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Recall: "The Digimon Emperor tried to keep us Digidestined and the mamodo teams from destroying anymore control spires by sic'ing Andromon on us. Kari recognized him right away as an old friend but I wasn't so sure 'cause this Andromon only responded to the Digimon Emperor. Luckily the Emperor's dark ring couldn't completely control him and our D3s were able to free our buddy from the Emperor's control. Then after, Zatch explained to us what the Emperor's doing is very similar to his experiences with other mamodo who were forced into a battle that they didn't want to be in. We may have won our battle, but the war is far from over. If we only knew who this Emperor guy is, guess his game plan, and figure out how to stop him," explained Davis.

Chapter 4 – Secrets and Aid from the Swordsman

A soccer practice was currently going on as Davis' team was getting ready for a scrimmage game. During the practice, one kid tried to shoot a goal, however Davis managed to stop the kid on his tracks by sliding across the field. A crowd of people was watching the practice session. Along those were Tai, Kari, TK, Yolei, Cody, Zatch, Kiyo, Tia, and Megumi, who were cheering for Davis. Then the whistle blew, announcing for the team to go over to the coach.

"Alright everybody, hustle in and listen up," said the coach, "Alright, our first scrimmage is this Sunday against last year's number one team in the league."

The team became surprised at this.

"That's the team with that brainiac kid! He's good at soccer, sports, he's good at everything," said Davis.

"Hey, hey, watch the name calling. He's Ken Ichijouji," said the coach.

Later, in the computer room

"As captain of the soccer team, Ken Ichijouji led his team to victory last season by having a record setting forty-five goals," said Yolei as she looked at the monitor.

"Woah, this kid may even be better than I am," said Tai.

"I bet he could be in the Olympics if he wanted to," commented Cody.

"He's not so tough. I didn't even get a chance to beat him 'cause we never got a chance to play them last season," said Davis.

"You guys got knocked out early. You didn't even make the playoffs," said TK

"Very funny, TE," said Davis bitterly.

"You think you could beat him?" asked Kari.

"I don't have to flat out beat him. If I can just make it a close game to a guy like that, I'll be a living legend and everybody knows chicks dig living legends," said Davis.

"Oh, Davis," said Yolei.

"Uh oh, it's happening already," said Davis as Yolei grabbed his hand.

"When you see Ken on the soccer field, will you get an autograph of him for me?" asked Yolei.

"Ken and Yolei, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G," commented Cody causing Tia and Zatch to giggle.

"Hey, watch it. Besides, I didn't say that I wanted to kiss him, duh, I just want to marry him," responded Yolei.

"Uh, I don't think there's much of difference," said Megumi.

"If you really want to meet this guy, just ask him for an autograph yourself," said Davis.

"Oh, I guess I could do that," said Yolei.

"Let's all go to the game and you could ask him then," suggested Kari.

"Hey, don't you want my autograph?" asked Davis.

"At times like these Megumi, you should be happy that you're having your time off," commented Tia.

"What do you mean?" asked Kari.

"Well, in our Human World, Megumi is actually a pop star idol," explained Kiyo.

"Woah seriously? Who knew that," said Davis.

"Well I did hear Megumi sing sometimes around the house and I think Tia mentioned stuff about it a couple of times," said Yolei. Megumi blushed slightly of embarrassment that someone heard her singing even though she sang quietly around the house.

"That's pretty cool. For someone who's around our age and already has a singing career," said Kari.

"Yeah, I guess so," said Megumi.

Later, at Davis' house

"Can I come to your game too?" asked Demiveemon, who was sitting on the bed, which that and the entire room was clean now.

"Of course! You could watch me wipe the field with Mr. Perfect. I'll show them who's the man," said Davis proudly.

Sunday, at the game

The soccer team was stretching and warming up for the big game. Then Davis looked up to see Tai, TK, Cody, Upamon, Yolei, Poromon, Kari, Demiveemon, Zatch, Kiyo, Tia, Megumi, and even Zeno and Dufort sitting on the stands. He was also looking up, waiting for the other team to arrive.

"Good luck, Davis!" yelled Kari.

"Don't forget to hug Ken!" yelled Yolei while stretching Poromon.

"Give him a kiss too!" joked Tai, getting laughs from Megumi and Kiyo.

"Ha ha," said Davis sarcastically as he finally saw the bus arrive. A group of fangirls were waiting outside the door of the bus.

"Enjoy the attention while it lasts, pal," said Davis to himself.

"I can't believe it's really him," said Yolei, squishing Poromon with her hands, causing Cody and Zatch to worry about the poor digimon.

'When I woke up this morning, I was just a regular kid. When I go to bed tonight, I'll be king of the world,' thought Davis as he looked at the bus and waited Ken to step off.

"I hope Davis isn't in over his head," commented Tai.

'Tai thinks that I'm in over my head, but I'll so him,' thought Davis as he saw the bus door close and leave but Ken wasn't in the bus at all.

"Where's Ken?" asked Davis.

"Where is he?" asked Kari.

"Izzy? No, we're waiting for Ken," said TK, not hearing Kari right.

"Uh, we know that," said Yolei, "Ken's not coming is he, Cody?"

"Will you stop asking me if I say yes?" asked Cody.

"No I won't," responded Yolei as she started squishing Poromon again.

"Luckily for me I have no spine," muttered Poromon.

"I wonder where he is really," said Kiyo.

"He's currently having an interview and will come at the second half of the game," answered Dufort.

"Hey, how did you know tha-, " asked Tia as she was cut off.

"The answer-talker," responded Kiyo knowing that he has his own answer-talker as well but is currently unstable and only activates during battles.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that," said the red head mamodo. Though through this conversation, the Digidestined did not hear it at all.

Meanwhile, Davis went over to other team, asking them where Ken is. They explained to him how Ken is always so busy that he hardly has time to play soccer with them anymore. Then Tai called him, having Davis go over to the brunette.

"Even if Ken doesn't show, his teammates are still champions. If you're not careful, they'll use you as a soccer ball," explained Tai.

"You got know how well you play with last year's champions!" yelled TK.

"Win or lose, you'll still be a hero!" shouted Kari.

"Yeah, I'll still be a living legend," said Davis realizing it.

"Why do I have to stay here if Ken isn't here. It's not like I don't have things that I could be doing right now," said Yolei angrily.

"What about Davis?" asked Cody.

"Damn, why are we here again, Dufort?" asked Zeno in a bored tone since he was forced to come.

"Because we might have found the true identity of the Emperor," answered Dufort quietly so no one else could hear. Zeno then perked up at this and grinned evilly.

"Well then, now that has certainly caught my interest," said Zeno.

"Uh, is something the matter, Zeno?" asked Zatch as he noticed his twin brother's expression.

"Oh nothing that a weakling like you should know about…yet," answered the silver haired mamodo as he then started paying attention to the game. Zatch frowned at this but decided to let it go for now and turned back towards the field as well.

The whistle blew as the game started. Davis' team had the ball first as he started kicking it across the field.

'I gotta play as well as Ken. I just gotta,' thought Davis the whole time.

The game went on as both teams were constantly taking the ball from each other with no goals so far. That isn't till one point when a teammate passed Davis the soccer ball and he finally manages to score a goal, breaking the zero to zero tie. Most of the group in the stands started cheering as Davis scored the first point of the game and the first half was concluded. Both teams decided to take a break and soon Davis was with the group as Kari was showing him photos she shot with her camera.

"It's rewinding. There, you look good on camera," said Kari as Davis as he saw the picture of himself when he had the soccer ball.

"Thanks, Kari. I so kicked butt out there, huh?" said Davis.

"And you kicked the ball really good too," commented Demiveemon.

"That's for sure," said Tia.

"Yeah, that too, huh," said Davis looking at both of them.

"You nailed that shot, Davis," said TK.

"Hey you guys only lead by one goal. The game is still wide open and Ken could still show up," responded Tai.

"Yeah, so, what's Ken gunna do? Please, if he was here right now I'd show him-," said Davis before he was cut off as fangirls announced that Ken arrived. The group saw as a taxi drove away and showed Ken arriving in full uniform.

"Me and my big mouth," commented Davis.

"It's Ken, I don't believe it! I must be dreaming! Somebody pinch me!" yelled Yolei as they saw Ken walking down the stairs. Ken then turned and saw the group with a mix of a surprised and glaring expression. He then continued walking down the stairs.

"For all the attention he's getting, he sure keeps his cool," said Tai.

"Wow, I wasn't even that calm when there was so many fans around me back in our Human World," commented Megumi.

"Hey, I'm cool," said Davis.

"Yeah, more like lukewarm," said Tai.

"Ha ha, that's so funny I forgot to laugh," said Davis sarcastically.

Ken then approached his group explaining how he had important stuff to do. Then the coach decided to put him in the game. Soon it was the start of the second half.

"Now substituting number seven: Ken "The Rocket" Ichijouji!" said the announcer as Ken and Davis were in the middle of the field.

"You must be Ken. I'm Davis, nice to meet ya," greeted Davis as he introduced himself.

Then Ken turned to see the group on the stands with a smirk on his face.

"Oh my gosh, he looked right at me, Poromon. Could you believe he's even cuter in person than he is on TV. I could just hug him all day," said Yolei as she was death hugging poor Poromon.

"He's not an accordion, Yolei," commented Cody.

"He's just a kid like you, Davis!" shouted Kari.

"Good luck out there!" yelled Kiyo and Megumi.

"Do your hardest, Davis!" shouted Tia.

"Yeah, you gotta outrun him!" shouted TK.

"Go for it!" yelled Zatch.

"You could do it and even if you can't we won't think any less of you man!" yelled Tai.

Zeno and Dufort kept quiet as they were talking amongst themselves.

"That's the kid, Zeno," said Dufort quietly.

"Seriously? That human doesn't look nearly as strong or anything. However, I would've underestimated him easily if it weren't for that dark and intimidating aura full of power that I sense from him like I did back in the Digital World," explained Zeno as he started grinning evilly again.

"Oi, ningen! Don't hold back anything and beat that guy!" yelled Zeno as he was "supporting" Davis, mostly surprising Kiyo, Zatch, and Tia.

Ken smirked once again and turned back facing forward, "Nice friends you got there, Davis."

The whistle then blew, starting the game. Ken easily passed Davis and kicked the ball, dodging any opposite players and scored a goal. Most of the group started worrying though Yolei was mostly cheering for Ken. The game continued as Ken ordered his teammates around scored more goals throughout the game. As Ken was about to score the last goal, Davis then slid across the field, tripping him over. This caused the raven haired boy to have an injury on his ankle,

"Hey, good tackle. Have a nice trip, Ken. See you next fall," said Tai.

The game then ended with Ken's team winning the game nine to one. Their team cheered as they won another game. Davis then ran up to Ken.

"Hey, Ken, is your leg alright? Sorry about that tackle. I guess I caught ya off guard," apologized Davis.

"I barely felt it. Too busy thinking about scoring goals," said Ken.

"I guess you heard from your teammates how I was dominating the field, how unstoppable I was before you got here," said Davis.

"Someone might have mentioned that. If you keep it up, maybe you might get a championship," responded Ken.

"Well when you got here, you all got so far ahead that I decided to go all or nothing on that last play," explained Davis.

"I was more focused on shooting goals that I didn't see you coming. That play never fails," said Ken.

"Well it did with me," said Davis.

"Yes indeed. Well my worthy adversary, farewell. Until we meet again in battle," said Ken as he held out his hand. Davis did the same and shook hands.


"Then we shook hands, and then he admired me," said Davis as he was explaining to the group on the way back.

"Oh c'mon," said Tai, not really believing it.

"I never seen you so happy about losing a game," said Kari.

Davis then explained how he received complements from Ken and Yolei was depressed that she didn't get an autograph. Most of the group laughed how Davis imagined him and Ken being on the same soccer team one day. Most were happy as they continued walking to their homes. However, most of them failed to notice that Ken was watching them from the top of a bridge.

The next day

Everyone, even Ponygon and Sunbeam came, was the computer lab checking for any new spires in the Digital World.

"Give me your hand," demanded Yolei as she was talking to Davis.

"Why?" asked the mahogany haired boy.

"Because I said so!"

"Huh?" asked Davis as he extended his hand, "Here you go."

"Since you shook hands with Ken, if I shake hands with you, it'll almost be like shaking hands with him," said Yolei as she was about to shake hands with Davis. Poromon, Tia, Zatch, and Megumi were watching the whole time while Kiyo was searching through the computer.

"I can't do it. It's not the same," said Yolei as she pulled her hand away.

'Of course it isn't,' though Tia.

"I'll have to shake hands with my beloved in person," said Yolei.

"Oh brother…" responded everyone except Dufort, Zatch, and Megumi.

"Hey, what are you doing, Kiyo?" asked TK as he finally noticed the black haired teen looking at the monitor.

"I can't believe it," said Kiyo, causing everyone except for Davis and Yolei to look at him, "It's a control spire."

"What's it doing there?" asked Megumi.

"Controlling, spirring, the usual," joked Gatomon making Tia giggle.

"It must have been built overnight. That's really fast," said Kiyo.

"So, where is it located?" asked TK.

"I'm not entirely sure. This map doesn't have the points of interest," responded the black haired teen.

"It's the Forbidden Valley of No Return," answered Upamon as he looked at the monitor as well.

"Why do bad guys name things like that?" asked Kari.

"Hey! It isn't all bad guys, human," interrupted Zeno.

"Oh yeah, I forgot that Kiyo mentioned that you and Dufort took control of some huge mamodo name Faudo, right?" asked TK.

"Exactly. Now it's much boring here because I'm forced to work with all you weaklings until the human partners and mamodo are able to go back," said Zeno.

"You don't need to be so angry about it, geez. Even though I don't want to work with you either, I'm not the one complaining about it," said Tia as she crossed her arms.

"Why you damn tramp," responded Zeno as he was getting angry.

"Cool it you two. Right now we have bigger problems," said Kiyo, trying to get them to avoid a fight.

"Yeah, we've got to destroy it before it controls any digimon," responded TK.

"Right," agreed almost everyone.

"What are we waiting for, let's go Davis!" shouted TK as everyone turned towards him and Yolei, who we're still in their little situation.

"Are you really sure about this?" asked Davis, "Digi Port Open!"

Then everybody ended up being transferred to the Digital world at the said area.

The Digital World

Everyone started walking across the sand in the area where they were supposed to be at.

"Wow, this valley sure looks forbidden, alright," commented Kari as they walked.

"Got that right," responded Megumi.

"A few duckies and bunnies would spruce it up," joked Davis.

"Come on guys, quit kidding around. The Digimon Emperor could be around here anywhere so stay sharp," said TK.

"It'll be best if we stay together and not split up," said Kiyo.

"I think this valley might be kind of homie," said Yolei as they kept walking.

"For once I actually agree with you, human," said Zeno.

"Yeah, more like lonely," commented Davis.

"Quiet guys. You don't want the Emperor to hear us coming," said Kari. Then suddenly, Yolei and Hawkmon fell through the sand.

"Well, he surely heard that," said Tia.

"My gosh, they're gone," said Gatomon before everyone else fell though as well. Luckily, Zeno managed to grab Dufort with his mantle and jump in the air to avoid from being falling in, but Davis and Veemon were the only ones who didn't fall in as well as they stood. Zeno then landed, not falling in, and turned his mantle back to normal.

"Guys! Did you three see that, everyone is gone," said Davis as he looked around. Everyone else fell from what looked like another dimension of some sorts.

"The Emperor must have planned it," said Zeno as he looked at Dufort who nodded his head.

Davis digged, thinking that he would reach them but failed.

"I think you better call Tai to help us out," suggested Veemon.

"We'll have no need for that," said Zeno.

"Zeno might be right. Besides, it'll take way to long," said Davis as he looked at the other three, "Help me dig before we find more trouble."

"More trouble has found you!" yelled a voice that sounded like the Digimon Emperor.

"So he is here," said Zeno with an evil grin on his face, "Well this is certainly becoming a good day for me."

"Digimon Emperor, what have you done?" asked Davis as they all looked from where the Emperor's voice was coming from, "Where are our friends?"

"Your friends as you call them are here with me. Come and see for yourself if you all dare," said the Emperor as he cackled.

The four then started running towards the direction of the voice.

"No need to worry, the ground won't swallow us. That's what the Emperor wants," said Dufort at Davis, explaining a minor part of the situation.

"Well that's one good thing," said Davis as they all made to where the Digimon Emperor was at.

"There he is! You're gunna get it!" yelled Davis as they saw the Emperor, who laughed.

"Oh, I am so scared," said the Emperor sarcastically.

"Let our friends go!" demanded Davis, "What have you done with them?"

"Take a look! Your friends are at my mercy and so would appear have you!" responded the Digimon Emperor as all four looked to see everyone tied up and hanging on a bridge.

"I doubt it's really them," said Zeno quietly.

"It's not. It's just a bunch of digimon controlled by the Emperor disguised as them," answered Dufort as his answer-talker was fully active.

"Tch, such a stupid trick," responded Zeno.

"Oh no! Guys!" yelled Davis since he didn't hear Zeno's and Dufort's conversation.

"Davis! Save yourself!" yelled Kari.

"Run! You can still escape!" yelled TK.

"Don't take your eyes off the Emperor," said Cody.

"What are you waiting for, save me!" shouted Yolei.

"Hurry, before you get caught too!" yelled Kiyo.

"Go! Before it's too late!" yelled Megumi.

"Think of some way to save us later!" yelled Sunbeam.

"Don't worry! I'll think of something!" yelled Davis as he was about to run towards them.

"Think fast," said the Emperor, making Davis stop on his tracks, "Oh wait, too late!"

"Oh no!" yelled Davis.

"Awaken, Deltamon!" shouted the Emperor as then there was rumbling in the area.

"Hmph, summoning another of his henchmen? How pathetic," commented Zeno.

Then, a large bolder was destroyed, revealing a navy blue reptile like digimon with three heads.

"Just what is that, Veemon?" asked Davis.

"Deltamon is a dragon type digimon with a metal head for one hand and a skull for the other. His attacks are Triplex Force and Serpent Bite!" explained Veemon.

"What luck that you all dropped by. You see, it's Deltamon's dinnertime and I think eating all of you would make a well balanced meal, don't you?" said the Emperor as everyone who was captured started screaming.

"Oh no you won't! I'll never let you get away with this!" shouted Davis.

"It appears that you have no choice. If you want me to show mercy, you must beg for it," responded the Emperor.

"What?" asked Davis. All four of them glared the Emperor.

"You heard me, pathetic losers, on your knees and beg. "Please master, spare my worthless friends."," demanded the Digimon Emperor.

Davis then kneeled down, "Please master, spare my worthless friends."

The Digimon Emperor cackled. He then frown to see that Zeno and Dufort weren't doing it as well.

"You two, get your knees and beg as well!" demanded the Emperor. Zeno glared at him as he started getting angry.

"For one, I can really care less about those pathetic weaklings and two, I wouldn't even dare to do such lowly things!" yelled Zeno angrily causing the Emperor to glare.

"If you think I'll do something like that, then you really are a stupid ningen! Do you even know who you're talking to here? The current prince of the Mamodo World! The Royal Heritage of Lightning: Thunder Emperor Zeno!" shouted the silver haired mamodo as blue lightning started appearing from his hand out of anger. This caused Davis and Veemon to step back except for Dufort, who was used to it by now. The Digimon Emperor had a fearful look in his eyes, now knowing that the silver haired mamodo could get angry easily and attack at any time, ruthless and with no sign of mercy.

'Just what kind of power does this mamodo truly have? And why is his human partner not afraid at all? What is it with those two that gives off a truly evil and intimidating power?' thought the Emperor as he looked at them in disbelief.

"You probably wonder about my power, don't you?" asked Zeno as if he was reading the Emperor's mind, surprising him.

"Just because I was part of the royal family, doesn't mean I was spoiled. I spent most of my life in rigorous training just to have this power and yet, I'm not satisfied," said Zeno as he was getting angrier, "And it's all because of him!" He then pointed at Zatch, who was even more scared than usual.

'We both know they're fakes, but his anger is really catching up to him because that digimon looks like Zatch right now,' thought Dufort, not wanting to stop the silver haired mamodo.

"It's because of him, I don't have full power all because he was in the side and took the power of Bao!" yelled Zeno.

"Bao?" asked the Emperor. 'Could it be that the lightning blonde mamodo has a power even greater than this one? If that's the case, then I'll have to find a way to gain that power once I'm done with all these pests.'

"Zeno," said Dufort as a sign for Zeno to calm down. The silver haired mamodo noticed as the blue lightning from his hand faded away.

"Tch, you fools haven't even seen the extent of my power," said Zeno as he was finally calm.

"All right then, I'll let you two go for now since you have exceeded my expectations," said the Emperor as he turned back to Davis and Veemon, "Now you! I'll take pity on you two. You see, it's Deltamon's dinner time and has only three mouths and there's seven pairs of humans, digimon, and mamodo up there. So, for that, you must only pick one to save."

"So I have to choose?" asked Davis as he looked back at the others, "I can't do it! How am I supposed pick one over the others?"

"You have until the sands run out to choose," said the Emperor as he held a small hourglass, "And it isn't long, pretty boy."

"Don't worry about me, save one of the others!" yelled Kari.

"Get out of here, Davis! Go ahead! Save yourself!" shouted TK.

"Oh sure, make me look bad! Fine then, don't save me!" shouted Yolei.

"Whatever you decide, Davis, we trust you. So think of something," Said Cody.

"Save one of those who you're better off saving!" yelled Sunbeam.

"We believe in you in whatever decision you make!" yelled Megumi.

"You should get out of here while you can!" shouted Kiyo.

Davis looked down, unsure. "I-I just don't know what to do. The sands are running out. How am I only supposed to choose one of my friends and sacrifice all the rest?"

"Like sands in the hourglass, so are your friends' lives," said the Digimon Emperor.

I just, I…can't do it," said Davis.

"Will you throw their lives away? Is that what you call friendship?" asked the Emperor, smirking.

"They're all my friends," said Davis. 'Kari. TK. Cody. Yolei. Sunbeam. Megumi. Kiyo.'

The Digimon Emperor started cackling, seeing the boy struggle.

"Should we help him?" asked Dufort as he looked at Zeno as they were both watching the whole time.

"No, I sense that it won't be necessary," responded Zeno as he smirked, "Besides, I just know that this is close to the point to where things start getting real interesting."

'You brought this on yourself. You made me look like a fool. Now you must suffer,' thought the Emperor as the sands ran out.

"And now Digidestined, bookkeepers, and mamodo, time's up," announced the raven haired boy, "It's time to say good-bye."

All of those who were hanging started screaming as Deltamon was ready to devour them all.

"Wait! Take me instead of the others!" yelled Davis as he didn't anything to happen to the group.

"You think you can satisfy his hunger? Alright then. Deltamon!" yelled the Emperor as the dragon digimon turned towards Davis as he headed his way towards the boy.

"Look out Davis!" yelled TK and Kiyo.

The Emperor chuckled as he was seen the current situation unfold.

"He's here," said Zeno quietly.

"Who?" asked Dufort.

"You'll see," responded the silver haired mamodo.

"Davis, if you have some sort of surprise attack, now would be a good time to yell surprise!" yelled Veemon.

"Surprise?" questioned Davis.

"Not funny," responded Veemon.

"Sorusen!" yelled a feminine, childish, voice as a blast shaped like a blade hit Deltamon at point blank range, causing damage.

From there, a bolder was destroyed, revealing Digmon.

"What? What's going on?" asked the Emperor is disbelief.

"Surprise? It's not even my birthday," said Digmon.

"It's Digmon!" yelled Davis.

"Incoming!" yelled three approaching digimon.

"It's Pegasusmon, Halsemon, and Nefertimon!" yelled Veemon.

"It's an illusion! We're alright!" yelled TK as everyone else approached Davis.

"Yeah, but, who was the one that shot that attack?" asked Davis.

"That would be us," responded a male voice from the top of cliff.

"Huh?" asked the Digidestined, bookkeepers, and most of the mamodo as they turned to the direction of the voice. They say what looked like large moving gold armor with a face, wearing a cloak. On top of his shoulder, was a small blonde hair girl who looked around six, holding a purple spellbook. Zatch and Kiyo smiled at the two.

"Alright! It's the swordsman mamodo, Arth, and his human partner, Ellie!" yelled Kiyo, having most of everyone in the group relax.

"We meet again, users of Bao," greeted Ellie, mainly referring to Zatch and Kiyo. The pair then jumped off the cliff and landed next to the group.

"Uh, guys, I know we all want to say hi and all but we still have other problems," said Davis as everyone saw that those hanging turned out to be Bakemon.

"Eww, gross," said Yolei and Tia.

"What are those things?" asked Davis.

"Despite their obvious dental hygiene problems, Bakemon are able to accurately impersonate any other creature. Their attack is called the Dark Claw," explained Veemon.

"He made the Bakemon look like our friends," said Veemon.

The Digimon Emperor started getting angry. "I can't believe it! You dumb Bakemon, I had that kid right where I wanted him!"

"It's not my fault," said Wormmon nervously.

"I can't believe he pulled that trick on me," said Davis angrily, "Go get him Veemon!"

"It'll be my pleasure," responded Veemon.

"Digi Armor Energize!" yelled Davis as Veemon started Armor Digivolving.

"Veemon: Armor Digivolve to…Flamdramon: The Fire of Courage!"

"Bakemon, you gaped tooth fools! Attack!" ordered the Emperor as the Bakemon accidently started approaching him.

"Before we can fight, I must say this," said Ellie as she turned towards the bookkeepers and mamodo, "Zatch, Kiyo, and everyone. Please understand that even though these digimon are being controlled, that doesn't mean that you should take them lightly and attack with weak spells like Arth and I did just now. If you want to free the digimon, from here on, we go full force. Understand?"

The lightning blonde mamodo nodded his head, "Yeah, I understand."

"Finally, I was wondering when we could go full force," said Zeno as he smiled evilly.

"Yeah, just don't go spell crazy or do any overkills," responded Tia.

"As if I need any instructions from you, stupid tomboy," retorted the silver haired mamodo.

"C'mon, guys, here they come," said Kiyo as the Emperor ordered the Bakemon to attack them. The bookkeepers then all got their spellbooks ready as they already started glowing.

"They're everywhere," said Halsemon as the Bakemon swarmed around the flying digimon.

"Like mosquitos," responded Nefertimon.

"Attack them!" yelled the Emperor.

"I never saw mosquitos do that," commented Davis as the Bakemon started attacking with their Dark Claw attack.

"The dark rings are the key. He's leading them like a general leads his army," said TK as the Digidestined started getting worried.

"Not for long, I'm gunna get that guy," said Davis as he ran off.

"Diomeru Shudoruk!" yelled Sunbeam as Ponygon changed to his third form and helped Flamdramon out using his flame manipulation to attack the Bakemon.

Digmon fired his Gold Rush attack, but missed as the Bakemon moved around as they dodged that and the flaming attacks.

"Bakemon! Finish them!" commanded the Digimon Emperor, "I have them now!"

"Never!" yelled Davis as he tackled the Emperor and both started sliding down the hill.

"I'll stay and guard the hill," said Wormmon from the top of the hill.

"You tried to take over the Digital World and destroy me? Well I'm taking you with me!" shouted Davis as he held a firm grip to the Emperor as they fell, "You call yourself a Digimon Emperor? What's with that?"

"I am a genius! I'm not a child like you!" yelled the Emperor.

"Like me? You are like me!" yelled Davis as they reached the bottom and Davis let go, "You're a kid just like most of us."

"I think not! Deltamon, Triplex Force!" yelled the Digimon Emperor as a dark energy ball appeared from Deltamon's mouths.

"Say good-bye!" shouted the Digimon as he cackled.

"What do you mean? The battle is just getting started!" yelled Kiyo, getting Davis and the Digimon Emperor's attention.

"Go Zatch!" yelled Kiyo as Zatch ran and jumped in the air, right in front of Deltamon.

"The eighth spell: Ganreizu Zaker!"

Then, several cylinder like shaped with lightning symbols appeared in front of Zatch, aiming at Deltamon as he shot his attack. Then blasts of lightning came out of the cylinders and hit Deltamon's attack, canceling them out. From there, Zatch regained consciousness and landed on the ground.

"Zeno! Aim for the ring," said Dufort as the silver haired mamodo appeared quickly and aimed his hand at the dark ring.


Large blue, concentrated lightning appeared from Zeno's hand as it directly hit the dark ring, destroying it.

The Digimon Emperor scowled as then the Bakemon were going berserk.

"It's working! The Emperor's power of the Bakemon is weakening," said TK as he was riding on top of Pegasusmon.

"It's now or never. This is our chance to attack!" yelled Pegasusmon as the flying digimon and Ponygon started attacking the Bakemon, destroying the dark rings.

"Target the control spire!" yelled Digmon.

"Allow us," said Ellie as she and Arth were near the spire.

"Godima Sorudo!" yelled Ellie as Arth's sword started concentrating energy into the weapon itself. Then with a swing of the sword, the energy releases, causing the control spire to be completely cut through.

"They did it!" yelled the Digidestined, happy to see that the new mamodo team helped out.

"They sure did!" agreed Davis as he, Kiyo, and Zatch smiled as well.

"No, no! What went wrong? My master plan was invincible!" yelled the Emperor in anger.

"I see I made a miss the factor that you are the all or nothing types. I can't believe the same person made me look like a fool twice in the same day," said the raven haired boy.

"What do you mean twice?" asked Davis as he looked down and saw the injury on his ankle, "Hey! How'd you get that cut on your leg?"

"Wait, can you be? Could it possibly be?" asked Davis as he looked up.

"No way, it can't be," said Kiyo as he noticed as well.

"I could and I am!" said the Emperor as he took of his glasses, revealing his true identity, "Ken Ichijouji!"

"I must be dreaming! Ken is the Digimon Emperor?" said Davis in disbelief. Kiyo was also surprised as Zatch was angered by this.

"The one and only! Well, Davis, it was nice meeting you, my worthy adversary. Until we meet again in battle. Also, the one of the red spellbook, Kiyo, be prepared for what you, and the rest of the bookkeepers and mamodo are coming to you. It'll be quite interesting," said Ken as he jumped and the an Airdramon caught him and flew away as he cackled.

"I really looked up to you, Ken. I wanted to be just like you. Now that I know that you're our sworn enemy, all I can say is, and I mean this, you can keep your crummy autograph!" yelled Davis.

Kiyo then fell to the ground and punched it, "Damn it! How are we going to be able to battle someone who is as smart as me, if not, smarter?"

"Don't worry Kiyo," said Zatch with a serious look on his face as his bookkeeper looked at him, "As long as we have all our friends and allies, we'll surely defeat him and free all those digimon!"

Kiyo then smiled and stood up, "You're right Zatch! We can't afford to lose any battles here. With everyone's power, we'll be able to beat that guy! Right, Davis?" yelled Kiyo as he looked at the Digidestined who looked at him, smiling.

"Yeah! You guys are right!" yelled Davis as they all agreed to defeat Ken at any costs whatsoever.

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