This is a scene I wrote today, inspired by the Advent Drabblender on LJ Shitennou Ai.

Hopefully, more will follow. Have fun, and please comment!

Door 4: Christmas cookies

She was no good at this. No good at all.

Normally, this would have seriously bothered her. Ami Mizuno was always top performance. And this was SIMPLE. Really, really stupid people could do it, and a lot better than her.

She looked at the sad lump of dough, and laughed.

"It still looks horrible. It's hopeless."

She should have been embarassed, angry, humiliated, especially because she had an audience, but she wasn't. Because her audience was so into it.

His dark eyes had been on her all the time. He had watched her measure and mix the ingredients, his breath had quickened when she started kneading the dough, and when she started trying and making faces, he had laughed out.

"Here, try it!" she commanded and held a finger full of dough into his face.

He stared at her for a moment, not certain if he liked that tone.

She lifted an eyebrow and wiggled the dough loaded finger.

"Running is futile, Nephrite. Try!"

He smirked and closed his lips around her fingertip, his eyes never leaving her face. But the moment the greasy, lumpy stuff touched his tongue, his smirk was off, he made a choking noise, and his eyes started to water.

Ami should have been offended, but she only laughed again.

"That bad?" she asked and tried to pull her finger back.

He caught her wrist and held it in his firm grip until he had licked her finger clean.

"Hm, that bad."

He licked once more over her index finger before he let her go.

"Terrible stuff." His eyes lit up. "Add some more of that spice over there!"

"Oh no! That'll make it totally inedible."

"Do it!" He smirked and stared her down. "I'll eat it."

She giggled at the thought of the face he would make.

"Okay. I'll do it. But after that, we try another recipe."

"And another one after that."

"Hey! Are you saying I'll botch every recipe?"

"Yes, I am!"

"How mean!" squealed Ami. "Why should I make you christmas cookies if you keep insulting me?"

He chuckled. Her most favourite sound in the world.

"Because I'll eat them."

"Ha!" sneered Ami and added an extra batch of cinnamon to the food crime she was already kneaded it extra thoroughly until his gaze had become glassy again from watching her. Then her finger went into the dough again, and she pointed another heap of cookie misery into his face.