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Next Morning

Naruto woke up in his bed as he took in the rays of sunshine that penetrated his apartment. Naruto smiled as he remembered yesterday as he got to spend a majority of the day with his Jiji. He also got a new friend from all rough life he had. He finally had someone close to him. Naruto chuckled as he remembered meeting Kyuubi. He heard all the terrible things people said about her through him, but she seemed more like a saint than most of the people in Konoha. Naruto broke his daze as he remembered her promise.

"Kyuubi-chan are you awake?" Naruto asked in his thoughts. Kyuubi soon stirred in her cage as her eyes slowly took in the sight of Naruto's apartment, which was quite tidy.

"Good Morning Naruto-kun, are you ready for your training?" Kyuubi asked him with a soothing smile. Naruto nodded though she couldn't see it, but she felt that he did.

"Yes Kyuubi-chan, so what do we start with?" Naruto asked her. Kyuubi smirked as she adopted a thinking pose.

"Alright first you need to understand what chakra is," she instructed. Naruto raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Chakra?" He asked in confusion. Kyuubi chuckled as she knew he wouldn't understand right away.

"That's right kit. Chakra is the life energy of all living things. It follows through you and is virtually apart of your being. For a shinobi, chakra is their best friend. It allows them to perform techniques or jutsus as people call them. Chakra can be trained into many different things, but first we must raise you chakra reserves, do you get all of this?" Kyuubi asked him. Naruto smiled with a nod as he seem to keep up with what she was saying.

"So chakra is basically the energy within my body that allows me to perform certain shinobi tasks?" Naruto asked her with a little bit of simplicity. Kyuubi chuckled at the simple explanation, but nodded.

"That is right kit. A very simple description of it if I might add," Kyuubi responded. Naruto nodded then went back to the current issue.

"So if I understand like I think I do, then my chakra reserves are most likely how much chakra my body has amounted at the moment," Naruto said nearly shocking Kyuubi.

"Yeah kit, that's exactly right. How did you know that?" Kyuubi asked very curious to know. Naruto sheepishly chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I snuck into the library at one point just to satisfy my boredom. I took a random book and read it. It turned out to be about this chakra thing that you are telling me about," Naruto said answering her question. Kyuubi accepted the answer as she scowled at the thought of Naruto having to get past a civilian just to read. Deciding to drop the memory for right now, Kyuubi turned back to her student.

"Alright Kit, since you know that already I am going to skip that part. Now by doing physical, natural, and spiritual training you will be able to increase your chakra reserves. Most people only focus of the physical and spiritual because the natural is quite hard to do, but you will be one of the few people in the world who can do it. Now chakra is able to be put into 5 types of jutsu. There is taijutsu, which deals with physical attacks such as punches or kicks. Then there is ninjutsu, this deals with the combining of your physical and spiritual energies to create amazing techniques using the 5 elements of wind, fire, earth, water, and lightning. Next is Genjutsu, this is about using your chakra to mentally disrupt the opponents chakra flow and are able to influence their way of thinking. Next is Kenjutsu, which is where your sword comes into play. Kenjutsu deals with sword techniques using chakra to amplify it's sharpness, speed, strength and density. And last is Dojutsu or natural bloodline limits, which are essentially the type of jutsu that one receives through genetic inheritance. You will be getting your own, but not till a bit later. Do you understand everything?" Kyuubi asked as she took a breath of air. Naruto smiled with a nod as he had a piece of paper out along with a pencil. Kyuubi chuckled as she knew he was listening to every word she said.

"I understand kyuubi-chan, though I only now that the Uchiha have a dojutsu in this village, am I going to have one similar to that?" Naruto asked her. Kyuubi smiled with a nod.

"That's right kit. I can give you a dojutsu. I just need to look at your genetic map and make some corrections to it. Just tell me what you want and I will add it," Kyuubi told him. Naruto jumped up and down in his room at the thought of having a dojutsu. Kyuubi chuckled at his happiness, but soon brought him out of his celebration.

"Now kit, first we are going to train you physically. Now put on some clothes and let's get to work," Kyuubi said to him. Naruto jumped from his bed and ran to the bathroom to wash up. Naruto brushed his teeth and combed his hair. He took a quick shower and put on his new clothes. He wore his black shirt with the red swirl on the back of it. He also wore his black anbu pants and grabbed his sword and put on his shoes. Naruto ran out the door as he ignored the obvious glares of hate at him. Some people were puzzled about his happiness and new getup, but brushed it off as demonic insanity or something like that.

Training Grounds

Naruto having left the crowd of people soon made it to one of the training grounds as he looked to see that it was very vacant. Naruto smiled as he awaited Kyuubi's instructions.

"Alright Kit, welcome to your training. I will turn you into a shinobi that surpasses the fourth in greatness," Soon Kyuubi stopped as she went back to her previous conversation.

"Hey Kit," Kyuubi said gaining his attention.

"Yes Kyuubi-chan?" Naruto said to her.

"I remember that I told you that your father seal me inside you. I also mentioned the Fourth, by any chance did you know that the Fourth was your father?" Kyuubi asked him with a bit of concern in her voice for fear of saddening him. She however got the opposite reaction when he responded.

"I put two and two together and found it. I mean take away the whisker marks and you got a mini Yondaime. It wasn't hard to figure out, but I would have wanted my Jiji to tell me, though I won't be mad at him if he didn't. I am sure that he had his reasons," Naruto told her. Kyuubi gasped at his big heart and his intelligence in the situation.

"Wow nice head on your shoulders Kit," Kyuubi told him. Naruto blushed at her praise, but both soon got back to business.

"Alright Kit, we will now begin your training. Your body needs training in order to survive so we will start with some pushups and sit-ups. After that, you will do some laps around the training fields to increase your leg strength. After that I want you to go to the library and get a book on taijutsu and kenjutsu. Also get a book on the introduction to ninjutsu. Because of your large chakra capacity I don't think that you can do genjutsu, but learning to dispel them is a skill that you should know. Now that is the training for the day, then you can go to school," Kyuubi told him. Naruto nodded as he realized that he had no time to waste here. Naruto instantly got on the ground as he did his pushups. Naruto then worked on his sit-ups. After that, Naruto did his laps around the lack of the training field which was quite big. Having finished his laps, Naruto picked up his stuff and ran back to town, still ignoring the glares from the people. Naruto soon arrived at the library as he snuck to the side of the wall. Naruto spotted his special place that he managed to carve out in the building. Naruto couldn't get in by the entrance so he made another entrance. Naruto soon came into the library as he moved through the library with a nice level of stealth. Naruto quickly scanned the bookshelves for kenjutsu, taijutsu and ninjutsu. Naruto soon got the book and made his clean escape.

"Alright Kyuubi-chan, what now?" Naruto asked her. Kyuubi smirked as she decided to teach him his first jutsu.

"Alright Kit, to help you do this faster, I am going to teach you your first jutsu. Because of your large chakra capacity, this is the perfect jutsu for you. This is called the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. It is an upgrade from the Bunshin technique. Do the required handsigns that I will send to you and it will be easy," She told him. Naruto nodded as his mind saw the required handsign for his first jutsu. Naruto did the handsign as he tried it out.

"Kage Bunshin no jutsu," Naruto yelled as smoke appeared around them. Soon 30 clones appeared as Naruto and Kyuubi nearly gasped.

"Nice job kit. Now the benefit of the kage bunshin no jutsu is that it is able to help the user learn things faster. Whatever the clone learns then dispels, the user will learn also. It is a good infiltration jutsu also. Now they only do physical things so the work they do won't come back to you, but the memories will," Kyuubi explained. Naruto nodded as he turned to the group.

"Alright divide yourselves into three groups. Group 1 will read the introduction to ninjutsu book and practice it. Group 2 will read the kenjutsu book. And group 3 will read the taijutsu book and practice," Naruto ordered. All the clones nodded as they went to their respective positions. Naruto soon turned spend the next few minutes of his time in meditation, trying to 'feel' around for the natural energy that Kyuubi told him about.

"I don't get it Kyuubi-chan, I can't feel anything," Naruto told her. Kyuubi chuckled with a nod.

"Yeah kit, you have to be perfectly still, but as a kid that is impossible, so we will wait till you are a bit older for this type of thing. After school, you will learn chakra control, so head to school while I take a nap," Kyuubi told him. Naruto mumbled 'lucky' as he got a small chuckle out of Kyuubi.

"You know it kit," She said to him. Naruto soon dispelled his clones as the memories rushed into him. Naruto smiled as he was able to learn the many different things that his clones experienced. Naruto stood in silence for a minute as he went through the memories.

"Alright now to go to the Academy," Naruto said as he ran to the town again. Naruto continued to run as he remembered his training so far. It was only his first day, yet he felt like he learned so much. As he ran, Naruto soon looked to his left as he spotted a familiar face in the park. Naruto smiled as he turned ran up to the person and smiled.

"Hello Tsume-chan," Naruto said to her. Said woman turned around to see who had the gall to call her that. Tsume soon smiled as she saw Naruto looked at her with his deep blue eyes.

"Oh Hello Naruto. How are you doing?" Tsume asked him. Naruto nodded.

"I am doing well Tsume-chan. I have started training and I am going to get strong for my precious people and for myself," Naruto said to her. Tsume chuckled at Naruto's tenacity and did something that shocked even her. Tsume knelt down and kissed Naruto on the forehead causing said blond to blush.

"I look forward to seeing how far you come Naruto. Kami knows that if only my son had your tenacity with training," Tsume said to him. Naruto looked at her in confusion.

"Who is your son? Do I know him?" Naruto asked her. Tsume chuckled again as she looked at him.

"Yes you do. He is going to the academy also. His name is Kiba Inuzuka. He is a bit stubborn, but he is loyal to his friends," Tsume told him. Naruto nodded with a smile.

"Tsume-chan, watch me become the strongest shinobi in Konoha, then I will-," Naruto stopped as he looked at Tsume. Naruto suddenly blushed as he looked down causing Tsume to raise an eyebrow at him.

"You will what?" She asked him with the word 'curious' written across her face. Naruto's blush deepened as he tried to get his emotions under control.

"N-never mind. A-anyway I have to go now," Naruto said as he ran off leaving Tsume in the dark. Tsume chuckled as she did notice his blush that he tried to hide from her.

"If he grows up strong, even I might fall for him," Tsume thought as she continued her stroll through the park thinking over her words.


Naruto soon made it the academy with time to spare as he entered his registered class. Naruto looked to see the kids talking to each other as most of the boys talked to the other boys. Naruto also saw the girls fawn over a duck haired looking boy who brooded in the corner. Naruto sighed as he picked his seat and chose to stay away from the roaring females, especially a certain pink haired banshee who probably never heard of the word 'quiet' or 'silence'. Naruto simply sat in his chair as he felt some people's stares on him. Naruto looked to see some of the girls drooling over his appearance and some of the guys talking about how cool his sword looked along with his clothes. Naruto would have smirked at the attention if not for a prissy black haired boy standing in front of his face.

"Hey dobe, give me that sword. It's usefulness is wasted on a pathetic person like you," the boy said to him. Naruto sighed as he really didn't want to deal with this right now.

"Look here Sasuke, emo wonder of Konoha, I paid for this sword and it is mine. Don't demand things from me so sit down, shut up and wait for class to start," Naruto told him. Sasuke seethed as he looked at Naruto. Soon Naruto covered his ears as he heard the screeches of what he could only guess was a new species of monkey.

"Naruto-baka give Sasuke-kun that sword. You aren't fit to wield such a thing of beauty and strength," Sakura said to him. Naruto judging that she was finished uncovered his ears.

"First Haruno, learn the meaning to the words 'shut up' and second don't act like you can tell me what to do anymore than emo wonder over there can so me and my eardrums would really appreciate it if you just continued to stare at your delusions of grandeur," Naruto said to her. Sakura seethed also as she huffed and continued to fawn over a brooding Uchiha. Naruto smiled as he heard Kyuubi crying in her cage.

"I am so proud of you kit. I have seen how that ass acts and I am so happy that my kit gave him a piece of his mind," Kyuubi said as she fake cried. Naruto chuckled as the class began to settle down. Soon Iruka and Mizuki came through the door. Naruto didn't miss the glare he got from Mizuki as he narrowed his eyes.

"Alright everyone, we will be learning about the history of the Kage of Konoha today. After that, we will have kunai and shuriken practice. Then we will do taijutsu training to end the day," Iruka said to them. Everyone nodded as the lecture on the history of the Hokage was explained. Naruto paid attention to the information, but did find it difficult to stay awake from the boredom. Naruto could even hear Kyuubi groan from the slow class period. Soon the bell rang as everyone exited the classroom.

All the children stood outside in the field as they all looked at the practice dummies that had been placed out for them. Naruto soon came to view as he walked up to a boy with a dog on his head.

"Hey are you Kiba Inuzuka?" Naruto asked being kind to him. Kiba turned around to see the blond talking to him and smiled.

"Yeah that's right I am Kiba. Nice to meet you um...Naruto right?" He asked. Naruto nodded as he looked up.

"And who is he?" Naruto asked him. Kiba chuckled as he took his dog off his head.

"This is Akamaru, he is my dog. Say Hi Akamaru," Kiba said to him. Akamaru barked as he licked Naruto's cheek.

"Nice to meet you Akamaru," Naruto said as he patted the dog's head. Kiba and Naruto chuckled as they resumed the class. Iruka called Kiba to throw his shuriken and kunai at the dummy. Kiba smirked as he threw the shuriken and kunai with precision into the points on the dummy as Iruka clapped at his progress.

"Nice work Kiba. Next Naruto Uzumaki," Iruka called. Naruto stood up as he looked at the dummy. Naruto hadn't practiced with his kunai as he had only gotten them yesterday, so he chose the next best thing...wing it.

"Alright here it goes," Naruto said as he threw the shuriken and kunai at the dummy. Much to his surprise, the shuriken and kunai landed within the circles of the dummy with them only being slightly off. Naruto smirked as he was afraid he would miss, but he didn't. Iruka clapped as did a few of the other kids. Naruto smiled as he returned to his place among the students. Kiba congratulated Naruto as he smiled. Naruto acknowledged his thanks and sent them back with gratitude. Taijutsu practice was relatively painful as he got handled by Mizuki much harder than the other students.

At the end of the day, Naruto was happy to finally be finished with the academy so he could get back to training. Naruto was about to run off before Kiba stopped him.

"Hey Naruto, do you want to have dinner over my house tonight at 9?" Kiba asked him. He had already considered Naruto his new friend from the academy. Naruto smiling nodded.

"Thank you Kiba. If your family doesn't mind having me then, I would really like that," Naruto said to him. Kiba nodded as he ran off to his house to tell his mother and sister about their company. Naruto smiled as he made his way to the training fields again. By this time, Kyuubi had woken up to see many naruto clones reading and practicing the taijutsu stances in the books along with performing the ninjutsu handsigns and kenjutsu practice. Kyuubi chuckled as she heard Naruto run across the lake doing his laps.

"I miss anything important?" She asked him. Naruto smiled as he recognized his first friend.

"I got another friend Kyuubi-chan. He said that his name was Kiba Inuzuka," Naruto said to her. Kyuubi smiled though Naruto couldn't see it.

"Good for you kit, now I want you to continue this exercise for the next 3 months then we will work on something else. By that time you will be up to snuff with your physical training," Kyuubi told him. Naruto nodded as he followed her instructions.

"Oh and Kiba invited me to dinner tonight," Naruto told her. Kyuubi raised an eyebrow before smiling.

"That's nice. You get a new friend and now you get to see the woman who makes you blush like crazy," Kyuubi told him. Naruto sputtered out nonsense as a blush came across his face.

"T-That is completely f-false Kyuubi-chan," Naruto said defending what ever honor he had left.

"I don't know kit. With how you acted when you saw her today, I can only wonder," Kyuubi said to him. Naruto's blush deepened again as he surrendered. The truth was the woman did spark a sort of interest to Naruto, but he wasn't sure if it was any romantic interests since he was still too young.

"W-well anyway let's g-get this training over with," Naruto stuttered. Kyuubi laughed in it's cage as she wiped a tear from her eyes.

"Yeah then we can go see you go gaga over the Inuzuka head," Kyuubi told him. Naruto blushed again.

"K-KYUUBI-CHAN!" Naruto screamed as she laughed in her cage.

End of Chapter 2.

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