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Mikoto: Umm...clean?

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Naruto returned to the hotel his team was staying at while holding his new sword. Naruto could only smile that he got the swords that matched his affinities first. He know he found a good weapon and it only added to the fact that the blond might as well collect the other two swords themselves. He wondered if he should become a weapons collector or try to become a great swordsman in the near future. However, he wasn't going to learn right now since he had to get back to his team, but he had a feeling that he sure as hell would learn to use the sword later.

"Alright it seems that the storm is over and it's late. I better got to bed," Naruto said to himself and headed to his room, but not before hearing the sweet melody of his vixen.

"Not to mention, getting some new clothes Naruto-kun. You look like you went through a tornado, which you probably did. So I suggest some new clothes," Kyuubi suggested making the blond smile. Naruto nodded and opened the door to his room and he instantly felt the gazes of Jiraiya and his friends on him. Haku and Kiba stared at his attire wondering what the hell happened to him. Jiraiya wondered the same thing, but his gaze left Naruto's clothes and went to the weapon that the blonde was holding in his hand.

"Naruto where have you been? Why are your clothes wrecked? What's with the sword?" Kiba asked all these question and Naruto went to his bed. He placed the wind sword near his bed and took off his fire sword and lightning sword before placing them next to it. Naruto sat on his bed and turned to the others who were still waiting for his answer. The blonde tokubetsu jonin sheepishly grinned, but not before sighing slightly.

"Well guys. In that order, I went to get a drink an saw the storm raging outside. The reason my clothes are wrecked is because I went outside in that dangerous storm and looked around," Naruto answered making everyone gawk at him. They all saw the storm outside and it would have been stupid to go out in that, but then it settled so easily. Naruto decided to continue his explanation.

"When I left the hotel I saw something in the air flying around and I struggled to get it. It took a bit of time, but I managed to get this sword. It was the cause of the storm. This sword it the embodiment of the element wind," Naruto told them. Everyone turned to the sword in awe and shock. Only Naruto would have the guts to brave a storm and stop it by taking a sword from the sky. Kiba got up and walked over to the sword and inspected it a bit while looking at the other two Naruto owned.

"It looks just like your lightning sword and fire sword, except for the fact that it has a different color handle and different color of metal. So now you've got three out of five. Gonna become a sword collector Naruto?" Kiba asked with a grin. Naruto took a things pose before shrugging his shoulders.

"Not sure Kiba, but we'll think we should think it over later. Right now it's late and according to Ero-sennin right here we have to leave early tomorrow," Naruto said making everyone nod. Jiraiya did in fact say that so everyone let the topic rest for right now. Jiraiya and Kiba left to go to their room and Haku went to her own. Naruto's room had only one bed, but he wasn't alone. Naruto made a chi bunshin and released Kyuubi from her cage allowing the vixen to stretch her legs. Kasumi had already been asleep in the bed, but her tail was swaying slightly while she slept. Naruto chuckled before watching Kyuubi take a seat on the bed.

"So Naruto-kun, what are you going to do? Swords like these don't show up normally and you already have three. Maybe Kiba's right and you should just get the other two," Kyuubi reasoned making Naruto turn to the three swords he had near his bed.

"Ya think Kyuubi-chan? I'll admit that since I learned kenjutsu I've gotten a strong appreciation for swords and these three are more than top of the line swords. You remember Raimin from the mission a few months ago. He said that these are even better than the ten swords of Kiri," Naruto remembered his fight with Raimin. It was one of the closest fights he ever had with anyone. It also made him a better ninja in a way.

"Well let's go to bed Kyuubi-chan. I'm sure I can figure this out tomorrow," Naruto said with a tired yawn. Kyuubi nodded and got into the bed making Kasumi stir slightly. Kasumi opened her eyes slightly to see Naruto in the middle and Kyuubi on the far right. She smiled slightly and grabbed Naruto's left arm pulling it close to her body and Kyuubi mimicked her action grabbing Naruto's right hand and the three fell asleep.

With Tsume and Hana

The two Inuzuka women just got back to the compound and were about to go to bed. They had a long day and a tiring mission and just wanted to relax for the rest of the night.

"Kaa-san I think I'm just gonna plop on the couch," Hana said as she immediately hit the couch and gave a comfortable smile. Tsume chuckled and walked into the kitchen to grab a drink of water from the refrigerator.

"Hello Tsume-sama," someone said making Tsume turn around to see who was in her house. Tsume raised an eyebrow at the man, but she knew who he was. He was Akira Inuzuka. He had black hair that was brought into a ponytail. He was wearing a black shirt with a black jacket which hid his mesh shirt underneath. His companion was beside him also. The dog had brownish hair and seemed to be the same size as Hana's companions also. Out of all her clan members, Tsume had to watch Akira the most. He was always a shady person when it came to doing things. He was currently the strongest male in the compound and yet he could never beat Tsume which irritated him. Now normally in the compound, the strongest male would be with the strongest female and since that was Tsume, the woman could guess what he wanted.

"Akira, what do you want? I'm tired from my mission," Tsume said already getting slightly irritated. Akira grinned and stood up from the chair he was sitting on. He slowly advanced for Tsume, but a growl from Kuromaru and Tsume stopped him and he slightly backed up.

"Come on Tsume-sama, you know why I'm here. Tell me why," Akira said making Tsume narrow her eyes. Soon Hana came into the room when she heard talking going on and immediately glared when she saw who was in their part of the compound. No one except Kiba, herself, and Tsume lived in the master part of the compound and Naruto was the only one who ever stayed overnight besides their father, Kobayashi. Hana never liked Akira. He was always a prideful jerk and totally inconsiderate at times. He always held some sort of resentment towards those who tried to go out with Tsume. Hana could understand the whole male pride thing, but it still unnerved the Inuzuka daughter.

"Akira what do you want with Kaa-san?" Hana asked keeping up her glare at the man. Akira smirked and leaned on the wall of the kitchen.

"Come on Hana, you should know that Tsume can't lead the clan by herself. Especially since she's got a brat with her after all," Akira said making Hana and Tsume narrow their eyes at him. Both could tell he was talking about Naruto. Tsume gripped her glass slightly before showing her canines in her teeth.

"Who I'm with shouldn't be of any concern to you Akira. You may be the strongest male in this compound, but you've never beaten me and I don't take kindly to those who try to overpower me," Tsume said effectively making her point come across. Akira narrowed his eyes before slamming his hand on the table making Hana widen her eyes and Tsume slowly reached for a kunai in her back pocket.

"And your telling me that Naruto Uzumaki makes a better mate for you than I do. I refuse to accept that. There is no way a brat like that could be worth your time Tsume. I also find it traitorous to our clan that you taught the brat our techniques as a clan. How could you betray us like that!" Akira yelled. Tsume had half a nerve to maul Akira right now and Kami knew she sure as hell could do it too. Tsume brushed her hand through her spiky hair as she gave Akira one of the most intense glares she could ever give.

"Listen Akira, I don't you what your deal is, but as the clan head I can teach our techniques to whomever I deem worthy to learn them. I know Naruto-kun is more than worthy of them and me. And Unlike you, the entire clan accepts Naruto. No one has had a problem with him before and they don't have one know. Akira even if you are the strongest male, you would never rule the clan. Kiba is my rightful heir and it's going to stay that way. Now Akira get out. I've had a long day and I don't want to repeat myself," Tsume said trying to exit the kitchen. Akira growled his protest along with his companion before slamming the table again nearly breaking it into pieces.

"Alright Tsume, I'm game. Then I'll just show you how much of a loser Naruto Uzumaki is. He might be a Namikaze, but he far from Minato's level. Then Tsume we'll make a deal," Akira said to the Inuzuka clan head. Hana gritted her teeth at Akira's disrespect to her mother and was about to charge him and make him apologize, but Tsume stopped her daughter making Hana turn to her.

"Kaa-san how can you let him talk to you like this? You don't have to listen to him," Hana said to her. Tsume knew that. Of course she didn't have to listen to him, but she knew he wouldn't stop with his talk and it might become something of a problem in the future so Tsume decided to nip this in the bud right now.

"What is it Akira?" Tsume asked. Kuromaru really wasn't liking the turn this was going in. He had been quite interested in Naruto since the blond took his daughter for a mate. It was very weird to Kuromaru, but he knew his daughter well and she couldn't have been with anyone better. He also didn't like anyone talking down to Naruto or Tsume for any reason.

"Simple Tsume, I get to show you how worthless that Uzumaki brat is. Him and me and our companions. Two on two Tsume. If I lose then I will back down and even leave the clan, but if the blond loses then you become mine and you never see Naruto Uzumaki ever again," Akira declared. THAT was the last straw for Tsume. She gripped her glass too much and effectively broke it into pieces. Hana gritted her teeth at such a deal. No way in hell would her mother take such a bet.

"Akira, you know I could simply kick you out now and save us all the headache right?" Tsume asked wondering if he understood. Akira merely nodded and Tsume nodded back.

"Fine then Akira when Naruto-kun gets back you can have your fight, but it will be done in the Chunin exam stadium with the Hokage present to account for the match," Tsume said walking off with Hana giving Akira a glare as she disappeared also. Akira smirked and left the main building of the compound.

"All according to plan," Akira said as he disappeared from view.

With Hana and Tsume

Tsume was walking up the stairs to her room, but was stopped by Hana and the elder Inuzuka sighed. She knew her daughter really cared for Naruto and she was pissed off.

"Kaa-san how could you accept that bet! You and Naruto-kun have nothing to prove to him," Hana shouted. Tsume knew her daughter was right, but it was a bit more complicated than that and she knew Hana didn't know about it.

"Actually Hana, I know I didn't have to, but I needed to. In a clan like ours, hierarchy is a key element and you know that. Tell me Hana in your honest opinion where do you think you stand in this hierarchy?" Tsume asked. Hana stopped her angry glare and took a small thinking pose, but wasn't sure so she turned to Tsume for her answer.

"It's below me Hana. You and Kiba as my kids are right below me and so your more liable than most," Tsume said. Hana nearly widened her eyes, but before she could say anything Tsume continued with another question.

"And even if he's not in the clan, where do you think Naruto-kun stands?" Tsume asked. She was really making Hana think and the veterinarian really wasn't sure how to answer. She remembered that her mother had told her about the system of things in the Inuzuka clan, but she wondered where this was going.

"It right next to me Hana. When Naruto-kun became the mate that I wanted, he became my equal in status. You could even say that Naruto-kun has just as much a say in what the clan does as I do. Now normally he wouldn't since he's not an Inuzuka nor is he apart of the clan, but he's been around us since he became friends with Kiba and that, unknowingly, made him a member. Also the fact the entire clan, except for Akira, accept him then when he's with me we are treated as equals," Tsume explained. Hana began to understand and was in shock that Naruto could have that much power over the clan just from dating her mother. However, Hana was still confused about the whole thing. She really didn't understand what this had to do with Tsume accepting the bet with Akira.

"Kaa-san, but why? Your the clan head, you should be able to tell him off. He can't talk to you or Naruto-kun like that at all," Hana countered and it made Tsume smile at her daughter before a frown came across her face.

"Hana if I declined that would tell Akira that I was keeping Naruto's abilities hidden from him and that would have played off as weakness to him and Akira would have made the assumption that I wasn't good enough to lead the clan. And besides...," Tsume walked up the stairs and came up to the door of her room and smiled.

"Naruto-kun isn't going to lose. I don't date weak men Hana and Naruto-kun is about as far from weak as Akira is from competent," Tsume said laughing and closing her door. Hana chuckled before walking back downstairs and going to her room.

"That's right Naruto-kun won't lose. He became a tokubetsu jonin at thirteen. Not to mention he was trained by Kyuubi. Naruto-kun isn't going to lose," Hana nodded with her assessment and quietly drifted off to sleep while Tsume did the same.

Back with Naruto, Morning 10:00 a.m.

Naruto woke up to a knock on the door and groggily opened his eyes to see Kasumi sleeping soundly. He then turned his head to the left and saw Kyuubi apparently up awake, but her face wasn't cheerful like he would have liked. It was actually ominous and more alert.

"Kyuubi-chan, what's-," Kyuubi placed her hand over Naruto's mouth and shushed him. Kyuubi pressed her forehead to Naruto's and the two had a telepathic conversation.

"Naruto-kun, there are two people at the door. It's not Haku, Kiba, or Jiraiya. This chakra level is high. One is around Kakashi's level and the rivals mine. Naruto-kun I want you to answer the door, but use extreme caution when you do. Your good Naruto-kun, no doubt, but your not ready to fight S-rank shinobi yet. It might be good to scout first before you open the door though," Naruto took Kyuubi's words to heart and he agreed with her assessment.

"Got it Kyuubi-chan. I'll be careful. Just in case, you wake up Kasumi-chan and I want you both to hide behind the door," Naruto said mentally. Kyuubi nodded and both opened their eyes and heard more knocking at the door. Naruto sighed and activated the byakugan to scout the two people outside. When he did that, Naruto gasped and narrowed his eyes.

"Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki. What do they want with me?" Naruto wondered, but didn't dwell on it long before closing the byakugan and showing his shinseinagan. He didn't really have a reason for it, but he had no idea on what to expect. Naruto quickly got dressed and placed fire sword and lightning sword on his back in a cross shape. He glanced at his new wind sword and wondered what to do with it. He didn't have a sheath for it since he got it yesterday, but he suddenly got an idea. Naruto took a scroll from his pouch and unfurled it. He applied chakra to it and instantly a sheath around the size of his sword came out.

"Good thing I bought this sheath when I had to go kunai shopping that one time," Naruto said, but before he could sheath his sword a small light came over it and instantly it was placed in a white sheath that covered the sword. Naruto raised an eyebrow and sighed.

"You should have done that earlier," Naruto said to the sword before leaving the extra sheath on the floor. Kasumi was up and about, but Kyuubi moved her to the side of the door and nodded an okay to Naruto. Naruto nodded and opened the door to greet the two shinobi.

"Hello who are-, Oh hello Itachi Uchiha," Naruto said with his eyes closed. Itachi wondered why Naruto didn't have his eyes open, but didn't have the thought up long before Naruto opened his eyes and it nearly shocked Itachi. Sharingan met Shinseinagan and Itachi simply stared at the eyes wondering what type of eyes they were, but he didn't dwell on that long.

"Hello Naruto-kun. I'm going to need you to come with us," Itachi said making Naruto narrow his eyes. Kyuubi and Kasumi listened from behind the door and wondered what two S-rank shinobi could want with Naruto, but Kyuubi was able to fathom an idea even if it was just that, an idea.

"And why would I want to go with two S-rank criminals?" Naruto asked making Kisame irate as the shark man grabbed his sword.

"Itachi-san why is this really the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki? He's so puny," Kisame said making Naruto glare at him slightly.

"Don't make me turn you into a fish cake Kisame," Naruto said effectively causing Kisame to grow a tick mark across his face. Kisame quickly reached for his sword and Naruto did the same. However, Itachi stopped Kisame and Naruto stalled seeing the act.

"Kisame we are here to get the Kyuubi, not kill its host," Itachi said to him. Kisame scowled, but nodded and Naruto narrowed his eyes before turning to the door.

"So he's after Kyuubi-chan. I wonder why," Naruto thought and closed his eyes. Itachi turned back to Naruto and moved slightly to the left.

"Naruto-kun please come out of the doorway. We won't hurt you if you cooperate with us," Itachi promised. Naruto walked out of the doorway and now he stood between Kisame and Itachi. Itachi was about to move, but both Akatsuki members felt Naruto's chakra flare and the blond sighed.

"Itachi-san, tell me what made you betray the Uchiha clan?" Naruto asked. Itachi raised an eyebrow at the question and wondered what the blond was implying, but didn't reply. Kisame wondered about the question also, but Naruto didn't give them the chance to think anymore since the tokubetsu jonin opened his eyes making Kisame gasp and Itachi to narrow his own eyes. Naruto showed a fully tomoe sharingan and turned to Itachi.

"Sorry, but I'm not going anywhere and I'll make you regret coming for me," Naruto said taking out his fire sword, but before he could strike, the three in the hallway heard a yell.

"ITACHI!" someone yelled. Kisame, Naruto, and Itachi looked to see Sasuke behind Itachi's side of the hallway with his sharingan flaring, then Naruto sighed.

"Oh that's just fuckin' great. I don't need an emo right now!" Naruto yelled out mentally while Kisame came a small smile.

"Itachi who is this brat? He looks just like you," Kisame observed almost seemingly pointing out the obvious. Itachi sighed, but kept the impassive face not even bothering to look at Sasuke's form.

"He's my younger brother," Itachi acknowledged making Naruto roll his eyes since he knew that already. Kisame gave a small grin showing his shark teeth while Sasuke left arm cackled. Naruto widened his eyes and gritted his teeth in sheer anger.

"Itachi, I've done what you wanted. I have hated you, despised you, and thought of nothing, but killing you. Now I will take my revenge and kill you here and now!" Sasuke yelled charging at Itachi with the chidori in his hand. Meanwhile, Naruto continued to seethe in anger.

"As far as I know Kakashi-sensei only taught me the chidori. Sasuke isn't his student so he's got no reason to teach him so Sasuke must have-,' Naruto widened his eyes and suddenly an explosion brought the blond out of his stupor to see Sasuke with his hand slightly burned and Itachi holding his wrist. The two Uchiha brothers locked eyes with each other.

"Hmph pathetic," Itachi said breaking Sasuke's wrist. Sasuke screamed out in pain, but he was suddenly kicked across the hallway and into a wall were he slumped to the ground. Naruto sighed and took out his fire sword making it flare. The blonde charged at Kisame and the shark man brought his sword against Naruto's and the two dueled it out. Naturally Kisame was stronger than Naruto and could almost immediately push the jonin back. Naruto gritted his teeth at the strength, but then got an idea.

"Not bad gaki, but your wasting your time channeling your katon affinity through your sword. My sword absorbs chakra of all times. Your sword is useless," Kisame said to him. Naruto smirked made his sword flare even more. Kisame widened his eyes when he realized Samehada was getting burned at quickly backed away. He stared at Naruto's red eyes which only seemed to be intensified by the fire sword.

"If it eats chakra, then I'll give your sword some indigestion," Naruto said and before long the two clashed again, but Naruto looked past Kisame to see Sasuke getting the shit beat out of him by Itachi.

Sasuke looked worse for wear before Itachi grabbed him by his throat and held him tight to the wall before whispering in his ear.

"Your still too weak. You don't have enough hate," Itachi said as Sasuke struggled to open his eyes. Naruto cursed and made a quick movement sending Kisame back. The blond then sidestepped the swordsman and ran for Itachi. Kisame was about to go after him, but the door to Naruto's room was kicked open and Kasumi came out of the room in a high chunin taijutsu stance.

"From here on I'll be your opponent," Kasumi said engaging Kisame into their own fight. Naruto had to thank Kasumi for the time she bought him and he finally made it to Itachi, just as the Uchiha opened his eyes to reveal the Mangekyou Sharingan to give Sasuke a terrifying nightmare.

"Fall into despair Sasuke," Itachi said focusing his eyes on Sasuke, but Naruto intervened shocking Itachi and Sasuke as Naruto's Mangekyou Sharingan met with Itachi's. Itachi was now beyond shocked. Both stared at each other and before long time slowed down and Itachi brought Naruto into the Tsukuyomi. Naruto felt the air around him tense up and he had to calm down.

"Naruto-kun, I don't know how you have the sharingan let alone the Mangekyou Sharingan, but I'm going to get some answers right now," Itachi said and Naruto found himself burning alive from the base of his feet. Naruto felt like his very existence was fleeting from his body, but the blond held on.

"Sorry Itachi, you have your secrets and I have mine," Naruto said straining his Mangekyou a little making it slightly bleed, but as a result the Tsukuyomi began to crack and then shattered completely shocking Itachi. Naruto felt his eyes twitch and immediately closed them while wiping the running blood from them. Itachi was certainly shocked. There was so much he didn't know. Naruto had the sharingan, he had the Mangekyou sharingan, he shattered the Tsukuyomi, one of the shinobi world's best genjutsus. It took some time, but Naruto then opened his eyes and they were back to the regular sharingan before Naruto turned to Sasuke incredibly pissed.

"Sasuke your going to tell me how you know Kakashi-sensei's jutsu when we're done," Naruto affirmed making the emo scowl at him. Naruto turned his attention back to Itachi, but then a poof of smoke came and everyone gasp.

"Say hello to the Toad Sage of Mount Myoboku. I'm Jiraiya," The perverted sage said making Naruto sweatdrop. Everyone stopped their fighting as Jiraiya scanned the room. He saw Kasumi huffing from her small scuffle with Kisame and Naruto with Sasuke breathing heavily along with Itachi.

"Alright time to get to work. Naruto grab Sasuke and get over here," Jiraiya ordered. Naruto nodded and grabbed Sasuke's collar and shunshined to Jiraiya's position. Kasumi also jumped back next to Jiraiya while the toad sage went through some handsigns.

"Kuchiyose: Gamaguchi Shibari( Summoning: Toad Mouth Trap)," Jiraiya yelled and the walls of the hotel transformed into a toad's stomach. Itachi and Kisame looked at their options and as far as Itachi knew it, they weren't good at all.

"Kisame we're leaving," Itachi said to him. Kisame scowled at everyone, but ultimately nodded and the two ran out while Jiraiya sent a spiraling fire at the two Akatsuki members. However it was too late as both escaped through a burned part of the toad's stomach. Naruto walked up to the hole in the wall and looked over the black flames.

"Don't touch it Naruto! Those are Amaterasu flames," Jiraiya said making Naruto chuckle. Naruto turned to Jiraiya and gave him a small grin.

"I know what they are Ero-sennin so calm down," Naruto said forming the Mangekyou sharingan. Naruto's eyes focused on the black flames and after awhile, the flames died down and disappeared. Naruto returned his eyes back to normal and looked at Jiraiya's surprised face.

"You can stand there and gawk, but we have to go Ero-sennin. I suggest we drop the teme off back to Konoha. I'll have a clone do that so let's get going," Naruto said sending Sasuke an intense glare of hate for the Uchiha. Sasuke naturally huffed and turned his gaze from Naruto's stare. Naruto made a chi bunshin and it grabbed Sasuke sending the Uchiha and the bunshin back to Konoha. Naruto turned to see Jiraiya glaring at him and sighed.

"I take it Jiji didn't tell you? Oh well. I'll answer your questions later. For right now let's go," Naruto said as he walked off. Kasumi followed Naruto and the blonde looked in his room to see Kyuubi sitting on the bed.

"Your quite loud ya know. Well I can't wait to know more about this Akatsuki organization," Kyuubi said, but then she disappeared and turned into a small red fox surprising Naruto.

"I'd return to the seal, but it takes too much time and this is more convenient," Kyuubi reasoned and jumped on top of Naruto's head. Kasumi naturally huffed her playful annoyance, but henged back to her dog form and jumped into Naruto's jacket. Naruto looked at the destroyed hallway and sighed.

"I'm not payin' for this," Naruto said as he jumped out of the destroyed wall and into the public area of the town. Naruto was soon bombarded by Kiba and Haku who were severely worried.

"Naruto are you alright? Kyuubi managed to get us here in time. Sorry we left, we all saw you sleeping and we went to get something to eat. Did they do anything?" Kiba asked. Naruto chuckled at his best friend's concern over him, but shook his head in a negative.

"No way Kiba. I'm fine. We dealt with them quite easily. Or rather not as hell, but I'll keep that to myself," Naruto thought before hearing Kyuubi snickering obviously knowing his thoughts. Naruto went through all the details that happened from the fight earlier. It surprised Kiba and Haku that Sasuke was there, but they snickered when Naruto told them how the emo got his ass kicked.

"So that's how you escaped. Naruto-kun you shouldn't worry people like that," Haku stated giving the blond a slight hug. Naruto chuckled and returned the hug before Jiraiya came up to the group.

"Alright we had an encounter with Akatsuki and Naruto you need to be careful from now on. It's amazing you held your own with that dog chick of yours against Itachi, but don't get a big head. Had they wanted to, they could have killed you where you stood. They only underestimated your skills that's all. Next time you won't be so lucky," Jiraiya warned. Naruto nodded and the group continued their trek to find Tsunade while Jiraiya explained what the Akatsuki was and it's purpose. Naruto narrowed his eyes when he heard they wanted to collect all the bijuu for some ultimate weapon. He wouldn't allow it. No way in hell would they take Kyuubi from him. Kyuubi's heart lifted at his words and she felt all the more safe. Naruto in turn told Jiraiya about his dojutsu and how he got it which involved telling Jiraiya about his life and meeting Kiba and Tsume. The result was Jiraiya apologizing to Naruto for that portion of his life, but Naruto wrote it off. It was simply best not to dwell on things.

"So any idea where she is?" Naruto asked. Jiraiya nodded and took out the map and showed everyone.

"I heard she's in Tanzaku town. We'll go there. It's only a few hours away so let's hurry and not lose her again," Jiraiya told them. Everyone nodded and quickly ran off in the direction of Tanzaku town.

6 hours later

Naruto and the others had been walking and truth be told, they were dead tired from trying to get to Tanzaku town. It pained the tokubetsu jonin and two chunin that they had only just made it to the town and now they would have to begin the long searches for the Tsunade woman.

"Alright you guys we're here and it seems so things have gone down," Jiraiya said narrowing his eyes at the place where the Tanzaku castle should have stood, but was crumbled to the ground. Naruto and the others had no real will to walk so they each took a soldier pill and shot off with Jiraiya into the town.

Since they were a trackers team, they were able to be united like one. Jiraiya said he was better off by himself and went to search while Naruto, Haku, and Kiba went off in the opposite direction. Haku search the rooftops while Naruto and Kiba were on the ground. Kiba allowed Akamaru to roam around and Naruto did the same with Kasumi. Having a half-dog girl sniff the ground for clues who be weird so the fact that Kasumi was henged worked out perfectly. Naruto asked Kyuubi to give him some chakra and she did just that. Naruto directed the chakra to his nose and started to sniff the air. Kiba did the same, but they had no idea what Tsunade's scent was like so that trail ended up cold however, both did smell some snakes in the area and came up to a secluded place. There appeared to be a shattered wall and on the opposite wall were three senbon in the walls. Naruto sniffed a certain spot and growled lowly before turning to Kiba.

"Hey Kiba, I think Orochimaru was here," Naruto said making Kiba narrow his eyes. Kiba never doubted Naruto since Naruto's sense of smell was just as good as any Inuzuka's.

"What do you think he was doing here?" Kiba asked. Naruto really didn't know. He hadn't seen the fight between Orochimaru and Sarutobi so he could only fathom a guess.

"I think he's looking for Tsunade just like we are. You never know what that pedo is up to. For now we should meet up with Haku-chan and share the information we learned," Naruto told him. Kiba nodded and Akamaru recollected by to his partner with Kasumi doing the same. Naruto and Kiba left the destroyed site behind and walked around for a little more to find Haku.

After about 30 minutes, Haku appeared with them and told them what she found. She had investigated the destroyed castle. She told them she had found so evidence of snake skin along with some venomous snake spit. That seemed to back up Naruto's theory of Orochimaru being involved.

"So if Orochimaru is involved then this mission is more dangerous than it looks isn't it?" Haku asked making the others nod. After a bit more sharing of intel, Haku and Kiba waited for Naruto's orders and the blonde sighed.

"This Tsunade lady better be worth it cause I swear if she isn't then I'm gonna lose it," Naruto thought before turning back to Haku and Kiba.

"Alright I'll send a kage bunshin to Jiraiya and tell him what we found. Right now we should continue searching. He told us that this Tsunade lady is a gambler and an alcoholic. Haku-chan, you search the casinos around here while Kiba and will search the local bars. Well meet back here in one hour. Let's go," Naruto told them. Haku and Kiba nodded before vanishing from view and Naruto did the same.

Like Naruto wanted, Haku went through the casinos trying to find any hint of what the Tsunade woman could look like. She was Jiraiya's teammate so she had to at least have some distinct characteristics. The town had at least 30 different casinos and it would be impossible to cover them all in an hour. Haku sighed, but continued her search nonetheless.

Naruto and Kiba weren't having much luck either. The bars reeked of sweaty men and alcoholic which masked whatever scent they wanted to find. It had been like that in ever bar they went to, but they couldn't really blame the places. They were in Tanzaku, the place for great gambling and drinking so that was understandable. Naruto and Kiba had check eight bars...each and still came up short. The hour was up and the three rendezvoused back to their original spot.

"Any luck you guys?" Naruto asked. Haku and Kiba shook their heads and Naruto sighed. They were all tired and they knew it. Naruto then decided to get them their rooms and went to a motel. The blond cursed the fact that they didn't have much money, but the receptionist asked them if they knew a man called Jiraiya. All three wondered how she knew him, but nodded. It turned out that Jiraiya had paid for the rooms everyone would be sleeping in and they were more than a little relieved. Once their rooms were picked, the trio decided to get in a quick nap and head out again for a later time.

A few hours later

Naruto and the others woke up in their respective rooms and yawned. Naruto looked outside to see that it was close to night time outside and they decided to put in one last search attempt before calling it a day. Naruto had slept in his clothes so he was ready to go. Kiba quickly changed clothes and Haku stared in her battle kimono. All three exited their rooms and walked down the stairs and saw Jiraiya waiting for them.

"So I take it you three had a good sleep?" Jiraiya asked. Naruto nodded as did Haku and Kiba, but then Kiba's stomach grumbled and after his was Naruto's. Haku chuckled at them, but then her own stomach growled which made her blush. Jiraiya chuckled at all three and looked at his wallet.

"Alright I'll treat you guys today so let's go eat," Jiraiya suggested. All their eyes gleamed at that news and the trio instantly nodded. All four left the hotel and quick walked into the nearest restaurant that they could find. Jiraiya appeared in the door first and was soon followed by Naruto, Haku and Kiba. As they walked, everyone glanced over the restaurant and saw it was sort of nice. It was rather quaint for eating and didn't have too many drunk people. Suddenly Jiraiya turned his gaze a little to the left and slowly he widened his eyes. He then pointed in the direction of a blonde woman sitting with a raven haired woman while Haku, Kiba, and Naruto wondered what he was pointing at.

"Oh my god!" Jiraiya yelled making everyone look at him. The blonde woman turned around and stared at Jiraiya. Naruto and the others got a glance at her and widened their eyes.



Both teammates yelled and Jiraiya immediately walked over bringing his group over with him. The noise then settled down and everyone took their seats. Tsunade, Haku and Tsunade's assistant were on one side while Jiraiya, Naruto and Kiba were on the other. Naruto turned to the raven haired woman and smiled.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked her. The woman pointed to herself and gave a warm smile in return to Naruto's.

"I'm Shizune Kato. I'm Tsunade-sama's assistant. I never expected to see Jiraiya-sama here," Shizune said making everyone nod. After a few eats and drinks, Tsunade placed one of her elbows on the table and glared at Jiraiya.

"So you old perv. What do you want? I doubt you tracked me down for a simple hello of old friends," Tsunade scolded making Jiraiya chuckle before he took a sip of some strong alcohol.

"Your right Tsunade. Konoha was invaded by Oto and Suna. We were attacked by Orochimaru, who had his hands damaged in the fight," Tsunade stiffened at that and Naruto was able to take quick notice of it. He wanted to say something, but decided not to this time.

"Anyway Sarutobi-sensei is now too old to be the Hokage and everyone in Konoha wants you to have the honor of being our Godaime Hokage," Jiraiya said making Tsunade arch an eyebrow. Shizune turned to her master and wondered what she would say. Kiba, Naruto, and Haku waited also for her answer. Kyuubi and Kasumi could literally feel some tension in the air and hoped someone would talk soon.

"Not thanks. That stupid job is for fools. The Hokages died and wasted their lives protecting that place. They were nothing but old fools," Tsunade answered. Haku widened her eyes and Kiba gasped, but Naruto shook with anger. That was his father she was freakin' talking about. Jiraiya sighed and twirled his empty saucer.

"Think of the Hokage that came. The only reason this village stands is because of them. My group found bits and pieces of your little scuffle with Orochimaru and I'll say this. Don't do it. Whatever he has promised you it is not worth it," Jiraiya countered. However Tsunade wasn't moved and took a small sip of sake.

"Whatever Jiraiya, I'm still not going back and that's that. Let's go Shizune," Tsunade said and was about to get up, but stopped when she heard snickering. Everyone turned to see Naruto chuckling and she didn't know why, but that snickering pissed Tsunade off and she answered his snicker with a glare.

"And what are you laughing at?" Tsunade asked. Naruto stopped laughing and turned to Tsunade still smirking.

"I just find it ironic of how many rumors go about with you. People say Tsunade's the best, she doesn't back down, she's the greatest woman in the world. I makes me wonder if such a woman ever existed if this is how low you've become to insult the protectors of the village," Naruto said making Tsunade grit her teeth. Kiba and Haku widened their eyes while Shizune and Jiraiya wondered about the outcome of this talk.

"And what would a mere genin know about the Kage position?" Tsunade asked.

"A lot more than an old, drunk baa-chan would in this case," Naruto said as Tsunade then slammed the table making it shake.

"You wanna go gaki? I'll kick your ass got it?" Tsunade said, but Naruto wasn't fazed and placed his elbow on the table also.

"Bring it on Baa-chan. I walked for three days in the heat to find your ass. I've got no problem putting you in line," Naruto said as he followed Tsunade outside. Everyone else sighed and walked out with them. Shizune was concerned for Naruto. It was like he sighed his ticket to the grave, but she saw Kiba and Haku smirking and was confused.

"Why are you smiling? Shouldn't you stop this before Naruto-san gets hurt?" Shizune asked.

"He's fine Shizune-san. Naruto-kun wouldn't be our leader if he didn't know what he was doing," Haku stated making Shizune raise her eyebrows.

"He's not a genin?" Shizune asked. Kiba and Haku shook their heads and Shizune was now more confused that ever before.

"So what rank is he?" She asked. Kiba smirked as did Jiraiya and Haku, but the Inuzuka answered.

"Naruto is a tokubetsu jonin while me and Haku are chunin. Trust me, he won't lose to her and on the off chance that he does then it just that he can't match up to the sannin yet," Kiba said making Shizune gasp.

Naruto and Tsunade stood in the street and the older blonde had to sigh. She challenged a genin to a fight in the streets. She felt like a bully on the kid. Naruto unzipped his jacket and Kasumi hopped down. Kyuubi climbed off Naruto's head and the two walked off to the side to watch the fight.

"Kiba hold on to these for me," Naruto said throwing his wind, fire, and lightning swords to Kiba. Kiba caught them and Naruto turned back to Tsunade.

"You know we could stop this now Gaki and save you the humiliation," Tsunade said, but Naruto simply smiled.

"No thank you. I'm good. I'll make you take back those words about the Kage especially my father," Naruto said making Tsunade raise an eyebrow.

"What's your name gaki? So I can remember the face I pummeled," Tsunade asked. Naruto grinned and showed his shinseinagan. This was the right chance to get a close up of some intense super human taijutsu. No chance like this would ever come again.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze and after today it 's gonna be known that I took down one of the sannin," Naruto exclaimed as he to a low jonin taijutsu stance. Tsunade tightened her fists and smirked.

"Yeah right Gaki. I'm gonna mop the floor with you. So he's Kushina and Minato's kid. No wonder he hates me for what I said, but he needs to grow up," Tsunade thought. The night air felt nice for both and Naruto showed his shinseinagan.

"Your going down Tsunade-baachan!" Naruto yelled as he charged at her.

End of chapter 26.

KG: And people were are back with the show. Sasuke Uchiha, we asked a hundred married men. Name something you'd like to see your wife do around the house.

Sasuke: Hmph raise the kids.

KG: No offense right?

Sasuke: Whatever.

KG: Ugh. Raise the kids!

(Board pops at number six with 3 people)

KG: Forgive him ladies. Damned Uchiha pride and all. Now then, Itachi what's your answer?


(Buzzer sounds)

KG: Ohhh too late Itachi. That's strike one Fugaku your still alright.

Fugaku: Cook?

KG: Cook? Well yeah I guess. I'd like my wife to cook for me. Not saying I don't, but still. Cook!

(Buzzer sounds)

KG: Strike two. Namikaze family get ready to steal. (Namikaze family huddles)

KG: Alright Mikoto-san, your the last hope for the family.

Mikoto: Tidy up the place?

KG: Well...yeah sure. I'd like a clean house. Tidy up the place!

(Board rings with number five and 5 people)

KG: Alright two answers left. Sasuke your the last hope. Go!

Sasuke: Sweep.

KG: Sweep? Ummm...okay. Sweep!

(Buzzer sounds)

(Walks over to Namikaze family)

KG: Alright Minato, it's all on you. You got two answers left, you steal you earn the points...taken first blood. We asked a hundred married men. Name something you'd like to see your wife do around the house

Minato: Relax. Like spend some time for herself.

KG:...alright. I can see that I think. If it's up there you win this round taken the points from the Uchiha family. Relax!

(Boards rings with number three and 16 people)

(Namikaze family cheers and earns 82 points)

KG: Alright what's number two?

(Board pops up)

Everyone: Have quality time with partner.

KG: Hehehe alright we have the Namikaze family at 82. The Uchiha family have yet to score, but it's anyone's game. We'll be back with the second round later. Bye people and here to sign us out is my sexy co-host Kyuubi.

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