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Summary : Tir and Kasumi was suddenly missing, then a baby was found in Kasumi's house, whose baby is that and what happen to Tir and Kasumi?

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Chapter 12. The Consequences.

In a place that looked like a cave a girl in green outfit was running hastily as if her life depended on it. From behind her a barrage of shuriken flying towards her, but she dodged it easily. The girl focused on her steps and leaped forward to the light that she figured was supposed to be the exit. She didn't waste her time when she found the sun again, she quickly moved away from the cave and carefully not to leave a trail for her pursuers.

She jumped on a tree after another in the forest and she saw a village not too far from her. She stopped to look around and sighed in relief that she didn't see or hear any of her pursuers. She sat down against a tree to take a break.

Meanwhile somewhere else.

A man in red outfit was pacing back and forth, while an elder man looking at him with interest. Suddenly, the man looked at the elder man with a look of confusion.

"Chief Hanzo, forgive me for asking but why do you look so calm, when my daughter just broke loose from jail not to mention the Horn. The prison which is located deep inside a cave hidden in the forest which only our Elite Ninjas knows the location!" The man stated with concern.

Chief Hanzo only waved aside the man statement. "It's just a proof that, the Horn's guards still isn't good enough."

"Chief Hanzo, I believe it isn't only about the guards. Kaya certainly got a help." The man looked deep in thought.

"Fuma, I think you look too much into the situation. Kaya must be in luck because the guard carelessness with the Horn's zero experience with prison break. After all, Kaya is a formidable ninja." Chief Hanzo responded.

"Well, you're right, Chief Hanzo."

"Fuma, would you be so kind to return to your post. Certainly, the matter with your daughter can't be an excuse to neglect your duty." Chief Hanzo said seriously but there was hint playfulness in his voice.

Fuma blinked. "Of course, I will return to my duty, Chief Hanzo." And he left at that.

Chief Hanzo sighed and looked out from the window in his left side.

"Sasuke." He called out.

As soon as he said that a man stood in front of him.

"You called, Chief Hanzo." The man responded.

"I know it was you." The chief said without looking at him.

The man didn't give out any expression or movement to indicate anything.

"I don't know why you did it. By all mean I should punish you for helping a rouge ninja. What is your defence, Sasuke?" Chief Hanzo finally looked at his face.

"None, I help her because of my own freewill no less no more." Sasuke stated impassively.

Chief Hanzo sighed. "Sasuke, it pains me to regard both of you as a traitor, while neither of your action will cause the village downfall." He added. "But, you two broke the rules and I can't turn a blind eye from it."

Sasuke said calmly. "Chief, Kaya might still act like a child, but in ninja eye she is an adult. She might not seem like it, but she understands perfectly well about her status and responsibility as a ninja of Rokkaku."

Sasuke smiled a little. "It's true that she chose to ignore it and chose to chase after Misty. But, don't you think she already know the consequences and ready to face it. She isn't a child, Chief Hanzo, you don't need to protect her from her own action."

Chief Hanzo looked thoughtful and surprised with Sasuke's opinion of Misty, after all Sasuke not really the most sociable ninja.

"Tell me, Sasuke, why did you help her?" Chief Hanzo.

"It doesn't matter. I helped her that's what matter. You don't need to hold back with my punishment." Sasuke said.

Chief Hanzo knew that Sasuke must be trying to hide about it, but he couldn't force him.

"All right, Sasuke, from what I see, your action isn't really serious, so I will put you probation for 6 months. That's all, you're dismissed."

Sasuke left without another words.

Meanwhile somewhere else.

The girl walked silently through the forest towards the village she saw earlier. After a while, she arrived at the back of the village. But, she wasn't alone because there was a boy that was fishing in the lake. The girl studied the boy carefully, at first glance she already knew the boy's identity but decided to wait if the boy will regard her presence or not.

For few minutes both of them remained silence. The girl knew the boy should have decided to ignore her, so she decided to break the silence.

"How are you, Master McDohl?" The girl asked.

The turned around to face the girl, as if he was just noticed her.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

The girl shrugged off. "I am on the run. What's about you?"

The boy turned back to the lake. "Kaya, just give it up, you're still have a life ahead of you."

Kaya knew exactly what was he mean, but decided to play the fool.

She titled her head to the left. "What does that mean, Master McDohl?"

The boy shook his head. "You don't have anyone to fool here, Kaya."

"Yeah, right. He was far more experience in life than me." Kaya though.

The boy continued. "I don't know how you will find her, but I know it will be pointless. She won't be back to you willingly."

Kaya looked downcast. "I know. I was hoping I can do something to help Misty. I will do anything even if I have to desert the village where I pledged my loyalty."

The boy sighed. "Honestly, you're a fool for abandoning your village."

"I know that. I don't regret to be a fool." Kaya stated firmly.

"What do you plan to do?" The boy asked.

"Would you help me looking for Misty?" Kaya got straight to the point.

The boy looked back at her. "How long have you planned to get my help?"

"You should be surprise with how many plan can you think in just few minutes. Next time you shouldn't be ignoring someone's presence." Kaya replied.

The rolled his eyes. "No."

Kaya blinked. "What did you say? I think I didn't catch that."

"With your ninja hearing, I doubt that you didn't catch it." The boy commented.

"Fine, but, why not?" Kaya asked.

"I didn't plan to have another run in with her, coincidence or not." The boy stated.

"Why not?" Kaya asked with fake curiosity.

"She got on my nerves." He told her. He would never explain in detail about their encounter for it was far too embarrassing.

Kaya could felt that he won't go into details, so she left it at that. Instead, she walked to him and sat beside him.

She smiled at him as if the conversation before never happened.

"So, how was it like to be immortal?"

The boy sweat dropped. That question sound too suspicious despite its simplicity. The boy realized then that this girl was trying to persuade him while trying to engage in conversation with him. Of course, it won't be an easy task to persuade him.

Meanwhile somewhere else.

In a forest a girl was sitting on a branch of a tree. She was staring at the sky with a pair of cold and emotionless teal eyes.

The girl's point of view begins.

You do know that, it was useless to ask for a help, even he is a magician.

I blinked. It had been so long since that rune was speaking to me and it always got on my nerves.

I don't need your opinion.

I merely am stating a fact.

I groaned.

What do you mean by that?

It was useless because you will soon be mine.

I snorted and playfully said.

When exactly is soon anyway?

It was laughing loudly, at least it sound loud in my head.

Soon, it is right about NOW.

I immediately felt a sharp pain in my head, I clutched my head tightly to suppress the pain, but fail miserably. My vision became blurred and clouded. Then, suddenly all I could see was darkness.

The girl's point of view ends.

The girl suddenly jumped from the tree and landed gracefully on the ground. The wind blew furiously around her as if it was trying to get away from the girl. And darkness seemed to seep out from her.

She had a cruel and playful smirk embedded on her face. And let out a devious laughter which resonance through the forest.

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