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Later that day

The group of five continued their trek back to Konoha as they had completed their first mission. The feeling of completing a mission left a good feeling in most of their mouths as everyone continued to walk. Naruto had a conversation with Kyuubi over the possible bloodlines he could and would copy in the future. Sasuke continued to peg Kakashi about teaching him something worth his time. Kiba had an interesting conversation with Haku about joining team seven as an extra person to which Haku seemed to like the idea.

"Trust me Haku, you should join. The more people, the less I am able to interact with the Uchiha," Kiba said to him. Haku chuckled with a nod as he turned to see Kakashi ignoring Sasuke as he read his book.

"I see your point. If your Hokage allows it then I see no problem with it," Haku said to which Kiba nodded.

"Alright Haku, you are going to like Konoha...somewhat," Kiba said to him to which Haku raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean by somewhat Kiba-san?" Haku asked him. Kiba sighed as he turned to Naruto who seemed to have things on his mind to which Kiba knew.

"If you hear people talking or giving Naruto weird looks you will wanna know later," Kiba told him. Haku slowly nodded in confusion over what this had to do with Naruto.

With Naruto

Naruto continued to talk to Kyuubi as she went over his dojutsu with him as he needed to figure some things out.

"So I don't need to close my eyes every time to switch between dojutsu?" Naruto asked her. Kyuubi chuckled in the field as she patted a kit's head softly.

"No Naruto-kun, though it helps, you don't need to do it. You should be able to switch between the dojutsu quite easily. Also I know something that you will find out later and trust me you will like it about your dojutsu," Kyuubi said piquing his interest.

"Aww Kyuubi-chan, I thought we had a special 'no secrets' relationship going on here," Naruto told to which Kyuubi chuckled.

"Can't spoil the surprise Naruto-kun, but you'll like it. I wouldn't keep a secret that would harm you," Kyuubi responded. Naruto sighed softly with a nod as he cut the connection. Naruto soon walked up to Haku and Kiba as he brought the attention to him.

"Hey Haku, can you help me with something?" Naruto asked him. Haku looked at Naruto and could only wonder what he wanted.

"Sure Naruto-san, what would you like me to do?" Haku asked him. Naruto smiled as Kiba wondered what Naruto wanted also. Naruto soon opened his hand as he brought Haku and Kiba's attention to it. Naruto concentrated a little as it was his first time doing this. Naruto soon formed an ice senbon as Haku nearly gasped.

"Naruto-san, how do you have my bloodline?" Haku asked him. Naruto soon looked at Haku as he sighed.

"Remember the fight back on the bridge?" Naruto asked him. Haku nodded as he slightly looked down depressed, but decided to move on and continued to listen to Naruto.

"Yes I remember it. What about it?" Haku asked him. Naruto chuckled.

"Well when we crossed I managed to copy two of your jutsu before you joined us," Naruto said surprising Haku.

"But how? My Houton is in my blood. You can't have it unless we are related in some way," Haku told him. Naruto nodded as he closed his eyes Naruto soon revealed the shinseinagan as Haku gasped.

"This is dojutsu. It allows me to copy any jutsu, even blood limit jutsu, that's how I have your Houton. I'm sorry if I 'stole' this, but I wondered if you would teach me to use it?" Naruto asked him. Haku looked at Naruto then thought for a few minutes over his question. Haku was the only ice user and seeing Naruto use it was slightly comforting in some way for him. Haku soon smiled as he turned to Naruto.

"I don't know if I am good at teaching, but I will try my best Naruto-san," Haku told him. Naruto smiled with a nod as everyone reached the gates of Konoha. Haku took in the sight and smiled at the thought of being accepted into such a place. Everyone soon went through the gates as Kakashi turned to his genin.

"Alright, we are back now. Let's do our mission briefing with Hokage-sama," Kakashi said as everyone nodded. Soon the five walked off to the Hokage Mansion as Naruto and Kiba decided to have a conversation on going to the Inuzuka compound. Naruto smiled at the thought of seeing Tsume after nearly a month away from the village. Haku looked around and sure enough what Kiba told him was happening. Haku could see some people look at Naruto with hate in their eyes and sneer at him. Haku could also see some of the people smile at Sasuke, who arrogantly soaked up the silent praise. Haku soon walked up to Kiba and Naruto as he leaned in slightly.

"What is with these people and why are they looking at Naruto-san like this?" Haku asked them. Naruto sighed along with Kiba as they knew it was coming, especially Naruto.

"I might tell you later Haku-san, the group of people I trust to know this is small and I kinda prefer that for right now," Naruto told him. Haku nodded as he wondered about Naruto's past. Everyone soon made it to the Hokage Mansion as they walked past the mansion guards.

Hokage Mansion

Everyone walked up the stairs as they reached the main office. Kakashi knocked on the door as he waited for a reply.

"Come in," said the voice as Kakashi opened the door. Kakashi and his group soon filed in as Sarutobi took in all of their faces along with the new face.

"I see we have guest," Sarutobi said to which Haku bowed.

"Hello Hokage-sama," Haku said with respect. Sarutobi nodded with a smile as he turned to Kakashi.

"Mind doing the mission briefing?" Sarutobi asked him. Kakashi nodded as he began.

"After leaving Konoha, my group walked along the road as we went to our destination in Wave with our client. After about 10 minutes, I along with Naruto, and Kiba noticed two puddles and engaged two chunin level shinobi in battle. I wanted to see how my group would do in a real situation and everyone performed well," Kakashi said taking a breath. Sarutobi took in the information, but stopped Kakashi as he turned to Naruto.

"Alright Naruto-kun, let's hear your part," Sarutobi told him. Naruto nodded at his Jiji as he began from where Kakashi left off.

"Yes Jiji, after Me, Sasuke, and Kiba dealt with the enemy, it turned out that our client lied about the correct information as this mission should have been a higher rank than what was given to us. Our client told us the story of why he lied and we decided to continue on for the sake of helping him. Soon we crossed the border into Wave as we came into a conflict with A-ranked missing nin, Zabuza Momochi," Naruto said as Sarutobi raised an eyebrow.

"Continue," he said as Naruto nodded.

"Knowing who the man was, Kiba, Sasuke, and I took the appropriate defense position to protect our client. Soon Kakashi-sensei dealt with the Zabuza as the two seemed evenly matched, but Zabuza captured Kakashi-sensei in a suiton jutsu and decided to turn to us for a fight. Kakashi-sensei told us to leave with our client, but unfortunately somebody decided it was better to disobey those orders," Naruto said as he, Kakashi, and Kiba looked at Sasuke who scoffed and turned his head.

"After Sasuke went against Kakashi-sensei's orders, I decided that it was best to free Kakashi-sensei as he was the best to deal with our current problem. I told Kiba to guard Tazuna, as I trust him above anyone else to protect someone," Naruto said with a smile as he and Kiba bumped fists.

"Soon after, Kasumi-chan and I managed to get by Zabuza and free Kakashi-sensei as we turned our attention back to a clone that he made. Sasuke arrogantly fought the clone, but was soon in trouble as me and Kasumi-chan tried to save him, but then Sasuke did something unthinkable," Naruto said as Sarutobi steeled his gaze towards Sasuke.

"And what did Sasuke do?" Sarutobi asked. Naruto sighed as he felt some of his chakra raise, but Kyuubi managed to calm him down.

"He...did the kawarimi jutsu and made Kiba take the blow," Naruto said as Sarutobi turned to Kakashi and Kiba who nodded. Sasuke suddenly trembled as Sarutobi raised his KI towards the last Uchiha as he started to shake. Sarutobi soon took a large puff of smoke as he wanted Kakashi to continue.

"Having seen the act that Sasuke pulled on Kiba, Naruto soon ran to Kiba's side and looked to see Kiba in a bit of danger. Naruto soon lunged at Sasuke as he demanded an explanation from him. Sasuke scoffed with an arrogant reply as Naruto nearly attacked Sasuke. Soon Naruto screamed then slipped into unconsciousness as I finished the battle with Zabuza. However, he got away as I turned to the aid of Kiba and Naruto. Thankfully, both were fine with Kiba having a slash across his waist. I checked Naruto over and he seems to have unlocked a new dojutsu," Kakashi said to which Sarutobi nearly gasped. Sarutobi turned to Naruto who nodded as he wanted Kakashi to continue.

"Soon we arrived at the client's house, where we all rested for a few days. Soon I decided to start everyone on their training as I wanted to teach them how to control their chakra. I decided to have everyone do tree walking as I waited to see the results. Naruto got it perfectly as he made it up the tree on his first try. Kiba took awhile, but with some help from Naruto, he got it also. Sasuke too the longest as he worked up until late nighttime to finish. Soon Naruto, Kiba, and I had a talk about Naruto's new dojutsu, which you will hear later," Kakashi told him. Sarutobi nodded and looked at Naruto then turned back.

"Everyone then acted as bodyguards for Tazuna as the week passed. Naruto opted to stay behind and look after the family as Kiba, Sasuke, and I went on," Kakashi said. Sarutobi went on as he turned to Sasuke and took a smoke as he was sure he would need it.

"Proceed Sasuke," Sarutobi told him. Naruto, Kiba, and Kakashi sighed along with Haku as Sasuke smirked.

"After Kakashi left the dope behind. We went to the bridge and battled with Zabuza and his accomplice," Sasuke said pointing to Haku as Naruto's chakra flared again.

"Soon the mutt, and I were dealing with him to which I was about to win, but the dope soon interfered and soon told the mutt to guard Tazuna. He soon held Haku back as I saw that opportunity to deal with the enemy, but the dope got in my way as he tried to talk to the enemy and offer him sanctuary in Konoha. Soon Haku stopped attacking and Kakashi-sensei ended Zabuza. We then went home and spent the days watching over the villagers. Soon the bridge was finished as we all walked back and came here to see you," Sasuke said to him. Having that explanation Sarutobi turned to see Kakashi sigh as Naruto and Kiba narrowed their eyes at Sasuke. Sarutobi soon took a puff of smoke as he sighed.

"Alright good work everyone. You will be getting a higher mission pay for this. So Sasuke, you may leave," Sarutobi said as the Uchiha shrugged and walked out. Sarutobi soon turned to everyone else.

"Alright Kakashi, later I want to know what really happened on the bridge," Sarutobi said to which Kakashi nodded.

"Yes Hokage-sama," Kakashi replied. Sarutobi nodded as he turned to Haku.

"So you want to join Konoha?" He asked him. Haku nodded with a bow as Sarutobi smiled.

"You were a missing nin so they will have to update the bingo book. You are a rogue so you really have no prior record so it's easy to instate you here. Just continue to be a shinobi," Sarutobi told him. Haku nodded with a smile as Sarutobi took out a headband.

"Here you go Haku-san, I will fill out the paperwork later. Now as for a place you will live. Is Naruto-kun's apartment ok?" He asked. Haku nodded with a smile along with Naruto. Sarutobi soon turned to Kakashi.

"I'm going to place him on your team. He's too far above the academy students, but not necessarily a chunin. So he will be a part of team seven also," Sarutobi told Kakashi. Kakashi nodded as Sarutobi went back to another issue.

"So Naruto-kun, where did you get a dojutsu?" Sarutobi asked him, though he had an idea. Naruto smiled as he stepped forward.

"I thank Kyuubi-chan for it. She gave it to me and I have recently activated it," Naruto said with a smile. Sarutobi gasped as Kyuubi chuckled.

"All in a six years' work Naruto-kun," Kyuubi told him with a smile and a laugh. Naruto mentally chuckled as he turned back to his Jiji.

"Will you show it to me Naruto-kun?" Sarutobi asked him.

"Of course Jiji, I wanted to show it to you anyway," Naruto said as he closed his eyes and channeled chakra into them. Soon Naruto opened his eyes to reveal the shinseinagan as Sarutobi gasped.

"It looks amazing Naruto-kun, what does it do?" Sarutobi asked him to which Kakashi slightly chuckled as he waited for Sarutobi's reaction. Naruto chuckled along with Kiba as he smiled.

"Well it acts like the sharingan. It allows me to copy ninjutsu and genjutsu, but it is a better improvement over it," Naruto said as Sarutobi widened his eyes and wondered what made this eye more special than the sharingan.

"So what else does it do?" He asked in all curiosity. Naruto smiled as he looked at Sarutobi.

"It allows me to...copy the blood limits and dojutsu of others," Naruto told him. Sarutobi dropped the pipe from his mouth as Kiba, Kakashi, Haku, and Naruto smiled.

"I-It allows you to copy bloodlines?" He asked. Naruto nodded as he focused chakra to his eyes. Soon his eyes strained a bit, but soon changed color as the sharingan came into view.

"I got the sharingan from Kakashi-sensei by accident," Naruto said as he chuckled sheepishly. Sarutobi sat in his chair as he wondered how strong Naruto would be in the future, but he also sighed as he knew the council would eat this up, especially Danzo of all people.

"Alright Naruto-kun, you and everyone can go, but trust me I think that you will be called later," Sarutobi said as Naruto, Kiba, and Kakashi nodded as the four left. Sarutobi sat in his chair as he could only smile at the council's reaction to this new event as he filled out Haku's information.

With Naruto and his group

Everyone continued to walk as Kakashi bid them a farewell with a slight giggle that Naruto caught and sighed. Naruto soon made a shadow clone and smiled at Haku.

"Alright Haku, he will take you to the apartment. Go get settled in and unpack though, we might be called out later," Naruto said with a sigh. Haku nodded as he and the clone walked off. Naruto and Kiba soon smirked as they walked to the Inuzuka compound.

Inuzuka Compound

Kiba soon opened the door and he took in the familiar smell of his house.

"I'm home and I have a guest," Kiba yelled as Hana appeared.

"Well hello little bro and Naruto-kun," Hana said with a smile. Naruto smiled as Kasumi appeared from his black jacket where she was sleeping.

"I miss anything Naruto-sama?" Kasumi asked with a yawn.

"Not really Kasumi-chan, you can go back to sleep," Naruto told her. Kasumi nodded as she decided to get a more comfortable position. Kasumi soon jumped down as she walked up Naruto's shoulder. Soon she rested on his head as she curled into a ball and went to sleep. Hana chuckled at the action as Tsume soon appeared.

"Well everyone is here again," Tsume said as Naruto walked up to her.

"Hey Tsume-chan. Beautiful as ever," Naruto said as Tsume blushed.

"Thank you Naruto-kun, so how was your mission?" She asked him. Naruto chuckled as he and Kiba regaled the two women with their mission. Both were surprised that Naruto had a dojutsu, but were happy for him. Tsume soon made an insane amount of KI as she heard that the Uchiha sacrificed her son for his own hide. Naruto managed to calm Tsume down, but she was going to have a talk about this. Both continued on with the mission details as they soon finished.

"And that's pretty much it," Naruto said. Tsume growled as she looked out the window.

"Sacrifice my son will you, Oh I can't wait to see you Uchiha," Tsume said as she looked out the window. Naruto soon smiled as he placed a hand on Tsume's shoulder.

"Don't worry Tsume-chan, I won't let the teme do that again. I swear," Naruto said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek. Tsume chuckled with a nod as she and Hana gathered.

"Alright show us the dojutsu Naruto-kun," Both said as Naruto wondered how many times he activated it in this one day. Naruto closed his eyes as he soon opened them to reveal the shinseinagan. Both gasped at the beauty and power of it as Naruto soon deactivated it.

"Though I think the council might find some way to ruin my life with this," Naruto said as Tsume nodded.

"Yeah they will. No doubt they will enact the CRA on you," Tsume said as Naruto quirked up an eyebrow.

"What is that?" Naruto asked.

"It's called the Clan Restoration Act. It makes a person take multiple partners to secure the chance of children inheriting your bloodline for the good of the village," Tsume said to which Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"It doesn't sound so bad," Naruto said to which Tsume and Hana looked at him.

"Why not?" Hana asked him. Naruto chuckled as he looked at Tsume.

"Cause it seems that only the Inuzuka clan will be getting it," Naruto said to her. Tsume chuckled with a slight blush as she smiled.

"So what is the minimum of girls?" Naruto asked them.

"Four," Tsume told him. Naruto nodded as he had three. He already had feelings for Kyuubi, Tsume, and oddly enough, Kasumi, he just needed one more woman to love.

"N-Naruto if you do get the CRA, would you pick me also?" Hana asked him. Naruto and Kiba widened their eyes at a blushing Hana.

"H-Hana-chan, you like me?" Naruto asked her. Hana's blush deepened with a nod.

"Yeah, I was worried about Kaa-san taking you so I asked her about it. She said that she didn't mind sharing and I would like to if you would," Hana told him. Naruto blushed with a smile on his face.

"Well Hana-chan if you are happy with me then I would love for you to be with me," Naruto told her. Hana nodded with a smile as she kissed his cheek. Kiba smirked as everyone decided to talk about other things for a while. Tsume had just gotten back from a mission also as Hana told everyone about about her vet duties. A few hours passed until Tsume heard a knock on the door. Everyone soon appeared with her as she opened the door to see an Anbu in front of the house.

"What is it?" Tsume asked him. The man nodded as he looked at the Inuzuka clan head.

"There is a council meeting in a few minutes. Tsume-san, you must show up along with Naruto Uzumaki," The man said as he left. Tsume and Naruto sighed as they put on their shoes.

"Well Hana-chan, Kiba let's go," Naruto said to them. Both looked at him for a bit in confusion. Naruto chuckled as he looked at their faces.

"What I am sure this meeting affects you two, so you can come also," Naruto said to them. Hana and Kiba smirked as they put on their shoes also and followed out with Naruto and Tsume to the Hokage Mansion...again.

Council Room

Soon Naruto, Kiba, Hana, and Tsume came in as Tsume took her seat on the council as Sarutobi looked at Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, why are Kiba and Hana here?" He asked the blond. Naruto chuckled as he looked up.

"I think what you want to talk about concerns them also, so I brought them," Naruto said as Sarutobi nodded.

"Alright let's begin the council," Sarutobi said as everyone nodded.

"Brat, it has come to our attention from someone that you stole the sacred dojutsu of the Uchiha clan is this true?" Someone asked. Tsume looked at Naruto who sighed.

"No, I didn't steal it. Granted I have it now, I didn't steal it," Naruto said to them. Everyone steeled their gazes at Naruto as Sakuno stood up.

"If you have it then you stole it. There is no other way that you could have it. Sasuke was right to tell us about you," Sakuno as Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"So part of this council of because of the teme huh," Naruto said as people looked at the Hokage.

"Hokage-sama, this boy has defiled the sharingan of the Uchiha clan, he should have that eye gouged out for such a crime!" another woman yelled. Sarutobi was about to say something, but stopped as he was interrupted by Naruto.

"Excuse me Hokage-sama, but you idiots of the council are forgetting one thing," Naruto said to them. Everyone soon turned to him as he closed his eyes and reveal his dojutsu to the whole council who gasped.

"I could have copied it. And even then I didn't copy your precious dojutsu from the Uchiha. It was from Kakashi-sensei, technically it's his sharingan and not the Uchiha's so I am in trouble with him not the Uchiha who seem to be quite gone," Naruto said as Sasuke soon appeared from behind someone seething.

"Take it back dope," Sasuke told him. Naruto chuckled.

"Hey teme, are you that threatened by me having such a powerful dojutsu that you would sink this low. Well nearly all the Uchiha are scum anyway," Naruto said to which most of the shinobi council chuckled.

"Face it Sasuke, you aren't the only one with the sharingan, I know have it to and there is nothing you can do about it. Well you could fight me for it, but that wouldn't work out very well," Naruto said to him. Sasuke seethed along with the civilian council as Naruto deactivated his dojutsu. Soon someone stood up.

"Mockery, that eye is a mockery. You can't just copy that eye and claim it as your own. You have no right!" the person yelled. Naruto turned to him and chuckled.

"If I don't then the sharingan itself shouldn't have the right either. It copies anything also. You people would fuckin grovel at my feet over this if I wasn't the Kyuubi container not that I care to have you grovel anyway. Your all pathetic anyway, except a few people," Naruto said to them, eyeing Tsume and a few of the clan heads. Sarutobi forced back a chuckle as another person stood up.

"Boy how did you get that dojutsu anyway? I bet it's as fake as this story," Someone said to him. Naruto turned his gaze to the man and ignored him. The man yelled the same question again as Naruto picked his ears. Sarutobi turned to Naruto.

"Why don't you answer Naruto," He asked. Naruto chuckled as he looked up.

"I don't have the breath to waste on answering him and I don't need to. They might have been able to control my life as a kid, but I am a shinobi and I don't need to answer any of their questions," Naruto said as Ino's father, Inoichi got up.

"Alright then I will ask. Where did you get that dojutsu?" He asked. Everyone turned to him as Naruto sighed.

"Must be a latent ability. I don't know much," Naruto lied though it seemed to work. Sasuke cursed as he charged at Naruto.

"You don't have the right to use that eye of yours," Sasuke yelled as he ran at Naruto. Before he could attack Naruto slammed his fist into Sasuke's stomach as the Uchiha fell to the ground. Naruto soon picked Sasuke up by his neck as he turned to the council.

"Why can't you jackasses keep your boy toy on a leash?" Naruto asked people demanded that Naruto put their 'Sasuke-sama' down. Naruto rubbed the bridge on his nose as he looked at them.

"Are you sure I should put him down?" Naruto asked them. People seethed with a nod as Naruto chuckled.

"Alright," Naruto said as slammed Sasuke's face to the ground much to people horror.

"Alright I put him down, now what?" Naruto asked to which Hana and Kiba chuckled. Most of the shinobi council chuckled also along with Sarutobi. Everyone soon felt some KI be released as Tsume appeared from her seat in front of Sasuke and picked him up.

"And if I ever hear about you using my son for a substitution ever again, then I will make the Uchiha massacre look like the greatest day in your life compared to what I am going to do to you," Tsume said as she snarled at him, but let him down. Tsume soon returned to her seat and went on with the meeting.

"Now that we are done with that, is there anything else?" Naruto asked them. Sarutobi nodded.

"As a matter of fact there is. Since this is quite a powerful dojutsu along with being a new one, I am afraid that you must have the CRA put on you. That way the security of the dojutsu will be in place," Sarutobi said. Naruto nodded in simple agreement. Hiashi smirked at the thought of having a dojutsu like Naruto's. Inoichi, Chouza, Shibi, and Shikaku didn't really care, but were intrigued by Naruto's dojutsu.

"What happens if I said no though?" Naruto asked them. Some people smirked as a merchant got up.

"Well you would be forced to marry anyone or we could do other things," He said with a sly smirk. Naruto sighed as he looked up at Sarutobi.

"What is the minimum amount of women?" Naruto asked one more time to be sure from Tsume.

"Four Naruto-kun," Sarutobi said to him. Naruto nodded with a smile.

"Alright then. I don't mind," Naruto said as most people smirked as they thought they got him.

"But-," Naruto said bringing all attention back to him.

"I chose who I am going to be with. I am not marrying any of your daughters or any other woman in Konoha. You will back off and will let me chose those I love. And before you get happy, I have already chosen my four," Naruto said to which people quirked up an eyebrow.

"Two of these women aren't here right now, but two are," Naruto said.

"I chose Hana-chan, and Tsume-chan," Naruto said with a smile. Hana blushed with a nod, but everyone turned to Tsume for her answer.

"You still have to make chunin Naruto-kun," Tsume said to him. Naruto smirked as he looked at her.

"Don't worry Tsume-chan, I wouldn't make you wait," Naruto told her. Tsume nodded as Sakuno stood up.

"Why are we discussing this? I don't want some demon's offspring running around the village. I would be the end of us," Sakuno said before she felt the immense pressure of KI. Naruto soon appeared in front of her as he grabbed her clothes and forced her to look into his eyes.

"With the damn way your acting I just might become a demon and kill you. Now shut your mouth, my life isn't any of your damn business anymore. I am not the same brat who couldn't do anything, but take whatever the hell you gave me, but now I can do a lot more," Naruto said as he opened his and focused the sharingan into her eyes(A/N: Not the Mangekyou Sharingan). Sakuno soon looked dazed as she dropped into her seat. Everyone looked at him, then at her, and back.

"She will be having nightmares for a few weeks. And I promise, no I swear that if any of you do anything to me or them I will hurt all of you," Naruto said to them, mostly to the civilian council. Naruto soon, thanks to Kyuubi and her suggestion, flooded the entire room in KI as people nearly passed out. Sarutobi chuckled as he looked around.

"Does anyone have anything else to say?" He asked. People were too shocked to hear him as they felt like they were in a demon's hellhole, which they kind of were.

"Alright this meeting is adjourned," He said as he and the shinobi side got up. Naruto, Kiba, and Hana left as Naruto released his KI causing the civilian side to breath again.

With Naruto

Naruto and the group soon made it to Tsume as Hana gave him a hug.

"Well that was fun. I never thought I would see that of all things," Hana said with a smile. Everyone nodded as they left. Naruto soon smirked as he heard someone else speak.

"Well, I feel happy that I am one of those four women of yours," Kyuubi said with a smile.

"Of course Kyuubi-chan. I do love you also," Naruto said with a smile. Kyuubi blushed with a nod as she cut the connection. Soon Kasumi woke up as she looked at Naruto.

"So who is the fourth woman?" She asked him. Naruto chuckled as he looked up.

"You were listening?" Naruto asked her. Kasumi smirked as she yawned.

"With all the yelling it was hard not to. So who is it Naruto-sama?" Kasumi asked him. Naruto smirked as he looked up.

"Why it's you Kasumi-chan," Naruto said effectively causing Kasumi to blush and pass out.

"Wow never thought that would happen. Well I will tell her later," Naruto said as everyone walked out to go home.

End of Chapter 10.

KG: finished. Good rehab.

Naruto: I am sure it was. So I have four women now?

KG: Yes, but that's it for you.

Naruto: Okay, I don't really care, but you should give Kiba someone.

KG: I know, I might give him Hinata.

Naruto: Oh, well she might be nice for him.

KG: Yeah I think so also. So you gonna train harder now for Tsume-chan.


KG: Yeah well, you still have to deal with which of the two is the alpha female.

Naruto: Speaking of which.

(Hears Tsume and Kyuubi fighting)

KG: What the hell is going on!

Naruto: Umm...they wanna fight it out now.


Naruto: I am not stopping them.

KG: Oh yes you are. My arms are nearly broken so you have to and if you don't, I will find Gai to give you a most unyouthful exercise.

Naruto: Okay Okay I am going, but don't you dare.


Naruto: Alright then damn!

(Naruto Leaves)

KG: Bye readers. Have a happy new year, cause I'm might not. Now if you will excuse me, I have to call my insurance company...again.