"I would think I wouldn't be the one doing the 'Sucking' in this group, isn't that your job Tak?" Zim said, only to regret it as the violet purple haired teen glared at him. "That was just a j-joke Tak, just a joke!" He said before taking off running while Gaz watched in amusement while Dib watched in what looked like pride. Tak returned a minute later and took her shot, putting her at eleven shots, which was understandable due to her never having played the game before.

Zim returned several moments after they had moved on to the next hole, his leg was badly damaged and he had his putter jammed around his neck in several twists that kept it bound there. Luckily for the foursome the holographic disguise he was wearing was able to simulate the damage, or they might have been having a very interesting talk that afternoon with some very mean people.

They played for another hour or so, the course got harder the farther they went of course and after some careful maneuvering on Gaz and Dib's part, they ended the game with Gaz beating Dib by one point. Dib of course complained that Zim's ball hitting his in mid stride was cheating, but was forced to let it slide since he was a 'beginner' and wasn't privy to how the game's rules worked completely.

"Here" Dib said glumly as he forked over two twenties to Gaz while they turned in their putter and golf balls. The owner had a fit over the state of Zim's putter, however once the damage was covered they were able to leave, though most likely never to return after that little incident.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into that" Zim said while they walked towards Dib's car, a white painted 1970 mustang that his father had given to him for his seventeenth birthday.

Gaz simply rolled her eyes and let him hold her hand while they got in the back of the mustang. "Don't be such a baby" She teased while Tak allowed Dib to shut the door for her before taking the driver's seat.

"This thing isn't going to crash again is it?" Tak asked as she looked at the dash, or more precisely, at the hidden engine that was sputtering to life as Dib revved the gas pedal.

"N-No" Dib said, not sounding as sure as he would have liked, however the car did, in fact, take off down the road as promised.

"So are you two going to the Senior dance?" Gaz asked while they drove towards Tak's mansion. The question caught both off guard and she watched with Zim as they tried to hide their twin blushes at the comment.

"I was going to s-surprise her Gaz" Dib said, trying to sound angry while he wondered what Tak thought about him dancing with her, in public. She was a prominent Senior at school, with her looks, money, athletics and grades placing her hide up in the student hierarchy. It was the hottest lunchroom gossip as to why someone like her would go out with someone as creepy as Dib.

"Eh she would have said yes even if you actually managed to surprise her" Zim commented off handily while he watched the rich houses outside flyby.

Dib simply coughed once before looking at Tak, who was looking at him, the one that was supposed to be driving. "So...um...dance?" He asked and Tak seemed to contemplate this, causing him to sweat bullets for several seconds, imagining the ribbing that Gaz and Zim would give him if she said no.

"Eh, don't have anything better to do" She said at last, causing Gaz and Zim to start cracking up while he sighed in relief. "On too conditions though" She said, smirking to herself while Gaz and Zim both stopped laughing and stared at her warily. "One, they have to go too" She said and pointed at Zim and Gaz, who both blushed just as heavily as Tak and Dib and started sputtering objections.

"No way!"

"We're Juniors, we're not even allowed to go!"

"Never in a million years will I wear a dress"

Tak ignored them as she stared at Dib. "And two, LOOK AT THE ROAD!" She roared and Dib, snapping out of his trance, was just in time to yank on the wheel, narrowly avoiding a convoy of eighteen wheeler trucks that were heading off to the industrial district of the city to drop off some junk or another.

"So?" Tak said, looking at Gaz and Zim in the back of the car. The two looked rightfully angry at her, but one look from Dib and Gaz knew there was no getting out of it.

"Fine" She said and watched Dib smile in gratitude while they began to pull into the massive driveway outside the huge towering mansion that Tak lived in. "But your paying for the dress" She said. Tak simply laughed before kissing Dib as a form of goodbye. Hopping out of the car, she gave Zim a rude gesture with her right hand before heading inside while Zim copied the gesture with fake anger, by now fighting with Tak had simply become a daily motion.

"So, what color suit are you guys going to wear?" Gaz asked innocently as they turned around to head to Zim's weird home, which he hadn't fixed up simply because he figured the damaged and bad disguise made it more 'Homey.'

Both Dib and Zim glanced at each other for only a few mere seconds before responding at the same exact time. "There is no way your getting us to match."