KG: Another Chapter for Naruto x Tsume.

Naruto: So what women do I get?

KG: Naruto that's a shame for you.

Naruto: I know. I am ashamed, but I gotta know.

Tsume: Am I not enough for you Naruto-kun?

Naruto: O-Of course you are Tsume-chan. No one is better than you.

Kyuubi: What about me Naruto-kun?

Naruto: K-Kyuubi-chan, your also important to me a-and-

KG: Yes well, before you dig your grave anymore. Let me see. Oh we have another box.

Naruto: More Sweet Sea Salt Ice Cream?

KG: Yep. And a bowl of this stuff is safe for dogs. Hear that Kasumi-chan.

Kasumi: Horray. KyuubiGoku, we should have Ccebling join us. I like em'.

KG: Me too.

*Door opens*

Hana: KG did you always have that door?

KG: No, and why is Jiraiya strapped to a chair. *Reads note*

KG: Oh boy. Umm...ladies apparently it's a present.

Tsume, Kyuubi, and Hana: Thank you Ccebling. Now Jiraiya-san, Please be a good boy and stay calm.

*Women advance towards Jiraiya*

Jiraiya: HELP!

*Punches fly around*

KG: Haha. It's your own fault Jiraiya.

*Screaming outside*

KG: What's that?

Naruto: I'll go check it out.

KG: Alright then.

*Women return*

KG: Where's Jiraiya?

Tsume, Kyuubi, and Hana: What ever are you talking about KyuubiGoku?

KG: Ummm...Never mind.


KG: What's all the noise Naruto?

*Naruto points*

Tsume: It's a bird.

Hana: No, Kaa-san it's a plane. No it's-

KG: HAHA! Wow is that Sasuke on a flag pole?

Naruto: It's a god atomic wedgie. Haha! How's the weather up there Teme?

*Naruto falls to the ground laughing*

Naruto: KG, you gotta let Ccebling join us. I love this guy.

KG: Me too. It's like a birthday for us.

Naruto: Horray for Ccebling. Now KG, which women do I get?

KG: That's a shame Naruto. But I got so many choices so I am going to up the four women to seven women. I have a good idea for a much later chapter.

Naruto: Alright, so who do you pick?

KG: It was a tough choice. I tell you, no joke, but I will choose these seven. 1. Anko Mitarashi, 2. Yuugao Uzuki, 3. Fem Haku, 4. Kurenai Yuhi, 5. Yugito Nii/Nibi, 6. Tayuya, 7. Fu.

Naruto: Nice picks. Though for Yugito and Nibi isn't that twelve instead of eleven?

KG: Yeah I think so. I just figured it you have Yugito, you might as well have Nibi. So maybe it is twelve. *Shrugs shoulders* well let's do this. Disclaimers.

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Team seven and Team eight continued their trek to Rice country as they guarded their client inside his palanquin. While everyone walked, Naruto decided to read a scroll for a Hyoton jutsu from Haku. Haku decided to do the same as she took out a scroll also. Kiba and Kakashi talked about the possible connections and dealings of Rice Country with the client. Kakashi was surprised that Kiba of all people wanted to know about political dealings of all things. Kiba told him that he felt more inclined to learn things after hanging around Naruto. Kakashi smiled at Kiba as they talked about a few political tips. Team seven, were doing fine and still kept their sense up in case of danger. Meanwhile, Team eight wasn't doing so well as Hinata, and Shino tried to ignore the loud boastings Sakura made about Sasuke as she had hearts in her eyes while saying it. Kurenai sighed as she wondered if Kami was evil or just the natural prankster. Soon everyone made it to a small pond as decided to stop for a break.

"Alright we will rest here for about 10 minutes then we will set off again," Kakashi said to everyone. The palanquin men set the man down as he climbed out of the seat. Naruto, Kiba, and Haku walked off somewhere as Team eight filled up on water from the pond.

"Man, my feet hurt," Sakura said as Shino adjusted his glasses and Hinata sighed. Kurenai began to wondered how in hell the academy passed someone like Sakura.

"Sakura, we have only been walking for 3 hours. Calm down," Kurenai said to which Sakura huffed. Kurenai decided to find Kakashi as they went over the map given to them. Kurenai looked to see Naruto, Haku, and Kiba gone as she turned to Kakashi, who could only smile.

"I guess they want to try a some new jutsu. It's amazing, without Sasuke they seem much happier. I can tell they really wanted this to happen, though they don't show it," Kakashi said to her. Kurenai chuckled with a nod as Naruto, Kiba, and Haku returned from the woods. Everyone finished the rest of the break in silence as they soon set off again. Naruto smirked as he walked up to Kiba and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Hey Kiba, wanna meet Kyuubi?" Naruto asked him. Kiba turned to him and made a small smile with a nod. Kiba had always wanted to met Kyuubi, but Naruto seemed reluctant in the past years until today. Naruto closed his eyes along with Kiba. Naruto focused on his mindscape and Kiba as both entered the beautiful scenery of Naruto's mind.

"Wow Naruto, what is this place?" Kiba asked him as Naruto chuckled. Naruto could see Kiba fascinated with the place as they looked to see a house off in the distance.

"It's my mindscape Kiba and that house is the house I made for Kyuubi," Naruto told him. Kiba gasped as they heard barking next to them. Both turned to see Kasumi and Akamaru next to them.

"How did they get here?" Kiba wondered. Naruto shrugged his shoulders as Kasumi climbed to her second favorite spot and settled into Naruto's blue jacket shirt. Kiba chuckled as both walked to the house and knocked on the door. Naruto opened the slid door as both came into the simple looking house. Kiba walked around for a while as he saw multiple foxes around the house. Kiba took notice of the simple things. He even saw a place that Kyuubi used for training along with a bath and bedroom.

"Hello Naruto-kun," Kyuubi said making her presence known to the two. Kiba turned fast to see a red haired woman with slitted eyes and a black kimono that made him blush.

"Naruto, that's Kyuubi?" Kiba asked as he pointed his finger at the woman. Kyuubi chuckled along with Naruto as he nodded.

"Kiba, meet the famous and sexy Kyuubi no Yoko," Naruto said as Kyuubi took out her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Kiba Inuzuka," Kyuubi said as Kiba shook her hand. Kiba had his mouth slightly hanged as Naruto closed it.

"Yes your not dead. Now please stop staring at my mate," Naruto said as Kiba's eyes widened and turned to Naruto.

"Wait, she's one of the women you said couldn't be at the council meeting?" Kiba asked him. Naruto nodded with a smile as he gave Kyuubi as kiss on the cheek to which she blushed. Kiba dropped his jaw as he slowly walked towards Naruto and placed his hands on Naruto's shoulders.

"Why is it always you?" Kiba asked as Naruto laughed. Naruto seriously didn't know either, but he wasn't one to complain about such things. Kyuubi certainly didn't mind it either. Kiba soon let go as he chuckled.

"So have you decided," Kiba asked him. Naruto folded his arms and quirked up and eyebrow.

"Decided on what?" Naruto asked him. Kiba suddenly chuckled which turned into a full-blown laugh as Naruto wondered what he meant, but Kyuubi had an idea.

"Naruto-kun, he means is Tsume-chan or me the alpha female," Kyuubi told him. Naruto slammed his fist into his hand in realization.

"Oh so that's what he means. Well I am not really sure, but knowing Tsume-chan she might want to be the alpha female," Naruto said to which Kiba and Kyuubi nodded. Kiba knew his mother was that kind of women. Kyuubi shrugged her shoulders in and smiled. She didn't really care if she was or wasn't, she was just happy to be with Naruto. Everyone exchanged some more pleasant conversations as Kiba and Naruto decided it was time to go. Both left Kyuubi as she changed to her training clothes and went to train.

With Naruto and Kiba

Both soon left Naruto's mind as they opened their eyes to see that they were already in Rice Country as they saw that the sun was going down.

"Umm..Naruto how long were we with Kyuubi anyway," Kiba asked him. Naruto chuckled as he turned to Kiba.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, that time moves differently in the mind that the actual world. It seems we were in their for about 3 hours. So we were probably walking for about 5 hours," Naruto said to him. Kiba nodded in agreement as they turned to see Haku and Kakashi slightly ahead of them.

"Oh so you guys are awake now?" Kakashi said with a smile. Naruto chuckled as he shortened the distance between him and his sensei.

"Not really just getting my friend to know someone else," Naruto said to Kakashi. Kakashi chuckled with a nod as he knew Naruto and Kiba were talking to Kyuubi. Haku wondered about it, but was too into her scroll to care too much.

"Well, I am glad you had a conversation. There wasn't much to go on, other than Sakura talking about Sasuke and how great he is," Haku said as she rolled her eyes. Naruto and Kiba chuckled as they turned to see their client gone.

"Did we complete the mission?" Kiba wondered. Kakashi nodded as they turned to see the client meet with some important people. Naruto smirked as they didn't have any trouble from the mission. Having completed the mission, Naruto decided to make some shadow clones as they walked off into the forest area to practice more Hyoton techniques. Kakashi had set up a hotel for everyone along with Kurenai, as Team seven and eight entered the exquisite place. Kakashi set up the rooms as Hinata, and Sakura slept in one room, Shino and Kakashi had the another, Kurenai and Haku had the next, Kiba and Naruto had the last. No one complained about the arrangements as Naruto left the room and followed his clones leaving everyone to do their own thing. Haku noticed Naruto leaving and decided to follow him as she left also causing Kiba and Kakashi to smile.

Naruto managed to find an open space as he smirked knowing that Haku was following him. Naruto spotted his clones doing the standard Hyoton practices as they were able to come through quite well in the practice. Naruto took this opportunity to perform the standard katas with his new katana as he chose to get a feel for it. Naruto even made some clones to work on the katon techniques Kyuubi had taught him. Naruto began remembered the theory behind the techniques, but putting theory to the test was harder than the theory itself. Naruto went through the katon handsigns as he took a deep breath.

"Katon: Ryu no Jigoku Ikari(Fire Release: Dragon Hell Rage)," Naruto yelled as he shot a giant dragon of fire at some nearby trees causing a giant fire to sweep the forest. Seeing the impending destruction of the forest if he didn't do something, Naruto made a quick flash of fuuton handsigns as he created a gust of wind that blew out the flames before they started to rise. The wind was quite strong as Haku was blown back slightly. Haku managed to apply chakra to her feet as she saw Naruto looking at her.

"Enjoy the performance?" Naruto asked her. Haku smiled as she tried to straighten her hair after Naruto wind hit her. Haku chuckled as she took out a senbon.

"I can only wonder if you didn't make this a performance," Haku said as Naruto smiled.

"Aw then it wouldn't be any fun at all Haku-chan," Naruto said with the intent of making Haku blush. And what a blush it was as Haku's face turned red from the affectionate name. Haku was never called that, but being called that by Naruto made her heart a little. Naruto seemed to notice as a smile came across his face. Haku stuttered slightly trying to respond, but her words left her for a minute as she tried to calm herself down, which wasn't working.

"You okay Haku-chan, your beet red," Naruto said as he placed his hand on top of Haku's head. Haku's head shot up as she saw Naruto's face in front of hers. Naruto chuckled as he took his hand off her head and sat back against a tree.

"Well I didn't tell you yesterday, so I guess I can tell you now," Naruto said as Haku forgot her blush for a second and turned serious. Haku took a seat next to him.

"Do you know about the Kyuubi no Yoko?" Naruto asked her. Haku nodded that she did. Haku remembered the rumors about the attack on Konoha. Haku continued to listen to Naruto's story as he continued.

"It was controlled to somebody and attacked Konoha. The Yondaime at the time could only stop the Kyuubi by sealing it in a child. That child became the container of the Kyuubi. It grew up hated for something that was out of it's and the Kyuubi's control," Naruto explained. Haku started to piece everything together and turned to Naruto.

"And your the child," Haku said in realization. Naruto nodded as he turned to Haku.

"That's right. Now you know why people hate me," Naruto said looking down at the ground. Naruto soon gasped as he felt Haku give him a tight hug. Naruto turned to see her slightly smile.

"Well people are idiots. You've been alone a lot longer than me and can still smile. I am sure you have precious people now. I-I at least think your one of mine," Haku said causing Naruto to blush. Naruto gave a soft smile as he returned to hug.

"Thank you Haku-chan," Naruto said to her. Haku nodded as both stood up. Both stood up slowly until Naruto turned his head sharp to the left. Naruto grabbed Haku as both barely dodged a kunai from hitting them. Naruto immediately took out his sword as Haku took out three senbon and faced the direction of the kunai. Soon a man appeared with Kumo headband with a slash across it as he faced the two genin.

"Well well, looks like I found something good," He said to them. Naruto nearly cursed their luck right now as they were facing an A-rank missing nin. Naruto learned from Kyuubi all about the nations and some of their elites. This man was considered the second best in raiton manipulation only being topped by the Raikage.

"So to what do I owe the Storm of Kumo's presence today?" Naruto asked as Haku widened her eyes at the man. Knowing about the bingo book since Zabuza was in it also, Haku had to know about potential targets. Haku read about him. His name was Raimin Hichazi, more formally known. No one had been able to beat him, not even most experienced fuuton users.

"Haku, this guy is very dangerous. We need to get Kakashi-sensei and Kurenai right now," Naruto told her. Haku nodded in agreement as the two watched Raimin close the gap between them.

"Look brats, give me whatever money you have and scram. I don't feel like killing, but I will if I should," He said to them. Naruto soon flashed the sharingan as Raimin smirked.

"Ahh an Uchiha. I haven't faced one for quite a long time. I remember when I had to kill some simply because of their cocky attitude," He said as Naruto smirked. Naruto made his handsigns fast and yelled.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Naruto yelled as he made 100 clones that surrounded the Storm of Kumo. Raimin smirked as he took out a sword and coursed lightning through it. All the Narutos narrowed their eyes as the real Naruto grabbed Haku and shunshined out of sight. After they vanished, the hundreds of clones charged Raimin as they clashed their kunai with his sword. Raimin smirked as he pushed all of them back. 15 of the clones dispelled as the others readied themselves. Raimin soon flashed by them as all the clones dispelled. Raimin put his sword back in it's sheath and smirked.

"So the brats aren't so stupid after all. Use shadow clones and retreat. Not bad," He said as he gave chase after Naruto and Haku.

With Haku and Naruto

Both continued to rush through the trees and could see the town in site as they hurried back to the hotel were Kakashi and the rest of the group were. Naruto cursed as he felt Raimin's chakra signature coming at them and fast. Naruto soon turned to Haku and grabbed her arm.

"Haku get Kakashi-sensei and the rest of the group. I'll try to hold him off," Naruto told her. Haku looked at him like he was insane.

"Naruto, you can't beat him. He's too strong," Haku told him. Naruto chuckled as he grabbed her arm.

"Who said anything about beating him? I have to stall him. Now GO!" Naruto commanded as he flew Haku forward. Haku reluctantly nodded as she ran to get Kakashi and Kurenai. Naruto in turn took out his sword as Raimin got closer.

"Naruto-kun, what are you doing? Don't fight him! I don't want to lose you," Kyuubi pleaded. Naruto closed his eyes and opened them to show the shinseinagan. Naruto smirked as he added fuuton chakra to his new sword.

"Kyuubi-chan, I'll be careful. Try not to worry. After training with you, I doubt I'll find anything worse," Naruto said with a smile. Kyuubi sighed as she couldn't back Naruto out of his decision. Naruto opened his jacket as Kasumi jumped out and stretched.

"Hello Naruto-sama, what's the matter?" Kasumi asked him. Naruto got in front of Kasumi as he gripped his sword tighter.

"Long story short. We are about to stall an A-rank missing nin and I need your help," Naruto said as Kasumi smirked.

"Anything for my Naruto-sama," Kasumi said as she became more feral. Naruto, thanks to Kyuubi, got his nails bigger. Naruto's whiskers grew more defined as red charka swirled around him. The wind on Naruto's blade intensified as Naruto felt Raimin closing in on him. After 5 minutes, Raimin appeared with his thunder blade as Naruto readied himself into a low-jonin stance. Raimin got in his stance as he smirked.

"Trying to let the girl get away, huh Brat? Well it won't help. You could have made this simple, but you made this difficult for yourself," He said to Naruto. Naruto smirked as felt the KI from the A-ranked missing nin. Naruto steeled himself as he made a simple katon jutsu. Raimin smirked as he say the tiger handsign.

"Katon techniques don't work on me kid," Raimin said to him. Naruto chuckled as he turned to his sword.

"Who said it was for you?" Naruto said as he blew the simple katon jutsu on the sword. Soon the sword combusted from the wind and fire as the flames cover the entire length of the steel. Raimin quirked up an eyebrow as Naruto smiled.

"I'm not sure how long I can stall, but let's try it out to see my limits," Naruto said as he and Kasumi charged the missing nin. Raimin threw out three kunai at Naruto as the blond blocked the three with his sword. Naruto landed on a tree branch as Raimin dodged a Tsūga from Kasumi. Naruto took the moment of distraction as he launched at Raimin. Raimin smirked as he turned and collided his sword with Naruto. Fire and Lighting flared in the forest as Naruto tested his new sword against Raimin.

"Not bad Brat, your certainly good. Much more than I gave you credit for," Raimin said as Naruto smirked.

"Thanks, I try," Naruto said as the fire blade and lighting blade dueled it out. Naruto cursed as Raimin was stronger than him and felt the weight of his sword against his. Naruto hoped Haku could get to Kakashi in time Raimin gave up the challenge since Kasumi passed by him again. Raimin backflipped and landed on an adjacent branch as Naruto got back up.

"Well, your kenjutsu is good. Now show me your ninjutsu," Raimin said as he flashed his hands. Naruto smirked as his eyes kept up with the movement as they copied the handsigns that Raimin was using.

"Brat, my raiton techniques are capable of beating fuuton techniques. So whatever advantage you think you don't," he said as his sword cackled. Raimin threw his sword back as Naruto's fire blade flared. Naruto brought his blade back also as Raimin smirked.

"So you wanna fight it out huh Brat?" Raimin said as the cackling grew louder. Naruto poured nearly every ounce of chakra into his sword as he was sure he would need it. Raimin yelled along with Naruto as they swung their blades at each other.

"Raiton: Gyaku Kaminari no Todoroki( Lighting Release: Reverse Thunder Roar)," Raimin yelled as he swung the blade at Naruto. Kasumi backed up behind Naruto as he swung his his sword at Raimin.

"Katon: Ryu no Hiken( Fire Release: Dragon's Fire Fist)," Naruto yelled as swung the blade at Raimin. Soon the techniques collided as they fought for supremacy. Raimin smirked as he felt the pressure of Naruto's technique. Naruto in turn, felt himself get pushed back slightly as he continued to fight with Raimin. The field exploded as a crater appeared between Naruto and the missing nin. Raimin smirked as he seriously felt that he might lose, but he didn't come this far to die by a brat. Raimin pumped more chakra into his technique as it managed to push Naruto's technique back. Naruto cursed as he felt his chakra leave his body. He had to do something fast. Haku, was taking longer than she should have and it started to worry him a bit. Soon a puff of smoke appeared next to Naruto as Kasumi changed to her half-human form.

"Naruto-sama, how are you doing?" Kasumi asked him. Naruto cursed as he turned to her.

"Not well Kasumi-chan. It's been over 12 minutes," Naruto said to her. Kasumi soon bit his arm as Naruto turned to her.

"What are you doing?" he asked her. Kasumi smiled as Naruto's suddenly got more power into his technique.

"I am giving you some chakra, Naruto-sama. It's the only way I know how right now," Kasumi said to him Naruto smirked as Kasumi soon let go. Naruto cursed as he only needed one more edge over Raimin, but soon smirked.

"Thank you Haku-chan," Naruto said as he let one hand off the sword. Naruto lost some ground, but soon did some one-handed handsigns as he stopped the ground. Naruto managed to find the small traces of water in the ground and cause them to surface. Naruto smirked as the water turned to ice.

"Hyoton: Sensatsu Suishō(Ice Release: A Thousand Water Needles)," Naruto yelled as the daggers flew towards Raimin. Raimin smirked as he decided to abandon the duel of their jutsus and backflipped some away as the needles impaled the ground. Naruto breathed heavily as he dropped his sword to the ground in exhaustion. Naruto soon fell to one knee as he looked at Raimin get back up like he didn't break a sweat yet.

"Well kid it was fun, but now you die," Raimin said as he charged at Naruto with a triumphant smile on his face. Naruto breathed hard and looked up with a smile as he, thanks to Kyuubi for worrying about him, added as much chakra as he could muster into the ground. Kasumi looked anxious as she couldn't move from giving Naruto the chakra that she did earlier.

"Hyoton: Hissatsu Hyoso(Ice Release: Certain-Kill Ice Spears)," Naruto yelled as he sent multiple ice spears from the ground causing Raimin to look in awe at how much chakra Naruto had. Naruto breathed heavily as he looked up. Naruto looked to see Raimin with his sword inches form his face. Naruto gasped as he saw a giant ice spear pierce Raimin's body as blood poured from the man's mouth.

"Dammit, I let my guard down in the end. Killed by a damn genin. How the mighty have fallen," Raimin said as blood slowly poured over over the ice spear that was plunged into his body. Raimin's eyes seemed lifeless as he slowly brought his sword towards Naruto.

"Brat, I could tell you were going to be a pain when I saw you," Raimin told him. Naruto looked at him and narrowed his eyes as Raimin turned his head to Naruto's sword.

"I didn't think a mere genin would have one of the five swords of the elements," Raimin said as Naruto widened his eyes. Raimin could only stifle a painful chuckle at Naruto's confusion of his words.

"Haha...kid you don't even know what you have. Take care of that sword. Not even Kiri's swords can beat that sword that you hold there. Hehe...kid...take this," Raimin said as he held up his blade to Naruto. Naruto eyed the sword before turning back to Raimin.

"Your sword is the embodiment of the element Fire. Mine is the embodiment of Lighting. Fire and Lighting go quite well with each other. Not *cough* as well as Fire and Wind, but well enough to be a serious problem," Raimin said as Naruto absorbed his words. Raimin held out his hand as Naruto grabbed the sword. Lighting flashed through it briefly, but settled down as Naruto narrowed his eyes. Raimin smirked and looked at the kid with a smile.

"Brat you beat me, so don't go losing to anyone else," Raimin said as his hand dropped. Naruto and Kasumi looked at him as the lifeless body stayed on the spear of ice. Kasumi turned to Naruto and decided to speak.

"Naruto-sama, are you okay?" Kasumi asked him. Naruto chuckled slightly with a sad smile and a nod.

"Yeah Kasumi-chan, I just realized how much I connected with him. He may have been after me and Haku-chan, but I don't think that he was all that bad as he seemed," Naruto said as he looked picked up his sword. Naruto looked over the lighting sword as he took in the features. The sword was curved like his own blade, but the stripes on it were blue and in a zig-zag. The handle was yellowish gold and the metal of the blade was silver. Naruto compared the two swords and saw they were the same length and weight. Naruto soon took the sheath Raimin had and placed it on his back in an X-shape. Naruto took his old sword, that he used as a kid, and looked it over.

"Naruto-kun, what's wrong?" Kyuubi asked him. Naruto sighed as he sheathed his sword.

"Nothing Kyuubi-chan, just thinking a little too much," Naruto said to her. Kyuubi nodded as she could tell that Naruto was on the verge of passing out. Naruto smirked as he felt Team eight's chakra signature along with Team seven's chakra signature as he passed out.

"Damn, you guys are late. Maybe Kakashi-sensei rubbed off on everyone," Naruto said as he closed his eyes with a smile on his face. Everyone from the group soon arrived as Kakashi looked at Naruto on the group.

"How is he doing?" Haku asked Kakashi. Kakashi checked Naruto's pulse and smiled as he found it to be steady.

"He's fine Haku. He's just exhausted," Kakashi said to her. Haku breathed a sigh of relief as Kiba and Shino picked up Naruto and walked back to the hotel. Kasumi jumped on Naruto's stomach and went to sleep.

"Hmph, look at Naruto-baka trying to take on someone that clearly outclasses him. What a worthless idiot, thinking his is up to Sasuke-kun's level," Sakura said as Hinata narrowed her eyes at Sakura.

"He did better that you ever could," Hinata muttered to herself as she walked off. Sakura didn't hear her as she soon followed the Hyuuga out of the forest. Kurenai, Kakashi and Haku turned to see the man that tried to kill them, dead on an ice spear as Kakashi gasped.

"Naruto's good. I don't know how good, but he beat an A-rank missing nin," Kakashi said as Kurenai gasped.

"He's Raimin Hichazi. An A-ranked missing nin of Kumo. He's called the Storm of Kumo. Why is he in Rice Country?" Kurenai asked. Kakashi narrowed his eye at the dead man.

"I don't know. His mastery over raiton manipulation is said to equal the Raikage's and yet Naruto beat him. For some reason that doesn't sound right," Kakashi said to them.

"I wonder if I should feel proud that he beat an A-rank missing nin with my jutsu," Haku said to which Kakashi shrugged his shoulders. Kakashi did the standard hunter nin job and cut off the man's head and sealed it inside a scroll. Kakashi wrote a note on along with the scroll as he summoned Pakkun to the scene.

"What can I do for you Kakashi?" Pakkun asked him. Kakashi smiled as he looked at his dog.

"Pakkun give this scroll to Hokage-sama for me," Kakashi said to him. Pakkun nodded with a smile as he vanished in a swirl of smoke. Kakashi soon sighed as the ice turned back to water as the lifeless body fell to the ground.

"I can only wonder what Hokage-sama will think," Kakashi said as Kurenai nodded in agreement as the three shunshined back to the hotel with their teams.

Hokage Mansion

Sarutobi sat in his seat as he went through the dreaded paperwork. Soon smoke appeared as the papers flew all over the room. Sarutobi sighed in irritation as Pakkun appeared with a scroll in his mouth.

"News from Kakashi?" Sarutobi asked. Pakkun nodded as he dropped the scroll from his mouth. Sarutobi picked up the scroll and unsealed the scroll as a head poofed out. Sarutobi quirked up an eyebrow until a note fell out.


Here is the head of A-ranked missing nin, Raimin Hichazi. He fell in battle fighting one of my genin, Naruto Uzumaki. I was able to severe the head of said shinobi, but Naruto was able to beat him. I surmise that Naruto managed to end the fight also. I don't know how he did it as he is unconscious right now. I should tell you to add the money to the bounty to Naruto's account. That is all Hokage-sama,

Kakashi Hatake"

Sarutobi read the letter as shock appeared on his face. Sarutobi soon dropped the letter as he stared at the paperwork currently on his desk.

"Naruto-kun did WHAT!"

End of Chapter 12.

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