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Naruto: Why is it me and Tsume?

KG: Cause people say that there aren't enough fics of you two so I am helping a bit.

Tsume: You got a problem with me, pup?

Naruto: N-No Tsume-chan, I just thought that you would be uncomfortable with this also.

KG: You judge too fast Naruto. I don't think Tsume minds much.

Tsume: Not really Naruto, but I think Kiba might mind.

Naruto: Um any chance that I could avoid Kiba while we do this?

KG: Sorry Naruto, but you will be facing a mental Kiba, but don't worry I won't feed you to the dogs. Unless Tsume goes dog on you.

(Tsume looks at Naruto and licks her lips)

Tsume: Oh Naruto

Naruto: T-Tsume-chan, w-wait as second. I am still a young man. Don't give me that look. KG, help ME!

KG: Sorry Naruto, but you have to be the alpha here. Now disclaimers.

Disclaimers: I don't own Naruto or Tsume. I would like to, but I can dream I suppose

A young boy was running through the streets as he made a sharp turn around a corner. He ran as fast as his little legs could carry him as he tried to avoid the groups of people who screamed for his death.

"Get back here Demon. We are going to finish what the Fourth would have wanted us to," a civilian said to him. The young blond boy continued to run until he came to a dead end. The boy looked in fear as he backed up into the wall.

"P-please don't hurt me. What did I do to you?" He asked them as some of the people scoffed. One man came up as he slammed the poor child into the wall.

"What did you do? You killed all of our loved ones and our beloved Yondaime. You defile our village with your presence, but that ends today," He said as punched the child's face. The boy fell to the ground as more people crowded the area. The boy was given a merciless beating as people cut, burned, and maimed his body. The cries of the blond were only ignored as people looked and did nothing. Even some shinobi who were chosen to protect him only watched as the scene unfolded. After the moment of torture, the blond fell to the ground as people smiled and smirked at their handy work.

"Now die like the demon that you are," one person said as everyone nodded. Soon the people left as the clouds started to darken. Soon the rain poured as the blond was left in the alleyway. Soon one person shunshined next to him as they looked at his near lifeless body.

"It seems that they are getting rougher everyday that they target him," The person said as the picked up the child and shunshined out of sight.

Hokage Mansion

Sarutobi was currently in his office handling his paperwork as the night went by. Soon a shinobi appeared in front of the man as he soon stood up.

"Hokage-sama," the man said to him, alerting the man to his presence. Sarutobi looked up to see the man as he smiled. His smiled soon faded to utter shock and sadness as he looked at the small boy the man had in his arms.

"NARUTO-KUN!" He yelled as he laid him on the floor. His eyes barred unbelievable rage as his hat covered his eyes.

"Get the medical corps in here right now. And if they are even a second late tell them that they will be spending the next three years in interrogation of Ibiki," Sarutobi said to the shinobi. Said shinobi nodded as he moved out of the Hokage's sight. Sarutobi stared at the child as he soon cried.

"I am so sorry Naruto-kun. If it wasn't for that stupid council meeting I would have been able to stop this," Sarutobi said to the unconcious boy.

Naruto's Mindscape

In a place that seemed similar to the sewers, a body was waking up as he stared at the large bars that were across from him. Naruto looked to see a piece of paper in the center that said 'seal'. He slightly whimpered, but soon heard somebody crying. Naruto looked around as he tried to find the source of the noise. Naruto soon got up as he heard the sound originating from inside the cage.

"I-is someone there?" Naruto asked. Silence reigned as he decided to sate his curiosity. Naruto passed the bars as he ventured further into the unknown. Naruto soon saw a red haired woman that was on her knees crying in her soft looking hands as he neared her.

"U-um a-are you alright?" Naruto asked her. Soon the woman looked behind her to see her tenant looking at her. Her eyes grew more watery as she clutched him. Naruto was taken aback by the action, but soon recovered as he listened to her soft words.

"I'm sorry," she said to him. Naruto clutched her into a hug as her tears continued to fall.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I am so sorry," she continued. Naruto felt sad for her as he continued to hug her.

"Um it's okay, what is the matter? Why are you crying?" Naruto asked her. The woman seemed to calm down after awhile as she rubbed the tears from her puffy red eyes.

"I am the reason, you are hated. I am the reason those damn villagers did such horrible things to you. I am so sorry," She continued. Naruto looked at her as he seemed too kind to be angry at her.

"It's alright. Why did they attack me though?" Naruto asked her. The woman looked at him.

"I-I didn't want to do it, but I was manipulated. I am the Kyuubi no Yoko. I attacked Konoha, but I didn't mean to. I am the queen of the demons who your father sealed inside me," She said to him. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he looked at her.

"What do you mean you were manipulated?" he asked her. Kyuubi sighed as she looked at him.

"I don't even really remember. I was just sleeping peacefully in my den, the next thing I know, I see a red looking eye. Then I heard the screams of people in your village, then I end up here," She said to him. Naruto looked at her and gave her another hug, surprising the queen of demons.

"It isn't your fault, Kyuubi-chan. You didn't know what you were doing. I don't blame you for this. I can only blame this village and the bastard who did this to you," the young blond said with a steely gaze. Kyuubi looked at him and hid a barely visible blush as she looked at him.

"S-so you aren't mad at me?" she asked him. Naruto smiled as he sat next to her.

"No way Kyuubi-chan. I can't hate you for things that are out of your control and I won't. I heard many stories that you were a violent beast, but it seems that not everything is as it seems," Naruto told her. Kyuubi nodded as her breathing seemed to slow down. Kyuubi was emotionally exhausted as she leaned on his small shoulder. Naruto managed to force back a blush as he looked over her body. She was a beautiful woman with an hourglass figure. She wore a black kimono with red stripes running through it. Her hair was quite long as it went past her shoulders. Her breasts were a D-cup size. All in all, she was the type of woman all guys would drop dead for.

"Kyuubi-chan, do you think that you could help me?" Naruto asked her. Kyuubi's ears perked up as she looked at him.

"Are you kidding? You are forgiving me so easily and you just met me, what can I help you with?" She asked him. Naruto smiled as he breathed.

"I-I want you to help me be a great shinobi. I want to be able to protect you and me from any harm that anyone tries to give us," Naruto said to her with a solid resolve. Kyuubi looked at him with a blank face, but soon laughed as her slitted eyes captured his view.

"Alright Naruto-kun, You can have my help. I will turn you into a great shinobi. One that is even more powerful than the fourth, but you are going to have to work hard at it and no complaining," she said to him. Naruto turned to her shocked. Naruto soon smiled as he crashed into her chest.

"Thank you Kyuubi-chan, I am happy to have such a great friend. I will work hard for you and me. I promise," Naruto said to her. Kyuubi nodded as she rubbed his blond hair.

"Alright, we will get started tomorrow, but you should wake up right now. We will stay in telepathic contact," She said to him. Naruto nodded as he closed his eyes. Naruto soon woke up as he looked to see himself on a hospital bed. Naruto looked to the side as he took in a man's stature. He was quite old, but he was a timeless friend.

"Hello Naruto-kun," He said to the blond. Naruto smiled as he got up.

"Hello Jiji," Naruto said with a smile. Sarutobi smiled as he looked at Naruto.

"I am sorry for what happened to you. If it wasn't for those damn counsel members giving me that stupid fake meeting I would have known about it," Sarutobi said to him. Naruto's smile wavered as he sighed.

"It isn't your fault Jiji. You couldn't have known about this. I hold no hatred towards you," Naruto said to him. Sarutobi brightened up as he sat on the hospital bed.

"Naruto do you remember any of the people who did this to you?" Sarutobi asked him. Naruto shook his head as he was too busy screaming with his eyes closed. Sarutobi sighed as he got up.

"I will stay here with you for tonight so get some rest. Kami, only know what would happen to you if I left you alone," Sarutobi said to him. Naruto chuckled with a nod as he straightened the covers on his bed.

"Jiji can I have a favor?" Naruto asked him. Sarutobi turned to Naruto in confusion as to what he could want.

"What is it Naruto-kun?" He asked the body. Naruto smiled as he looked to his grandfather figure.

"C-could I train to be a ninja? I want to protect myself from people and protect those precious to me," Naruto said to him. Sarutobi quirked up an eyebrow, but soon laughed.

"Alright Naruto-kun, I don't see why not. If it will help and I think it will. Alright, you can train," He said to him. Naruto smiled with a nod.

"When I leave tomorrow, can you come shopping with me?" Naruto asked him. Sarutobi looked at him as he nodded.

"Sure, but why?" He asked him. Naruto chuckled sheepishly as he looked down at the covers.

"People are unfair to me. They don't let me buy from them or overcharge me with ineffective things," Naruto said to him. Sarutobi narrowed his eyes as looked out the window.

"Hatred is never easy to dissolve is it?" Sarutobi thought as he turned to Naruto.

"Sure Naruto, we will head out tomorrow and give you the necessary things for your growth as a shinobi," Sarutobi said to him. Naruto smiled as he laid in his bed.

"Thank you Jiji. I can't wait to start," Naruto said as he slipped into sleep. Sarutobi chuckled as he went through Naruto blond hair.

"He is just like his mother and father. I wonder how much he will grow as a shinobi?" Sarutobi thought as he pulled up a chair and went to sleep, but had his senses on high alert in case of any unwelcome visitors.

Next Morning

Naruto was released from the hospital as he and Sarutobi exited the building. Unknown to either, there was a scowl on the faces of the doctors and nurses of the building who couldn't carry out their plans for the demon brat.

"So where do we go Naruto-kun?" Sarutobi asked him. Naruto smiled as he went into a clothes store. Naruto soon looked at the store clerk, who instantly scowled.

"I thought I said that you couldn't come in here you demon, now get out before I-,"

"Before you what?" said a voice. The man turned to the left to see the cold gaze of the Hokage on him.

"H-Hokage-sama, I didn't mean it. He is always allowed in here," the man said in a quick fashion. Sarutobi narrowed his eyes as he turned to the clerk.

"Well then, Naruto will be purchasing some clothes from you 'lovely' establishment. That isn't a problem is it?" Hiruzen asked the man with a glare that said 'and I better get the right answer'. The man instantly shook his head that it wasn't a problem as Sarutobi stood near the door.

"Pick whatever you want Naruto-kun," Sarutobi said to him. Naruto gleefully went through the store as he looked at the different clothes. Naruto smiled as he grabbed a black shirt with a swirl design on the back. He soon looked at a red shirt of the same design with a black swirl on it. Naruto grabbed another two pair of the shirts as he walked over to the pants. Naruto smiled as he got some standard black Anbu pants. Naruto also looked to see some blue jeans as he grabbed those also. Seeing the blond run around the store with a smile made Sarutobi's heart lighten as he softly looked at the boy's happiness. Naruto soon spotted and orange jumpsuit, but shook his head in a big NO. He was going to be a shinobi and as such he would have to be stealthy and not wear something that could make him a practice target. Naruto soon looked at the shoes as he grabbed the standard blue shoes. Naruto brought everything to the counter as he smiled.

"I have everything Jiji," Naruto said to him. Sarutobi nodded as he turned to the cashier.

"Ring it up," Sarutobi said to him. The man nodded as he priced the items fairly for once.

"T-the total for everything is 5,927 yen," The man said to him. Naruto nodded as he paid the amount and took the stuff. Sarutobi helped him carry the things home as they unloaded. Naruto smiled as he soon went out. Sarutobi chuckled as he felt the exercise kick in.

Naruto soon stopped in front of a shinobi store as he walked in with Sarutobi. Like the last store, the person could do nothing to the boy as they stood in the Hokage's presence. Naruto skipped through the store as he looked at the various weapons.

"So what do you think I should get Kyuubi-chan?" Naruto asked his tenant. Kyuubi chuckled behind the cage as she saw around the store.

"Lets see. You should get about 500 kunai along with 350 shuriken. Maybe some seal tags and a sword. You should as get smoke bombs. Never gonna know when those come in handy. Also just for a simple purpose, you should get some storage seals. I am going to teach you the fuinjutsu that I know also," Kyuubi said with a smile. Naruto nodded as he looked at the kunai and grabbed the selected amount. Naruto then ran to the shuriken and grabbed the amount Kyuubi told him. Naruto was happy to finally have a friend as nice as Kyuubi. Naruto didn't feel lonely anymore as he came up to the seal tags. Naruto took 35 seals tags and 45 smoke bombs.

"Now for a sword," Naruto said as he looked around. None of the sword particularly called him, but he soon looked at one in black leather sheath. Naruto looked in awe as he unsheathed the blade to look at the shiny steel that it was forged in. Naruto sheathed the blade as he grabbed it also. Naruto then went to pick up some storage seals as he walked to the counter.

"I have everything Jiji," Naruto said to him. Sarutobi nodded as the cashier reluctantly rang up the price.

"The total cost is 77,990 yen sir," The man said with a slight piece of distain in his voice. Luckily for him, the Hokage missed it as he was too focused on Naruto's happiness. Naruto quickly paid for the stuff as Sarutobi quirked up an eyebrow.

"Naruto-kun, how do you have so much money?" Sarutobi asked him. Naruto sighed as he looked at his Jiji.

"I have had to go hungry a few times to save money for myself. It isn't all bad, I can now get the things that I want," Naruto said to him. Sarutobi narrowed his eyes as he walked up to Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, lift up you shirt," Sarutobi said to him. Naruto nodded as he lifted his shirt for the hokage to see. Sarutobi seethed as he saw the unfit and unhealthy body that Naruto had. Sarutobi could almost see his bones as he was seriously lacking in malnutrition. Sarutobi got up as he grabbed Naruto's arm.

"Where are we going Jiji?" Naruto asked him. Sarutobi sighed as he pulled Naruto in his direction.

"We are going to buy you some healthy food so we can put some food in your stomach. I won't stand for this," Sarutobi said as he entered a food market. People suddenly bowed as they saw their Hokage. People soon gasped as Naruto showed up behind him. Some people scowled, but stopped as Hiruzen's KI went through the entire building.

"I think you can find some healthy food in here Naruto-kun, with NO objections from people in the area right?" Sarutobi said to him with a smile. Naruto nodded as he went through the store. Sarutobi walked with him as Naruto got some vegetables for his food. Naruto also got the occasional cup ramen, but he stocked up on meat, fish, greens, and a few drinks for himself. Naruto smiled as he took them to the register and had everything paid for. As they walked home, Naruto smiled at Sarutobi.

"Thank you for spending most of the day with me Jiji," Naruto said to him. Sarutobi nodded with a smile, but soon looked up.

"Naruto-kun look out!" Sarutobi said too late as Naruto bumped into a woman as they fell to the ground. Naruto rubbed his head as he opened his eyes.

"S-sorry miss. I-I didn't mean to bump into you," Naruto said in all sincerity. The woman soon looked at him and smile.

"Think nothing of it kid," the woman said to him. Naruto looked up and analyzed the woman. She had red marks on the side of her face. Her hair as a lot more spiky looking than his, but it suited her. She was wearing a navy blue shirt with some blue jeans. She was in her late twenties, but had a very nice figure going for her. The woman got up and soon helped Naruto to his feet.

"Hello I am Tsume Inuzuka, and who are you?" she asked him. Naruto blushed at her kind smile and looked up.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, it is a pleasure to meet you Miss Tsume," Naruto said to her. Tsume quirked up and eyebrow, but smiled.

"Just call me Tsume kid. I seem to like your attitude," Tsume said to him as she looked at him. Naruto nodded as he picked up his things.

"Nice to meet you Tsume. I hope to see you again," Naruto said as he walked off. Tsume chuckled as Sarutobi walked up to her.

"So that's Naruto Uzumaki, huh?" Tsume said to him. Sarutobi nodded.

"So what do you think?" He asked her. Tsume adopted a thinking pose.

"He's cute. He has a good head on his shoulders and if it wasn't for these damn civilians, he would be more educated and more self-sustainable," Tsume said to him. Sarutobi nodded.

"He said that he is going to be a strong shinobi, who protects those important to him and knows how to protect himself," Sarutobi said to her. Tsume chuckled again as she put a hand on her hip.

"I look forward to seeing how much he grows," Tsume said to him. Sarutobi nodded as he walked off. Tsume walked in the opposite direction as she grew a smile on her face.

Soon Sarutobi caught up to Naruto as the blond turned to him.

"Who is that woman Jiji?" Naruto asked her. Sarutobi smiled as he looked back.

"That is Tsume Inuzuka. The head of the Inuzuka clan. They are quite a powerful clan of people. They uses dogs as their companions in battle," Sarutobi said to him. Naruto smiled as he turned around.

"She's cute," Naruto said more to himself than to Sarutobi, but the old man still heard him. Sarutobi gasped, but then smiled.

"I wonder what your thinking," Sarutobi thought as he walked off with Naruto. Soon Naruto heard the voices of his new friend.

"So Naruto-kun likes the older women. I gotta say that that is quite the shock, though not completely unexpected," Kyuubi said to him. Naruto blushed as he smiled.

"S-she's just cute Kyuubi-chan. I-I couldn't see her that way and you know it," Naruto said in his thoughts. Kyuubi laughed as she soon calmed down.

"I don't know kit. I saw you blush and it was a rather intense blush at that," Kyuubi said to him. Naruto stuttered, but soon stopped as he made it to his apartment.

"Thank you for the walk home Jiji," Naruto said to him. Sarutobi merely nodded as he put his hand in his sleeve.

"Take this Naruto-kun," Sarutobi said as he gave him a seal. Naruto stared at the seal and then at his Jiji.

"That is a security seal. Put it somewhere in the complex and you will be safe from break-ins and other unpleasant things," Sarutobi said to him. Naruto nodded in thanks as he walked into his apartment.

"Thank you Jiji, and I will become the best shinobi in Konoha. I will become the Hokage Jiji," Naruto said with a pumped fist. Sarutobi smiled as he ruffled Naruto's hair.

"I look forward to the result," Sarutobi said as he walked off. Naruto smiled as he closed the door to his room. Naruto soon fell to the floor exhausted, but with a smile on his face as he slowly went to sleep, thankful for the good day he had.

End of chapter 1.

KG: So Naruto, do you think Tsume is cute?

Naruto: I-I think that Tsume-chan is quite beautiful. I am surprised the no one has tried to take her.

Tsume: Guys have tried, but I don't care enough to date them. They sicken me. But who knows Naruto, you might be the first to court me with the way this story is going.

KG: Wow Naruto I didn't know that you were such a player.

Naruto: I-I t-think that is-

Tsume: Don't be shy Naruto. I promise to have a fun time with you. (Tsume kisses Naruto's cheek)

Naruto: *Faint*

Tsume: He's so cute.

KG: You are such a dog Tsume. No offense.

Tsume: No taken.

KG: Well till next time people. Later