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Summary : Tir and Kasumi was suddenly missing, then a baby was found in Kasumi's house, whose baby is that and what happen to Tir and Kasumi?

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Chapter 10. The Clash of the Deadly Sisters.

In the middle of a forest there were 2 girls. They were standing before each other. The first girl wore red outfit with a pink bandanna around her forehead. She looked ready to fight since she was in a fighting stance. While the other girl with green outfit looked ready to faint.

The red girl looked at the green girl with an evil smirk plaster in her face, while the green girl looked at the red girl with a blank expression.

For a while no sound or noise was heard from the 2 girls or their surroundings. Then suddenly, the red girl leaped at the green girl and readied a kunai in her right hand.

The green girl was frozen in her place. She looked shock when the other girl leaped at her and kept thinking that it was a bad dream, more like a nightmare. But, she knew despite herself that it was real, but she couldn't do anything, she couldn't fight with her, not with her sister.

The green girl closed her eyes. She was giving up. She was accepting her incoming death.

As soon as she closed her eyes, she was face to face with a woman with a pair of green eyes giving her a sad smile and a disappointed look. But, she disappeared as soon as she appeared.

The green girl gasped and muttered. "Mother." While opening her eyes and leaped away from the other girl just in time before she met her death.

The red girl looked impressed. "So, you finally decide to fight, Kaya."

Kaya face was full with hurtful expression then it changed into determination. "Yes, Misty."

Misty gave her a smirk. "Well, let's see who die first."

"No!" Kaya said firmly. "I won't kill you. Do you remember what you said to me when mother died?"

Kaya paused to look at Misty reaction or lack of. She sighed and continued.

"You said I have o live on and make my mother proud."

"So, what of it, Kaya?" Misty said with uncared expression.

Kaya looked hurt, but shook her head and looked at Misty's eyes without hesitation. "My mother won't be proud if I give up without a fight."

For a while Kaya thought she saw Misty gave her a proud smile, but then it vanished as if it was never there.

Kaya cleared her thought and readied her fighting stance. Before her, she saw Misty wearing her famous claw.

Misty smirked at her. "I never thought I will use Max Sakura to kill you."

"Well, I also never thought I will become the victim of it, while before I only witness its power." She added. "Your mother sure picked a good weapon."

Misty eyes flash with anger. "Don't speak of her. Now, let's me see that dagger of yours."

In a flash there was a dagger in Kaya's right hand and it gave off green reflection.

"It's an honour for me to fight the famous dagger Emerald Flash, but are you really a worthy wielder like your mother." Misty taunted her.

Kaya had a firm look. "I won't let you down, sis."

"Your sister is death, Kaya. Then, when you died, the Deadly Sisters will be no more." Misty then disappeared from sight.

Kaya looked around her while sharpen her hearing to pick out even the slightest movement of her enemy, no, her opponent.

Kaya moved to her right and threw barrage of shuriken. A silhouette emerged from the direction of the shuriken and avoided them. Without pause the silhouette went to Kaya.

Kaya saw Misty approached her and attempted to stab her heart. Kaya put her strength in her dagger and block Misty's attack.

With a grace that developed from her life as a ninja, Kaya kicked Misty's abdomen. Misty flew away 8 feet from Kaya. She stood up immediately as if the kick was nothing and disappeared again.

Kaya screamed and felt a stabbing pain in her left shoulder, but she put aside the pain and attack Misty's arm that still attached to her shoulder, which resulted in a deep cut and small cries of pain from Misty's mouth.

Misty jumped away to gave them some distance and looked at Kaya with critical eyes.

"You are stronger than I thought." She commented lightly.

"Hah, and you are as strong as I imagined." Kaya talked back.

Suddenly, Misty threw barrage of shuriken at Kaya. Kaya jumped to avoid it. But, that was what Misty expected and jumped at her. Kaya couldn't move freely in midair, but she didn't give up.

Kaya spun in midair and stabbed Misty hip and landed on the ground with ease. While, Misty let out cried of pain and fell on the ground, but, few seconds later she got back to her feet.

Kaya didn't wait her chance, so the moment Misty stood back on her feet she leaped at her with an intention to cut her.

Kaya lost her chance, because Misty avoided her attack just in time. But, Kaya didn't stop and continued her slash attacks, but Misty dodged all of them and managed to scrape Kaya's abdomen.

They continued to exchange attacks, until Misty kicked kaya's already injured abdomen to send her flying away from her, but Kaya managed to slash Misty's bandanna.

Kaya landed 12 feet from Misty. She tried to stand but unable to, because her abdomen hurt whenever she tried to move.

She panted and clasped her abdomen. She looked at misty and saw her feet were walking towards her. She continued upward and saw her injured hip, and then the max sakura in her right hand covered in blood, and then the cut in her arm.

Kaya continued to look upward, and looked at her bandanna, but suddenly it fell. Her eyes widened while she looked at Misty's forehead. She was at a loss with what she saw.

After a while, Kaya finally found her words. "Misty... yo...ur... fore...head."

Misty looked shock then suddenly, she was in front of Kaya. Without pause she punched her abdomen adding the injury which result in Kaya screamed of pain then she fell into consciousness.

Misty looked at Kaya with grim expression, she looked behind her and found her bandanna was cut in 2 and was lying on the ground.

She walked towards her bandanna then picked it and undone the knot. Then she used the longer one to tie it in her forehead.

Misty walked back to Kaya's unconscious body. She readied the Max Sakura and attempted to stab Kaya's heart.

Wind blew in her face and she saw that the Max Sakura was blocked by a kunai. She looked up and saw a pair of firm brown eyes belong to a man with short coffee hair. Misty jumped away from him and landed 5 feet away from him.

Misty smiled sweetly at him. "Long times no see, Sasuke."

"Why are you doing this to Kaya?" Sasuke demanded.

"I am just sick of her, without me she is just like a lost puppy, don't you agree?" Misty answered offhandedly.

"Yes, you're right, but, that isn't a good enough reason to kill her." Sasuke stated.

Misty smirked. "You're intrigued me, Sasuke."

Sasuke raised his eyebrows.

"I have always observing you to know why in all my life you always give me the cold shoulder." She continued. "And you know what the answer I found?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her.

"Who would have thought that you were a secret admirer of that woman?" Misty taunted him.

Sasuke still looked at Misty calmly. If he was shock with her discovery, he hid it well.

All of a sudden Misty was in front of him. Sasuke startled but he stood his ground.

Misty smiled seductively at him. "You don't have to feel hurt anymore, you can have me. She and I are alike after all, don't you think so?"

Sasuke did the unexpected. He slapped her hard, very hard that it sent her flying and landed 14 feet away from him.

Sasuke had a cold expression. "You've changed."

Misty stood up with a bit difficulty.

"I know it wasn't you, but I still can't forgive your action years ago." Sasuke continued.

Misty raised her eyebrows. "My action years ago? What do you mean?"

Sasuke turned his back and walked towards Kaya's unconscious body, along the way he picked another part of Misty's bandanna that was cut and lying on the ground. He picked Kaya up and without looking at Misty he said.

"I never want to meet you again, Kasumi." He left as soon as the words left his mouth.

Misty was just staring at Sasuke retreating figure with confusion. If she wasn't confused, she must have tried to kill him for calling her Kasumi.

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