This is a ballad I had to write in class. It's based on the book, If I Stay. But I made it so Mia died, so sorry if you don't like that. I also apologize in advance if the events are not in chronological order.

Well, I hope you enjoy! My first ballad, so don't go flaming me if you do not like it! D:

And I've noticed about my tenses and that some lines don't make sense grammatically, so yeah.

BTW- Just to let you know, this is written when Mia's spirit (or conscience or whatever) is out of her body.

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Stay? Or Leave?

On one snowy, blizzardy day,

Mia and family

Were driving to her grandparents'

Truck hit, it didn't see.

She found herself on the pavement

And knew Mother was dead.

Hot teardrops quickly stained her cheeks—

Dad's brain's out of his head.

With both her parent's gone, she hoped

Her brother was alive.

Through blurred vision she saw her arm

And thought, Did I survive?

Her arm was dripping scarlet red.

There was blood all around.

She heard the blaring of sirens,

The Halls have just been found.

The paramedics all rushed out.

They had no time to spare.

Everything happened all so fast,

They did not even stare.

"Hurry! A collapsed lung!" one yelled,

"Go!" shouted another.

Mia's carried to a stretcher,

With Mom, Dad, and Brother.

The way back to the hospital,

They got nervous and had speeded.

She watched them stick needles in her,

Yelled, "Surgery needed!"

The younger brother badly hurt,

On the brink of death too.

Being transferred to the E.R.

What's she going to do?

Everyone in the waiting room

Were sobbing and crying,

Because they already knew that

Both siblings were dying.

Doctors were busying themselves,

Hushed whispers heard throughout.

"Mia!" A voice broke the silence.

"Please leave, young man! Get out!"

Adam! She thought and slipped outside.

Could this really be you?

She saw a familiar face.

I can't believe it's true!

The footsteps echo off the walls

Like from the horror scenes.

It's her grandpa who was not

A killer by all means.

It saddened her to see Grandpa,

His face smothered with pain.

Yet, she couldn't do anything,

And it drove her insane.

She watched him speak to her body,

"Oh Mia, are you there?"

Why? She had wanted to ask him.

Why is life so unfair?

"He's dead." he whispered, and at that

All her hopes had shattered.

Her younger brother's life was all

That had truly mattered.

"We all want you to stay, Mia,

But I want you to be

Happy, so if you want you can

Choose to leave and be free."

Her grandpa's voice started to crack,

And he began to cry.

"Think about your future, Mia

It's up to you, not I."

After he left, the nice nurses

Came in to do their thing,

Adam entered shortly right when

The phones started to ring.

His face was like a lost puppy's

Who was left all alone,

And he brought in a MP3

Player that he did own.

"Sorry, it's not your favorite."

He murmured. "Can you hear?"

She recognized the melody

As it flowed to each ear.

Mia pictured her own future,

Visions flashed through her mind.

She saw herself surrounded by

People who were not kind.

Adam was crying and holding

Onto her hands, "Don't go."

I'm so sorry! Sorry, Adam...

"Please stay! You got to though!"

With all the energy she had,

She gave his hand a squeeze.

Then she fell limp. "Mia?" he asked

And then suddenly freeze.

Right at that moment the machine

Started beeping and he

Looked down at her broken body.

He said two words—"Why she?"

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