A/N: Hey guys, it's been a while since I've done a crossover story so I thought I give it a shot. As you can see, it's a crossover between Digimon 02 and Zatch Bell. Also as the summary says, in the middle of the Faudo Arc, many of the partners and mamodo end up all going to the digital world. At the end of this chapter, I shall list all the mamodo and human partners that are in this story and English names for both animes are used. Also, this starts in the middle of episode 5 of Digimon 02.

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Chapter 1 – The Power of a Mamodo

"K-Kiyo…where do you think the others are at?" questioned Zatch as he and his human partner walked through the snow. The lightning blonde mamodo couldn't stop shivering the whole time.

"I don't know. But, we have to find someplace warm before we freeze out here," answered the black haired 14 year old genius.

"How did we end up here anyway?" asked Zatch.

"Well…I think it was from the last spell clash between you and Zeno," pondered Kiyo out loud, trying to recall the events that happened up until now.


"Zatch, set!" yelled Kiyo as he pointed toward to where Zeno was. He and Zatch were currently having a battle against Zatch's twin brother, Zeno, and his human partner, Dufort. Both teams were moving around at incredible speeds as both Dufort and Kiyo used the abilities of their answer-talkers.

"Teozaker!" said Dufort as he called out the spell. A large amount of blue lightning was coming out of Zeno's hand as he aimed at Zatch and Kiyo.

'We have to attack with the same spell as well or this won't end very well,' thought Kiyo as he and Zatch were focused on the attack, "Teozaker!"

The same amount of lightning appeared from Zatch, however, it was yellow and it came out of Zatch's mouth.

Both attacks clashed each other, trying to see which is stronger. However, as this was going on, the Faudo control room around them started changing in multiple of colors. The spells canceled each other out as the colors of the room kept changing.

"Kiyo, something's happening!" yelled Megumi as she was hiding behind a pillar along with Folgore, Sunbeam, and Elle.

Both teams paused to look around and finally noticed the changing of colors.

"What is going on?" asked Rodeaux as he was finally able to get up from the storm of zakers and zakergas that damaged him greatly thanks to Kiyo. Rodeaux's human partner, Chita, just shrugged in reply.

"Kiyo, what's happening?" asked Zatch as he looked at his partner.

"I'm not really sure myself," answered the black haired teen.

Finally the multiple of colors ended and soon became a white light. The light shined brightly as everyone covered their eyes and finally, the light soon engulfed them and everything around it. This caused everyone to lose consciousness.

End of flashback

After that, Kiyo and Zatch woke up in the middle of a frozen wasteland. Now they're trying to find someplace to keep warm and to make sure they don't come across any enemies in their current state.

As they both continued their walk across the snow, they found what looked like a cave. They quickly made their way over to it. As they went inside, they found a brunette boy, a blue haired teen, and what looked like a yellow armadillo like creature and a white mammal/fish like creature.

"I didn't think that other people would be in here too," said Zatch out loud, causing those who were already inside to face the blonde and his human partner.

"Who are you two?" asked the blue haired teen.

"Oh, sorry for intruding. I'm Kiyo Takamine," said the black haired teen as he introduced himself.

"And I'm Zatch Bell," responded the lightning blonde with a smile on his face.

"Nice to meet you, Zatch and Kiyo. My name is Joe," said the blue haired teen.

"Hello, my name is Cody," said the brunette haired boy.

"Howdy. I'm Armadillomon," said the yellow creature.

"And I'm Gomamon," said the white creature.

"It's nice to meet you all," responded Zatch.

"I have a question. Just, where the heck are we?" asked Kiyo as he we was still shivering a bit.

"Huh? You mean you two don't know that you're in the Digital World?" asked Cody.

"Digital World?" repeated Zatch, "You mean we're not in the Human World?"

"That's right. We're in the Digital World where all the Digimon live. Armadillomon and Gomamon are digimon too," answered the brunette boy.

'So these creatures aren't mamodo and we're in this place called the Digital World? If that's the case, maybe the Human World isn't the same as well. This also means that there are other worlds other than the Human and Mamodo World. The question is, where are the others and how do we get home?' thought Kiyo with much on his mind.

Before anyone could speak, a rumbling was heard as the cave they were in started crumbling down.

"Everyone, quick, get outside!" yelled Joe as all six of them ran out into the snow. Once they made it out, much to their surprise, mostly Zatch's and Kiyo's, they came face to face with a spiky indigo haired boy known as the Digimon Emperor. Next to him was a green worm like creature known as Wormmon and a gigantic pink colored snail like digimon. They Digimon Emperor started chuckling, seeing that there were Digidestined left behind.

"Meet my newest slave, Shellmon. His Aqua Blaster attack shoots water so hard, it could demolish solid rock," explained the Digimon Emperor as he introduced the pink digimon.

"It appears that I've discovered your secret little hideout," said the Emperor.

'Man, facing enemies now was something Zatch and were trying to avoid,' thought Kiyo as his eyes changed, activating his answer-talker.

Joe then looked toward the control spire that was far away from them, then back to his digimon. "Gomamon, now I see why we were left behind. That way it'll give the other's time to destroy the spire. I need you distract the enemy with that Gomamon charm of yours."

"Got ya," answered Gomamon as he jumped off of the blue haired teen's arms and made his way over to Shellmon, "Why did one Shellmon take the other Shellmon's lunch. Because it was shellfish."

Gomamon's attempt didn't work as Shellmon began to attack him. "I guess you already heard that one,"

The others were still standing in a defensive position, ready for anything.

'This is the great Gomamon charm?' thought Joe as he looked at his digimon partner.

With the other Digidestined

The rest of the digidestined finally made it to the control spire that was being guarded by snowmen like digimon named Fridgimon.

"Let's get down to business! You ready Veemon?" said a mahogany haired boy known as Davis.

A small turquoise dinosaur like digimon who was Veemon nodded his head.

"Digi Armor Energize!" shouted Davis as he had his blue digivice.

"Veemon: Armor Digivolve to…" shouted Veemon as he started armor digivolving, "Flamdramon: The Fire of Courage!"

Flamdramon was different from Veemon as he's now much larger and had armor.

Then, the Fridgimon started attack with their Sub Zero Ice Punch attack that came from their fists. Luckily, Flamdramon dodged as he jumped into the air.

"Fire Rocket!"

Three fire balls came out of Flamdramon's hand as the attack hit the Fridgimon at point blank range.

Back to Kiyo's group

Gomamon nearly dodge another of Shellmon's attack. "You have no sense of humor."

"Try the knock-knock jokes," responded Joe as he was getting more worried.

"You ready?" asked Cody as he looked at Armadillomon.

"You bet," answered the digimon.

"Digi Armor Energized!" shouted Cody as he had his yellow digivice.

"Armadillomon: Armor Digivolve to…" shouted Armadillomon as he armor digivolved, "Digmon: The Drill of Power!"

"Armor, huh? Not bad," responded Joe as Digmon went to attack Shellmon.

"Should we help too, Kiyo?" asked Zatch as he looked as if he was ready to fight.

"Wait a bit, Zatch. From what I got from my answer-talker, I believe I know how to defeat this guy, but we just have to make sure," responded Kiyo as he looked at the two digimon starting to fight. His eyes didn't change and he had the red spellbook at the ready.

Digmon got into Shellmon's way, giving Gomamon a chance to escape.

"Thanks Digmon," said Gomamon as he went back to the group.

"You're welcome," responded back Digmon as he was already struggling by Shellmon's grip.

"Hey, leave him alone!" shouted Cody as he made his way over to the two digimon.

"Aqua Blaster!" shouted Shellmon as he blasted water straight for Cody. Luckily, Digmon managed to escape and protected the brunette from the attack with his armor. Although Digmon saved him, Cody had a frightened expression on his face.

"Don't worry, Cody. I'll protect you," said Digmon, though he was damaged from the attack.

The Digimon Emperor frowned at what was happening. Soon, Shellmon started attacking Digmon again.

'Kiyo, please hurry with an answer,' thought Zatch has he was getting angered and worried of the situation.

Back to Davis' group

Flamdramon shot more of Fire Rocket, damaging the Fridgimon more.

"Strike three!" shouted Davis with a grin on his face.

"Flamdramon can handle the Fridgimon by himself so it's up to us to destroy the spire," explained the blonde hair boy named TK.

"Okay, but I think we're gunna have to do it from the air," responded the brunette haired girl named Kari.

"Got it," answered a lavender haired girl named Yolei.

However, none of them knew that a small silver haired boy that looked like Zatch along with his light blonde haired human partner was watching the event occurring. The boy snickered at the group's attempt.

Back to Kiyo's group

"Hold on Cody," said Digmon as he dodged Shellmon's attack.

"Zatch, I got it! Go and aim for the dark ring around Shellmon's arm!" shouted Kiyo as he opened the red spellbook.

"Yeah!" responded Zatch as he ran toward Shellmon. Mostly everyone was surprised by what the lightning blonde was doing.

"Zatch, Set!" yelled Kiyo as he pointed at the dark ring. Zatch did what he was told as he looked directly at the ring.

"The fifth spell: Zakerga!"

A weaker but straighter version of Teozaker fired from Zatch's mouth and hit the dark ring at point blank range. The dark ring was completely destroyed as Shellmon was out of the Digimon Emperor's control.

"All right!" yelled Joe happily as the dark ring was destroyed.

The Digimon Emperor snarled at this. 'How is it possible that lightning came out of that brat's mouth? Is he a digimon? No, it can't be. He's looks pretty much like a human to be one but he isn't human either. Just what is he?'

Before the group had a chance calm down, a large lobster like digimon appeared from the water.

"No problem. I'm never out of ideas or slaves. Ebidramon here uses his Twin Scissors attack to crush the enemy like a snail," explained the Digimon Emperor.

"Ebidramon, destroy them all!" shouted the Emperor as Ebidramon started attacking Digmon and dragged him to the water. The others ran toward where Digmon was dragged.

"Digmon!" yelled Cody in a worried tone.

"Kiyo, judging by how cold it is and all, I don't think I'll be able to go down there and help, even with the power of Rauzaruk," explained Zatch as he was getting worried.

Kiyo nodded his head, understanding. 'Man, he's right, but, we just can't stand here and do nothing.'

"If there was some way you could digivolve," said Joe, talking to Gomamon, then looked at the spire, "What's taking them so long with that spire?"

Back to Davis' group

"How is it that it takes you so long to take care of trash like this?" asked the silver haired mamodo known as Zeno as he came and took care of the Fridgimon single handedly without the use of spells not too long ago.

Davis and Flamdramon glared at Zeno and his human partner, Dufort. TK, Kari, Yolei, and their digimon could only watch, not knowing what was going to happen. Zeno turned towards the direction of the spire.

"Hmph. I can't believe something like this was so weakly guarded. Whoever this Digimon Emperor is, is very stupid if he can't get stronger henchmen to guard a damn spire," said Zeno annoyingly as he raised his hand toward the spire, "Dufort! The lowest class spell should be enough to knock this thing down."

Dufort nodded as the silver colored spellbook started glowing brightly, surprising the digidestined.


Blue lightning appeared from Zeno's hand as he hit the spire directly. This caused the spire to completely be knocked down.

Back to Kiyo's group

"They did it! They destroyed the control spire! Now you can digivolve!" yelled Joe happily, thinking that the digidestined destroyed it. Gomamon nodded in reply.

"But, Kiyo, I saw blue lightning that destroyed the spire," said Zatch quietly.

"I know. It must have been none other than Zeno and Dufort," responded Kiyo. 'So they're here too. However, what's their intentions if they were the ones that destroyed the control spire?'

"What?" said the Emperor.

"He said that they destroyed the control spire, now you can digivolve," answered Wormmon.

"It's just a figure of speech," responded the Digimon Emperor angrily.

"Gomamon: Digivolve to…" shouted Gomamon, "Ikkakumon!"

Ikkakumon dived into the water and freed Digmon from Ebidramon. Quickly, Digmon resurfaced from the water.

"Now it's my turn! Gold Rush!" shouted Digmon as he fired drills toward Ebidramon and hit him directly. Ebidramon received major damage but still went for an attack, not giving time for the group to counter.

'Oh no, I won't be able to cast Rashield in time,' thought Kiyo as they were about to brace for impact.


A thin dome shield protected the group as Ebidramon hit it and bounced back.

"What?" shouted the Emperor in disbelief.

"Kiyo, I know that shield from anywhere!" yelled Zatch.

"Yeah," responded Kiyo.

"Zatch, Kiyo, are you guys alright?" asked a childish female voice causing everyone to turn toward the sound. Zatch and Kiyo were happy to see a pink haired girl and a tall brunette teen.

"It's Tia!" shouted Zatch happily.

"And Megumi!" responded Kiyo.

Both girls made it towards the two partners at the digidestined.

"Glad we made it on time. Luckily Tia noticed the difference between the lightning from Zatch's Zakerga and Zeno's Zaker," explained Megumi.

The two digidestined still faced where Ebidramon was at.

"Now, Ikkakumon!" shouted Joe as Ikkakumon went for an attack.

"Harpon Torpedo!"

The horn from Ikkakumon's head hit straight at Ebidramon, causing an explosion and for the dark ring to be destroyed.

From that moment, the Digimon Emperor and Wormmon got a chance to escape.


Everyone met up with each other as all the digidestined were confused by the six newcomers.

"Okay, just who the heck are all you guys?" asked Davis rudely, though the digidestined and digimon all wanted answers.

"From what you know, we're not from your world. All we know is that a white light brought us here. More of us could be here in the Digital World or in your Human World for all we know," explained Kiyo.

"Well anyways, I'm Kiyo Takamine," said Kiyo.

"I'm Zatch Bell," said Zatch.

"Hello, I'm Megumi Ooumi," greeted Megumi.

"My name's Tia," said Tia.

"If you must know, I'm Zeno Bell and this is Dufort," answered Zeno a bit annoyingly then pointed to his human partner who just waved.

"As you know, Zatch, Tia, and Zeno aren't human by the powers they possess. In our universe, they are known as mamodos, they are demon like creatures that have incredible powers. One hundred mamodos, which includes these three, are currently having a battle that takes place every thousand years to determine who will be the king of their world. However, the only way for them to use their powers is to find a human partner who can read their spellbook. Also, if the spellbook gets burned or if the mamodo gets badly injured that their spellbook burns on its own, then that mamodo ends up going back to the Mamodo World and loses the chance at becoming king. Zatch and I were in the middle of a battle with Zeno and Dufort when we all noticed a white light brought us all here," explained Kiyo, which left the digidestined in awe.

"Kiyo, have you also used the answer-talker to find out how we can return?" asked Dufort as he looked at the black haired teen.

"Yeah, and it's a pretty interesting answer," responded Kiyo.

"What is it?" asked Megumi.

"In order for all the mamodo and human partners that came to this universe to return home, we all must work together and help the digidestined in their own battle against the Digimon Emperor," explained Kiyo.

"Wait, what does that mean?" asked Tia and Zatch.

"It means, if we want to get back home, we have put aside out differences and become temporary allies," answered Zeno.

"What? Allies! With you? But, if we have to be allies, does that mean if Rodeaux, Keys, and Purio are here too, they have to also be our allies?" asked Tia in a worried tone.


"E-even Brago and Bari?" asked Zatch hesitantly.

"Yeah, Zatch," answered Kiyo.

"So wait, this means that there can be more of you all here in the Digital World and in our Human World as well?" asked Yolei.

Kiyo nodded his head in reply.

"Maybe it's best that we all also help find these mamodos and their partners as we keep battling the Digimon Emperor," explained TK.

The mamodos, human partners, digidestined, and digimon all nodded in reply.

"Well at least now we all have something to do that involves battling and all, but where are we going to stay at?" asked Tia as the mamodos and their partners started thinking.

"Hey, maybe Megumi and Tia can stay at my place," said Yolei happily.

"Sounds good to me," answered Megumi with a smile.

"Kiyo and Zatch can stay at my place!" yelled Davis.

"Yeah, if they like staying at someone's house if their room is messy all the time," snickered Yolei causing mostly everyone to laugh.

"Ha ha, that's so funny I forgot to laugh," responded Davis bitterly.

"They can stay at my place if they want. We have an extra guest room," said TK.

"Sure, no problem," responded Kiyo much to Davis' dismay.

"Maybe Zeno and Dufort can stay at my house. My mom and grandfather won't mind as long as the house is clean," said Cody.

"Whatever. Just as long as it's not so loud," responded Zeno with a bored tone. Dufort just shrugged as a reply.

"Well, at least now we know what our priorities are. Once we get back, I'll explain to Tai and the other digidestined about the situation," explained Kari.

With that, Davis aimed his digivice toward the small television as a bright light appeared. Soon, the group disappeared and returned to the Human World.

With the Digimon Emperor

In a dark room full of monitors, the Digimon Emperor smirked as he saw and heard what was going on with the group.

"Mamodos, huh? Well this has certainly caught my curiosity. I'll just have to find a way to control these creatures and make them my slaves. If that doesn't work, I'll just go and have my slaves destroy their spellbooks," said the Digimon Emperor as he cackled, which echoed throughout the entire room. He started typing as he started getting ideas for the start of his next experiments.

A/N: Well that's it. This was certainly a very long 1st chapter. I estimate that each chapter will be about 2,000 to over 3,000 words long. I'm sorry if this wasn't my best introduction to this story but I tried my hardest.

Just to clear things up, the ideas of Zatch Bell in this story are a cross of the manga and anime but heavily manga related which is why Zatch has more spells and Kiyo has the answer-talker. Also, as this story progresses, yes, the mamodos who get Shin class spell will end up getting them. Also some mamodos have extra spells such as Zeno having Zeo Zakerga, Tia having Gigano Saisu, and maybe Zatch having Barudo Forusu.

Now, here's the list of all mamodos and human partners that are gunna be in this story (pretty much a lot of them):

Zatch and Kiyo

Zeno and Dufort

Tia and Megumi

Kanchome and Folgore

Ponygon and Sunbeam

Momon and Elle

Wonrei and Li en

Riya and Alishe

Ted and Jeed

Cherish and Nicole

Arth and Ellie

Sauzaa and Karudio

Brago and Sherry

Bari and Gustav

Rodeaux and Chita

Purio and Lupa

Keys and Berun

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I might have left out some stuff but I don't remember. If I did, I'll explain next chapter.

Next Time: For the first time, the new digidestined, the mamodos, and human partners met Mimi, one of the past digidestined. With that, they all end up having a picnic in the Digital World. What happens when Yolei, Hawkmon, Mimi, Megumi, and Tia all end missing and have to face two digimon. Can they defeat them? And will they come across another mamodo and human partner? Read and find out!