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Summary: Edward, a British exchange student studying Oceanography, comes to Brazil to study for a Semester. His hosts, the Whitlocks, are professors at the University. He isn't expecting to find bad boy Riley Whitlock, his roommate, so charming and attractive. Riley, on the other hand, finds himself tortured by the gorgeous God-like creature sleeping near him every night. Will he be worth coming out for?

A/N Hey! So, this is the very first story I have posted! Originally written for the Exchange Student Contest! Since I'm Brazilian and currently living on an amazing island in Brazil, I decided to bring our boy Cullen to study here and meet Riley on his trip. I want to thank the team who worked with me and made my story so much better for you guys!

Thanks so, so much, cocoalvin, harrytwifan and Mary Hell for all the work and support! You guys rock my world!

The story was long, so decided to break it down into shorter sections, but still post them all at once, allowing you to read straight through or take a break between chapters. I Hope you enjoy my boys and their story.

English Knight, Brazilian Days

Chapter 1:

I'm at the airport and my heart is split in two.

Looking around I see people smiling happily; others are crying, glad to be home. Some walk back and forth dragging or pushing carts of suitcases and duffle bags. A few are running, probably late, and all this time my mother has been holding me in a rib breaking death grip. Closing my eyes, I remember the events that brought me here today.

My name is Riley Whitlock. I'm a 21 year-old Brazilian engineering student, and I'm gay. God! How difficult it still is to admit that.

Feeling the warmth of my mother's embrace I remember the very first time I touched Edward's heated skin. And no, it was not heated because we were hot for each other.

I should probably explain who Edward is first.

My parents are professors at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. My father, John Whitlock, is a History professor, and my mother, Rosalie Hale-Whitlock, is a Biology professor.

My career-driven father volunteered our family as hosts for the University's foreign exchange program. All it has done is given my mother an extra reason to be pissed.

We've been having a bit of a family crisis lately, most of which can be blamed on me. I know I'm no picnic and that I rarely make things easy on the folks.

Lately, I've been drinking a bit too much, smoking a great deal of pot, and arriving home pretty late every night, but since my grades are great, my dad has been off my case. That has made my mom even madder about my current routine, and she doesn't know I fuck guys—or so I thought.

The days in question bring out a mixture of feelings. They made my heart grow stronger, but feel tired at the same time. They were some of the best days of my life, though.

Edward's the exchange student I spoke about earlier. My dad brought him home while I was at Uni. When I arrived home, I walked past the tiny hall to the living room to find him sitting in my mother's red armchair, wearing silver rimmed glasses and reading a book. I don't have to tell you that Edward is sinfully beautiful, do I? He looked like a modern statue of a Greek God sitting in that chair!

He had his ear buds on and didn't hear me come inside. I stopped dead in my tracks when my eyes were assaulted by his image.

I took my time taking his whole figure in. He was nothing like the geeky student I thought he would be. He was way taller than me, something I could tell even while he was still sitting. His reddish-brown hair was insane; it had all shades of brown, red, and gold that looked like highlights. It was messy, as if he had just woken up. I couldn't tell the color of his eyes, since they were cast down at his book, but his skin was like white alabaster.

His lips were cherry red and he moved them while reading silently. Do they taste like cherry, too?

He was sitting cross-legged, his ankle over his knee, with his book on his lap.

I felt a hot wave washing over my whole body when he lifted his eyes and saw me standing there. What a pathetic image he must have seen: a stupid, paralyzed schoolboy holding his books, with his mouth open, staring at him. Where had the coolness in me gone?

At that moment, my life turned into a fucking torment. I couldn't even concentrate on school anymore.

I woke up every morning to the image of him entangled in his sheets, shirtless, since he couldn't stand the heat in Brazil.

Every evening when we went to bed, he would ask me questions and talk to me as if we had been friends forever. I learned a lot about him. He told me he studied oceanography and that before he came here he had studied for a semester in Australia.

Being an only child, he felt very lonely when growing up, because his dad was a diplomat and they had moved around the world a lot. He was quite the athlete and loved extreme sports. His favorites were sailing and scuba diving and he wished he could live on a boat for the rest of his life. Who would have thought a geek would like that?

He would talk for hours and I'd encourage him. I loved falling asleep to his voice. Everything about him made me want him more every single day.

One night I was tossing, turning, thrashing, and I couldn't sleep. He was already asleep when I got home. I came home late on purpose, thinking I could avoid the want and need for him that had developed through the month we had been sleeping in the same room. I suffered with boners every time I looked at him or heard his voice, or even smelled his cologne in the bathroom.

I couldn't sleep because his melodic voice wasn't filling my mind. I wanted to jump into his bed and wrap my arms around him, but I couldn't. I thought he was straight. How could he be so adorable and straight? I know that makes no sense. Fuck it!

Standing up, I decided to go to Matt's to talk or fuck, or whatever. He was my best friend.

Matt and I met at a party, which I now know was lucky, since Matt never really went out. He was this super smart kid who was part of a group who worked with robotics at the Uni. His girlfriend at the time had convinced him to go to the party.

Once there, she decided he wasn't much fun to be with and went to bed with another guy. He was naturally pissed, and decided to have his own bit of fun. We hooked up at the end, and I found out he was not only an amazing fuck, but also an awesome guy. We became close friends. He even came to my house and became friends with my mom and dad. But when he had an itch, I scratched it and vice versa.

So I went to his house. Matt and I were close enough for him to have given me a key to his place a long time ago.

Letting myself in, I went looking for him. He was in his room, already asleep. His place was huge! The house had white walls and doors. All his furniture was also light. His bed resembled the rest of the house. He was a bit of a head case. All his linens were white, and so were the towels and covers.

Matt's gorgeous, tall, lean form was lying diagonally on the white bed in his briefs. His spiky brown mess of hair was lying on his pillow, every muscle showing on his back. He was lying on his stomach with both stretched up and resting under the pillow, sheets entangled around his waist, his toned calves sneaking out of the covers. I just stood there for a moment and watched him; he had these freckles on his cheeks that were so adorable. They made me want to kiss them every time we were intimate. And even though it looked a spikey mess, his hair felt like silk in my hands

I took my clothes off, leaving only my briefs on, and crawled next to him on the bed. I needed his warmth, and his tenderness. I snuggled into his side, waking him up a little. He held me in his embrace, my back to his chest.

"What's up, babe?" he asked with a husky voice, brushing his lips on my left ear before biting on it a little.

"Wanna talk?"

I shook my head no.

"Tell me what you want…" he said.

I didn't know what I wanted.

"Do you want to fuck me?" he asked, already sprinkling open mouth kisses on my back, neck, and shoulders. God, it felt good. It felt so good to be wanted, cherished.

I shook my head no.

"Do you want me to make love to you?"

I waited a little while, thinking, before nodding quietly.

Feeling him sliding his left hand down my left side, his lips traced a line of fire across my back, to my left shoulder.

"Rile, you have to relax… your muscles are so tense..." He turned me onto my back and I held him close to my body. That did the trick. I immediately relaxed into his arms while he kissed my lips softly, with long, wet strokes of his tongue. He moved his lips to my cheek, and then ran his tongue along my jaw line. He knew how much I loved it when he licked me.

Moving my hands to his head, I ran my fingers through his soft hair while he licked his way down my collarbone, then chest, until he reached my navel. He kissed it with his parted lips, licking around it, then down my happy trail.

I felt Matt's warm mouth around my cock, sucking it deep down his throat, his fingers prepping me for him. Soon, Matt turned me to my side and was sliding his condom-covered cock into my lubed entrance, stroking me slowly in his hand. I felt so safe in his arms. His body danced slowly, pushing himself into me, and then pulling out, sensually.

"Are you feeling better, baby?" he whispered in my ear. Turning to him, I nodded and gave him a look letting him know I needed his lips on mine. Matt kissed me hard this time. He sped up a little, pumping my cock faster in his hand, pulling his lips away just enough to speak against mine, "Come for me, Riley…"

I came so hard I nearly blacked out. Matt didn't stop stroking my cock until he felt my body stop shivering.

I whispered, "Roll me… I want you on my back, covering me."

Matt rolled on top of my back, and slid his hands above mine, entwining our fingers, and started pushing inside of me slowly. I knew he would never come at that pace. I wanted him to come. I wanted to feel his cock pulsating and convulsing inside me.

"Faster…" I urged him. "Harder…" Closing my eyes, I imagined Edward on my back, not Matt.

He sped up and soon he was spilling his seed into the condom, his body shaking; his moaning and groaning filling my ears. I wished I could have stayed right there, under him. I wished it were Edward on top of me. I wished I didn't have to go back home at some point, to sleep by the man my body craved, lusted, demanded.

Too soon, Matt rolled off me, pulling me to my side too, kissing my neck softly, then my lips.

Pulling his face away slightly, he asked, "Ready to talk?" I nodded.

We talked about my situation and Matt helped me realize that all I needed was to try and establish some sort of friendship with Edward, to make sure my head recognized him as a real person and not a God!

Yeah, right… Tell that to my cock...

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