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Clutching her beloved weapon, the curly haired woman began to tremble ravenously.

A seething blankness had entered her mind, but the tears cascading down her cheeks were evidence of the fact that something menacing was currently at work.

H-How can they be here? What do they want with me?

The familiar aroma of metal mingled with gun powder laced the frigid air, reminding River of the fact that she had recently fired her pistol.

Normally, such a potent scent would arouse her senses, allowing a blood-curdling thrill to seep into her veins, but now as she took notice of the tiny dark marks on her skin and the festering pain that consumed her stomach, she was overcome by a bout of nausea.

Her green tinged eyes watered as she finally managed to glance in her husband's direction, her gaze meeting his for just a moment.

She could see the blazing fear alight in his eyes as they widened.

Help me, Doctor, please…

Even the mighty River Song battled the urge to scream, though nothing escaped her closed throat.

Horrific droplets continued to lace her skin like tiny raindrops, despite her intense longing to hold them back.

But it was no use.

"Doctor—" She rasped, a weak sound released from her parched lips as her wavering eyes pleaded with his.

Daunting remnants of broken memories suddenly blasted through her mind in a matter of seconds, taking any remaining breath out of her fatigued body.

"No, please…"

There was a hideous face—a terrible, monstrous image that lingered in her brain for only a short period of time.

And then it was gone in an instant.

Entirely forgotten.

Shaking violently back and forth, the curly haired woman was haunted by another gut-wrenching memory of the past.

'Melody Pond. The woman who kills the Doctor.'

The unavoidable snakelike voice that had consumed her childhood spoke quietly in the back of her mind, yet just loudly enough to remind her of the purpose she had been trained for.

"No, I can't. I won't. Never again." River revealed her hidden thoughts, distracted by the unbearable agony that corroded her body and overpowered her heart.

Swaying from side to side, and unable to control her movements any longer, the Doctor's wife grew dizzy.

It was quite an unusual feeling—her lungs were in fire, gasping for breath, and her stomach was blazing.

"River, River, are you okay?" She scarcely recognized the lulling voice of her husband as she melted into his strong arms.

"I'm…I'm…I" the gentle whisper was released from her lips, as she stuttered.

"River, you're burning up!" The Doctor concluded worriedly, his warm hand smoothing her wild curls from off her smoldering forehead.

As her arm dangled limply, her precious pistol tumbled out of her quivering fingers before crashing to the ground below.

Battling the pain that threatened to consume her stomach, River's long eyelashes fluttered rapidly, her vision blurring.

A great desire radiating from within the very core of her being prompted her to remain strong, but to no avail.

It was incredibly eerie.

Her mind was storming with swirling clouds, a thick and foggy haziness that made it very difficult to think about anything clearly.

What's happening to me? I—I can't seem to remember…my mind…so blank…

For the next few moments all she was aware of was the flame that scourged her insides and the horrible realization that she had forgotten something extremely important.

Breathing in more deeply, the curly haired woman could feel her husband's hot breath lacing her frigid skin.

Her sensitive ears detected what seemed to be a low cackle amidst the dreary night air.

"Doctor?" River buried her soiled face in his chest, wishing so desperately to extinguish the tantalizing nausea and terror that had crept into her unsteady body.

"It's alright, River, I've got you. I've got you. Don't you worry about a thing. You're going to be just fine." He pulled her more securely in within his grasp though she had already begun to slip away.

Glistening beads of sweat laced the Doctor's brow as he held his terrified wife close to his thumping hearts.

The soft breeze that exited her mouth confirmed that she was just barely conscious.

His watery eyes descended to her lurid face.

It was so pale and lifeless.

What had become of her fiery spirit? Where was the woman he knew?

He had deceptively claimed that everything was going to turn out alright.

Rule one: The Doctor lies.

In that troubling moment, those words rang more true that perhaps ever before.

She looks terribly ill. But it doesn't make any sense. River's never been sick a day in her life. Because she's part Time Lord, she's immune to many illnesses that would ordinarily affect humans. Unless…

Drawing his attention back to the alarming black markings on his arm, the man shuddered, momentarily recalling exactly what he was dealing with-the enigmatic beings that had been interfering with history across the universe for thousands of years.

'Silence will fall…'

His numb fingers traced River's burning brow, which continued to grow hotter by the second.

"No, River…"

Fumbling for the pulse in her neck, the Doctor could only detect a slight fluctuation.

As his heats swelled with a dreadful combination of fear, confusion, and rage, he narrowed his eyes, scouring the gruesome darkness for some of the most terrifying creatures he had ever encountered.

"What have you done to her?" A harsh cry of bitterness cascaded from his lips, dissipating into the empty air.

The hoarse echo of his own scream penetrated his hearing, once again reminding him of the destructive forces that were lurking in the shadows.

"Answer me! " He spat loudly, his clenched fist soaring through the midnight sky.

For a moment there was nothing but an ominous silence.

The Doctor listened more intently.

Still nothing.

Exacerbated by the hopelessness of the situation, the raggedy man sifted his hand through his shabby frock of hair.

It was then that his senses became aroused by a strange noise, throbbing in the back of his mind.

So subtle, yet entirely menacing.

At first he couldn't seem to place it in his disturbed brain, but as the sound steadily crescendoed, it was only a matter of seconds before he recognized it.

A horrid, debase cackle that reverberated throughout the hazy night.


I can't see them but they're definitely here. For all I know we could have both seen them numerous times already.

Cringing, the Doctor began to shake, his body unable to remain still as a sudden realization finally occurred to him.

What the heck am I doing? The Silence aren't supposed to know I'm alive, that's the whole reason River's in prison…but if they know the truth then what exactly are they up to?

The man in the bow tie vainly attempted to cling to this lingering thought, but unfortunately he was unable to do so.

His brilliant mind became shrouded in a thickening fog, making it completely impossible to recall the recent shattering events that were now seeping out of his mind.

Can't think…there was something…something terribly important…can't remember…too difficult…

Placing one hand on his throbbing temple, the Doctor made his best effort to remember exactly what had caused such a burning fear to rage from within his hearts.

He didn't even think to glance down at his arms, startled by the sensation of soft ringlets of curls warming his fingertips.

"River…what's happened to you?" Searching her fluttering eyelashes, River's husband was bombarded by an intense feeling of deja vu.

Even as he traced her pale skin, the Doctor couldn't rid himself of the unsettling notion that he had repeated that motion many times in the recent past.

Recognizing the frantic sounds of his shortened breaths, the man in the bow tie tried to expunge the deadly terror that was pulsating from deep within his very being.

It wasn't until his wife began to stir that his focus was turned elsewhere.

"Ugh…Sweetie? What happened? I can't remember—" Her eyelids oscillated back and forth as she beckoned herself awake.

"I'm afraid you're not the only one." The Doctor was referring to the indescribable void that filled his head.

What was it? It was driving him mad.

"Ow…" Clutching her mid-section, River Song moaned in pain.

"River, what's wrong? What's the matter? Are you ill?" He bolted questions at her, revealing the extent of his deep concern.

"No…I'm…fine…yes…perfectly fine…" Her voice shook as she clenched her jaw, attempting to remain strong.

"Don't be ridiculous, River, you've got a high fever, for goodness sake! Now, come to think of it…you fainted earlier, too…I'm not sure how I'd forgotten that until just now…but that's beside the point. River there's something terribly wrong with you…"

"But…I-I've n-never ever gotten sick before. It's nothing; you're probably just overreacting. For all we know it could be the prison food, nothing more."

"River, you're a partial Time Lord, which means you've got an awfully powerful immune system, so there is absolutely no way that your meals from Stormcage would have this sort of effect on you! Whatever illness has affected you—it's big, scary big—off the scale, yes, precisely—but what could it be? Most diseases remain in the body for a while before a person begins to show symptoms, and we haven't been here long enough…so whatever it is, you must have gotten it before…"

Suddenly halting abruptly, the Doctor watched in horror as River's emerald irises dilated, her slender fingers were once again clutching her trusted weapon.

"What is it? River, tell me—"

But she couldn't speak.

Her throat closed.

Oh no, this can't be good…

The Doctor concluded, before turning toward the stone statues that he had temporarily forgotten were very close by.


Absorbing his surroundings, the raggedy man noted the dark markings that were purposefully scrawled across the ancient stone.

His handwriting.

'Get out of here! Run! But don't forget…whatever you do, you mustn't forget…'

Entwining River's hand in his, the Doctor began to regain remnants of shattered memories.

As he hastily scanned the perimeter, it was only a matter of brief seconds before reality struck.

"River, look, the grass, it's a bit wet, don't you think? If I remember correctly it was completely dry when we got here. Over there—footprints, our footprints…we've been running but something must have brought us back here. And the statues, they haven't moved, but that's definitely my handwriting…though it's slightly faded…which can only mean…we haven't been here for a few hours…we've been here for days…"

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