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Mt. Justice

October 31, 22:00 EDT

"Recognized. Artemis. B-07."

As the haze of Zeta-tube teleportation faded into the familiar confines of the briefing room that doubled as the main entrance to the Mt. Justice complex, Artemis noticed Zatanna waiting for her. The pair began walking quietly down the corridor to the living room and kitchen.

They could hear the sounds of the group as they approached. A pair of silhouettes resolved into Conner and M'gann; Artemis clamped on some residual ire as they passed.

Zatanna evidently noticed, because she spoke up, "This was pretty fun. We should totally do it more often."

Artemis smiled. "Which part? The girls' night out, or the fighting the weird creepy guy?"

"Well, I meant the girls' night out, but with our luck, that would still involve fighting weird creepy guys, so…" the young magician shrugged. By now, the girls had entered the room. Artemis looked around at the occupants.

Kaldur was leaning against the back of the couch, looking intensely serious and pensive, though it could be argued that that was his normal expression anyway. Robin was sitting in a nearby chair, engrossed in a video game.

Sitting on the couch was Wally, still dressed as a wolfman, eating a slice of pizza and turning to the new arrivals with a look of bored curiosity. His expression quickly changed to surprise and concern as he took in their appearance. His next statement seized the attention of the others. "What happened to your mask?"

The archer's hand shot to her face, finding again the cut caused by Harm's dagger. She looked to Zatanna, who simply shrugged again. The girls smiled and replied as one, "Girls' Night Out."

Zatanna walked through the room, by Robin's chair, slowing and trailing her gloved hand up his arm as she passed. Robin looked from her to Artemis, as if trying to decipher their statement, then rose quickly to follow the magician, his game forgotten. Kaldur quickly decided that Artemis had no plans to expand the explanation and headed off to his quarters without a word.

Wally remained at one end of the couch. He still looked somewhat concerned as he asked, "Really, Arty, are you okay?"

Too tired even to grump about being called Arty, she nodded and muttered a curt "Yeah" back as she flopped onto the other end of the couch. Her stomach growled, reminding her that she hadn't eaten since lunch.

Wally heard it. "Hey, would you like the rest of the pizza?"

"You sure?"

He waved it off. "Sure. I've already had five."

Artemis raised an eyebrow as a small smirk grew on her face, but before a snarky comment could emerge, Wally headed her off. " Slices, not pizzas. You act like I'm some sort of unstoppable eating machine."

Now, the other eyebrow joined the first, and the smile grew.

Wally, with an annoyed look robbed of its seriousness by his own growing smile, responded, "Nice. Very funny."

Artemis redirected her attention to the pizza remnants, decided they'd been granted a long enough stay of execution, and began devouring a slice with an enthusiasm equal to Wally's own.

Wally was quiet for a second, then seemed to remember something. "Hey, speaking of funny, you missed an awesome prank at the party." He described first Martin's prank, then the counter-prank the three heroes pulled on him.

While Artemis found herself wishing she could have seen the prank, her remaining irritation at Conner and M'gann was apparently clear enough that even Kid Oblivious picked up on it. His smile vanished. "Was it something I said?"

Artemis swallowed her current mouthful before answering, "Yes. No."

She whirled to face him. "Did you know Conner and M'gann are together?"

Wally snorted at the idea. "Yeah, right. They're not tog…" He trailed off as he thought. "Ohhh. That explains a lot."

Artemis nodded and tore off another bite, silently stewing until Wally spoke up again. "So…you got mad because she got Conner first."

The blonde vigorously shook her head and swallowed, almost gagging on the mouthful of dough and cheese, in her endeavor to speak. "No. Don't get me wrong – he's pretty hot, but not my type. Not really. I'm just irked that they had the gall to hide this from us. I mean, we're supposed to be a team and all that crap, and they're playing tonsil hockey in secret."

In the back of her mind, she was steadfastly ignoring the irony of being mad at them for keeping a secret when she refused to tell her own.

Wally cringed. "Not sure I'd want to actually see them do that in public, thank you."

"You know what I mean."

Wally frowned. "So I probably oughta stop flirting with her, then."

Artemis simply rolled her eyes in reply.

The teens stood in a silence that managed to be neither awkward nor comfortable before he hesitantly spoke up. "You know, that costume you were going to wear to the party…it, uh…i-it looked nice." He quickly stood and began to leave.

Artemis found herself smiling both at the compliment and at the surprisingly uncertain manner in which Wally had given it. "Hey, Wally."

He stopped in the doorway and half-turned to face her.


The speedster smiled back. "Anytime, Beautiful." Then he was gone.

Artemis returned her attention to her food. Suddenly, her head snapped up, and she whirled back toward the door as his words registered in her mind. Her smile grew larger as she decided she liked the sound of them.