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Shino and Kiba took Naruto into the hotel as they placed him on his bed. Kiba was quite anxious as he wondered about the fight between Naruto and the missing nin. Everyone else followed in as they gathered around the room. Kakashi, Kurenai, and Haku being the last ones inside closed the door and turned to Naruto.

"How is he doing?" Haku asked them. Kiba and Shino sighed in a negative fashion as Haku sat on a chair.

"I'm still surprised Naruto managed to beat an A-rank missing nin," Kiba said to them. Sakura scoffed with a smirk as everyone turned to her.

"I bet Naruto-baka only won by luck. Had it been Sasuke-kun, he would have beaten that guy without breaking a sweat," Sakura said as everyone rolled their eyes. Haku slowly formed an ice senbon as she wondered if anyone would miss the loud mouth girl.

"Well regardless of the case, it doesn't change the fact Naruto did beat him. It seems it took a toll on his body though," Shino said to which Kakashi nodded in agreement.

"I sent a message to Hokage-sama, I'm sure it will be discussed when we return," Kakashi told them. Everyone nodded in agreement, but turned to see Naruto mumble.

"N-No don't do it," Naruto said in his sleep. Everyone could only wonder what he was talking about.

"Is he dreaming?" Hinata asked. Kurenai could only nod as the others heard him.

"You can't do it that way. You have to your mouth slowly. That's it, calmly feel it on your tongue," Naruto said as he continued to dream. Haku, Kurenai, and Hinata blushed a deep red as Kiba slammed his head on the bed with a laugh as he held his stomach. Kakashi and Shino raised an eyebrow at him, but if one looked close enough, they could see a smile appear on each of their faces. Sakura didn't know what to make of the situation at all as she had a blank look on her face.

"Kakashi, you should stop reading that smut in front of your genin," Kurenai said to which Kakashi sweatdropped.

"Why does everything come back to my book?," Kakashi asked as Kiba turned to his sensei. Kiba still held his stomach as he tried to calm down.

"Kakashi-sensei, w-we should all go now. If I stay here, I am going to die from the laughter," Kiba told him. Kakashi sweatdropped again along with everyone else.

"Kiba, your Naruto's roommate," Kakashi said simply. Kiba stopped laughed, but soon started laughing again with a nod as Naruto continued.

"Ahhh, the ramen was nice and good. Just like always," Naruto said as he went back to silent. Everyone's mouths hanged slightly as they got the wrong impression from Naruto.

"It was about ramen?" Hinata asked in massive shock. Kakashi chuckled while Shino twitched an eyebrow. The Aburame turned to leave as he closed the door.

"Well everyone, we completed our mission, let's get some sleep. We will leave in the afternoon," Kakashi said to them. Everyone nodded as they all filed out, leaving only Kiba and Naruto in the room.

"Well, Naruto, you are full of surprises," Kiba said as he started to go to bed. Sleep claimed Team seven and eight laid in the soft beds prepared for them.

Next Morning

Naruto opened his eyes to the rays of sunshine as he turned his head to see Kiba sleeping. Naruto chuckled slightly, but got up as he stretched his arms. Naruto winced at some sudden pain as he turned to his left arm.

"I don't remember taking that much damage," Naruto said as Kyuubi stirred from the light sleep she was having.

"That's the price you pay for making your left arm handle that technique while you did the one-handed handsigns with your right hand," Kyuubi told him with a slight chuckle in her voice. Naruto pouted with a huff as he took out his new sword. Naruto glanced over the features of the sword again as he remembered his fight with the missing nin.

"I wonder if there are more sword like these two," Naruto said as Kyuubi went into a thinking pose. She had heard about the swords of the elements, but had never seen them herself. This was her first time actually seeing them with her own eyes, but she wondered if Raimin was right.

"If that missing nin was right, then there are three other swords out there," Kyuubi told him. Naruto nodded in agreement as he put on the clothes he had and exited the room. Naruto exited the hotel as he stood in the field where he had the fight. Naruto looked to see that the body was gone and the ice spikes melted. Naruto sighed as he made some shadow clones and took out his fire sword and his lightning sword. Naruto smirked as the flames covered the sword in his right hand and the lightning cackled in the sword on his left. Naruto turned to his shadow clones as he gave his trademark grin.

"Alright, come at me with all the styles of taijutsu that we learned. I might as well get a dual sword style down," Naruto told his clones. Everyone nodded in agreement, but smirked as Naruto turned his head.

"And why couldn't you ask us to help you?" someone asked. Naruto turned around and smiled as he saw Kiba and Haku appear from the trees.

"Well I thought you two were sleeping and girls need their beauty sleep don't they?" Naruto asked as Kiba stifled a chuckle and turned to Haku. Haku eye twitched as she looked at Naruto with an innocent smile.

"Please Naruto-kun, don't mistake me for someone else. I might take offense to it," Haku told him. Naruto nodded with smile as he took a basic stance that he knew on dual swords. Naruto turned to see Haku unsheathed her sword as she had managed to get used to the weight of it in a sense. Kiba took out Akamaru as the dog took the minute to run around the field. Naruto opened his jacket as Kasumi came out and stretched.

"A good day for training isn't it Naruto-sama?" Kasumi asked him. Naruto chuckled with a nod as Kasumi went through the standard stretches as her black fur grew wilder and her teeth sharpened. Naruto smirked as he looked behind him to see Kiba on all fours along with Akamaru. He turned to also see Haku and strangely her sword was slowly was looking more and more ice-blade looking. Naruto looked in front of him as his clones readied their kunai and shuriken.

"Man, your all going to try to kill me aren't you?" Naruto asked everyone. The clones nodded along with Kiba and Haku. Kasumi having trained with Naruto didn't need to give an answer, but smirked as she claws sharpened a bit more.

"It wouldn't be training if we didn't Naruto," Kiba told him. Naruto chuckled with a nod as the fire and lightning blades burned and cackled again. Naruto closed his eyes for a second and opened them to reveal the sharingan. Naruto revealed the two tomoes in each eye as he readied his two swords.

"Well then, come at me," Naruto said as everyone charged at him.

With Team eight and Kakashi

Kakashi and Kurenai were up already as they exited the hotel. Kurenai suddenly felt a massive group of charka signatures as she turned to Kakashi.

"You feel that Kakashi?" Kurenai asked. Kakashi nodded as both went into the direction of the multiple chakra signatures. Both rushed through the tree and landed on a branch as Kakashi smirked.

"I guess we found our problem," Kakashi said to which Kurenai chuckled. Both looked to see Naruto dual wielding his swords as his lighting blade clashed with Haku's sword.

"I guess he wants to get used to that sword. It's not everyday that you get a sword from an A-rank missing nin," Kakashi said to her. Kurenai nodded in agreement as the two watched the training.

"It's also not everyday that a genin beats an A-rank missing nin," Kurenai said with a chuckle. Kakashi nodded in agreement as they watched the battle unfold on the field.

On the Field

Naruto battled with Haku as he started to feel the pressure of her sword on his lightning blade. Naruto slightly cursed as he gave up the fight to avoid a rain of kunai that would have struck him had he not moved. Naruto turned his head fast to see Kiba, Akamaru, and Kasumi spiral at him as he spiraled also.

Naruto smirked as the lightning and fire from his swords coursed through the technique. Naruto slammed into Kiba, Kasumi, and Akamaru as he yelled.

"Kōgi no Arashi Gatsuuga( Firestorm Fang Passing Fang)," Naruto yelled as he battled against his three friends and the dogs as the explosion came to the field. Kiba and Akamaru hit a nearby tree along with Kasumi as Naruto hit the ground. Naruto picked up both swords as he steadily rose to his feet. Naruto became slightly exhausted as he'd been fighting for over an hour with his friends and his clones. Naruto saw all the clones around him and decided that he might as well try a new jutsu that he managed to work on in his earlier years. Naruto's clones surrounded him fast as Naruto weaved his handsigns fast as he disappeared.

The Naruto clones stopped as they looked around the field. No one could find the real Naruto, but soon they saw the clouds darken as thunder and lightning dominated the skies. All the clones soon dodged the lightning strikes as they tried to find Naruto in all the chaos. Soon the ground erupted in flames as everything that ranged from the trees to the grass burned as all the clones stared in horror of the action. Everyone wondered what kind of ninjutsu this was, but soon saw Naruto coming onto the field as he had both swords in his hand. The clones smirked as they ran at Naruto, but stopped midway as the real Naruto smirked at them.

"What is the one thing that makes you tremble?" Naruto asked his clones. Naruto flashed behind them as he sheathed his swords.

"Magen: Sekai no Shōnetsu( Demonic Illusion: World's Never Ending Nightmares)," Naruto simply said as all the clones poofed out of existence. Haku and Kiba quirked up an eyebrow as they found that the clones were randomly screaming suddenly like they were in some form of torture, then poofed out of existence. Naruto appeared behind them with a smile on his face as he soon hit the ground.

"I think that's enough training guys," Naruto said to them. Haku and Kiba nodded as Kasumi ran to Naruto. Naruto breathed heavily as Haku and Kiba ran to Naruto.

"Kakashi-sensei, Kurenai-sensei, you can come out now," Naruto said to them. Haku and Kiba turned around to see the two jonin walking towards them as everyone smiled. Kakashi smiled while Kurenai had a look of shock on her face as she approached Naruto.

"Naruto how did you do that?" Kurenai asked him. Haku and Kiba were confused at what he did as Naruto smirked.

"I learned a few things growing up Kurenai-sensei," Naruto said as Kurenai just stared wide-eyed at the blond. Haku and Kiba turned to Kakashi with a blank look.

"What did Naruto-kun do?" Haku asked Kakashi. Kakashi smirked as he turned to see Haku and Kiba's confused faces.

"Naruto just ended the fight with his clones using a genjutsu," Kakashi said to them. Haku gasped along with Kiba.

"Naruto did a genjutsu?" Kiba asked to which Kakashi nodded. Kakashi was just as surprised as them, but Kurenai was even more surprised.

"I saw everything. That was a true genjutsu. How did you do it?" Kurenai asked him. Naruto chuckled as he slowly stood with the help of Kiba.

"It's a genjutsu I learned about three years ago. I was under some training and was able to do it. Because of my large chakra capacity I had to find an alternate way of doing genjutsu and I found it," Naruto told them. Everyone nodded, but looked at the time as it was close to twelve, so they decided to talk on the road back. Everyone headed back to the hotel as they saw Sakura, Hinata, and Shino waiting for them.

"Where have you guys been?" Sakura hollered as Naruto, Kiba, and Haku rubbed their ears. Kakashi and Kurenai sighed as they made it back to their group.

"Alright everyone, our mission is done. Let's go home," Kakashi said to everyone. Everyone nodded as they quickly hit the trees and ran off back to Konoha. Everyone moved at a high speed back so as to make it back before nightfall. Kurenai turned to Naruto with a smile on her face as Haku and Kiba turned to him also.

"So as you were saying earlier Naruto," Kurenai said to which Naruto could only smile. Naruto held Kasumi on his arm as he softly patted her head while beginning to talk.

"Well, the genjutsu basically shows the target a picture of the world around them bursting into a sea of lightning and fire. I had the idea from a thunderstorm I experienced as a kid. It was hard to learn, but I got it down. I need to expend a lot of chakra for me to be able to do it or genjutsu techniques won't work. That is virtually the only high level genjutsu technique I have come up with right now. I know only other genin level ones," Naruto said to them. Kurenai nodded with a smile as she found the genjutsu spectacular as she found her opinion of Naruto rising.

"So what rank is it?" Kiba asked him. Naruto smirked as he turned to Kiba. Naruto wasn't sure, but based on how much of a nightmare his clones experienced and the amount of chakra to influence their minds. Naruto had to say that...

"It's an B-rank genjutsu," Naruto told Kiba. Kiba nodded as everyone raced back to Konoha for a needed break. Everyone decided to have their own chat while their traveled back. Kurenai gave Naruto some helpful tips on the genjutsu field while Kakashi gave Haku a scroll for an advanced suiton jutsu. Haku gratefully accepted the scroll while she read up on the requirements of the scroll. Hinata and Shino kept to themselves while Sakura dreamed about asking her beloved Uchiha on another date. Kiba decided to ask Kakashi on the better ways of improving his chakra control so that he would be able to use more of his clan's techniques to become stronger.

Gates of Konoha, 7 hours later

Team seven and team eight finally appeared in front of the gates and smiled as they hit the dirt road and decided to walk. The sun was just about to go down as everyone began to walk, but stopped when they saw Sakura on the ground huffing.

"Did we have to move so fast? Man I'm tired," Sakura said wiping the beads of sweat that continued to drop from her face. Naruto groaned slightly along with Kiba and Haku as everyone waited for Sakura to catch her breath. Naruto turned to Kurenai with a smile on his face as he walked up to her.

"Thank you for the genjutsu tips Kurenai-sensei. I'll put them to good use," Naruto told her. Kurenai chuckled with a nod as she turned her attention to Naruto.

"Your welcome Naruto. Come talk to me again if you need anything else," Kurenai told him. Naruto nodded with a chuckle as Sakura soon got up and the group continued to walk. Upon reaching the gate everyone flashed their identification to the guards as they made it into their home. Everyone gave a sigh of relief like they got back from a tough mission, which in the case of Naruto, did. Everyone began to walk through the village as they made it to the Hokage Mansion to give their report. Upon entering, they all saw Sasuke along with his new sensei as the two turned to see the group.

"Hey Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled as the group winced while they covered their ears. Sasuke narrowed his eyes as they met Naruto.

"Well dope, how was the mission? I bet you didn't get anything done did you?" Sasuke asked him. Kiba and Haku narrowed their eyes at Sasuke while Naruto smirked.

"Oh nothing emo, just beat an A-rank missing nin. Yeah nothing too hard," Naruto said with an innocent smile. Sasuke gritted his teeth as Naruto smirked.

"I also got a new sword. Isn't it wonderful?" Naruto said as he pulled out his lightning sword. Sasuke had to stare in awe at the blade as Team eight, save Sakura, and Team seven chuckled at Sasuke's reaction. Kakashi soon stopped laughed as he turned to Sasuke's sensei.

"Hey Genma, so your Sasuke's new sensei," Kakashi said as the jonin sighed. Genma took the senbon out of his mouth with a smile as he turned to Kakashi.

"Not by choice, I'll tell you that Kakashi. I have better things to do that teach some arrogant brat," Genma said to him. Kakashi chuckled as he took out his book and began to read.

"So you just got back from a mission?" Kakashi asked him. Genma nodded in a positive fashion as he turned back to see Sasuke talking down to most of the team.

"We just finished another C-rank mission. The brat has been telling me to take him on stronger missions. So I take him on those with the least risk," Genma said to Kakashi. Kakashi nodded with a sigh as he patted Genma softly on the shoulder.

"Well, good luck with Sasuke," Kakashi responded. Genma nodded with a sigh as he and Sasuke turned to leave, but Sakura stopped him.

"Hey Sasuke-kun, would you like to-,"

"No," Sasuke said as he slammed the door. Sakura sighed, but pumped her fist in the air full of determination. Meanwhile, Team seven and eight reviewed their mission with Sarutobi as the man smiled.

"Nice work everyone. Team eight your pay will be added to your account. You may go," Sarutobi said as Kurenai, Shino, Hinata, and Sakura filed out leaving only team seven in the office.

"Now with that taken care of. Naruto-kun please explain how you beat an A-rank missing nin," Sarutobi said with his ears at full attention. Naruto nodded with a smile as Kakashi put up a privacy seal for security reasons.

"Well Jiji, I can tell you that I completely beat him by luck," Naruto said as his story began. Naruto told Sarutobi about the interaction between him and Haku, which caused said girl to blush slightly. Naruto went on to talk about the fight between him and Raimin. While Sarutobi and Kakashi heard Naruto's story, both were impressed with his sense of fighting as Naruto ended the story with the small discussion he and Raimin had about the elemental swords. Naruto ended his story as he gauged Sarutobi's reaction. Sarutobi had a blank expression on his face as he tried to come to terms with what Naruto had told him.

"Umm...Jiji are you okay?" Naruto asked him. Sarutobi looked at Naruto and a smile came across his face.

"Nice work Naruto-kun, very nice work. I am very impressed with you. And not only you, but I am also impressed with Haku and Kiba. Both you have done a good job. I know that the jonin is supposed to recommend his students, but I fully allow all three of you to take the Chunin exams in one month. I must say that the three of you are more capable at this than any of the genin I know," Sarutobi said with a smile. Naruto, Haku, and Kiba smiled with nods as Kakashi chuckled.

"Well it seems that you three show much promise," Kakashi said to them. All three nodded as they turned to leave, but Naruto was stopped by Sarutobi.

"And Naruto-kun, the money for the bounty of Raimin has been added to you account," Sarutobi told him. Naruto smirked with a nod as team seven left the Mansion. Everyone walked home as they decided to talk.

"So we only have a month to prepare for the Chunin exams. Sounds interesting," Kiba said to which Haku and Naruto nodded with smiles on their faces.

"Wow, to be recommended by a kage. I feel so important," Haku said with an innocent chuckle. Naruto and Kiba could only nod as Kiba went home.

"Kiba, say hi to Tsume-chan and Hana-chan for me," Naruto told him. Kiba chuckled with a thumbs up as he took to the rooftops and rushed home. Naruto and Haku continued their trek home as they enjoyed the night air.

"You know Naruto-kun, you scared me when I saw you passed out on the ground," Haku told him. Naruto chuckled as he nodded his head sheepishly.

"Yeah, sorry about that Haku-chan. I didn't mean to worry you, but if you got hurt then I don't know what I'd do," Naruto told her. Haku blushed slightly as her heart skipped a beat for a second. Both continued to walk back to the apartment as Naruto's stomach grumbled. Naruto blushed while Haku chuckled.

"I guess you would be hungry. You didn't eat any dinner or breakfast," Haku said to him with a soft chuckle. Naruto nodded with a smile as he turned on a corner. Naruto soon got a twinkle in his eye as he turned to Haku. Naruto suddenly bowed his head and got down on one knee with his hand sticking out facing Haku.

"Lady Haku, would you give this wonderful shinobi the honor of taking you to dinner tonight?" Naruto asked her. Haku blushed with a smile as she adopted a thinking pose.

"Is this wonderful shinobi asking me for a date?" Haku asked him. Naruto smiled as he looked up at her and chuckled with a nod.

"If the lady allows me to," Naruto said to which Haku blushed a bit more. Haku chuckled as she walked up to Naruto and calmly smiled as she extended her hand.

"I would love for this handsome shinobi to take me to dinner," Haku told him as she grabbed his hand. Naruto smirked as he pulled Haku in the direction of favorable location to eat.

After a bit of walking, Naruto brought Haku to the small stand. Naruto held up the curtain as he took Haku inside. Haku smelled the warm scent of noodles as her stomach grumbled also.

"Sounds like I'm not the only one," Naruto said to her. Haku blushed with a slight nod and smile on her face as she took a seat next to Naruto. Soon an old man came out behind the counter as he and his daughter smiled at their two customers.

"Well it's been quite a while Naruto, how have you been?" The man asked him. Naruto chuckled as he looked the man over along with his daughter.

"Hey Teuchi-Jiji, Hey Ayame-chan I'm fine. How have you been?" Naruto asked him. Teuchi smiled as he turned around.

"Business has been the usual. And who is this?" Ayame asked him while eyeing the person with him Naruto smiled as he turned to Haku.

"This is one of my friends. He is Haku," Naruto said deciding not to spill the secret that she was a woman without her approval. Haku smiled as Naruto did indeed keep his promise. Haku smiled as she shook Ayame's hand.

"Hello, nice to meet you Ayame-san," Haku said showing her acting skills. Naruto stifled a chuckle at the interaction as Ayame turned to Naruto.

"So Naruto what are your orders?" Ayame asked him. Naruto smirked as he went over the menu they had.

"Two miso ramens for me and a vegetable ramen for Haku," Naruto said to her. Ayame nodded as Haku turned to Naruto.

"How'd you know I wanted vegetable ramen?" She asked him. Naruto smirked as he adopted a thinking pose.

"Well I figured that women like to watch their figure," Naruto said to which Haku's eyebrow twitched slightly in a slight annoyance, but she had to admit that Naruto was right. Both talked over the mission they had as they awaited their food. Haku went through some of her life as a runaway shinobi and Naruto told of most of his life in Konoha, well the pleasant memories anyway. Both soon had their food made as Naruto took a whiff of the food. Naruto gave Haku her chopsticks as they each broke them and brought their hands together.

"Itadakimasu," Both said as Naruto took the noodles in his mouth, but made it careful not to slurp like he usually did since he was in the presence of a woman. Haku took note of the politeness Naruto was using with his food and smiled then whispered.

"Are you trying make an impression on me?" Haku softly asked him. Naruto chuckled as he took another tiny slurp of ramen.

"I wasn't aware that I was doing that, but is it working?" Naruto asked her. Haku chuckled as she nodded with a soft smile.

"I must say that you are. Your still eating faster than me," Haku told Naruto to which the blond looked down to see more than half of his first ramen bowl done. Naruto blushed from the embarrassment and sheepishly chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Sorry about that. I'm just very hungry right now," Naruto said to which Haku chuckled with a nod. Haku took another mouthful of the delicious noodles as she took some of the broth with it also. Haku's smiled as she never had such delicious noodles in her life, though she was happy to not have to eat in a hurry like most of the former times of her life. Naruto soon finished his first bowl as Haku finished half of hers. Ayame gave Naruto the second bowl as Naruto took the noodles into his mouth at a slightly faster pace than the last one. Haku could hear the slurping, but it didn't bother her much. Haku soon finished her bowl as she continued to stare at Naruto as he calmly finished the second bowl.

"Good as always Teuchi-Jiji. What's the cost?" Naruto asked them. Both turned to each other and smiled.

"It's no cost Naruto," The both said, but Naruto chuckled at them which raised a few eyebrows from the father-daughter pair and Haku. Naruto simply took out his wallet and smiled.

"Let me pay this time. I have the money for it now," Naruto said to them. Ayame and Teuchi glanced at each other and chuckled with a nod as they knew that Naruto wouldn't take a no.

"Alright then Naruto-kun, your total cost is 806 yen," Ayame said to him. Naruto nodded as he paid the bill and took Haku to go home. Both enjoyed the quiet of the village as they walked home.

"So are you ready to start training tomorrow?" Haku asked him. Naruto chuckled with a smile as he turned to Haku.

"You gonna help me with my training?" Naruto asked her. Haku chuckled as she looked up at the stars and softly smiled.

"If you okay with me, then I don't mind. We still need to finish that collaboration jutsu with Kiba," Haku said to him. Naruto nodded as he remembered when he, Haku, and Kiba walked off to a small spot in the ten minute break period that Kakashi gave them on their mission.

"True, it does revolve a lot around your use of the ice mirrors," Naruto told her. Haku nodded with a chuckle as they soon appeared in front of the apartment. Naruto walked Haku to the door as she slowly opened it.

"Thank you for the dinner Naruto-kun," Haku told him. Naruto nodded with a smile and turned to leave, but stopped as he turned back to Haku.

"I might be dense, but I just noticed that you said 'Naruto-kun'," Naruto told her. Haku blushed with a slight smile and nod as she turned back to Naruto. Haku felt her heart beat rapidly as she looked into Naruto's deep cerulean eyes as she blushed deeply.

"I-I did say that to you. I-I am j-just grateful for the life that you allowed me to have. I can only wonder where my life would be if I ran to Zabuza-sama at the time that you stopped me. So I just w-want to s-say-," Haku suddenly looked at the ground as Naruto quirked up an eyebrow. Haku soon slammed her lips into Naruto's lips for a quick kiss as Naruto widened his eyes. Naruto continued to be emotionless as Haku soon let go.

"Good night Naruto-kun," Haku said in a quick fashion as she slammed the door. Naruto continued to stare at the door a little while longer until he heard the voice of someone.

"Hello, earth to Naruto-kun. Are you alive or do I have to restart your heart after that little act?" Kyuubi asked him with her soft voice. Naruto soon snapped out of his daze as he walked to his door.

"And where have you been?" Naruto asked her. Kyuubi chuckled as she did some stretching.

"Oh doing some things. I had my private training time and private bath time. Then I had a nap on the soft silk sheets you made me. And you are going to tell me when you learned such a genjutsu too," Kyuubi told him. Naruto sweatdropped as he instantly nodded and told her how he managed to make the technique up three years ago. Kyuubi smiled that he was able to use genjutsu despite his chakra capacity, she felt a sense pride from the proclamation, but wasn't sure why. Naruto soon closed the door to his room as Kasumi came out of his jacket.

"*yawn* Hello Naruto-sama, anything happen while I was asleep?" Kasumi asked him. Naruto chuckled as he sat on his bed.

"No Kasumi-chan, other than the fact that we are competing in the Chunin exams in a month," Naruto said to her. Kasumi smiled as she ran around the room in a happy fashion to which Naruto chuckled. Kyuubi quirked up an eyebrow at Naruto's statement, but soon smiled.

"Well, looks like you are going to have more training now from me," Kyuubi told him. Naruto chuckled with a nod as he fed Kasumi.

"So what are you going to teach me now over the month?" Naruto asked her. Kyuubi adopted a thinking pose as she laid on the bed.

"Well, since you have a genjutsu technique now, then we will start you on some genjutsu training. I will now teach you the fuinjutsu that I know also. Then you will develop that dual sword style that I saw you doing earlier. And to end it off, you will learn more raiton, katon, and suiton techniques to end the month. That enough for you?" Kyuubi asked him. Naruto nodded with a smirk as he changed to his pajama clothes.

"Sure Kyuubi-chan. Top that with the training Kakashi-sensei will have us do and I will be thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day," Naruto said as he knew that he was going to have a long month ahead of him.

"That's my Naruto-sama, but don't worry, I will training with Naruto-sama also," Kasumi said to him. Naruto chuckled as he gave Kasumi a slight kiss on the nose and smiled.

"Thank you Kasumi-chan," Naruto said to her. Kasumi nodded with a smile as Kyuubi's eyes twinkled.

"So Naruto is almost meeting the requirement to that promise eh?" Kyuubi said to him. Naruto blushed with a nod as he remembered his promise to Tsume.

"That's right Kyuubi-chan," Naruto said as he turned off the lights to his room. Naruto soon laid on the bed as Kasumi jumped on his stomach. Kyuubi got in her own bed as she turned off the lights also. Naruto looked up at the dark ceiling and smiled.

"Haku's lips are quite soft," Naruto simply said as he let the sleep claim him. Naruto sighed as he knew that the next four weeks till the Chunin exams would be hectic for him, Haku and Kiba as he went to sleep.

End of Chapter 13.

KG: And done.

KG: Where is everyone? I finally return to my room and they're all gone. Hm...what's this note?

"Dear KyuubiGoku,

We have all left to kill Ccebling. We will be back later. Thank you for telling us the truth and for that we won't hurt you or your Icha-Icha. You did good man. Thank you for the chakra restriction seal and for being honest. Cause if you weren't, well then we would've killed you. Good Luck with your story.

Your pals,

Tsume, Kyuubi, Hana, and Kasumi."

KG: Well, I'm happy. I did good. Horray for me.

KG: Oh to the readers. I changed my mind about two things. One, Naruto will be able to copy the other jinchuurikis' jutsus like Gaara's sand. I made his dojutsu to copy anything so I suppose that counts also. Two, I am going to make a change to the harem choices I made. Instead of Tayuya, I am going to put Mei in the harem. I wanted a red-head in the harem and chose Tayuya, but I like Mei much better. She's just so hot. So it's Mei instead of Tayuya. Tayuya fans, don't hate me please.

KG: That's all everyone. See you next time. And guys remember...lie to your women and the line between reality women and anime women will be blurred completely. Bye readers.