Chapter 1- To take up the sword

Naruto was out of breath in the middle of the forest. It had been two days since he defeated Mizuki and graduated from the ninja academy. Since then, he has been training to be a great ninja. He also wanted to get a little stronger since he would be put into a team in a few days.

"Oh man, I think I over did it a bit," said Naruto, trying to stay on his feet.

Naruto took a few steps back towards the village, but stumbled into a tree. When he connected, he cursed himself for falling like an idiot. He noticed, however, that the tree made a hollow noise. Naruto knocked on the tree to find it was indeed hallow. He moved his hands to try and find some way of opening it. He put his right hand on the middle, and almost instantly the plank of wood unsealed and opening for him. Naruto found inside the tree was a tremendous blade. The blade's metal was just an outline of a sword with a hallow middle and a pointed tip. Naruto grabbed the hilt of the sword and pulled it from out of the tree. As expected, it was quite heavy, but was Naruto could still hold it with both hands. He set the blade in the ground and looked back into the tree. He then found a scroll inside where the blade was. He reached back into it and retrieved the scroll, opening to see what it contained. All he found, however, was seven sealing spots unfilled.

'I wonder if…' thought Naruto looking from the scroll to the sword.

Naruto dragged the picked up the sword and laid it onto one of the spots, placed his hand on one of the spots and focused chakra into the scroll. Thw sword disappeared into a puff of smoke. The scroll now showed that it contained the sword.

"I need to show this to old man Hokage. Maybe he knows what this is," said Naruto to himself before walking to Konoha.

Naruto made his way through Konoha, avoiding the angry looks that people were giving him. He would make them admire him when he became Hokage. Speaking of which, the Hokage's tower was right in front of him. He climbed the stairs and made the right turn to the Hokage's office. . He found Hiruzen Sarutobi, hard at work with the fiercest enemy a kage had… paperwork. The old kage looked up and gave a warm smile to Naruto.

"Hello Naruto. What can I do for you?" asked Hiruzen, as Naruto walked up to his desk.

"I was wondering if you could tell me what this is," said Naruto, taking out the scroll and setting it on the desk.

Sarutobi took the scroll and looked all around it. It wasn't until he opened the scrool and unsealed the large blade did his eyes grow large.

"Where did you find this?" asked Hiruzen, some astonishment in his voice.

"They were in a hollowed out tree. I moved my hand on the wood and it unsealed to it. What is it?" asked Naruto, while the Hokage set his hand on the blade.

"A long time ago, the Nidaime Hokage decided to form a Seven Swordsmen group of the Leaf. They were well renowned before they disbanded. Their swords are scattered and few have been able to find them. You happen to be one of those few," said Hiruzenm thinking back to the swordsmen.

"Wow, I had no idea. Do you think I could keep this sword old man?" asked Naruto, wanting to use the sword to get stronger.

"I don't see why not. You can keep it, but you have to train hard with it okay?" said Hiruzen, seeing Naruto give a big grin.

"You got it! Thanks again old man," said Naruto, sealing the sword back and exiting the room.

'Millions of ninja in the world and Naruto ends up being one of the few people to find one of the swords. Funny how the world works,' thought Hiruzen, chuckling to himself.

Naruto wanted to start training immediately, but his body was too worn down from the training earlier. He decided to get some ramen and relax the rest of today. The next day, Naruto speeded through his morning routine and made his way to the training field. Naruto unsealed the sword and did a few swings. He swung as fast and hard as he could, and eventually found himself on the ground after he lost his balance.

"Is this your first time (cough) handling a sword?" came a voice from behind Naruto.

Naruto looked behind him to see a man with pale skin, tried eyes, and brown hair. The man was also wearing a jonin outfit with his headband in a bandana.

"Yea, but the blade is pretty heavy," said Naruto getting back to his feet and grabbing the sword. "Who are you anyway?"

"My name is Hayate, the Hokage sent me here to help you. The sword's heaviness isn't the only problem. Your stance is too weak," said Hayate, coughing a little more after he spoke.

"You okay?" asked Naruto, as the man's health was obviously not at its peak.

"I'm fine it's just a little cough. So, you managed to find one of Seven's blades huh?" asked Hayate, eyeing the sword in Naruto's hands.

"Yep, might as well try to find the others while I'm at it," said Naruto, grinning at Hayate.

"That so (cough)? Well no further," said Hayate, pulling out his katana.

"You have one too?" asked Naruto in astonishment.

"Yes, and its got its own little secret. At the bottom of the hilt is a vial that goes into the hilt. This vial (cough cough) can be fill with everything from poisons to medical fluids which then travel through the blade and can be used when cutting an enemy," said Hayate, turing his sword blade-down and pulled a small vial from the bottom of the hilt.

"Cool! I wonder what mine can do," said Naruto, examining his blade.

"If I remember correctly, your sword's blade design gives you a unique fighting style considering its a hallow middle," said Hayate, seeing Naruto have a frown.

"Oh well, time to get started," said Naruto, taking a better stance.

"Alright then," said Hayate, taking his katana in hand.

The two trained everyday since then. It had been four days of training, and tomorrow was the team selection day. Naruto had gained a better handling on his sword as well as some muscle mass. He and Hayate had trained for a few hours and were both out of breath.

"That's enough for today Naruto," said Hayate, putting away his katana.

"Is there something wrong Hayate?" asked Naruto, as they usually trained much longer than this.

"I have a meeting with the other jonin, so were gonna cut today short. Plus, you've already learned a lot and are well coordinated with that sword. This is probably our last training session so remember what I've taught you," said Hayate, smiling at Naruto,

"Thanks for everything Hayate," said Naruto, grinning at his short-term mentor.

"Your clothes are a little worn out. You should probably get some new ones for tomorrow," said Hayate, while Naruto looked down at his outfit.

"Whoa you're right. Okay then, I'll get some new threads to wear," said anruto, taking off to the market.

'If he keeps up his work ethic, he might just surpass me some day,' thought Hayate leavin the training field.

Naruto made his way to a clothes store in the market. The owner immediately greeted him.

"Hello sir. How can I help you today?" asked the owner, smiling at his customer.

"I need some new clothes. These have been run down," said Naruto while the storeowner nodded at his problem.

"Let's see if we can find something to your liking," said the owner, motioning Naruto to follow.

(Next day- Ninja Academy)

It was finally time for the team selection. All of the graduates were anxious to see who they'd be teamed with. The students were talking amongst themselves while they waited for Iruka to arrive. All but Naruto were present in the classroom.

"Where do you think Naruto is?" asked Choji, eating a potato chip.

"Probably over slept. Man I wish I could have," said Shikamaru, thinking about how his mother had yelled at him to get up this morning.

He still dint understand what his father saw in her. He was probably forced into marriage. Yea, that would make sense.

The door opened and the students thought it was Iruka coming in. However, it was actually Naruto entering to room. He had on a black, form-fitting, sleeveless shirt, a pair of orange pants, blue sandals, white fingerless gloves, and small, silver pauldrons. Most people had to take a double take. The girls admired the shirt that showed off his muscle. Naruto made his way to his seat and sat a couple of seats away from Sasuke Uchiha. Said Uchiha looked over at Naruto's direction.

"Something on your mind Sasuke?" asked Naruto, seeing the Uchiha look at him.

"I'm impressed, you actually got rid of the orange look… mostly," said Sasuke, noticing the orange pants.

"Yea they got torn up during training, so I had to get some new stuff," said Naruto, seeing Sasuke nod.

"Looks like Hinta's noticed too," said Sasuke, seeing Naruto look back at her.

Hinata was smiling shyly at Naruto. When he looked back at her, she wave at him.

"She's acting kind of weird," said Naruto, seeing girl acting so shy.

"Because she likes you baka," said Sasuke while Naruto looked shocked.

"What! How can you tell?" asked Naruto, as he was sure he would have noticed a girl interested in him.

"Lets count the ways, shall we? She turns red around you, she gets even shier when you're close, and she's also one of the few people who doesn't dislike you," said Sasuke, the realization colliding with Naruto like a punch to the face.

"Wow," said Naruto, "I guess I just never caught on. Now I just feel awful."

"You haven't blown it yet. If she's still smiling at you, that means she still cares. Now you just need to capitalize on it," said Sasuke, seeing Naruto narrow his eyes at him.

"Why are you helping me?" asked Naruto, as he knew Sasuke was never this nice.

"I just like making you feel like an idiot. Makes my day brighter that's for sure," said Sasuke, smirking as Naruto was fuming.

"Shut up!" said Naruto but was ignored by Sasuke.

Naruto decided to drop it, and turned around back at Hinata. Hinata, once again, smiled and waved at him. Naruto smiled and waved back at her. This made Hinata blush as well as making Naruto chuckle to himself. Just then, the door opened up with a crack. Out from the door came Sakura and Ino, both tired. They were rivals for the longest time because of Sasuke and their ninja ways. Sakura made her way to Sasuke, knocking Naruto away in the process. Naruto mutter something like "typical" underneath his breath. About the time he got back up in his seat, Iruka got into the room.

"Good morning class. Today you shall be separated into your teams who you'll be with from here on out," said Iruka, as he began reading the list of teams.

As he did, Naruto was lost in thought of how he was going to get the other blades. He only knew his and Hayate's, so there were five others. Where could they be? Who had them? So many angles to go over.

"Team seven will be Naruto Uzumake, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha," said Iruka, seeing Naruto's head go back in disappointment.

The rest of the teams were called and met with their senseis. Naruto's team, however, were still waiting on theirs. Naruto walked back and forth to pass time while Sakura sat next to a bored Sasuke.

"Oh man I cant believe this! Where is he?" asked Naruto, stopping and looking at the clock.

"I don't know, but I'm about five minutes away from leaving," said Sasuke, stretching his arms.

"Yea that's probably best Sasuke-kun," said Sakura, going into fan girl mode.

Naruto then tried to grasp in his head how he liked her in the beginning and what girls saw in Sasuke. His thoughts were broken with the sound of the door sliding. The three looked to see a man with white hair, jonin outfit, and a half mask. He also pulled his headband over one eye so you could only see the right eye.

"Hi my name is Kakashi Hatake, and you three-," started Kakashi, but was cut off by his team.

"You're late!" yelled team seven, seeing their sensei scratch the back of his head.

"Yes well you see a black cat crossed my path so I had to take a different route," said Kakashi, but was met with silence.

"Is that the best you could come up with?" asked Naruto, not buying the story.

"Was worth a shot. Now, get some rest. We've got some training tomorrow. Oh, and you might wanna skip out on breakfast," said Kakashi taking off.

"We'll so glad we could talk," said Sasuke mockingly.

"Sounds like his training is going to be tough," said Sakura, thinking about their sensei's warining.

"He's bluffing," said Naruto, getting a look from both teammates.

"How can you tell?" asked Sasuke, as he seemed serious enough.

"When you've been lied to as much as I have you tend to notice. Get some sleep, eat breakfast and you'll be fine. See you guys tomorrow," said Naruto, seeing the others nod and leave.

His first combat fight with the sword would be tomorrow. Time to put his skills to the test.

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