As always I instruct my readers to read my mythology so they will understand some of the references. Thank you! And if you read my Destiny's Sparrow (Third in my Pirates of the Caribbean series) you might get some more pointers.

(Fading) Something that might also come up is in my Destiny's Sparrow!)

"Momma, must I really go to this dance?" I asked quietly. We were going to the Ascot manor again for the thousandth time. I was sure that Mother just wanted to marry me off again. She'd been pushing as of lately.

You see my names Luna. Some people call me Lonny Luna. I completely agree with them. My father died a long time ago and I only have a few memories of him. The most memorial one was when he asked me if I knew why a raven was like a writing desk. It's stayed with me ever since he'd died three months later. He'd asked me after I'd asked him if I was going mad. (I couldn't help the Harry Potter reference!(Luna))

"All the best people are, love." He'd always said.

"Yes, Luna, dear. You know you must." Then she leaned forward, as if telling me a great secret or maybe a piece of juicy gossip. "I think the young Ascot man is preparing to ask you to marry him today." She said, like it was a good thing. I snorted and she gawked. "Luna! You are a lady, now act like one." She said and hit my thigh gently with her closed fan. I rolled my eyes and looked out the window of the carriage at the approaching manor.

It had been this way since I was little. I'd been the outcast, the crazy person. I didn't like talking formally and they saw that as a dark feature. I couldn't conform to their wishes even if I tried. I knew most things, whether I wanted to or not. I was even in stockings, which were very uncomfortable to sit in. I wore a corset that the maids had tied so tight that I couldn't do anything in it if I wasn't careful, I'd faint.

Secretly though I dreamed of a world so wonderful that I didn't have to worry about what my mother wanted, and I could do what I wanted. It would be a wonderful world, where I could find someone as mad as me. It did feel so terrible to not be loved.

I smiled in my daze but almost didn't realize that my mother was still talking.

"-and should he ask you to dance, you will of course say yes. His mother said that he has a weak digestive track so you'll have to take care of that." She was saying. I rolled my eyes as the carriage came to a stop. I flicked my fan open and stepped out of the carriage, with the help of a page boy. I nodded at him in thanks, another no-no. We weren't to speak or show any sign of acknowledgement to people below our station. I thought this was complete rubbish of course. I walked softly along the pavement and waited delicately for my mother. She took my elbow and together we walked out to the back of the manor, where the party was set up to take place.

I was in a beautiful black dress with silk gloves. It made me look like I was in mourning and I suppose I was. I loved it whether it was for mourning or not though because I was also wearing a small little top hat tied to my loose hair. It was just my style, though I don't think it helped the rumors one bit. Anyways, It went against proper etiquette but I'd warned my mother that if I didn't get to wear it that I would tell Hamish Ascot to stuff it up his nose. She'd pitched a fit but agreed that I could wear it.

We were standing at the steps that led to the backyard, where the party was going on. But it was common curtsy to wait for the hosts to see us 'in'. So we waited, with my mother fluffing up my hair. She looked annoyed at the hat but I just smiled at her, serenely. I spotted my friend, Alice Kingleigh, waiting off to the left. I winked at her and she giggled. She was the only one to understand my want for something more.

"There you are, at last!" Lady Ascot came over, tutting at my hat for a moment, the same way my mother had. I smiled, innocently at her. She started pulling on my dress, so that my cleavage would show more. I huffed and, without thought, I pushed my boobs back into the corset. She spluttered but I ignored her and started walking to where Alice waited. I didn't care if it wasn't lady like, she shouldn't have pushed them up.

"Hello, Alice." I said and we giggled togther, before walking along, leaving the two women spluttering behind us.

"You do love to make a show." Alice whispered to me, behind her own fan. I flipped my own open and looked her up and down.

"You've called the kettle black, I'm afraid, Alice." I said and discreetly I pointed to her bosom. "It seems as you have forgotten you're under garments…again." We glanced at each other and laughed together again.

"Ah, you know as much as me that they were so constricting. Plus, it drives mother up the wall." She said and giggled again. We walked through the small group of socializing people until we found us a small petite table. Together we sat and brought the chairs closer so as to continue to talk to one another.

"Well, I suppose with your mischievous father's help, you've droven the poor women off her rocker." I told her, while glancing around the gathering of people. Mother and Lady Ascot I could see were raging together, probably about me. But to me everyone seemed to blend together.

"Of course, my father has always supported me in my…un-lady like ways." Alice said, trying to phrase it delicately. I snorted and it sent us into a fit of decidedly un-lady like laughter. We got glares from all of the grouped people so it dulled the laughter immensely.

"Oh, Alice, I am so tired of watching people fade by me in such dull colors." I told her and she rolled her eyes as I started off on another rant, even though I knew she agreed with me. "They just seem to wear colors so as not to be noticed. It's so boring. I'd love to wear a bright green one day, and even match it with bright purple. That would just drive them around the bloody bin." I grinned when Alice bent over laughing at my swearing usage.

Suddenly, though, my amusement was interrupted when the sun was blocked from me. I turned to the shadow and almost swore more when I realized Hamish Ascot was standing in front of me, instead I settled for a deep sigh and politely smiled at him.

"Lady Destiny, I would find it very pleasurable if you would accompany me on the dance floor." He stated, like he wouldn't actually find it very pleasurable. Not that I wanted him to. I sucked it up though when I caught a glimpse of my wildly gesturing mother as she waved me to him. I placed my hand in his outstretched one and bid a dew (Sp?) to Alice. She grinned at me and when Hamish turned to escort me to the dance floor I made an obscene gesture behind his back at Alice. She gasped and giggled but I was hauled onto the dance floor to dance one of the most boring dances in the world.

It was so boring that my gaze swept upwards to the sky. I watched as the birds flew over head. As I began to day-dream I wondered why I'd decided to come to this realm in the first place. It was terribly boring here, what with all of the people acting the same. The only excitement I got now days was reading about the crimes that were solved by detectives….I wonder if the Sherlock Holmes in the papers had ever wondered what it was like to fly. I turned to my partner and asked him.

"Hamish, have you ever wondered what it was like to fly?" I asked him. The moment it came out of my mouth I knew he'd say no. It just wasn't in the man to think of something so imaginative.

"I don't waste my time thinking about impossible things." He spoke stiffly, as he was trying to concentrate on the dance, something that came natural to me. I used to love to dance, but that was when father danced with me. He'd try to do the most ridiculous moves and have me imitate him. I love it.

"My father says…um…used to say that believing in the impossible is the only way to make it possible." I supplied for him tripping over my words. Hamish's haughty expression didn't change.

"Did he?" He said in the bored tone of all of the aristocrats.

"He used to believe in six impossible things before breakfast." I told him anyway. It was nice to get it all out. I did love father so. I sighed as Hamish drug me to the off of the dance floor and to the side.

"Luna, I need to speak with you in private. Meet me at dusk under the gazebo." He told me and looked me firmly in the eye. I rolled my eyes but nodded anyways. As he walked away I heard the feminine giggles of the Chattaway twins behind me. True enough when I turned they were there waiting with Alice.

"Luna!" One of the twins said, I believe it was Faith. "We have a secret to tell you." She giggled again and so did Alice though her laughter was much more mischievous.

"If you're telling me, then it's not much of a secret." I told them and lifted my brow when Fiona turned to Faith.

"Perhaps we shouldn't…" She said and her twin was quick to answer back.

"Of course we should."

"If we tell her, she won't be surprised." Alice threw in, no doubt wanting to irritate me.

"Tell me what?" I asked, frustrated about being talked about. The twins glanced at each other and giggled before turning to me.

"Will you be surprised?" They asked together. I rolled my eyes.

"Not if you tell me." I told them.

"Then we shouldn't." Fiona said and nodded as if it was final.

"But how you've brought it up, you have to." I said and glanced at the giggling Alice. She never was one to hold her laughter.

"No, we don't." Faith contested.

"I wonder," I whispered to them devilishly. "if your mother knows that you two swim naked in the Havershim's pond?" I asked and grinned when their eyes widened.

"You wouldn't." Faith accused. I grinned condescendingly and she deflated.

"Well, you didn't hear it from us…but Lady Ascot told Mrs. Fluckwall who told Whittlewood…" She started and her twin interrupted her.

"That's not how it went. Lady Ascot told Lady Whittlewood who then told Mrs. Fluckwall." She started.

"I'm going to find your mother!" I said, encouraging them along. I even turned away to go find their mother but they turned me back around.

"Luna, Hamish Ascot is going to ask for your hand." They said and squealed.