Psycho Fox

Chapter 4

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Warning: This story may contain drug use, violence, adult content, and other things that may be seen as offensive to others... but they'll get over it sooner or later. Besides I try to keep it a bit civilized.


Naruto the Psycho-Fox

(Sung to the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

Naruto the Psycho-Fox, was a very unhappy soul,

With a whiskered face and a snarling grin, and two eyes like burning coal.

Naruto the Psycho-Fox is a campfire tale they say,

He was born of hell, that's what they'll tell, but he's walks among us today.

December 23.

"I just don't get it Alfred," Bruce stated while staring intently at the profile of Psycho Fox that he had on his mainframe, the old picture of a emotionless blond teen with cold blue eyes staring at him from the screen. It had been one of the only good pictures that he had and it had been taken by the Doom Patrol after they had managed to capture him.

His serious and balding butler stood beside and slightly behind him in the Batcave, looking at the man and the screen every now and then, "In my opinion Master Bruce, most villains are complex and hard to understand,"

Bruce nodded slowly, wearing his Batman costume but without the cowl over his head, "Yes but he stole all those jewels and threw them away... he even helped Barbara take down Clayface, why would he do something like that?"

Alfred gave a small chuckle at his bosses confusion. Bruce was still relatively young and hadn't had the worldly experience he had. He had served in the military all over the world and had seen some things that really put stuff into perspective for him, "Sir, you must understand, there are many types of people in this world. There are those like you who want to do some real good in this world and there are people like him."

The man turned his head and looked at his butler, "And what type of person is he?"

Alfred closed his eyes and turned his head up to face the ceiling of the cave, "The kind who simply dosen't care."


"All this fuss over such a small egg?"

Standing in the middle of an abandoned warehouse surrounded by a group of unconscious thugs, the blonde known as Psycho Fox held up a egg the size of his fist that was covered in gold designs.

He had been in the process of killing yet another one of the muggers that had tried to rob him while walking alone in Gotham when a van blew a tire not too far away. Leaving the man to bleed to death in the freezing snow, he walked over to see what was going on and saw them cursing up a storm saying that their boss would kill them if they had broken the egg.

So naturally, he went over and quickly beat them before taking the seemingly valuable treasure and studying it. It didn't seem to be all that valuable, of course the gold on it would fetch a nice price but not enough to warrant a large group of thugs to steal.

"That 'small egg' is actually worth a fortune,"

Turning his head, he saw the silhouette of a woman crouching on the upper beams of the warehouse like a cat. "Is that so?"

The female seemed to purr a bit, "Indeed, that is the Vonalster Faberge Egg, worth quite a bit to the right buyers."

Naruto looked back at the egg in his hand and hummed, "Money is not my concern, to me this thing is trash."

"Your a strange one," the woman purred, climbing down and dropping from the beams where Naruto could see her.

"You," he spoke, recognizing her as the woman who had been at the museum stealing some jewel while he stole the rest.

Looking her over, he got his first real look at her as he had been too preoccupied before to really pay her too much attention. She wore a skin tight gray body suit that hugged each curve of her body. It even covered her face and had two points at the top that looked like cat ears. On her feet were a pair of knee high black shoes that matched her gloves which went up to the middle of her upper arms. Around her waist was a golden belt with a whip coiled around itself and hooked on the belt.

"Yes," Catwoman mused with a seductive smile on her face, "... Me. But the question is, what are you going to do with that?"

When she nodded to the egg he had, Naruto looked at it, "As I said before, this thing is worthless to me..."

The woman watched as he let it roll out of his hand and onto the floor, shattering into a million pieces while she adopted a look of shock at seeing the priceless Vonalster Faberge Egg be destroyed.

"What is Gotham's cat burglar want with me? Surely you weren't in the area and decided to drop in." Naruto continued after a moment.

"Can't a girl come and say hello to a fellow thief?"

The blank look told her exactly what he was thinking, making her sigh.

"You interest me, what can I say." Catwoman shrugged, deciding that it was best just to come clean, "Maybe we can work together sometime... wait... hey where are you going!"

Naruto had turned and started walking away as she was in mid sentence, "I don't play well with others,"

"But!" she started, only for him to leap up into the beams and out a broken window, leaving her alone with the unconscious gang.

While some would feel insulted at being blown off like that, Catwoman just grinned, 'Oh playing hard to get eh? Well I'll take that challenge, I love a good hunt,'


December 24.

Christmas Eve...

Hark the herald angels sing, "Glory to the newborn King!

Pressing the button on his remote, Naruto changed the channel on his TV as the usual programing was once again replaced with either a crappy holiday movie or some bullshit group who sang songs.

"I hate the holidays," he growled while throwing himself back on the fold-out couch, listening to the commercials that advertised some make-up product that was suppose to get rid of wrinkles.

And now we return to It's a Wonderful Life!

Turning the channel again, he groaned but took solace in the sound of the Gotham News in mid broadcast. He hated the Holidays, HATED THEM. All his memories of the 'Merriest' day of the year were full of heartbreak and woe, loneliness and disappointment.


Sitting alone in his lonesome little apartment, Naruto curled up on his bed and shivered under the old sheets as a fearsome draft blew through the badly patched broken windows of his home. He hadn't seen old man Hokage in quite some time but knew that the man was probably enjoying his own warm home with his family, watching his younger grandson open gifts with a warm grand fatherly smile on his face as the boy believed that Santa had delivered them.

He had long since given up on believing in much, Santa, the Tooth-Fariy, Easter Bunny, all fakes... none of them real. He never got any candy from the Bunny... his teeth laid under his pillow for weeks on end... and his one sole wish was never delivered by Santa.

"Burn the demon alive!"

Naruto's eyes snapped open as his already broken window was shattered completely by a flaming bottle. The bottle shattered on his floor, spilling the liquid on the floor which was then lit by the burning rag stuffed in the top.

As he tried to escape, he found himself trapped in the fire as it quickly spread all throughout the building.

Fires licked at him as he tried to back away but strangely enough, he wasn't thinking too much about that, 'It's all lies... nothing is real... not even Kami... what god would allow this?'

Smoke began to fill his lungs and the blonde quickly found himself trying to stay awake as the thick smoke strangled all the air from his body. The last think he remembered thinking was that at least it was a warm way to die.

-Flashback End-

Naruto clinched his hands as he felt a rage bubbling up inside him. Thinking about the past really made him angry and forced him to calm himself before something went horribly wrong. Don't get him wrong, mass panic and destruction were all good and well but what's the joy in it if you were mindless about it?

Finally calming down, Naruto wrapped himself up in the thick comforter and sheets of his bed and cut the TV off. Screw the holidays, wake him up when they were over...

Then an idea crossed his mind and in the darkness of his room, his eyes lit up bright red.


Ivy and Harley giggled and laughed joyously as they walked into their room with arm loads of stolen goods from various shopping centers that they had broken into hours earlier.

"Gee Red you were right, this was so much fun!" Harley cheered while setting her bags down.

Ivy smirked, "See, what did I tell you?"

Without warning, the window to their room opened and Catwoman climbed in, "Girls I need your help," she said suddenly, ignoring the fact that she had scared the hell out of the two.

"Gee Whiskers!" Harley cried out, holding her chest, "You trying to give me a heart attack?"

"Catwoman?" Ivy stated while looking at her in surprise and suspicion, "What are you doing here? Last I checked, you were between being a hero and thief,"

"Well I need some help," the woman told them.

"With what?"

Looking at the eco-terror, she pulled out a small picture of the hooded man known as Psycho Fox. "I'm trying to think of a gift for him,"

"A gift? It's a little short notice don't you think?" Ivy mused while looking at the picture, "And why him?"

Harley giggled like the bubbly blonde she was, "Ahh Whiskers has a crush on Foxy!" she spoke only to be ignored by the other two.

"Well he's so mysterious," Catwoman told her, "I want to give him a gift and get him to open up,"

"I'm sure," Ivy mused in a disbelieving tone.

"Oh come on Red," Harley cheered from behind her, "I say we help, besides what's the worst that can happen by helping a fellow crook... you know besides ending up back in Arkham,"

"Oh I don't know," Ivy deadpanned, looking at the girl from the corner of her eye, "Running into one of the Bats for starters..."


"And so I told her, with as much as I'm paying you, you should wax anything that I tell you,"

Inwardly grimacing at yet another lame joke, Bruce Wayne cursed the fact that he had to go to these parties to keep up appearances for his company. It wouldn't be as bad if they had invited more people besides the rich or powerful.

His phone started to vibrate and thinking god for the reason to separate from the group, he stepped away and answered it, finding it to be Alfred.

"Alfred please tell me that Gotham is is danger and I need to hurry back,"

"Possibly, can you find a TV sir? The mayor of Gotham is making a surprise press conference and I think you need to see it,"

Looking around, Bruce quickly sneaked off and found a TV in another room, turning it to the channel that Alfred said, he watched what was going on.

People of Gotham, as your Mayor I've signed and passed a new city ordnance banning the Holiday known as Christmas, from now on, Christmas is canceled.

Blinking in shock, he nearly dropped his cell phone, "Alfred, did he just..."

"Indeed he did sir, but that's not what I called you about, look at his eyes."

Looking closely, Bruce saw the blank glazed over look that the mayor had and swore that they flashed red.

"Psycho Fox,"


Grinning underneath his hood, Naruto continued to manipulate the Mayor of Gotham into doing his bidding. Forcing him to pass all sorts of crazy ordinances that would no doubt get him sacked or ruin his chances at reelection.

"And from now on, property taxes will be tripled," he had the man say, causing an outrage with even the reporters watching.


"Not exactly what I wanted do do for Christmas eve," Batgirl muttered as she sat in the passenger seat of the batmobile with her arms crossed.

Bruce drove the car like a pro down the streets to the target location, "Fox is trying something, we need to stop him,"

"Can't it wait until tomorrow?" Batgirl complained.

"If we don't then there will be no Christmas, for some reason he's controlling the Mayor and canceled it."

"Can he even do that?"

"At least until someone sues and takes them to court for violating their rights,"

"And we can't let that happen why?"

He shot her a small look, "Because it would ruin the Mayor's life, he's being controlled but it dosen't look that way to the public... We're here,"

Parking in a dark ally, they got out and took to the rooftops around the small park area where the press conference was. Listening to the controlled man tell all about these new changes.

"Scan the area, look for Psycho Fox," Batman ordered while they took out their binoculars. They looked for a while before finding him sitting off behind the stage in a meditative position.

They snuck up and swooped as one, striking suddenly without warning and breaking Naruto's hold on the man, causing him to fall like a puppet with it's strings cut.

Grunting as the larger man tackled him, Naruto wrestled against Batman before finally getting his knee between them and freeing an arm, allowing him to rare back and punch him in the face before pushing back with his knee.

Batman quickly righted himself as Batgirl attacked with a flying roundhouse to the chest, only for Naruto to show his regained skill and dodge it while sending a kick of his own.

It connected with the airborne girls legs and sent her spinning in the air for a moment before gravity pulled her to the ground.

"You've got better," She groaned out as she stood and took position with Batman.

Naruto smirked, "You don't know the half of it," he hummed, motioning with his hand and throwing one of the speaker units that were on the stage behind him at the pair.

While all this went on, the reporters noticed the battle behind the strange and were yelling at the camera people to get it on film.

The speaker crushed the bark of a bare tree that it slammed into, shattering into a few separate pieces as the blonde sprinted towards the pair.

Batgirl threw a few batarangs at him, but Naruto jumped aside and onto the stage, using it as a spring board before Batman threw one of his own with a line attached to it. The batarang wrapped around his feet while he was in mid air and with a mighty pull, Batman pulled Naruto straight out of the air and onto the ground where he grunted as he landed.

"Ow," Naruto ground out, rolling onto his ass instead of his face, "You and your toys are getting on my nerves,"

Grabbing the line, he snatched it back, giving himself some slack while quickly pulling his legs out of the now tangled mess.

Climbing to his feet, he smirked, "Well your not the only one with a few tricks of his sleeve,"

With a single hand seal, a puff of smoke appeared next to him before being blown away by the winter winds, revealing a perfect clone that had them in shock.

Nodding to it, they jumped at their targets, the clone going for Batgirl while he went for Batman.

Sweeping at the mans feet, Naruto cursed as Batman easly evaded the blow and struck back with one of his own, kicking him hard in the cheek, hard enough to bust his lip and spit out blood.

"Your pretty good," Naruto mused while standing, wiping the blood from his mouth.

Batman just raised his fists, "Just give it up, your outmatched,"

"Really?" Naruto shot back before his eyes turned red.

Closing his eyes as not to let the blond control him, Batman soon felt something akin to a truck slamming into him as another speaker unit flew into his chest. But he suffered through it and came out standing, a little hurt but fine.

Glaring at the blond for using such a dirty trick, Batman threw a few small round pellets at the mans feet, causing them to beep loudly before exploding, sending Naruto flying back from the shock wave and into the stage where he bent a metal support bar with his back.

"Enough, this is over!" he yelled at the blond.

Naruto only growled at him and rushed forward in a blind rage, throwing a fist only for Batman to sidestep.

Grabbing his arm, Batman raised it and slammed his elbow into Naruto's side. Using the raise arm, he spun the boy around and threw a solid punch right into his gut, making Naruto spit up blood and a bit of bile while doubling over Batman's shoulder, splattering his cape with blood. But the man wasn't finished, taking Naruto by the hair, he threw him forward and slammed his face into the ground.

"You are going back to Arkham," Batman growled out to the man below him, "Right back into that cell."

Naruto felt his anger beginning to surface with gusto. "I... will... not," he growled slowly, muscles tightening up.

Batman felt this and tenses as well, but before he knew it, he was flying through the air as Naruto stood up, breaking the hold he had on him and backhanding him away.

"I'm not going back to that cage you hear me!" Naruto roared demonically, throwing his head back and releasing a primal roar into the air that shattered nearby windows.

Bruce saw this and gulped, 'By god... what have I unleashed?'

To be continued...


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