I Love You, My Bodyguard...

In Chapter 1, Goutoku and Yuki have hired a bodyguard for Sakura, but, she doesn't want it until she met a new student, Ogami Rei came to the school. At first, Sakura is able to receive Ogami as a friend, but Ogami was a bodyguard arranged by her parents. Is Ogami really a friend or is he just a bodyguard?

Chapter 2: Why do you hate me?

Sakura looked in the opposite direction of Ogami, who was just silent.

"Does she hate me?" Ogami asked.

"Sakura, how long are you going to be angry for? And are you angry with Ogami too? "Yuki asked in surprise.

"Of course I'm angry with Ogami. It's bad enough that you want to get me a bodyguard, but I didn't expect my bodyguard to be him. Is there a way that you can get another person to bodyguard instead of him? "Sakura asked with anger.

"Why is there a problem with me being your bodyguard? " Ogami questioned seeking confirmation from Sakura.

"It's problematic, Dad and I don't like to be controlled like a lifeless statue. I want to live freely like everyone else, I'm alright, and I can take care of myself. I don't need anyone in my life, " Said Sakura as she walked away.

"Sakura..." Muttered Yuki.

"Let her go Yuki. Sakura's a very stubborn person, "urged Goutoku.

"Sorry for Sakura, Ogami, but we do this for her own good." Yuk explained.

"I don't care less about that, but why is Sakuraouji being controlled? What's the problem with just letting her be free? "Ogami asked.

"There are many problems, like when she got injured that one time." answered Goutoku.

Ogami was lying down trying to remember a story that Sakura's father had told him.


"Actually...Sakura was in love with a man, but that man didn't seriously love her back. Instead, he tried to take advantage of her. I began to worry once they were separated, "said Goutoku.

Ogami was startled, but he lamented.

"Don't worry about Sakurakouji, I will ensure that she's safe." Ogami promised her parents.

"We have faith in you." Yuki said with a smile.

"Thanks," Ogami said.

End Flashback

Ogami got up and then go to the refrigerator in his house. "How can I protect her if she hates me?"

Sakura gazed at the edge of the window, she suddenly thought of Ogami.

"Why is it Ogami that has to control my life?" Agrh! Why's my life so unfortunate? Why couldn't I live in peace? Why? "Sakura asked.

The next day...

"Huh? Ogami your bodyguard? Seriously, or are you just joking? "Asked Aoba.
"Look in my eyes, does it look like I'm just joking?" Sakura asked angrily.
"Don't be angry, Sakurakouji. Aoba was just joking." Yuuki answered comforting Sakura with a smile.

"Is it that you don't like bodyguards or do you hate Ogami himself?" Toki asked curiously.

Sakura was silent after that, she wasn't sure.


"What?" Ogami asked.

"I'm sorry..." Sakura said looking the other way.

"Next time don't call people if there's no reason," replied the simple Ogami angry.

"What? "Sakura asked as a gust of wind ran past her.

"Do not you hate me? Do you think I trying to control your life? I didn't come to this school for fun, it was instructions from your mom and dad." Ogami said.

"How dare you talk like that?" Sakura shouted.

Began to walk away and didn't look back, but he smiled.

"You never change, Sakurakouji" said Ogami.

Back from school...

"Sakura, may I accompany you go home?" Aoba asked.

"It's alright...I can back by myself," said Sakura smiling.
"Alright, be careful" Aoba advised.

"Yes..." Sakura said.

Sakura continued walking. She could sense someone was following her, but she was sure it was Ogami.

"Ogami, stop trailing me. This is an order, "Sakura pleaded firmly and looked back. On the other hand...

"Who are you?" Asked Sakura and started to move into an attack pose, when she saw some students from other schools try to catch up to her.
"Don't you remember, you tried to hurt our friends," replied a person from the group.

"Attack!" Shouted the group.

Sakura ran, but fell down stained in blood.

Sakura cried, she couldn't afford to do anything. Suddenly, she remembered the Ogami.

"Ogami ~ ~ ~"


"Hahaha...I just want know about you only. Is it alright if we become friends?"

'You can call me 'Ogami', after all I'm lonely without my friends, and family..."replied the smiling Ogami.

"Why, Sakurakouji? There's a problem if I be your bodyguard? "Ogami question seeking confirmation from Sakura.

"Do not you hate me? Does's you think I trying to control your life? Moreover, I came to this school is not for fun but the instructions from your Dad and Mom" Reply Ogami continues to go from there.

End Flashback

"OGAMI REI!" Sakura yelled as hard as possible.


"How dare you hurt Sakurakouji," pleaded Ogami angrily as he fought with the group.

"Ogami..That's great you are here." Sakura said before passing out.

"Sakurakouji!" screamed Ogami.


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