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Happy Endings are Stories That Haven't Ended Yet: Chapter 1

The fire licked around him as Harry tightened his grip on the borrowed broom. He saw a flash of white and was relieved to see the blonde from Draco's head coming closer.

"Help!" Draco screamed as Ron pulled Blaise onto his broom. The table Draco was perched on wobbled dangerously before tipping over onto its side. Draco screamed and barely grasped onto the edge as the entire tower shook. "Potter, please!"

Harry swallowed thickly as he swooped in closer. He could smell the burnt wood below him and the flamers were so close he feared the broom would catch on fire. He reached his right hand out, grasping the broom tighter with his left. Draco looked up, fear etched into his pale face. His steel blue eyes flicked back and forth between the table he was depending on and Harry's reached out hand.

"Come on, Malfoy!" Harry screamed, sweat pouring off his face from the heat.

"It's too far," Draco whimpered and Harry stretched his arm out further.

"You can do it, Draco" Harry said, trying to keep the hysteria out of his voice. Draco stretched his long, shaking arm out and grasped Harry's hand tight. Due to the sweat, he slipped once before tightening his grip. The tower wobbled again before collapsing. Draco shrieked as Harry pulled hard, pulling the blonde to the broom. The broom was almost too small for the both of them, and Draco was perched far too close to the edge.

"Get us out of here, Potter!" The blonder cried, burying his face in Harry's back. "Please!"

Harry flew as fast as he could to the tall doors. He could hear Hermione and Ron screaming his name, which turned out to be a blessing since he couldn't see where he was going. The flames were closing in on the pair faster and faster and Harry was almost to the door when it happened. Draco slipped.

"Draco!" Harry cried, barely catching the blonde's hand in time. Draco gripped hard on Harry's hand, his pale face locked in fright. Harry tried to drop the broom lower but the flames prevented him from doing so. He could see the door; it was so close. He just passed the last of the flames when Draco slipped. Their hands had been too sweaty for Harry to do anything. The broom had still been far too high from the ground and even over the commotion Harry could hear the sickening sound of Draco's spine breaking as he hit the ground.

His heart fell as he swooped to the ground. He could hear Blaise and Hermione screaming Draco's name, but he had no time to look. Harry quickly threw the horcrux into the fire and helped Ron force the heavy doors shut. The Boy-Who-Lived stood panting, his forehead leaning against the worn wood. He could still feel the warmth from the other side and it did nothing to calm the prickling from his scare; Voldemort was close and he knew another piece of soul gone.

"Mate, Malfoy's still alive," Ron whispered, his face extremely pale. Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath before pushing away from the door.

"Draco, you have to stay still,' Hermione said gently as the blonde moaned in pain. Not for the first time Harry wondered if his best friend would become a healer once this whole war was said and done. That is they even made it through the night. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he lent down next to the boy who had made all the wrong choices. Blaise paced nearby and Harry wondered how long before he left to join the rest of his house in the battle.

"I'm so sorry, Draco," Harry said quietly. His eyes went wide when Draco grabbed his hand and gripped hard.

"I'm scared," the blonde whispered and for the first time Harry saw him for what he was; a seventeen year old who had done what he had to in order to save his family. He was just a kid; they all were. "I want my mum."

"I know, Draco," Harry whispered, reaching out to brush a stray piece of hair away from Draco's sweat covered forehead. He stopped short though when Hermione's eyes went wide and she shook her head. Harry swallowed thickly and nodded.

"I can't feel my legs," Draco said, his voice filled with panic. "I…I can't move them." Harry swore quietly under his breath and looked at Hermione with his eyes filled with question.

"I don't know what to do!" She said, her voice shrill. Harry shushed her, his green eyes flicking to Draco's worried face. So blushed, lowering her voice. "I've never studied something this advanced before. I don't know if I can fix it. I sent a patronus to Madame Pomphrey but I'm not sure if she got it."

Just as Hermione was trailing off, the nurse rounded the corner at a sprint. Harry had never seen the older woman move so fast in his 7 years at Hogwarts; it was nerve racking.

"Back away! Back away! Don't touch him!" Harry tried to pull his hand away but Draco tightened his grip.

"No!" He moaned and Harry sighed and knelt back down. The mediwitch ran her wand the length of Draco's body, mumbling spells under her breath.

"Not good, not good at all," she said quietly. "His spinal cord is severed. I'm afraid there's nothing to do about that."

"Nothing?" Harry croaked, his eyes flashing to Draco who was now crying quietly. Harry gently squeezed his hand. "We can't just leave him here. There's a war going on!"

"I know that, Mr. Potter," Poppy snapped, her eyes flashing in anger. "And I never said we were leaving here. I'm just saying there's nothing I can do to repair his spinal cord that will return the use of his legs." Draco let out a loud whimper and the nurse gently shushed him. "What I am going to do is put him in a body bind so his spine isn't injured more and transfer him to a safe house. Neither the hospital wing or St. Mungo's is safe for him now."

Harry bit his lip and nodded. He watched as the nurse whispered Petrificus Totalus and Draco's body snapped together. He whimpered slightly as his grasp on Harry's hand went limp.

"You're going to be okay, Draco," Harry said, glancing over his shoulder as the screams from outside seemed to come closer. "I'll…I'll check on you later, okay?" He slowly climbed to his feet as the nurse quickly prepared a portkey to transfer the injured teen. Apparently with the war going on, Hogwarts didn't prevent the use of portkey to leave. Poppy whispered something to Draco and the boy bit his lip, unable to move his neck to nod.

Harry knew he had to leave but he couldn't convince himself to look away from Draco. This was his fault. He had let go of Draco's hand and he hated himself for it. There was a voice in the back of his head telling him that this was Draco Malfoy, son of a Death Eater. Hell, the boy was even a Death Eater himself at this point. But Harry had never found the white hair and steel blue eyes more attractive and how small the boy sounded made him that much more endearing.

"Harry! We've got to go!" Hermione yelled, and Harry jumped, having forgotten she was there. "We've got to get to the boat house, remember? Nagini?" Harry swallowed thickly and nodded. He gripped his wand tight as he followed his two best friends down the hallway. Just before he turned to at the end of the stairs, he looked back and watched Madame Pomphrey portkey Draco away. Even though Harry was sure he wouldn't make it through the night, he vowed to himself that if he did he would find Draco when this was all said and done.

Draco didn't know where he was nor did he care. Even though Poppy had placed him in a body bind, he could still feel the pain. If he had to describe it, he would say it was worse than the cruciatus curse by far. He wasn't sure how she had done it, but Madame Pomphrey had managed to save him from hitting the ground when the portkey landed. Instead he was hovering slightly above the ground at the mercy of her wand point. She carefully levitated him to a table that had been cleared close by. He whimpered in pain again as she gently lowered him onto the flat surface.

"I want my mum," Draco whispered again, not caring if he sounded like a baby.

"I know, sweetheart. And as soon as we find her I promise we'll get her here. I just need you to bear with me for a little bit, okay? This isn't going to be very pleasant." Draco swallowed the potion she gave him, gasping as the pain in his back felt like fire. He gritted his teeth as the witch pointed her wand at him and twisted her wrist as she mumbled a spell under her breath. It took everything he had not to scream out as the pain intensified. Finally it stopped and Draco was left panting.

"Very good, Draco," The nurse said, her voice bright and cheery. Draco could tell it was fake but he'd take it. Madame Pomphrey had never called him Draco before; it was always 'Mr. Malfoy.' "I've fused your spinal cord back together to start the healing process. I'm now going to place you in a modified body bind. It will keep still while not feeling as restricting as the normal body bind and you'll still have use of your arms." She jabbed her wand at him and Draco could feel his body respond. He couldn't move his neck still, but he could lift his arms. "Now. I'm going to go and make sure there's a bed clear for you and then we'll get you settled. I must be back to Hogwarts soon; I'm sure this battle is far from over."

Draco watched as Madame Pomphrey crossed the room, her head held high as always. He could hear her talking quietly to someone as he tried not to focus on the pain he was still in. A short while later the nurse returned, followed closely by none other than his Aunt Andromeda. He hadn't seen her since he was quiet young and at first he feared it was Bellatrix that was here to take care of him.

"Aunt Andy," he whispered and the woman smiled sadly at him.

"Oh Draco, it's been so long. And I wish it was on better circumstances that I finally got to see you again. I'm so sorry my dear nephew." Draco closed his eyes and bit his lip. "You're going to stay here with baby Teddy and I while everyone else is at the battle. I'll take good care of you."

Madame Pomphrey carefully levitated him up the stairs to a small bedroom with a comfortable bed. She arranged the pillows so they didn't put too much of a strain on his neck and Andromeda carefully covered him with a thick quilt.

"Here is a pain relieving potion, Draco," Madame Pomphrey said as she helped him drink. "It should help dull some of the pain as your body adjusts. There's also a mild sleeping potion mixed in. I'll leave another pain potion with your aunt for when you wake up."

"Thank you," Draco whispered, pulling a face at the horrible taste.

"Yes, yes, well it's only my job. Now, I must be off. I'm sure there are many others who need me by now." Just as Poppy was about to throw a handful of floo powder into the fireplace, Draco quietly called out.

"Good luck, Madame Pomphrey. I hope Harry finally defeats him." The nurse smiled sadly as the boy quietly drifted off to sleep.

Harry stumbled down the stairs of the Headmaster's office, his heart beating out of his chest. As soon as he reached the main floor he scurried to a corner and vomited. He was going to die. That had been the plan the whole time. He had to die so someone else could kill Voldemort.

How had Dumbledore never thought to tell him this? Did he think he would just give up before it was time? Harry did want to die; not now, not like this. He had plans! He wanted to be an auror, have a family, see the world. There were so many things he hadn't done, would never do. He leaned heavily against a window and watched those down below. The Death Eaters had pulled back, giving them time to give Harry up. He watched as the survivors pulled to wounded inside, away from prying eyes.

With a great sigh he pulled his Invisibility cloak out of the sack Hagrid had gave him and through it over his solders. He wouldn't, no couldn't see Hermione and Ron before he left. He couldn't bear to face Ginny or the rest of the Weasley's who had become his family. Harry slowly walked down the stairs and out the front door, his heart beating loudly as if it knew it was about to stop. He couldn't stop his mind from flicking to Draco and how he had promised to check in on him when this was all said and done.

"Well," he thought bitterly, "at least I don't have to tell Ginny I'm gay." And then he laughed. Oh how he would kill to have a life where his only problem was telling his girlfriend he was gay. He stumbled across the front yard, keeping his eyes up to prevent him from seeing the fallen. They had fought for him. They had died for him. Harry didn't want anyone else to die, especially not for him.

As he reached the edge of the woods, he pulled out the snitch. It all made sense now; I open at the close. He placed the gold ball to his lips and whispered "I'm about to die."

Harry knew it was the resurrection stone before he even looked at it. Closing his eyes he turned the red stone in his hand three times. Silently, four figures appeared in front of him; His mother, his father, Remus and Sirius. Harry couldn't stop the sob the escaped his lips. They stayed with him as he marched farther into the woods, just like a lamb going to slaughter.

Voldemort was right where Harry new he would be, surrounded by his followers. Hagrid screamed at him to run, but Harry stood in front of the Dark Lord, his parents still standing guard behind him even though they were invisible to everyone else.

"The Boy Who Lived has come to die," Voldemort sneered, raising his want at Harry. The boy closed his green eyes as the wizard sneered "Avada kedavra." Harry fell in a blanket of green light.

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