Mahora Monster Academy

Time for the newest twist on the Negima series! What if the entire class was filled with monsters?

Negi: What? I have a hard enough time with normal students! Well normal except for...actually I don't think it would be too different.

Oh it will be. It will then Negs since you're here why don't you do our disclaimer.

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Chapter 1: Beware Class 3-A

The halls of Mahora Gakuen were quiet since class was in session but there was one class that was quite lively. That was class 3-A which had the reputation of being the most secretive class in the entire Gakuen. The reason for such secretive behavior was always under discussion but no one ever came close. The class was secretive because the entire class was made up of youkai including the homeroom/english teacher Negi Springfield who was a wizard.

"Good morning class!" Negi greeted. The class all responded with a bow and good morning. "I am sure that you have all heard the rumors of some one attacking the other students and I just wanted to say that while true I hope it is none of you." Though many could guess that it was the curesed vampire of the class Evangaline A. K. McDowell attacking the other students but the Shinso could care less if they knew. However what she didn't know is that she was drawing attention to the class. Out in the city were two new male students from the male division. The first one had orange-red hair hanging to mid back and smokey black-eyes and stood at five foot eleven. He wore sandels, khaki cargo pants, a black shirt under a white vest, and fleur-de-lys necklace as well as a pair of iFrogz 7067-ERMN EarPollution Ronin Headphones around his neck that were connected to a CD player in his pocket. His friend was wearing black boots, ripped jeans with a trio of belts with one worn normally and the other two crisscrossing, crimson shirt with a white private school-type blazer, black fingerless gloves with black spiked bracelets on both hands, and a metal collar around his neck with three chain links hanging from the front. He had light brown hair that sometimes looked blond in a short and messy style and grey haunted looking eyes with deep cicled underneath from lack of sleep

"Dude! I'm telling you there is something odd going man!" The one in the blazer said. "Yo Gabriel are you even listening to me?" The one with the headphones, Gabriel sighed at his friend. He would often go off on random tangents or rants and not realize that Gabriel was on his way to help him check out the thing he was ranting about. "Wait where the hell are we going?"

"To Sakura Boulevard where these attacks take place like you said." Gabriel replied. "Sheesh Mark you need to pay a bit more attention sometimes." Mark just shrugged like it didn't matter to him. When they arrived they immediatly started to investigate. "I don't really see much. Is there anything else to those rumors you heard?" Mark thought for a moment before he nodded.

"One other thing I heard. They say the attacks are the work of a vampire." Mark said before they heard a rustling in the nearby bush. Mark reached to the back of his belts pulling out a pair of flick blades when out came Class 3-A members Akashi Yuna and Izumi Ako. When he saw them Mark get out of his violent stance as Gabriel just sighed at his friends tendancy to want blood to be spilled. Mark didn't talk much about his past before meeting Gabriel even to Gabriel himself. All he ever said is that it made him who he is. When the girls saw they guys they smiled.

"Oh hello. What brings you over here?" Yuna asked. She saw Mark put his knives away before Gabriel answered.

"We are actually investigating the rumors of the odd attacks that have been going on here." Gabriel replied. "Do you know anything about them?" The guys didn't notice but the girls went defensive when they heard that they were investigating the attacks.

"No nothing at all." Ako said. "I mean we've heard the rumors and all but we haven't seen any one get attacked." Gabriel nodded but Mark didn't look convbinced as he glared at the departing girls. "Yuna-san I don't think they're fooled."

"Well I hope they stop." Yuna said. "I mean if they don't...It will have to kill them and I don't want It to." Yuna said referring to the secret guardian of class 3-A. "I mean they seem like nice guys despite the one in the blazer pulling knives on us. Though from his eyes I would say it was defensive impulse." Yuna stared at a simple looking stone that bound the guardian silently praying for it not to kill the boys if it could help it. As day turned to night Mark's suspision of the girls reached its peak.

"Gabriel those girls know something!" Mark exclaimed. "It wasn't too noticable but they got defensive when you told them what we were doing." Gabriel lookes at Mark like he was crazy at first before slowly he realized that they had seemed defensive.

"Yeah they did. I say we start looking closer to the school." Gabriel suggested. Mark nodded with fervor and they ran towards the school but as soon as they passed the stone the shadows around them began to echo with laughter. "What the hell?"

" You foolsih humans should have stopped prying into affairs that do not concern you." A dark and sadistic voice said. "Despite the praqyers of those girls you must die here and now for getting too close. I am going to enjoy this so take solace in that fact." Soon the shadows formed into a being that wore the black clothes of a highwayman and a three cornered hat except its face was covered by shadows and it's hands were skeletal claws. Shadowy wings formed on its back and it landed infront of them. "Now then time for you to perish but know you died at the hands of the legendary Boogeyman!" The Boogeyman rushed towards Gabriel but Mark kicked his friend out of the way before dodging the horror's claws and pulling out his knives. As Mark and the Boogeyman clashed Gabriel got up and struck at the Boogeyman with a well placed knife hand but his hand went through the horror. "Oh my! That tickled little human."

"How did that happen?" Gabriel asked himself as he pulled his hand back but he was too slow and his arm was caught by one of the Boogeyman's claws. "GAH!" The Booegyman laughed at Gabriel's pain. However when the horror struck at Gabriel again Mark got infront of his friend and blocked it.

"Get the hell away from my friend you fairy tale whore!" Mark growled as he and the Boogeyman continued to match blow for slash until finally the Boogeyman slashed Mark across the chest. "Argh...that stings." Mark fell to his knee from the strike but started to get up when he saw the creature going after Gabriel. However Mark's eyes didn't show a desire to protect his friend but a dark lust for blood, destruction, and darkness. When the Boogeyman went to deliver its killing blow on Garbiel Mark ran up knives at the ready and blocked the swipe from the horror. "Come me me the death and let me see inside it!" Mark struck visciously at the horror who was surprised by Mark's attitude and suicidal frenzy. While he could not be hurt under normal means, the Boogeyman did still fear being cu by one of the knives in case it could hurt him. However soon the Boogeyman saw an opening and took it, thrusting his claw into Mark's body. "So what lies...beyond...death's door?"

"Such an insane human." The Boogeyman said to himself as Mark fell unconscious to the ground. "What sort of being wishes to see beyond the door? Ah well h'll be no more soon so I guess I better take care of the other one." Gabriel could only watch as the Boogeyman walked over to him. However soon the horror stopped as a girl in a white and blue outfit appeared. She also had red eyes and white hair and seemed different to Gabriel until he noticed that he could see through her slightly. "Why are you here? I am the guardian so you should have no need to be here and witness this."

"I'm sorry but I want you to cease. I will take care of them." The girl said. The boogeyman was about to argue but stopped when the girl put her hands on her incorporeal hips. The horror bowed to her before becoming a shadow and disappearing beneath his rock. The girl then faced Gabriel. "I'll help you so don't worry."

"" Gabriel breathed out pointing to his friend. The girl nodded and glided over to Mark as her hand began to glow and put it on Mark's forehead causing him to glow for a moment. After he stopped glowing the girl floated over to Gabriel and started to do the same thing. "Who...are you?" The girl smiled softly.

"Aisaka Sayo." Was all she said before darkness took Gabriel. When Sayo was done with him she nodded over to Yuna and Ako who were hiding. "We better get them to the infirmary and tell the Dean."

"Chisame is on her way to tell the Dean." Ako said. With that Sayo and Yuna nodded. The three girls were able to get the two boys into the infirmary. After an hour the Dean, Konoe Konoemon arrived in time to see Gabriel wake up. However Gabriel didn't notice anybody as he searched for his friend who was in the bed next to him breathing hard and had grown demonic looking horns and had four sharp fang looking canines. Ako went up to Mark to check if he was okay but when she was right next to her Mark's eyes opened to reveal crimson slitted eyes had replaced his haunted grey ones. He grabbed Ako by the neck and slammed her hard into the ground as he held up his other hand in a claw to finish her off before he realized that it was just Ako.

"Sorry." Mark whispered as everyone stared at him.

"Wow Mark. You should think about joining the WWE." Gabriel said causing Mark to look at him. His friends hair had become white with black stripes in it causing Mark to smirk.

"Why don't you shut up you stupid furry." Mark said before he and Gabriel started to laugh. "Seriously though what is up with your hair?" Gabriel shrugged before they looked around and noticed that they were not alone. "Sup?"

"You two seem lively." The Dean said.

"More like stupid." Chisame said under her breath but Sao heard her.

"Quiet Chisame-san." Sayo said. "No need to be rude."

"Now then, you may be wondering why you look like you do." Konoemon said. "That is because Sayo gave you some of her aura. All the students of Class 3-A are youkai." This threw the two young men for a loop but they kept their mouths shut. "By sharing her aura you have also become youkai but in forms that benefit you the most. From what I can tell You Gabriel Sarrensen have become a fusion of the bloodlines of Byakko and Suzaku and you Mark Frey have become a Sinner demon. Try and focus on what you looked like before you transformed." The two looked at each and shrugged before they concentrated on what they looked like as humans and turned back. "Good. Also now that you are youkai you will be transferred into Class 3-A. Any objections?"

"I don't think we have choice now do we?" Mark asked before he looked over at Sayo. "Though if we did I wouldn't complain."

"Yeah I'll go as well." Gabriel said catching a glimpse at Chisame. "This could prove to be fun."

"Excellent!" Konoemon said. "Well I'll fill out the rest of the papers and be sure to arrive on time boys. You can sleep here to recover." The guys nodded as Konoemon and the girls left.

"So we're youkai now huh?" Mark asked.

"Looks like it. Well I'm going back to sleep." Gabriel said. Mark chuckled forcefully since he was unable to sleep due to events in his past that would continuosly haunt him. Because of this he would just stare at one spot in a recuperative trance.

"Good night man." Mark said as he started to enter his trance. The two knew that things would be different but how different they weren't ready for.

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