Door 15+16: Sleigh rides + The grinch

"Now, Mrs Hino, let me take you to a journey. Imagine you're standing on a beach, and the waves are peacefully running up the sand, just over your feet. One wave after the other, strong and regular..."

"Aaaaaargh, I hate the sea! I hate waves! Just let me take my husband on that inner journey so I can drown him in those waves!"

"All right, Mrs Hino, maybe we try something else."

"I hate him! Do you hear me, Jadeite? I hate you! This is all your fault!"

"Yes, love."

"Look at me Mrs Hino. Stay with my voice. Let me take you on a sleigh ride. You're sitting on a wooden sleigh, reigns in your hands, and the sleigh is running smoothly. There are ups and downs on the way, sometimes you feel the bump from a jump over a hill, but the sleigh is running on and you feel..."

"Aaaaaaah! This is all crap! Give me those reigns so I can strangle my husband with them. Aaaah! Jadeite, I have never hated anyone in my life like I hate you now! Go to hell! How could you do this to me? Give me your hand so I can at least bite you!"

"Oh, you're doing very fine, Mrs Hino!"

"I want to die! I want to kill you! I want to burn this whole house down to the grounds! I want to spread the ashes with the wind over the whole world. Your ashes, Jadeite, I'll burn you to ashes, do you hear me?"

"Yes, love. You're great, Rei. I love you."


"Fabulous, Mrs Hino. Just one more push like this, and you'll be the proudest woman in the world."

"JADEITE - - - I - - HATE - - - YOUUU! - - - AAAAAAAAAAH!"

"And there is your little boy and look what a gorgeous strong baby he is! Isn't he the cutest..."

"Oh, shut up and give him to me already..."

"Sir, do you want to cut the umbilical cord?"

"Give me that umbilical cord, Jadeite, so I can strangle you with it!"

"Calm down, Mrs Hino, everything is alright. You and your son are in good health, very soon you will have forgotten all about this."

"Forgotten perhaps. Forgiven never."

"Do you have a name already?"

"He's a boy. I get to name the boys. His name is Grinch. What a way to spend christmas is this supposed to be, eh?"

"Aw, come on, Rei. Give him a pretty name. Look what a beautiful baby he is. He looks like you, Rei. Exactly like you."

"Oh, stop crying, Jadeite. Please. One grinch is enough for today. Is his head supposed to be bloody and deformed like that?"

"Yes, Mrs Hino."


"Rei, he's perfect. Absolutely perfect."

"A bit disgusting is what he is. You take after your father, little Grinch. Oh god, he heard that. He's looking at me. I'm sorry, little Grinch. You know that, right? I can see you know that. You're a clever one. Yes you are. You don't take after your father that much, huh? Yes, that's a good baby. His eyes are blue! Jadeite, I didn't ask you to pass on blue eyes! I never said anything about blue eyes."

"Rei, all babies have blue eyes."


"Yes, Mrs Hino."

"And he's supposed to look at me like this?"

"Yes, Mrs Hino."

"I mean... he's unusually perceptive for such a little worm."

"Yes, Mrs Hino."

"I told you, he's perfect, Rei."

"Am I supposed to feel like I'll defend him with my life one minute after I get to know him?"

"Yes, Mrs Hino."

"Okay then... Iolite."

"Sorry, Mrs Hino?"

"His name. Iolite. Because he revealed his true colors only when I looked straight at him."

"That's a wonderful name, Rei. The Shitennou will be so proud that we continue the old naming tradition."

"Don't let it get to your head, Jadeite."

"Hm, I think I got my head full with other things right now."

"... We really did it, huh? Jadeite?"

"Yes. Do it again?"

"I don't think so, Jadeite. Next time, you give birth."

"Yes, Rei. I love you."

"I should hope so."