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Summary : Tir and Kasumi was suddenly missing, then a baby was found in Kasumi's house, whose baby is that and what happen to Tir and Kasumi?

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Love is Void

Chapter 1. Missing.

In the morning in a big city called Gregminster there was a mansion, a household with four members. A man with a long blond hair was prepared a meal for the member of the household especially for the young master who also the master of the house, he just finished prepared the breakfast while the others still sleeping in their room, the man with the blond hair walked to the second floor to woke up his young master.

"Young master it's time to get up." The man said while knocking the door.

No answer, well that's what he was expected, since the young master was a heavy sleeper. Well, this time was something he would never expected. The man opened the door and he found no one in there.

"Young master, where are you, please don't scare me."

He looked around the room, then his eyes stopped to the bed, well not exactly the bed but something laid on the bed, a piece of paper or more exactly a letter, he took that paper and read it, then he screamed.


That really was a loud screamed, so loud that it made the other members of the household woke up and the people around the house looked at the house curiously.

"Ah, what with Gremio, screaming like that." A woman with blond hair peeved.

"Is it morning already?" A man with short onyx hair asked to no one.

The two of them walked to the second floor.

"What's happen, gremio?" The woman asked.

Gremio was frozen because of shocked.

"Hey, is the meal ready?" The man questioned.

"Forget about meal, Pahn. Come here see what's happen to Gremio."

"Young master must had pulled a prank on him, don't worry about him."

Pahn went to dining room and ate his breakfast, while the woman examining the frozen Gremio, she then saw the paper in Gremio's hand, and she took it then read it.

"Oh no Pahn, it's terrible, come here hurry."

"What is it, Cleo?" Pahn said after finished his meal and went to Cleo.

"Read it." Cleo said while giving the letter to Pahn.

Pahn took the letter and read it loudly.

'To Gremio, Cleo, and Pahn

I am sorry that I did it so suddenly, but I really have to leave and perhaps I won't return, don't worry about me, I can take care of myself and please don't look for me, thank you for all you had done for me.

Tir McDohl'

"Why did young master write my name on the last?" Pahn bemused.

"Don't bother about it, it's serious, young master is missing. What should we do now?" Cleo asked panicky.

"How about it, we wake Gremio up first and then go look for young master."

"That's a good idea, hey Gremio wake up." Cleo was shaking Gremio's body.

"Huh, what's just happen to me?" Gremio said perplexedly.

Cleo showed Gremio the letter and he began to scream again.

Gremio screamed. "OH NO…"

Pahn closed his mouth.

"Calm down Gremio, we have to look for young master." Pahn said.

"That's right. It's weird that you're so high spirit, Pahn." Gremio bemused.

"Well, that's because he just ate his breakfast." Cleo said.

"Can we focus on the problem right now?" Pahn annoyed.

Meanwhile in Rokkaku.

"Do we have to report it to Chief Hanzo?"

"Of course we have to, you noticed it too right."

"Noticed what?"

"Kasumi had been acting strange since the war a few months ago."

"Really, I don't noticed at all, maybe you thinking about her too much, Sasuke."

"I AM NOT, come on its serious." Sasuke peeved.

"You know, Kasumi may get punish later."

"They will find out about it anyway."

"Maybe she will return."

"We can't wait any longer, Mondo."

"All right, do what you want."

Sasuke and Mondo walked towards the chief's house then entered it.

"Chief Hanzo, we have to report something." Sasuke said.

"What is it Sasuke?" The chief said.

"Kasumi is missing." Sasuke said.

"How long it had been?" The chief said.

"About a few days." Sasuke said.

"Mondo, what do you think about it?" The chief said.

"Well, it does seem serious. Since Kasumi didn't left any message, maybe something happens to her." Mondo explained.

"Oh right, you may make a search team and go look for her, and you Sasuke stay in Rokkaku and wait for her, maybe she will return." The chief ordered.

"Why I am the one who have to wait, can I go search for her too?" Sasuke requested.

"Sasuke, just do what the chief said." Mondo advised.

"Huh, fine then." Sasuke sulked.

After a while, Monde had made a search team then their left Rokkaku, Sasuke saw them off while sighed.

"So Mondo, you think where we should go first?" One of the ninjas asked.

"Well, it isn't like that I know Kasumi so well, but maybe she was going there." Mondo thought. "Fuma, we better search at Gregminster first."

Meanwhile somewhere unknown.

"Did I choose the right choice?"

Flashback begins.

Early in the morning a boy wearing green and purple bandanna and brown cape walking on the forest path called Banner Pass. He then looked at his right hand that just shone a weak light from inside his glove, he stopped.

"I never thought I will meet you here." The boy said, and then a figure appeared behind him.

"How did you notice my presence, Master Tir?" The girl with short onyx hair and teal eyes questioned.

Tir was just silent.

"How did you know I am here, Kasumi?" Tir demanded.

"I know sooner or later you will leave, so I patrol all the check point in Toran."

"How did you know I will leave?"

"Remember a few days ago, we spent time together in your secret place, I noticed the looked in your face said that you want to leave."

"Then, you understand right, I have to leave."

"I don't know why you wanted to leave, but will you return?" Kasumi said expectantly.

"No, I won't return."

"But, but why?"

"It's none of your concern."

"Then, can I go with you?" Kasumi requested.

Flashback end.

"Huh, forget about it, I have made up my mind."

Back in Rokkaku.

Sasuke had been waiting for either Kasumi or Mondo returned back, he keep standing in front of the entrance.

"Where is Kasumi, has Mondo find her?"

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