Harder than it seems Ch.1

"Come on, Artie, What's the worst that could happen?"

"If I had a quid for every time I heard that remark come out of your mouth..." The irate and highly embarrassed personification of England regarded his partner -the personification of America- with a shocked and heavily put-out glare. America was spending his well earned break in the United Kingdom with his green-eyed counterpart, an event which always served to excite as well as annoy the Englishman.

"I still don't know what that is...But Aaarrthuurrr..."

"You are acting like a child."

"Sorry, but seriously. Of all the things you could not want to try in bed-" The island nation slammed the book he had been attempting to read and forcefully stood to return it to its place on the shelf. He then turned and faced his blue-eyed companion.

"I distinctly recall banning magic from the bedroom, Alfred."

"Ya. Ya. And I distinctly recall you, in your Britannia Angel form thank you very much, writhing and moaning-"

"Enough! This is nothing like that though!"

"It doesn't seem like such a biggie to me." England took a deep, barely controlled breath as his blush increased in intensity.

"Having me...turn myself into a woman seems like a "Biggie" to me!"

The Brit's fists were clenched by his sides and he had begun to shake ever so slightly from embarrassment. His mind actually began to play with the outrageous possibility that America was not pleased with his current physical form. America, meanwhile, couldn't restrain a small laugh at the sight before he wrapped his arms around the green-eyed man. England remained fairly stiff, but was slightly relaxed by the closeness. No need to disclose that information though.

"England, its fine. I just thought it'd be a fun change of pace. You know, see what all the straight guys are raving about?"

"You and I both know what they are raving about. We were not eachother's firsts and there is no reason to pretend we were. Especially after the 60's." At the mention of one of his most infamous decades, America chuckled again and let a sly smile to spread across his face.

"England-Always the romantic. Won't you just give it a try? You kinda owe me from the last time you suggested something. I think I still have marks from the leather." England relaxed in America's hold and hummed approvingly in remembrance, a small smirk gracing his features.

"It'll be fine Arthur." America continued, beginning to kiss along England's jaw bone."I'll have you know, I'm really good with girls. Maybe not as...practiced, but I never got any complaints." England sighed and raised a majestic eyebrow while locking eyes with America. After a few silent moments England closed his eyes and sighed once more.

"Go on up to the bedroom. I should be joining you in about ten minutes. Fifteen at the most."

"Woot! You are awesome Arthur!" America cheered as he lifted England into the air and nearly smothered him in kisses.

"Alfred! Set me down, you incorrigible git!" America did so, but before he dashed up the stairs to the master bedroom, he cupped his hands over England's warming cheeks and drew him into a slow, passion-filled kiss.

"See you in there, baby."

"You know how I feel about that pet-name." England mumbled with no bite what-so-ever. America's grin widened as he bent down for one more kiss before making his mad sprint for the stairs. Left alone at last, England rubbed the back of his head with a hand as he made his way down to his basement.

"A woman, huh?...Well..., shouldn't be too hard."

While the challenged wizard thought up the proper spell, America stripped down to his boxers and made sure everything he and England could need was in close range of the bed. He did everything so quickly that he was soon stuck on the bed, staring at the ceiling, eagerly awaiting his lover.

"Honestly, you couldn't have left me more than your pants?" America flipped over on to his stomach and grinned at the other blond. The Englishman's head hadn't changed, but America could see the contours of his body had most certainly changed beneath the soft, well loved robe he now wore. The larger blond raked his eyes over the new curves visible and smirked.

"Doesn't look like you left much yourself, Arthur." The Brit's blush returned, his hands twisting the robe closer to him. America crawled off the bed and approached.

"You...you didn't specify about anything you...wanted in particular." England stammered, looking to the floor for answers. America ran his hands down the other's arms, sliding slowly down the newly accentuated waist and hips. Even the robe left far too much to the imagination, in his heroic opinion. He pressed more kisses on England's cheeks, nose, eyebrows, and neck before joining their lips together.

"Glad you didn't change your face." America whispered into the kiss.

England felt himself loosen his muscles and wrap his arms around America's neck, his new chest bumping into America's sooner than either were used to. The younger nation moved to caress the new additions, illiciting a light moan from England.

"Pretty perky, aren't chya?"

"Shut it!" America laughed while he quickly untied the robe and brushed it off and away.

"...Damn." America mumbled cocking his head to the side as he looked his lover's new form up and down. "Hot mama..."

"Git...Don't stare..." England looked off to the side. It felt like being naked with America for the first time all over again. He had no idea how the younger blond was going to respond towards him, although so far America seemed to like what he saw.

"Gave yourself a little 'oomf' here, huh?" America smirked as he ran his palms over the newly exposed chest in front of him.

"I...I just went with what came to mind...Oh! Alfred..." The American began nipping and sucking where his hands had previously been while the appendages moved down England's form to clutch at the backs of sensitive thighs. Without warning, America lifted England and giggled at the indignant yelp the surprised nation gave. After placing his recently transformed partner on the center of the bed, America took his time exploring and worshiping the new body, made especially for him. Lucky for America, England still had certain places of his body that were especially sensitive. America's personal favorite was under England's left knee. America knew that England hated how much he loved teasing that one spot, but that never stopped the ambitious blond from doing it.

"America...Alfred, please."

"What do you need, babe?" America responded, hands running down England's legs, barely noticing that he hadn't taken the time to shave the soft light hairs there.

"I- I- uuggh! I don't know!" England cried in frustration and need. America pitied him for a moment. The poor Brit probably didn't know what he wanted. America moved to add new marks against England's stomach before quickly lifting his legs.

"This help?" America inquired before tormenting the backs of the Brit's knees with his practiced tongue.

"Oooh! God, Alfred! Aah!" England gasped while American hands massaged the Brit's legs. He started lowering England's legs, spreading them wider, while kissing and licking slowly up and up...

"Alfred! I-I need-"

"Ya baby. I know. I've gotchya, don't worry." America's hands slid under England's hips and propped him up just enough to be easily eye level.

"Alfred, what...?"

"I told you. I've gotchya." His tongue began dancing around England's new center and the Brit's blush began spreading across his face as the rate of his wanton panting began to increase. When America's lips and tongue finally made contact, England could only groan and arch up towards the mouth that was doing such wondrous things to him.

England was not sure how to describe the pleasure he was receiving. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Not to say that it was better than what he was used to, just different. Soon, England could feel himself approaching the edge of bliss. He was feeling both excited and apprehensive about the whole ordeal. However, America seemed to know what he was doing...and he trusted America. He continued arching into the other's mouth and nearly screamed when he felt two fingers slide their way in under the tongue

"Damn, Artie, you're ready to go aren't ya?" England thrashed his head from side to side, gripping the blanket beneath him and curling his toes as he felt the pressure build. In response, America curled his fingers and began quickly lapping at the center of England's current high. Arching once more, England was pushed over the edge with an intense moan of America's name.

England took a few deep breaths while America kissed his face.

"Wow...I'm not sure what to say. You are good at that." America smirked and winked at the disheveled mass beneath him before reaching for the lube.

"What's that for?" England asked, sitting up and straightening himself so the pillows were under his head. America leaned over the side of the bed and grabbed the bottle of lubrication that he had set on the bed side table for easy access.

"Something tells me you didn't make this easy for yourself."

"What the bloody hell are you talking about?" England asked, already feeling his energy returning as quickly as his arousal as he watched America rub lube along his length. America moved back in-between England's legs and wrapped them around his waist.

"Take a deep breath." He whispered while positioning himself.

"Hehe. That's what I told you when we first- OhGOD!" As he felt America push in, his recollection of the night he first topped his former colony was interrupted by a gasp of pain. "Al...It hurts..." England squeezed his eyes closed and grasped America's shoulders.

"I know, baby, I know. Just breathe and it'll pass. Heh. I swear...I should have guessed you'd make yourself a fucking virgin." England opened his eyes just enough to glare at the man above him. America distracted him from the pain by rubbing his hands up and down England's body and reattaching his mouth to England's chest and neck. It was only after England slowed his panting that he began to rock his hips slowly, moaning quietly at the wet heat.

"I love you Arthur. Oh God! I love you." America murmured words of endearment into his lover's shoulder while he began to increase the speed of his thrusts. With the pain quickly giving way to this new sensation and pleasure, England could barely return the affection between gasps.

"I...I love you! Ooh! Alfred, augh! Please faster!" England began to rise his hips slightly, in synque with America's harsh thrusts.

"Oh Gaaawwwddd! England...Arthur...I'm-" At this attempted warning, England's eyes snapped open and his breath hitched.

"America! You...Oh! Please-" England tried in vain to get the younger nation to hear him, but the lad was too far gone. As was England truthfully, but he had enough of his sense to remember 'America has to pull out'!

"America! Alfred, please! You have to- AUGH!" England's warning was cut off by the intense pressure of his second release. In the middle of his orgasm, England heard America curse and felt him release inside with a groan. England almost whimpered and writhed at the sensation, but after America pulled out England began hitting him.

"Hey! Ow! What the-"

"You complete arse!"

"What the fuck did I do? Ow!" America caught England's wrists but the Brit quickly pulled away and dashed for his robe.

"You have no bleeding idea what you've done!"

"Fuck yeah, I don't! What did I do Artie?"

"YOU-!" England yelled and ran his fingers through his bed tousled mop. America looked on, completely confused. He hadn't done anything they wouldn't normally have done.

"Arthur," America began slowly and calmly. "just tell me what's wrong, and I'm sure we can deal with it. Did I hurt you, or...?"

"No!...No, you didn't hurt me..." England rubbed his face with his hands and paced. "What is something that women can do that men cannot?" England asked, hoping this would help America get the answer himself.

"...Um...Have...periods?" England moaned in exasperation once again and continued pacing.

"Alfred, we just had unprotected sex! With me like this!"


"Now, can you guess why I'm so upset?" America looked down for a moment and England knew he was at least trying to think of a good reason for the smaller blond to be so wired. Then the stressed Brit saw the cogs turn and the light go off. America looked back up, a nervous smile on his face.

"But Arthur, we're nations. We've never been able to do that. None of us!"

"Alfred...you asked me to become a woman...this isn't my normal form. For the spell, I had to take what I knew about women and apply it to myself. Everything...about women." England returned to the bed and America didn't want to think about how truly terrified his lover looked.

"Alfred, I could get pregnant like this."

"...Wow. Ok. Well! Hey! Change back! Go do it now, then ya know- maybe there'll be nothing to worry about. You don't normally have any...baby-making equipment..." England scoffed and turned his gaze elsewhere. America continued, "So ya know, if you change back, you won't have anything to...whatever." England, surprisingly, saw the logic in the plan. Nothing could happen if he didn't have any of the 'equipment' as America had grandly called it.

"Ok...Alright...I'll be back after a while." Then he was gone, and America was left alone with his thoughts. When England did return, now completely male, the two dressed for bed and silently joined each other under the covers. It wasn't until America was sure England was asleep that the Brit quickly grabbed the surprised American and began quietly sobbing into his chest. "Don't you say a word. It's just the damn left-over hormones." America nodded, but wrapped his arms protectively around the English nation.