Psycho Fox


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To anyone who dosen't get the name, it's based off of Metal Gear's Psycho Mantis, a user of various Psychic powers like 'Psychokinesis' (Telekinesis). But it's not going to be like Mantis at all so don't worry about not really getting the reference.


Walking down the dark and gloomy halls of Arkham Asylum, a senior security officer and Head Doctor Joan Leland escorted a small group of new doctors and interns through the asylum, showing them the various areas and patients. Telling them the many rules they had to follow when dealing with prisoners and safety procedures in case of emergency.

As they entered the area where the most infamous inmates were at, such as The Riddler, Poison Ivy, and The Joker, Doctor Leland made an off hand comment about this being the second most secure area they had here in Arkham.

"Wait," a young woman spoke out, "What do you mean second?"

Joan and the security officer glanced at each other before turning to face the group, "It's not a widely known fact but we house one inmate much worse than anyone else here," she told them, unknowingly catching the attention of quite a few of the inmates there. "Inmate 2-4-3 has to be kept in complete solitary confinement with a bare minimum amount of human contact at all,"

"That's inhumane!" one gasped.

"It's better than keeping him locked within his own mind, before we had the facility to keep him housed we were forced to keep him in a medically induced coma. Which by our standards, is much more inhumane."

"Why do you keep him like that?"

Joan was silent for a moment, causing the anticipation to build within them all, even the inmates listening in.

"Inmate 243... " she started slowly before turning away and sighing, "Honestly... before I saw him I never believed that a demon could exist... but after I saw what he was capable of doing... I know the devil exists... he is the devil, he has to be,"


Sitting in the dark cell, a blond man let out a deep, hiss-like breath.


After much pleading, Joan and the security officer finally agreed to let them see this evil man, this devil in human form. Leading them down a long hallway that ended with a single metal door with a sliding hatch at head level. Behind the hatch was a piece of one way glass allowed them to look in to see a blond man chained in the middle of the room, arms held straight out while a old strip of cloth covered his eyes.

"Why is he like that?"

"Because if he's given enough space, he could break out using the momentum. We had to cover his eyes because he has some mental powers as well. Never look into his eyes he can twist your very soul to his whims."

Slowly, the man looked up, his face looking directly at them and causing a few of them to freak out a bit... all but one. Unbenounced to them, the cloth was aging and had some holes in it. A young blond girl saw a flash or red and soon felt like she had fell in a tar pit.


Walking into her apartment building, Lisa Trevor a 27 year old intern working at Arkham passed by the picture of her late father, a decorated law enforcement officer, and dropped her keys on the table before walking over to her couch and sitting down. Her eyes blank and unfocused.

Staring at the blank screen of her television, she saw flashes of that blond prisoner in Arkham, chained like an animal and forced to stay separated from any other person by the staff.

'You should free him,' a coaxing voice cooed inside her mind, 'It's inhumane how they treat him, you would be a hero... just like your father.'

Slowly, for what felt like hours, she was seduced by the soft voice inside her head and went into her bedroom. Reaching under the bed, she pulled out an old metal case with her fathers name on it and opened it to reveal his old service revolver.

It was old and had been locked away ever since he had died while on duty, still loaded with the same rounds from that night. He had taught her how to use it when she was smaller and the lessons he had taught came back after a few minutes of fiddling with the thing. Unloading it, she gave it a quick cleaning and reloaded it before placing it inside her purse along with a handful of extra bullets and heading to the door.

Stopping at her fathers picture, she swore that his picture was looking at her with a disapproving gaze and swiped it off the wall, not really knowing why she had the sudden burst of rage.

Taking a cab back to Arkham, she used her intern pass to access the building and quickly went to the hall where she knew the way to cell 243 where she saw the Riddler looking at her strangely just as Joan and a guard were making their rounds.

"Ms. Trevor?" Dr. Joan spoke questioningly, "What are you doing, your not suppose to be-"

The question died on Joan's lips as Lisa pulled the gun on them and shot the guard without pause, killing the man when bullet to the chest.

The resounding bang woke any sleeping inmate up and soon they were all watching what was going on.

"Get the keys to cell 243!" Lisa demanded harshly, "Get them or I'll blow your fucking brains out!"

"243!" Joan gasped, "Your trying to release him!"

The intern fired another round, narrowly missing the Doctors foot, "Just do it bitch!" she screamed, her eyes flashing red.

Joan saw this and gasped, "Your... your being controlled!"

The woman walked up and backhanded Joan with the gun, "Do you want to die bitch?"

Her face hurting from the hit, Joan fell against the wall and held her cheek. "Lisa you have to fight it!" she told her, "Don't let him control you,"

A dark chuckle escaped Lisa's lips and Joan saw the woman's eyes turn and stay red, "Fool, it is useless to try and talk to her, Lisa Trevor is too far gone,"

"Inmate 243, release your hold on her,"

The inmate controlled girl smirked, "You are in no position to be making demands doctor, besides, I've been slowly tearing her mind apart. Even if you somehow force my influence from her you'll only kill the girl, once my power is gone from her she no longer had what she needs to live."

Joan glared, "You'd kill an innocent woman just to escape,"

"Of course I would, but I'm just ensuring that should I lose, so do you. After-all, we've done this before have we not? But I believe that last time, you were the hapless puppet."

Joan flinched as the gun went off again, the bullet impacting next to her leg on the ground.

"Now, doctor, would you kindly hand over the key to my freedom?"

She just continued to glare and shook her head.

Stepping closer, she smirked at Joan, "Now, let's not make this any harder than it must be. Give me your key or suffer."

When the woman didn't move to hand over her keys, seeing as she was one of the only ones allowed to posses the key to Inmate 243's cell door besides the chief of security, the processed Lisa cocked the hammer to the gun and fired, shooting Dr. Joan in the leg.

"Haha, I like this chicky!" The Joker cackled from behind his cell door, a thick pane of unbreakable glass.

Without looking, Lisa aimed at the Joker and fired her fourth round, causing it to hit the glass right in front of the clown's face and making him jump back with a yelp.

"Keep your thoughts to yourself clown," she hissed while Joan cried out in pain on the floor.

Walking up to the doctor, she cocked the hammer again. "Now, one last chance Doctor," she mused while pushing her off her side and onto her back. "Tell me which key to use and what little trick is needed."

Alarms started blaring and Lisa swore. Quickly reloading the revolver, she grabbed Joan by the collar of her coat and forced her to her feet just as numerous guards rushed in.

"Back off or we'll see just how much brains this bitch has got when you scrape them off the floor." She yelled at them while pulling the woman along with her arm around her neck, ignoring the moans of pain and the small blood trail that followed.

As with any hostage situation, the guards kept their distance while various nameless inmates cheered the girl on.

"Lisa please, I know you can here me, you can't let this happen," Joan spoke as she was pulled along and used as a human shield, "He controlled me too, but I fought against it."

The arm around her throat tightened, "It's pointless to try, I've learned from my mistakes with you Joan, I'm not giving this girl the chance."

The two reached the lone hallway of cell 243 and reached the door in minutes, though Joan was no help at all with her bleeding leg. Pressing the barrel of the revolver hard into Joan's neck, Lisa's other hand roamed her body, perversely touching her before finding the keys.

"Which one is it?"

"I can't let you go free,"

The barrel in her neck started to hurt, "Only one more person has to die tonight Joan, tell me now or else it'll be more."

At her silence, Lisa aimed the gun down the hall and fired, getting a loud scream and multiple calls for a medic.

"Lets see if I can kill one this time."

"No wait!"

Lisa smirked.

Joan opened the door for her and soon found herself thrown to the floor as the intern walked into the cell and slammed the door. She then turned down the hall and started screaming for them to hurry and stop her before she released the prisoner.

The guards began running down the hall, two grabbed Joan and carried her out of harms way while others got ready to breach the room. But before they could, the door exploded from the frame and was sent bouncing down the hall with loud clangs and bangs. Shortly after something else flew out and landed just outside the doorway leading into the dark room, it was the unmoving body of Lisa Trevor.

"He... he... he," a dark and sinister chuckle echoed from the darkness, "Free... at last,"

From the shadows a pair of ruby red eyes flashed.


Gotham Globe

Breakout at Arkham!

Late last night, a breakout was orchestrated for one of the lesser known inmates of Arkham that left one guard dead and numerous others injured. Police report that twenty-seven year old intern, Lisa Trevor entered the facility using her pass while hiding a handgun in her purse. Upon reaching the higher security area that house notorious criminals such as Poison Ivy, she shot and killed the guard then threatened the Head Doctor, demanding the keys to the inmates cell.
Lisa Trevor was later killed by the prisoner she was helping and information from Dr. Joan Leland herself points that the late Ms. Trevor was under the prisoners mental influence
The prisoner in question, a relatively unknown man whom they call Inmate 243, has evaded authorities and is currently on the run. Police insist that citizens exercise caution when traveling and to be on the look out for anything suspicious...

Bruce Wayne sighed and folded the newspaper that his faithful friend and butler, Alfred Pennyworth had brought along with his breakfast, "It seems like no matter how many I put away, another will just break out." he said distastefully.

"Not only that Master Bruce," Alfred commented, having already read it before the man had gotten up, "But he murdered the girl who helped him."

"I know,"

Alfred waited patiently as Bruce ate his meal and began to gather the few dishes, "So will you be out looking for the escapee?"

"Yes, I can't allow him to roam around freely, no telling what might happen. What do we know about him?"

Alfred never paused in his work, "Not much sir, I've taken the liberty of doing some minor research and only came up with who locked him away. It was the Doom Patrol."


Later that night, donning the cape and cowl of the dark knight, Batman sat in the chair in front of his high-tech computer inside the Batcave.

"Thanks for speaking with me Mr. Caulder," Batman said to the man on the screen. He was Niles Caulder, AKA The Chief, the head of Doom Patrol.

"Of course Batman," the older man replied, "it's no trouble, now, you said something about needing some information?"

"There was a breakout at Arkham, one man escaped and it was the one your team put there. I need to know who this, 'Inmate 243' is and what he can do,"

"Him!" the old man gasped, eyes going wide, "He escaped!"

Unnerved by the look he was getting from the man, Batman nodded.

"Oh dear, this is not good... not good at all."

"What do you mean?"

The scientist and leader of the Doom Patrol took a breath, "It happened years ago... he just appeared out of nowhere and attacked. He's a practitioner of Psychokinesis for sure, I'll send you the information we have on him and his powers."

"Powers? He has more than one?

He nodded, "Indeed, aside from Psychokinesis I suspect that he's using other forms of psionic power, like a form of mind control."


Standing atop the clock tower in central Gotham, Inmate 243 gazed up at the sky with gleaming blue eyes as the moons pale light shined down on his face. The off-white shirt that the prison had issued him fluttered in his grasp while his chest was out for the world to see. In the center was a large fist-sized hole, it had a near perfect copy on his back too while numerous other little scars littered his body.

Looking down at the shirt he wore, Inmate 243 held it out and released it, allowing it to fall and be blown away. That shirt symbolized his imprisonment, by letting it go he closed that part of his life... ending this chapter of his story... the story of Naruto Uzumaki.

-Prologue end-


Chapter 1


Weeks passed by since Naruto had broken out of Arkham and practically vanished off the radar. Police had been searching high and low for him along with Batman and his sidekick Batgirl when they weren't after other villains. But considering how many wackjobs Gotham had running around, it's easy to see that they hadn't had much time or luck either.

Those who actually cared enough to talk about the unknown escapee made little ideas of there own on where the person was probably hiding, some thought that he would've skipped town, others said that he was probably hiding in some hole in the ground just waiting for the heat to die down, and some even thought that he was just out walking the streets like a normal person.

Obviously, those from group three were usually told to get real, after all their police force wasn't that bad... right?

Unbenounced to them, Naruto had in fact not skipped town nor was he curled up in some deep dark hole... he was walking down the street wearing jeans and a black hoodie as he passed by various business men and women, sometimes bumping roughly into them as he passed and even knocking one rather snobbish tub of lard into the gutter.

He despised fools like them, ignorant rich pricks who thought that they were better just because they had money. As a matter of fact, he hated most humans in general... all because of that bitch... that fucking loud mouthed cunt from his past. His rage burned at the thought of her and as unhealthy as it was to carry such a grudge for so long, especially for a girl that was long since dead, he allowed it to fester into a undying hate for mankind that reached the point where he no longer cared if he killed a few hundred humans for no reason at all... which was the reason that group called Doom Patrol attacked and ultimately landed him in Arkham after a series of transfers.

He cursed his past actions of absorbing the Kyuubi that had been placed inside of him, he had expected a huge boost in power... well he got it. The Kyuubi, aside from being a massive beast, was made of mostly psionic energy, which made sense looking back at the stories of it being able to destoring mountains with a flick of its tail. But in the process, his chakra took a huge hit and the once ocean-like stores of chakra his body once generated shrunk down to not even a fourth of what they once were. To make matters worse, when he absorbed the Kyuubi and gained it's powers, he lost over half of it because his human body couldn't take it all in.

That's not to say he still didn't have power, no he was still a force to be reckoned with. He may not be able to make an army of shadow clones like before or flatten a mountain with a flick of the wrist but he could still handle himself.

Spotting a waiting limo, he vaguely noticed the man he had seen from the papers exiting a building and heading towards it... Bruce Wayne he believed. While he usually hated guys like him, Naruto knew of what the man did with his money. While most would hoard it all and sneer at the thought of charity, Wayne made regular donations in the millions to various organizations.

The blonde passed them, he wouldn't do anything to the man who was actually one of the few decent millionaires in the city, but that didn't mean he'd help the man out either and move the nail that was right in front of his tire. He had the money to get it fixed.

Turning down an alley, Naruto walked until he was stopped by a group of smirking men, one of which was holding a gun.

"Look what we got here boys," one called out the others, "Someone thinks that they can walk here without our permission."

"Yeah, guess he hasn't heard what happened to the last guy."

Naruto raised an eyebrow and hummed, "Let me guess, your about to say something like, pay us or we hurt you... am I right?"

"Looks like we got a smart one. Yeah now fork over all your cash or else."

The blondes face curled into a smirk as he looked up, allowing them to see the rest of his face just moments before his eyes turned red.

"What the fuck is up with that freaks eyes?" one said, "You know what, fuck it, just shoot him!"

Behind them, the guy holding the gun stiffened, his eyes turning red.

"Hey man did you hear me? Shoot him!"

When nothing happened, the three others turned and saw their fellow thug aiming his gun right at them.

Three quick gunshots scared the people outside of the alley, some of which began to call the cops. But when the police got there, another gunshot had been heard and all they found was a small local gang murdered while the shooter had shot himself. But by that time, Naruto was in the East End, Gotham's under developed side of town.

The East End was laden with poverty, crime, prostitution, and drugs. People lived in abandoned buildings or on the streets and did whatever they needed to do to survive.

Ignoring the prostitutes he passed, not interested in a used up whore in the least, he continued to look for a suitable hide out as the old warehouse he had taken shelter in for the past week was way too old to be staying in. half of it had already fallen down and he was nearly killed by falling rafters more than once.

Naruto found an old apartment building and saw that it had a sign saying that it had open rooms and upon walking in he found out why, the greasy whale that ran the place had jacked up the price of rent.

"Thanks for the room," he chuckled as he left, leaving the man sitting in his disgusting office with a stupid look on his face. His mind control could leave lasting commands in someone's head but they had to be weak minded in the first place, the manager was one such person and now believed that Naruto had paid for the apartment in advance for the next few months.

It was a rather spar ten room but it was still better than the warehouse, it was a small studio apartment with a fridge, a cheap fold out table and chairs, with the most expensive looking thing being the couch, which was one of those that folded out into a bed. But then again, from the look of the fridge it looked like someone had just found it on the street.

Sitting down, he huffed and looked at his new place before muttering "Home sweet home... though I guess some new stuff would be nice..." thinking about it he grinned, "Looks like I'll be making a trip to the bank tomorrow for a withdrawal."

He thought about just stealing some stuff but decided to just steal the money to buy it, after-all he had no idea what he really wanted to get just yet. Robbing a place and running with a new fridge wasn't exactly smooth or practical.

But that could wait until later, he was going to sleep on a soft surface for the first time in... well a long time.

(The next day, almost night time)

"Happy birthday Daddy!" Barbara said into the phone as she got her Batgirl costume ready for the night.

"Barbara, you've told me that every time you see me, you know I hate those things," James Gordon told his daughter over the phone while he was at the office.

She smiled, holding the phone against her bare shoulder while pulling down her jeans, "Yes I know you hate birthdays but I'm your daughter and I get to wish you a happy birthday all I want," she told him while kicking her pants aside and turning to her closet door mirror.

"Are you staying in tonight?"

That made her frown, "Yeah, I'm thinking about watching a movie on TV."

She didn't like lying to her dad but she didn't want him to know that she was going out, it would worry him to no end that something might happen to his 'little girl', not only that but she'd be fighting crime with Batman, if he were to find out she didn't doubt that he'd have a heart attack.

Looking at her body in the mirror, she turned and shook her ass a little, smiling at the sight of the yellow bat symbol that was printed on the back. She had bought them as a joke of sort seeing as they were black with a yellow bat, just like her costume, but not only that they made her ass look so damn sexy.

"all right then, have fun sweetie,"

"I will dad-"

She stopped when she heard someone rush in over the phone and start talking to her dad. The voice was muffled and she couldn't make out what was said but soon her dad started talking to her.

"I'm sorry Barbara but I have to go, someone is robbing the Gotham city bank,"

(Minutes earlier)

Walking into the Gotham City Bank, Naruto and two shadow clones stopped and took a quick look around. Naruto still had his hoodie and jeans on but the clones had ski masks that hid the fact that they all looked the same and one carried a duffle bag over his shoulder. No one had noticed them yet but soon the security guard sitting on a chair a few feet away reading a magazine found himself flying across the room and through the thick bulletproof glass of the tellers booth.

"All right!" one of his clones called out, producing one of the handguns that he had taken off of a few thugs on the way here. "Everyone on the ground, one move and you'll eat lead."

As clone 1 was yelling, clone 2 had ran over to the teller with the broken window and jumped in, holding his own gun and opening the bag it wore where a folded one was then pulled out. It threw one bag to one of the scared tellers and told her to fill the bag with the money in the teller drawers or that she would be shot.

Each drawer only held only a small amount for things like cashing checks so while that was being done, clone 1 took the extra bag and headed to the vault door, only for it to shut in his face as someone had tripped the silent alarm.

Seeing this, Naruto glared, "Watch them," he ordered, pointing to the few people there.

"Yes boss,"

Naruto approached the solid steel vault door and held out his hands. Nothing seemed to be happening but soon they all heard the sound of groaning metal as the door was being pulled on by an unseen force. Within a minute, the large metal bars locking the door in place gave and the whole thing was pulled free before being thrown aside like a discarded rag, much to the shock and terror of those watching.

"Yeah," clone 1 said with a grin, "If the boss can do that then think of what he'll do to you."

"Stop talking and get the cash," the real blonde ordered from underneath his hood.


Hearing the voice, Naruto turned and saw another guard standing by the bathroom door while holding a pistol at him.

"I said freeze," the man hissed, cocking the hammer as the hooded man turned around to face him, "Hands in the air,"

"If you say so" Naruto replied with a smirk as he did as the man said.

Before the guard knew it, he was lifted off the floor and rocketed into the ceiling above, breaking through the large tiles and slamming into a steel support beam before being dropped to the ground. The first hit had caused him to drop the gun and it had slid across the floor.

Naruto turned and saw a civilian reaching for it and snatched it back with his power before glaring. "I've just taken care of two guards and ripped a vault door off, what do you think that I'll do to you for trying to play hero?"

The man quickly shrank back in fear, thoughts of what may happen to him filling his mind.

Sirens filled the air and were quickly getting closer, "I should kill you all just to be sure that I got the one who tripped the alarm," Naruto told them, "But seeing as I have what I wanted, I'll let you all live and just be on my way."

The clones approached, carrying the two bags of cash.

"Here you go boss,"

"Not so fast!" a female yelled. Suddenly, something cut through one of the bags, sending the money all over the floor while the hooded blond turned to see a girl dressed as a bat standing on one of the hand rails on the second floor where the accountants had locked themselves in.

She was good looking to say the least, that bat costume hugging close to her whole body and showing just how her body curved. Her long orange-red hair flowed down her neck as she stood with her fists on her hips with a smirk.

"Batgirl I presume... and if your here then I guess Batman can't be too far behind," Naruto mused before nodding at the clones.

Clone 2 dropped his bag and along with the other, aimed their guns at Batgirl only for her to leap away before throwing another one of her 'Batarangs' and knocking the guns out of their hands.

While this was happening, Naruto took the strap of the duffle bag and pulled it over his head, getting it positioned on the small of his back while the two clones began to fight Batgirl in hand to hand combat.

They sucked honestly. He was never too good a fighter anyway seeing as no one ever really taught him, and since they knew what he knew, they failed to block the strike that destroyed them.

Surprised when the two guys she had been fighting turned to smoke, Batgirl was caught off guard when she was lifted off the ground and thrown out the front door.

The cops outside were busy securing the area when the door shattered, the body of Batgirl tumbling across the ground multiple times before stopping.

"Ow..." she winced, pushing herself up and rubbing her head, "We should really invest in some padding."

Commissioner Gordon saw the figure exiting through the banks broken doors and grabbed the megaphone while the officers aimed their guns, "You with the hood, put your hands in the air and surrender, you are surrounded."

Naruto grinned under the hood and slowly raised his arms causing two of the cop cars to raise off of the ground. Throwing his arms to the side, both flew in opposite directions and slammed into the cars blocking the road, nearly killing a few officers at the same time. Picking up another two cars, he destroyed another set and saw the Batmobile screaming down the road towards them.

Tossing a car at it, he frowned as it swerved out of the way, for such a large car, it sure could move.

Batgirl threw a batarang at him but he managed to lean out of the way before it hit him.

"Oh you want to play catch huh?" Naruto said with a glare before reaching out at a mailbox and sending it at the girl.

Frowning, Naruto looked around quickly, he was wasting too much time and needed to escape, he wasn't some all powerful god that could handle anything at all, he knew his limits and would needlessly push them.

Seeing a rooftop water tower, he pulled it hard as he could with his powers and smirked when not only that, but a large chunk of concrete roofing came with it and fell towards the road where the batmobile was coming.

Batman saw it and knew that he couldn't make it past so he slammed on the breaks just in time for the tower and concrete to fall and block his way, luckily, the police had made everyone leave the streets when they got there so only their police cars were destoring.

Batgirl saw what happened and watched in shock, fearing for her fathers safety as Gordon had been standing nearby at the time. But when she took her eyes off of the hooded man and looked back, to her shock he was gone.

To be continued...

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